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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 5, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy THE KENTUCKY KERNEL WEEKLY Military News Tlio Military Department, In order to secure sections of norninl size, more individual supervision, and Instruction oiua comparable basis with other Departments of (the University has proposed a now plan for the schedule of Military Instruction and has requested that necessary legislation by the Senate bo enacted to relievo the conditions?! unsatisfactory nresont governing the hours assigned for military work. The difficulties under which the Department is now laboring is manifest when it is considered that three days out of the week the members of the Sophomore and Junior Freshmen, classes In Military Science must be instructed simultaneously in different courses. In recognition ofthe Bpeclal conditions affecting the schedules of the' separate colleges, the Military Department desires to accomplish a change without detriment to any college. A conference with the represen- tatlv'es of each college will bo necessary in order that a coordinated, workable agreement may be reached. So far as the Military Department is concerned it is willing to meet any reasonable arrangement in connection with the plan. . three-compan- y one-ha- y t, LEXINGTON AUTO MEN VISIT CAMPUS SHOPS I Wednesday, February 23 Faculty of the Collego of Engineering wMl meet at 3:45 in iMcclufnicnl Hall. Socioty I'hllosophiau Literary will moot at 7:00 p. m. In Pat--! torson Hull. Interclnss bask'otball game between the Sophomores nnd the rdunlors in the Gymnasium at 3:30. Miss Dorothea Spinney, interpreter of Classic Drama, will appear in Chapel at 3:00. No admission will bo charged and all the students of the University and of Lexington are Invited to witness the performance of Miss Spinney. The Classical and English Clubs will enteutaln with a tea for Mlas Spinney immediately after her performance. It will bo given in the University Cafeteria. Thursday, February 24 Meeting of the Horace Mann Literary Socioy at 7:00 p. m. in Professor Noe's room. Meeting of the Henry Clay Law Society at 7:30 p. in., in tho Science building. Honorable Kelly Kash will speak to the society. Friday, February 25 - Meeting of entire cast of "Robin Hood" in Little Theatre at 3:30. Council Meeting in the President's office at 3:45. Meeting of Patterson Literary Society in the Gymnasium Building at 7:30 p. m. Intorclass basketball ' game be-- , tween Seniors and" Freshmen in, Gymnasium at 4:30. Basketball game between Univer- sity of Kentucky and University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Saturday, February 26 Basketball game between University of Kentucky and University of Chattanooga at Chattanooga. citl-zon- d The plans for the change are outlined briefly, as follows: In maintaining air organization of a ' battalion, it ds desired ito schedule instruction fo reach company separately. The Department has been guided in the arrangement of the schedule at the present strength by colleges in the department of Military Science. For example, at present, the numerical strength of the students in the College of Arts and Science furnishes the approximate basis for-- a company. The College of Engineering has a strength of about u company and a half. The two colleges, namely, Agriculture and Law, will furnish approximately a company. The natural divisions by colleges, therefore, would be one Ai-t-s land Sciences company, one Engineers company and one company composed of the Engineers, Law and Agricultural men. it Is occasionally desirable to assemble the entire battalipn for ceremonies' or tactical exercises, it is requested that means be provided, especially during the spring term, where-bthe Professor of Military Tactias, by and with the consent of the Presl-'denmay specify certain afternoon hours which will not interfere with the instruction in other departments, for the purpose specified. A committee elected from officers and cadets of the battalion, met in the Military office, Friday afternoon at 3:30 for the purpose of discussing plans for the establishment of the Scabbard and Blade, honorary military society. Mr. E. R. Gregg, who pre sided at the meeting, read a letter t from the Registrar and an approval of .the establishment of the chapter by At the the .University authorities. close of the 'meeting a committee, composed of Gerald Griffin, Silas Wil son and Horace M. Clay, was appoint ed by the chairman, to draw up a petition to bo sent to the national society. . o $ HEALTH TALKS by Ur. P. Holmes. HUGHES' School of Dancing K. By Kathcrlnc Conroy ; CALENDAR Fifty members of tho Lexington Auto Trade Association had lunch at the University cafeteria on Friday and spent the afternoon visiting tho The 'party College of Engineering. was taken through tho shops and tho visitors were much Interested In. tho now aoro and auto motors there. These motors, iworo procured for tho now auto shop and are of tho finest typo made. After tho visit to tho shops a moving picture, relative to tho automobile industry, was shovn at Dicker Hall. As an appreciation of tho courteslqs extended tho party, Dean Anderson was elected to honorary membership in the association. HOOF AND HORN CLUB JUDGE STOCK RINGS More than three hundred persons attended the exhibition of stock judging and stunts which the Hoof and Horn Club staged last Wednesday night at the Judging Pavilion as its part of the program of the Association of