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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 13, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available P" i. mnpl .in jpiiip page thre; KENTUCKY KERNEL lights, bad posture, fine print? Your eyes nrc your best allies in education 4 SOCIETY NOTES If this plan is adopted, n "retreat" will bo had on the Kentucky River for several days in the latter part of April or tho early part of May, and instruction will be furnished the newly elected ofllcers by the state as nociatlon. placards will be posted weekly on the campus by the Y, as It was voted to subscribe for this service at the meeting held last Tuesday. "Good Citizenship" students (nnd by this is meant older ones in professions ns well) often tire the eyes by constant work extending over two, three nnd four hour periods. If tho muscles of tho legs tiro in basketball, cannot those of tho eyes tire in reading? A good rule to follow would be to read ns on nrmy marches fifty minutes in formation progressing nnd ten minutes rest in each hour. You'll farther and faster in n given time. W. N. L. Many Calendar Friday, 13 Annual luncheon of the Central Kentucky branch of University Women, at 1 o'clock at the Lafayette hotel. Friday, February 13 Founders' Day banquet of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at the Lafayette hotel nt C o'clock. 14 Sigma Saturday, February Beta psllon formal at the Phoenix hotel from 8 to 12 o'clock. Desperado: "Haiti If you move, I you're a dead manl" Cadet Hop English Prof: "My man, you should Two members of the Y. M. C. A. The third of a series of Cadet .Hops bo more careful of your English. If was given Saturday nftcrnoon at the council nnd cabinet have left the uni I should move, would be n positive gymnasium by the members of the versity. Successors to them were np sign thnt I wnsit nlivc." pointed nt the meeting by George R. 0. T. C. The guests were received by the Knvanaugh, president of the local assponsors, Cadet Colonel C. D. French, sociation. Forrest Mercer succeeds Cadet Major J. K. Roberts, Lieuten- Tom Whayno as cnbinct member nnd GRAVES, COX & CO. ant John Dabney nnd Lieutenant Joe chairman of the Bible study committee, nnd Charles Cooper tnkes tho Walters. The Blue and White Orchestra fur- place of Raymond Wilkcy ns chnir-mn- n of the committee on church nished the music and over COO guests membership. were present. i University Club The Woman's Club of the university will meet this afternoon at 3 o'clock nt Patterson Hall with the president, Mrs. C. J. Norwood, presiding. Mss Elizabeth Gay will review Mr. Bernard Shaw's "St. Joan;" Mrs. P. K. Holmes will give the "Life and Letters of Emily Dickerson" and Mrs. Preston Johnson will give a talk on "The Fabulous Forties." The hostesses for the afternoon will be Mrs. Edward Tuthill, Mrs. J. W. Pryor, Mrs. E. F. Farquhar, Mrs. Oliver Shedd, Mrs. E. Kinney, Mrs. HEALTH SHOTS The student who fnils to sntisfy the problem of ventilntion before sitting down to study often wonders why y he is not doing good work. The member who is careless about classroom ventilation need not be sur prised if n number in the clnss wnx sleepy. The best tempernture for n room is nround 68 degrees. The human nnimnl mny hnve prnirie dog instincts in cold weather, but the brain, the under-ventilat- 1821-- Y. M. C. A. NOTES Pledges made by students to tho university Y. M. C. A. are past duo nnd muy bo paid ut uny time in the Students nro Y secretnry's oflice. urged to pay tlieso pledges ut once. JL A training school for tho ollicers of tho Y. M. associations of tho various colleges and universities of the state to bo held after tho election of new ofllcers in the spring, was udvocuted ut u meeting of tho University Y Council Tuesduy night. 25 SHOE SHINE PARLOR and 8268-- DANCES Wednesday and Saturday over nnd there was much rejoicing nmong tho multitude gath- Blue Ribbon Saxophones Opposite Phoenix Hotel ered In the camp of the Wild 5 Cats. And Revernl families calling them- them, saying, "There shall "ncttor Vft'tip For Loss" ( Fraternities gave volco to tho feeling of happiness nmong selves bo 301-31- tlnnccs and still more dances that wo mny cast nsldo dull car'o nnd rejoice to tho utmost." West Short St 5 At Corner Mill 0 correct apparel for women and misses cor. short and mill sts. Forthwith representatives of tho Fraternities Journeyed far afield In search of befitting decorations for the halls wherein tho dances Lexington. Kentucky Tlhie Umweirsntty Lrandh way, and what this which thou dreadest." Is .Room ALMOST ON THE CAMPUS Some have meat and cannot eat, And tho tradesman answered him, snylng, "How dost thee get that And some could eat that want it, But we have meat that you can eat, trouble And so the Lord be thanketh. the representative spake, saying, "Surely thou hast heard of the dances to be held among And my people and I would nsk thee concerning decorations." "Thou hast spoken well", answered tho merchant, "and behold, I have procured thy number. For thou art seeking to buy favors and decorations of distinction that thy dances may attain unusual brilliance" ORDERS DELIVERED FROM 7 :30-- l I And .the representative was :30 J. ' 4 Purcell & Co. D. Famous for Values for 36 years r im- pressed with the showing made him and purchased a goodly order and departing spake unto the merchant, saying, "Thou hast relieved mo of a great trouble and I am grateful. Yea! verily, when I among 1 WML POULOSp Prop, "Come thou with me, O Brother, and I will show thee such merchandise tho like of which thou hast seldom, if ever, seen. And tho price thereof will save thee many pieces of