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259 > Image 259 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 31 (1967-1968)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I if I I lz il _ Sources of [1q0rmrztz011 `l ,l I i PUBLICATIONS Information on the University Community Colleges I Severe] publications are issued by tbe University et at Ashland, Covington, Cumberland, Elizabethtown, Keritirekv te give bresbeetive students arid etbers ir-rrer- Fort Knox, Henderson, Hopkinsville, Prestonsburg, and l rriritieri about the iilstitiitierr Somerset, is available from the Community College l Bulletins of the various colleges may be requested SYSIGUI OHIC For IIIIOTYWIIIOU fm extension, evening, f' from either the college dean or the University Registrars and _ COII$POIIIC C0UY$$, WIIIC to UYIIVCYSIIY EX' i Oflice. These are: t$1O i. . . . Agriculture and Home Economics Bulletin orurza INFORMATION . Arclntectum Bulletin Persons wishing special information about some part of the Universitys program may direct inquiries to ? Cnlnnlnnlty College System Bulletin members of the administrative staff listed below. In l' V each ease the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ken , Deritistrv Biinetiri tucky 40506, is the post oflice address. a . . Tl cl li. ftl U" `t*P ld tftl l i nducamm Bunclm ie ieies 0 re mversi 5 resi cn o ie Engineering Bulletin General information, all admissions, and transcripts of creditsDean of Admissions and Registrar . Graduate School Bulletin _ _ _ _ Student AfT2l1I'S\/ICC President, Student Affairs Law Buuctm Living QICCOIDll10d<lOI`lSUlll\'CSlt}' Ilousmg Office Medicine Bulletin A particular collc e and its pro ram-Dean of the Col- ( H E lege N rsi Bulletn _ _ U ng 1 Community CollegcsDean of Community Colleges j PIIRIIIIACY BUIIGIIII Graduate worl