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Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Carlisle County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

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Baptist Homcn’c Missionary Socicty (Continued) Dcfcnsc Activitics: Engngcd in Scuing ind Prcparution of Surgical Drcssings. Trcining for First nid. llntcrcstcd in Hospital and Clini~ cul nssistuncc, Rod Cross Lssistoncc. · Local Publications: None. BAPDUELL CIVIQ CLUB, Dr. GL U. Paync Building, Burdwcll. Foundcd l937. Ercsidcnt, Dr. G. L. Pnyno, Bnriwcll, Tclcphonc 55. Torn indofinitc. Mcmbcrship: 20. Qualifications, intcrcst in civic movcmcnts. _ Comnittccs: Hono ropcrtcd. Purposo: Promotion of civic cntcrpriscs. Normal Civic nctiviticsz Nono• W Dcfcnsc Activitics: Intcrostod in Rod Cross lssistcncc, First lid. Local Publications: Mono. lIfHTEHI.l®THER'S CLUB (Goncrnlunnd Statc Federation of Womcn’s`Clubs), c/c Hrs. S. J. Béchcm, Burdwcll. Foundcd l9lE. Prcsidcnt, Hrs. S. J. ' Bushum, Bcrdwoll, Tclcphonc ll. Sccrctcry, Hrs. R. B. Smmucls, Bcrdwcll, Torms oxpirc Scptombcr, 1942. Kcmborzhipg 20. Quulificitions, rocommcndwticn by mcmbcr of thc club. Comnittccs: Civic Improvniont, Mrs. R. L. Givondcn; Lmcrican Horm, Mrs. R. OL Willingham; Hothcrcrift cnd‘Chcrnctcr, Hrs. E. HL Gnrdcnor; Publicity, Hrs. ··,- E. T. Stcnlcy; Finance, Mrs. Grovcr Simmons, all of Dr. nwrdwcll. Purposo: To cstnbish closcr and morc sympathetic relations bctwocn thc mothers of thc community. Normal Civic nctivitics: Goo crntinw with ·.·· civic or_nniZwtions in ' ....,....,._,_____,..._______.,__,,,,_,___ L raising and Making donctions for upkcop of thc ccmctory, school grounds, books to library, studcnt loan dcpurtmont and Pcnncbckcr school for girls. i