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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1910-01-feb3.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

I1tIEES OF 0TE BOARD OF TRJSTEE -F include, before the June meeting, a revision of the salaries of the institution, due regard being had to our income and expenditure, due regard being had for the services rendered by the professors, and this Committee on salaries report to the next meeting of the Board in Tune. That will require a great deal of careful consideration and I am not sure but that committee ought not to be enlarged by the addition of one or two other members. I would like to see added to that committee oae or two men of eminent business capacity, and I should suggest Hon. Cassius E. Clay as one additional member and Governor Cox as another additional member. I will assist as far as possible and will ascertain the salaries paid to pro- fessors of other institutions similar to ours and report at the June meeting. Said motion being duly seconded was unanimously carried. The Chairman then appointed Hon. Cassius MIc. Clay and Governor Cox as additional members of the Committee. President Patterson: - At a meeting of the Faculty held day before yesterday the following named persons were recommended to the Board of Trustees for the follow- ing degrees, - Jonathan Blair MlIcAfee, Ardmore, Pa., for the degree of Doctor of Engineering. 3. Levering Yones, Philadelphia, Pa., for the degree of LL. D. Alex. P. Humphrey, Louisville, ky. for the degree of LI, D. W. W. Finley, President of Southern Railroad, Washington D. C. for the degree LL.D. Henry Clews, New York City, for the degree IL. D. This is from the Secretary of the Faculty, (Here reads) letter signed C. WI. Mathews, Secretary of the Faculty. Moved that the recommendation of the Faculty be approved as to these five honorary degrees, and the degrees be conferred in June. Wlhich motion being duly seconded was unanimously carried. Febrary 3, 1910