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ADDRESS OF GRAND MASTER ELISHA S. FITCH, AT THE OPENING OF THE GRAND LODGE, On the 18th day of October, A. D. 1869, A. L. 5869. Brethren of the Grand Lodge of the State of Kentucky: Another Masonic year has passed away-a year of general harmony throughout our entire Brotherhood, and of continued prosperity within our own immediate jurisdiction. In consideration, therefore, of our increased obligations to the Great Dispenser of All Good; and in view of this large concourse of Free and Accepted Masons, permitted again to assemble in his name; we humbly trust that the incense of grateful hearts has already risen, in sweet accord, with the fervent and impressive invocation just ad- dressed to the mercy seat in our behalf. While traveling through this vale of tears, so thickly interspersed with the sepulchers of the departed, it is certainly "but our reasonable service" to acknowledge with becoming rev- erence the watchful supervision of that "All-Seeing Eye," which, in its infinite ken, embraces alike the vast and the minute, which controls the careering march of numberless worlds, and yet contemplates with compla- cency, the toiling architects of the ant-hill-which directs the triumphal processions of the starry hosts, and yet looks, with pitying love, upon a "sparrow's fall ;" and which, therefore, while it has furnished, with its own blissful glance, the halo of glory, in which cherubim and seraphim delightto dwell, has, nevertheless, been ever kindly bent, even upon our own low estate, and is still beaming benignantly upon the humble pathway which, as worms of of the dust, we are destined to tread. While suitably impressed with a sense of our dependence upon this infinitely powerful yet all gracious Benefactor, and inspired with a lively sense of gratitude, resulting from this dependence, and His unwearied goodness in all the past, let us also remember, that we