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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Carlisle County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

- 1 - l CARLISLE COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS APERICAN LEGION.AUXILlARY, LONUIE YANCY UNIT (American Legion Auxiliary; Deprrtment of Kentucky, National american Legion Auxiliary), c/o Hrs. J. ' D. Moore, Bardwell. Founded 1934. President, Mrs. J. D. Moore, Bardwell, Telephone 584W. Secretary, Mrs. J. B. Basham, Bardwell, Telephone 44. Terms expire July, 1942. Membership: 21. Qualifications, mother, wife, sister or daughter of a veteran of World Har I. Committees; Americanism, Mrs. Rivers Cummings, Arlington; Rehabilitor tion, Hrs. S. J. Basham, Bardwell;Child Welfare, Mrs. Bourke Allen, Bardwell; Finance, Mrs. Edgar Mott, Cunningham. V , Purpose: To help the American Legion and to promote peace and goodwill. Normal Civic gctivitiesz Sewing for Red Cross, Child`We1fare, aid to veterans at oucwecd Hospital. Defense Activities: Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dressings. Interested in Red Cross Assistance, First Aid, Preparation _ and Serving of Food, Child Care, Collecting Books. Local_Publications: None. I Al@RICnN'LEGION, LONNIE YLNCY POST (Americrm Legion, Department'of Kentucky, National american Legion), Carlisle County Courthouse, Bardwell. Founded 1918. Commander, Earl Mitchell, Bardwell. Secre tary, W. L. Turk, Bardwell. Terms expire Juno, 1942. Membership: 51. Qualifications, a veteran of World Nar I with cn honorable discharge. _Committees: Building, W.'L. Turk; Publicity, J. S.'Kendall;`We1fare, `Wilbu} Underwood; Finance, C. C. Perry; Americanism, Bourke Allen, 3 all of Bardwcll. Purpose: Promotion of peace and goodwill, Americenism, and legislation on behalf of veterans. Normal Civic activities: Coopcrates with civic agencies and governmen- tal departments on behalf of National Defense. l