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41 > Page 41 of First annual meeting of the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society was held in Campbellsville, Kentucky, 8 P.M., June 14th, 1904 : so much of the exercises of the evening as pertain to the life of Rev. James Madison Pendleton are here preserved .ed ... / by Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Proctor.

James Madison Pendleton. younger brother; as he adapted himself to my needs, problems and hopes; as he taught and led and soothed my spirit (like one who taught and led and soothed not), the memory of all this abides with me like "a benediction after prayer." That was years ago, but what he was within himself and what he was to me, are as vital and mighty to-day as they were in the years that are gone. I rejoice in this hour that it has come to me to pay this tribute to him out of my affection and gratitude. And so with a throbbing heart I present this excellent portrait of Dr. J. M. Pendleton, the gift of Hon. and Mrs. B. F. Procter, to the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society. I count you and myself happy, however, in that I now ask another's hand to unveil the portrait, Mrs. B. F. Procter, the honored daughter in whose home I received the blessings I have mentioned, and in whose home one day angel messengers gathered to see him fall quietly to sleep and to triumphantly bear his spirit to its reward and its God. Mrs. Procter, thus called out, was escorted forward. As she stepped upon the platform the entire audience arose. She quietly re- moved the veil, and there stood revealed the 41