Southern Agricultural Workers. Tho program started with a 'selection rendered by the University band after which the parade of all animals entered took place. Many rings were Judged discussions were given and animals placed by members of the Senior class. El Hays gave a humorous interpretation of a mountain preacher's sermon. Tho cadet band added greatly to the program with its selections, while judging was being done, Tho program closed with aJdry picking contest in which three white hens furnished tho feathers. ALPHA GAMMA DELTAS ENTERTAIN AT BRIDGE 'The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority entertained last Monday afternoon In honor of several new womeil students at the University, with a Valentine party at the homo of Helen Porter Roberts in Transylvania Park. A game of bridge was played during tho afternoon, after which refreshments were served. Tho hostesses wore tho active members and pledges of tho sorority, and the guetits, Lucille Allen and Louise Miller. Quotations (It Is always a good idea to include some uplifting gems from good literav ture). "Truth crushed to earth ( -- P O Every student in tho University should know nbout tho Dpntnl Clinic which Is being conducted by tho of Hygleno nnd Public Health every Wednesday afternoon. Tho examinations nro being mado by Dr. E. C. Elliott under tho direction of Miss Greathouso, Resident Nurse. Tho object of this clinic is to detect nnd record all defects of teeth and gums and to recommend appropriate It is few minutes for1 making tho examination. About GO students are examined in the courso of two hours. As a result of this work many dental defects have been discovered that wero never suspected. It is also valuable from tho standpoint of spurring up those who have been careless about getting .heir teeth attended to. Decayed teeth act as centers of infection. Such infection may easily pass from the teeth tto tho blood streams and thus over the whole body. Many cases of leakage of tho heart have resulted directly from Infected teeth. Rheumatism and kidney diseases may result in tho same way. Defective teeth also interfere with tile proper chewing of the food and thus cause digestive disturbances. Students wro receive notices to appear at the dental clinic are expected to appear promptly as notified. This necessary Is absolutely from the standpoint of efficiently conducting the clinic. Those who fall to appear as notified. will be dealt with by the discipline committee, accordingly. f'Viii Phoenix Hotel s m University and High School Class Friday, 8 p. m. to" 11 p. m. University and High School Dance-Satur- day, 8:30 p. m. to 12 p. m. SMITH'S ORCHESTRA P. B. ROBARDS COLLEGE. BOYS' TAILOR DRY CLEANING 152 South Lime tone ALTERATIONS Phone 1550Y JOHNS DRUG CO. Corner Main and Walnut BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY Our Service WILL ENABLE YOU TO DRESS WELL AT AT A SMALL COST It seems that there are still some students at the University who do not ment of .Hygiene and Public Health on know of the presence of he Depart-th- e campus. This department is situated In Neville Hall. The Dispensary is upon the first floor. The department has been established to make ill students well and to prevent well students from getting ill. Dispensary hours rare held each day for both men and women students. Treatment and advice are given absolutely free. It Is very desirable that any student with a cold or any other form of illness' report at loflfice hours for the dispensjary treatment. In this way much unnecessary loss of time from classes may be avoided. A prompt reporting of such cases of illness will prevent epidemics of sickness. It is also very important that students and faculty members re port cases of illness and evidences of bpginning illness in others to the department as soon as observed. Up to the present time the student body has been singularly free from the accustomed illness and epidemics'. Much of this is due to the presence of the Department of Health upon the grounds. ThOinild weather has also had much to do with it. Lexington Laundry Co. Pry Cleaning ROBT. MITCHELL "University Rep- PHONE 62 139 E. Main - ft University Lunch Room Wonderful Cakes For Clean Late-Rise- rs r Ef ficie nt Courteous DEVOLUTION Fifteen hours credit, Went off on a spree, Got bounced from English, So he dropped three. Twelve hours credit, He was going fine, Found Math too difficult, Then there. were nine. Nino hours credit, Thought he'd try some jtricks, ' Blow up the Chem lab, Then there wore six. Six hours credit, He felt vojjy free, History grew boring" Then there wero three. Three hours credit Ami an ivory dome Don't mix together, Exchange ,So tho Tad Bhall rise again." Bryant. "Tho quality of mercy Is not strained." Shakespeare. "Sho loved not wisely, but too well." (Shakespearo. A small group of tho faculty mem- College, j Illinois, has Bluckburn every available space filled and tho authorities wero forced to turn away 175 prospectiyp student's. bers have organized a club for writers, which met with Miss Jewell for dinner Saturday. After dinner original manuscripts wero read by members of tho. club. went-hom- Buy a Memory Book 11 And put in all your Dance Programmes,, Etc., JTou Are Saving. PENNANTS, BANNERS, FRAT PAPER bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbj m University Book Store BASEMENT MAIN BUILDING f - r& tf : : Tlnn't Think Fnr Honrs Just "Sav If With Flnwie" FROM 5 L. A. FENNELLOpera House N. Broadway LEONARD - Block ROUSE. Student Phone 4M RBranttlv v. ,