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5 > Page 5 of Addresses delivered at the Grand annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky : held at the Masonic Temple in the city of Louisville, October 18th, A.D. 1869, A.L. 5869 / Elisha S. Fitch.

ELISHA S. FITCH. May we not indulge the hope that all inspection of our speculative Masonry during the same period may indicate a corresponding improvement, and that as the designs of the operative Craftsmen have added strength and symmetry to this material structure, so the designs of our noble Art will be found to have contributed to the securitv and harmony of that mystic temple devoted to the cause of brotherly love, relief and truth. INSPECTION OF TnE WORK. Tuhe supervision of this work of speculative Masonry, as it rnay come up in the official returns of the Subordinate Lodges embraced in this jurisdic- tion, will constitute an important part of your duty. The Grand Master, not being invested with the divine attribute of ubiquiity, as it would sometimes seem that the Craft imagine him to be, is generally cognizant only of such defective work- or gcross irregularity as in the estimation of those immedi- ately interested may call lor his oflicial advice or interposition. To your inspection, however, through appropriate comtnittees, the entire work of the year must be submitted, and, as skillful and vigilant overseers, it is your province to examine critically the respective trestle-boards of each W. M., and to decide impartially upon the designs which be has planned or per- initted the Craft. under hiim to execute. To accomplish any practical good in this direction toward the establishment of the desired uniformity, it is all-important that this work of revision should be thorough and discrimi- nating, and that every presiding officer or Subordinate Lodge found to be delinquent should be duly admonishei or justly reprehended for any depar- ture fromn the established laws and usages of the institution. DISPENSATIONS. In pursuance of the policy indicated in my last report, 1 have not thought proper to add to your labors in this respect by granting Dispensations for the formation of new Lodoes during the past year. It will be remembered, however, that previous to our last grand commuication a Dispensation was granted to Mlilford Lodge, at Mtilford, Bracken county, but in consequence of some irregularity, (of which the G. M. was not at the time advised,) this Dispensation was subsequently revoked, but without prejudice to the appli cants. Tbe brethren at Milford having since renewed their applicatioon unvitiated by any informality, a second Diwpensation was issued to said Lodge on the 18th of January last. This is the only new Lodge for which any Dispensation has been granted since our last communication. In consequence of disastrous conflagrations which have visited certain localities anrd consumed Lodae Charters in their ravages, it has become my duty to grant the following special Dispensations, empowering the Lodges thus interrupted in their work to resume their labors, viz: To Ion Lodge, No. 301, at Potts' Mill, Jessamine co., Feb. 1; To Bigham Lodge, No. 256, at Marion. C'rittenden co., March 20; 5