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Image 5 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 04, no. 03, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

KENTUGKY ALUMNUS 3 h seigit gold basis but it is not yell evident Wh€'Kl”l· the officials feel themselves over and SS thé gy the g`OV€1`HITl€HlZ Wlll StaY1d_tl”l€ loss 011 above the people whom they govern. Last i t this exchange or Hot. Surely lt Wlll bf! Zl 50Y€ year the governor celebrated the King’s Z , test of the loyalty and forbearance of the birthda b h ld` · · boys . _ Y y 0 lng a second ieception . Onthq people if they oro oollod oooo to ooor o on the night following the public eeeep- scan; 50% loss OU all th€U` TTIOUBY IU 01`Cl€l‘ to tion, A1; this Second recsmtion to which ,_ i I change to a gold standard. The iinances only the heads Of dspsrtsssnts and fO1,_ 21 ; ? 2 have gotten into an impossible condition ejgmsys were invited the govsmm. disr€_ l i ‘S ?*“Fl i smoo tho_l try. We school people are on the govern- T §l · " ` olved. l- if ’.;.»j',_i~f'iLil.·§g°;£j’ ._“ —l-" ment examining boards and our doctors { liéi/i ' i " are on government medical committees ·T have i "‘ “ , . Q#i`v·-ei., gs of the different cities. Ours is far more e ‘ on be- i than the task of interested onlookers. ” K its A The Persians are changing their ways ‘ D60}? of living and their ways of thinking. They _‘ fgiin; are seeking for worthwhile things. Wg s gi-Q q ’ have a challen in task before us. an V 3 that SNOW ADDS T0 BEAUTY AROUND the Christ whogggre His life for things _ * y can MECHANICAL HALL worth while is finding a place in more ‘i don it with little or no compensation being paid and more of the lives of the people of . aspen to the ownerss This is the reason that Persia. l basis lgamaddaishls still unafiectedsh Ollélgiogéo --——-————————— ;_ sl _ · eman eir money more an — sz _ il; mand a boulevard. Within the past two WINS HONOR l ssion years three surveys have been made but —·i —·s- s is s Calf as_yet nothing has been done. Now a s Robert Reed, of Qovingtonasopliomore U is j buy a chief inspector has been sent from Teher- m the College of Agriculture, with a stand- s Q cm-1_ an and lt is €)$p€Ct€d'tl1at O1‘Cl€1`S from ing Of 258 ·f()r his freshrnan work, was I; H ms_ headquarters will put It through. presented- this year s Alpha Zeta freshman l which » Here as in all matters the military is scholarship medal during the closinlg cess- _·_s is 3 hun- the force that is behind most successful monies of the Fall F€StlV3l, Novem gl] h . , it has movements. All officials are appointed by The medal is awarded annually by _t p ta rs V on to the central government in Teheran, there Zeta, honorary agricultusie flatsllpxl y, fl ss A gress. 15 110 Such thing as local autonomy, _ Even the sophomore 111 the C0 Sgiédo fg1`1C;li· is B On a _ the power of the old civil governor is now ture having the hlgh€St S all mg 01 S i s _ _ €CllDSed by the military governor, and all f1‘eSl`1IT1aD }’€31`· _/ . V rrr _ M _ ' ‘ M I ‘-i“ A N LP"' ""“ i ‘ it H ...._.. _. "_A_ -. i, _ _ , I s_ :-=· " *` *‘¥Lé¤.:;..-ljsssgssr ;.·,,, . - “_,,___ I . ‘ I ‘