silver". my people I will shout praises of thee and thy wares from tho housetops". The Right Step Begin now! Eat good ice cream at least once You will enjoy better digestion and every day. more vigorous health you will keenly enjoy your meals. WOLF WILE COMPANY A wholesome, Incorporated refreshing ice cream tones you up. You feel happier and stronger, energized by stimulating flavor, the tempting deliciousness gfj For Students Have your Hat Reshaped and Cleaned for Spring Suits Pressed While You Wait 35c Suits Cleaned and Pressed 75c Shoe Repairing 112 West Main Phone 3725-- Jlpairaatuia uin any aano of ICE CREAM "Purer becaused Heathized" "A Delicious and Food." Weil-Balanc- M There's a Dixie Dealer Near You. KENTUCKY! SUNDAY-WEDNESD- All pledges made to tho Y. W. C. A. arc now due. Will those who mndo pledges during tho full drive see Miss Frances Leo immediately? Telephone 4503-- Special Rates For classes Private Lessons by Appointment STUDFNTS r before thee as one with a great trouble." $ - mid-yea- University were tho entered Wolf Wile Company and approached a tradesman, saying, "Behold! I cometh College Tuxedo Suits There will bo n joint meeting of tho Y. W. nnd Y. M. nt Pntterson Hull Sunday night. All students of nro invited. Dr. -- tho university Rhouds will speak on "Tench- ing ns a Life Work." In resentative After-Theatr- admittance. And It ennio to pass that exams And It came to pass that a rep- Thompson Bryant and Mrs. Robert heart and lungs arc not adapted to close, Terrell. rooms. e Party Physical educntion, athletics and Mr. Oskar Hambleton will enterdevelop stamina, and cast of the play, military science tain the staff character and "White Chips," at the Romany strength, endurance, licking" without ability to "take a Theatre on Saturday evening follow- the whining. There is no criticism of ing the final performance. these: where it lies is with the man " who drops training, who forgets all Invited to Dinner-Danc- e having to take, who Dr. nnd Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Prof. in resentment at "pre-waslouch." r his A. M. Miller, Dean F. P. Anderson, returns to Walter Camp is one of the youngest and Judge R. C. Stoll have been in- old men in America; he has remained vited to attend the annual dinner-danc- e to training and training ideals. SPECIAL of the New York Alumni Club true of the university, on April 10. The house in which we live is the most delicate, the most perfect and Nutrition Course most marvelously constructed of Miss Eleanor Enright, food special- the all machines. Abuse it and watch ist nt the college of Agriculture of valves, pistons, levers and pulleys the university, was in Versailles last snap. Allow disease to attack it ana Tuesday, arranging with Miss Ruth OTHERS $45 instance, heart Reilley, county home demonstration remember that, for ns those agent, for a nutrition course to bo valves cannot be reground its struc given to the women's clubs of Wood- on a gas engine. Break to the level The authenic college Tuxedo ford county, beginning the latter part tural framework and fluid it carrying ground; rupture its correct for every event on of February. system in some places and perhaps the University social calendar. end its value completely. All this Tailored in the English manner House Dance be summed up in six words: Take loose fitting coat with satin The members of the Kentucky can of your human machine. care chapter of Delta Chi fraternity will lapels and wide trousers. A entertain the pledges with a house value that is beyond compariThe tongue may be the broadcastdance February 21 at their house on ing son. station of the brain (or emotions) South Limestone. but the eyes often are part of the Why abuse receiving apparatus. Sigma Nu Dance GRAVES, COX & CO. your radio headpieces; to continue, The pledges of the Sigma Nu fra- why put n strain on the eyes by poor ternity entertained the members of the active chapter with a delightful HSiSESBSESHSHSHSZ5HSHSHSH5E5aSESHSESH5HSa5Z5BiBESE5E5HSHSHSa5a5Z5HSEEH dance Saturday evening, at the chapter house on Winslow street. NEW SHOES FOR OLD At the entrance, above the door, hung the American Flag and the flag of the fraternity, upon which was Our repairing methods effect thrown a spotlight. A goat was pathis transformation In a clever raded about in front of the house. An orchestra from Louisville furway. If your shoes aro not nished a special program of music entirely worn out wo can put nnd nbout one hundred guests the delightful affair. months of now llfo into them at very smnll cost. Our work to Mr. W. 0. Billiter has returned Is prompt and always the university to resume his studies in the college of Engineering. Mr. Billiter, who married during the Christmas holidays, was out of riJ school for three weeks during the illNEW YORK HAT CLEANING ness and death of his wife, Mrs. Mary Louise Billiter. and Y. W. C. A. NOTES The Y. W. will give n Valentine party at Patterson Hall on Friday night, February 13. The features of the evening will be a Vnlentine box, the crowning of the king nnd queen, who will bo elected before Friday night, nnd a play presented by the of the Association. After the refreshments, the guests will dance until 11 o'clock. The girls are asked to dress in costume, although n costume will not bo necessary for MISS SPURR Phones A PARABLE would he held. fnc-ult- over-heate- DANCING STUDIO al endenvor. AY Feb. University Cafeteria SABATINI'S Captain Blood OPEN TO FACULTY AND STUDENTS Serving Hours AM Lunch Dinner SHEAFFERC TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING 7:158:00 Breakfast SwrolS CO. 4f I 1:45 1:00 5:30 6:00 Everyone Welcome x