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4 > Page 4 of Addresses delivered in honor of John Marshall Day, by members of the Fayette County Bar, February 4, 1901, Lexington, Ky.

Thanks to -he appreciative Interest and good taste of Mrs. Fannie B. Bullock, the Circuit Court room was most attractively decorated and the effect produced by flags and flowers was greatly heightened by the presence of a handsome oil portrait of Chief Justice Marshall, which had been loaned for the occasion by Major T. J. Carson, of Fayette County. It Is worthy of note that this portrait was painted from life by the celebrated artist, James R. Lambdin, of Philadelphia, who painted many por- traits at Washington, including several of the presidents and a likeness of John Marshall which now hangs In the United States Supreme Court room. The Fayette Circuit Court met as usual on the morning of February 4, 1901, and after the court had called for and disposed of motions in matters of a pressing nature, Mr. George C. Webb, of the Arrangements Committee, arose and moved the courtthat it adjourn forthwith out of respect to the memory of John Mar- shall and in honor of the day set apart for the purpose of doing him homage, and that this fact be noted of record on the Order Book of the court. This motion was immediately granted, and the court was thereupon ordered to stand adjourned in commemora- t1on of the one-hundredth anniversary of John Marshall's inaug- uration as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Commencing promptly at half-past ten o'clock, the morning exercises proceeded and were concluded at about 1 P. M. The exercises at night occupied about two hours, commencing at half-past seven o'clock. At the conclusion of the program, upon motion of Judge J. R. Morton, a unanimous vote of thanks was tendered the gentlemen who had contributed to the day's entertainment and also to Mrs. Bullock for her kindness in pro viding the decorations. At a bar meeting held in the Circuit Court room, on Tuesday morning, February,., 1901, a resolution was offered by Mr. C. J. Bronston, authorizing the Committee on Arrangements to have the John Marshall Day addresses published in book forrm. This resolution was carried unanimously, and the undersigned mem- bers of the Committee on Arrangements have in this volume undertaken to carry out the wishes of their constituents and commend the work as a fitting memorial of the celebration con- ducted by the Lexington Bar. J. R. MORTON, Chairman, JOHN R. ALLEN, Committee. C. SCYDAM SCOTT, GEO. C. WEBB, 4