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Page v of The American slave code in theory and practice: its distinctive features shown by its statutes, judicial decisions, and illustrative facts.

L E T T E R TO T H E A U T H O R . v W^Kr, t hus giving a s olemn sanction to the atrocities p ortrayed b y Mi's. Stowe and others without number, s till m ore i mpunity. M a y G od make your b ook a means of awakening t he consciences o f our cotton divines to the deep s in o f upholding, i n the name of the blessed and adorable Redeemer, a system S lavery ! so damnable as A m e r i c a n aggravated by investing them w i t h l egal These reverend pro-slavery champions of C hris- tianity r esemble the priests of Juggernaut, recommending t he worship of their god by pointing to the wretches w rithing, a nd s hrieking, a nd expiring under his car. T hat t he blessing of God may rest on your labours for h is g lory and the g ood o f our suffering and oppressed b rethren, i s the fervent prayer of Y o u r f riend and servant,' WILLIAM JAY. R E V . W I L L I A M GOODHLL.