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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 04, no. 03, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Ilia l I 'ei I _ Ll. F - _ { ` I-, 2 KE1~rrUcKY ALUMNUS _ w ~ . e I [ti .- had to register else they could not enter middle school. It is now proposed that - cI; ' school, travel from city to city, get a job. the questions be sent Iout from Teheran, _ or even be buried. However, we find it as are the certificates for all who pass the ` . F i . l _ difficult not to sympathize with the lack regular examinations, We have Just this ; , I of patriotism when only 70 cents a month week received certificates for the boys Z _ i 3 is paid in addition to poor clothes and food who passed the examinations 18 months I * P I I _ for two of the best years of a young mans ago. Such is the efficiency of strong cen- i s t I F , ti life. This is the third draft that has been tralization! - , , i _ taken from Hamadan. Students are Minority groups like the Armenians and ` S { l V I l Xn1Pt, S0 W9 a1` b0th1`d with S0m nn- Assyrians are strongly opposed to the reg- . ~ I. I _ desirables who would use the school as an nlation that demands all schools to teach V I excuse for exemption. OthersIa1e eXeH1pt only the Persian language through the I . I I I ~ IIJQI because of dependents but excitement and nrgt four grades Yet the government is . I _ ill. V gig bltt1`nSS have largely dlSali>li>all as the insistent and the minorities are beginning 1 . l it . iis 3 Z.! people have come to realize that their to see that in Persia their success or fail- nd i =l _ protests a1` of no avail. ure depends more and more on whether V i I ` One of the chief efects of such a change they know the Persian language or not, ` 3 I I l I _; is that the peope begin to realize that As yet the language has not been changed I Y i t l _ l Q they have a government, that their own from Arabic script to Latin, as in Turkey, g l ,l` * _ A will is not the highest will, and that they however, there has been considerable dis- = f ; Q ' are part of a larger whole. Under such a cussion of the matter and such agitation, A S i_ I , 1 regime compulsory vaccination becomes though less than two years ago, still , I- . ' more feasible, especially when applied to stands a chance of being heard. _ ,; I students. AAS yet lJh1` 3.1` l'1'l3,1'1y Sl'lO1lj AnOthg1 Stop in the right dirggtion is I I comings ELS when all OLl1' StLl an atttttltla that already elapsed since the registration be- would appreciate the motive even though gan in Hemedsn, less than 15% of the ;;' I the method may he defective. property has been registered. The people `I. ` _l , Nor has education been left untouched still fail to realize that an order must be _ a by the forces of the new age. We are obeyed. They still believe that something . now asked to show our registration papers can happen, and they devoutly hope that It , _ by a Department of Education that was something will happen if only they can a il . ? not in existence 50 years ago when our hold out long enough. il i I first schools were organized and our regu- In these days of financial depression it ll I - lar program must give way to that which does seem that something might happen ll. I has been drawn up by the Department. too. Persias coinage is on a silver basis V I j An inspector has just visited the school and the slump in the price of silver has hit s I I i and informed me that our Primary Pe- her hard. To this must be added the ef- i I I r riods must be lengthened from 30 minutes fect of the general business depression, it I , Il to one full hour and that drawing must the drop in the demand for Persian car- I I l I be omitted since it is not in the regular pets, and the effect of having to buy a l I I I government program! At least we can lot of foreign exchange to pay for the con- - I say that Persia now has an educational struction of a railroad with foreign ma- , program. It is based directly on the terials and foreign engineers, to which I ` i ` French system and all students must pass must be added the bills of four or five hun- . 3 I I regular government examinations at the dred students whom the government has { t end of their sixth year in the Primary sent abroad with the determination to AME school and at the end of the first and sec- catch up with the procession of progress. ; ond cycles, 9th and 12th grades of the A new law plans to place the coinage on a - r j PI ` ` it ing 1 I he 5 I `i Ccki t *1 t port' . My I . . gr; - My'____ I___ _ ___ ,_ .... so .- , , I ,i , City I~ Sm'? _ - , rxiIQ_ii,,\i, lvnui;-sJ_gL 2 ,_)ilunIe ,_;n~Im{rxp_ I Q - , c` ' _ . my - --. P s- V -l:e;a.. " .~~i-g- . .i.o _,