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The Kentucky Kernel, September 21, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

', hpHp-kit ' 1 'fa' jr - V;w " F w. ft" fB?? H- H KENTUCKY KERNEL University of Kentucky - ft No. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, SEPT. 2U 1916. VOL IX 1 mmmmmK CJIBEI JUBILEE i' OCTOBER 14 WILL WILDCAT SCHEDULE "COLLEGE NIGHT" 18 FOOTBALL TEAM IN Mi" ,fv i(,.'is.'. EXCELLENT BRING BACK THOUSANDS OE ALUMN September 30, Butler College at Lexington. October 7, Centre College at Lexington. October 14, Venderbilt at Lex- t lngton. October 21, Sewanee at Lexington. October 28, University of Cincinnati at Cincinnati. November 4, open. November 11, University of Lou isville at Lexington. November 18, Mississippi A. ft M; at Lexington. November 30 (Thanksgiving), Tennessee at Knoxville. of the Founding of the University jjgwWiU Be Celebrated With Parades, Speeches, Burgoo, ;3Sotball Game and a Royal Good. Time. Jgifieth Anniversary f: SHAP 400 Students Assembled on Thompson Fails to Return-- ! ' Field Stoll Satur- day Evening Morns Crutcher Will Lead Wildcats Approximately 400 students assem- FIRST '.GAME SEPT. bled around a brilliant blazing bonFORMALLY fire on Stoll Field Saturday night for The Wildcat, aggregation, after ;a rally, the occasion being, week's training at Camp Danlel-Boon- e an college night, given under the auspices and steady practice on Stoll Field of a : ine uoiaen juDiiee 10 ceieuraus me enthal was elected chairman of the University Y. M. C. A. since tho opening of college, is fast Jflftieth anniversary of the establish committee to meet the incoming With spirits burning brighter than rounding into shape and the outlook - guests' and escort them to the exer ing of the University will be held Satv , or the bonfire and hopes for a gloriouB for a 1916 winning team is promising. urday. October 14, and if present plans cises at the University Saturday morn year of activity flying higher than the ".Maury" Crutcher, tho veteran end, materialize as those In charge expect ing. The committee will meet the sparks, the new college year was for- has been, elected captain, to succeed in automobiles decorated in them to the largest crowd that ever visitors mally ushered in by the students amid "Fats' Thompson, 'who failed to recampus of University colors. Reservations are gathered on the beautiful loud cheers. turn to take up the work at the be "Old State" will be on hand to demon- - being made in hotels for visitors who A long single line file of students ginning of the year. strafe their loyalty to their Alma Ma-- t expect to arrive a day or two early. LAFFERTY AUTHOR at the dormitory and marched terVitQ1 consume the old Kentucky bur- Parade Prizes Offered OF NEW tAWJBOOk formed the streets. As It passed Handicapped by the loss of some of through goo that wlll ybp supplied for their 'The main celebration will be held the best men, including Thompson, to drink in the flow;, of, ora-- . Saturday, howeyer. A great parade of Judge W. T. Lafferty, dean., of'the Patterson Hall on the return trip the Shrader and Server, Coach lory, to renewjold ffiendsblpt and to. students Will begin at University at College of Law, has publUhedT'the girls of 'the University joined the proand Assistants Tuttle and Bole's make new ones. Incidentally, they 9:30 o'clock, and after marching first practice court manualr6ver print cession. The line filed down the new have entered into the coach work with Stoll Field. a spirit and vim and have succeeded rwill cheerw.the Wildcats on to victory through the city will return jfto Pat ed in Kentucky. The book deals with asphalt street and into "rah-rahcrew In turning out some good material The lunes of hte among the the methods of courts practice and )over.yanierbilt. terson Hall. That interest they amoncTjinf scrjips ann ney men. .Tn.e$i! .may vba. .aroused to vahigh; Lg?es. thofouf hJ4nvaUthe workings had had a summer's rest and were as strong as mustard. For ihts Among the .old'mowllo' hava re- 'jDeari R;FjulAnderson, who is pitch the committee nab onerea a or me court, juuge juucusi t man first time this term the old Windcat ported for practice are Dempsey, making the ual was used as a in one chairsan , of the' committee which is prize of $100 to the class echoed Simpson, Corn, Brittain Crutcher, ," 'h& lniakiBg.the arrangements, has written best showing in the march. It is ex of hla classes, for the first time at the yell filled the air and campus. '"' Klnnfi. finmhflrt. Peak. Orahfelder and tfenwndreds of former students pected that the- - winning olass Jwlll summer law school. The moot prac- 'over the letters The next thing in order was a smoke Haydon. lt irivitingitnem to attend and theirre; treat itself to a dinner; or enjoy some tice court, taught by Judge Lafferty, Cheer Leader Dempsey; i the heavy center of last pnes maicaie mat pracucauy an ot other function with the proceeds. It has for many years been ose of the" dance; after which Wayne Haffler got his megaphone and year, has'ieturned to try out for his will return. -- The alumni chap is rumored that the classes will ap- principal features, of, Jtbe. La.w. Collage. them IB A fctmipieJiejiaivjB out- - led cheers. old 'jfUMtlMi, and is showing up well. pear In fancy dress, ;ahd at least one Siittxt-oMters at Celumbus, O., fit which T.-.Leaders of college activities' were Dempsey was a power In the line of PhlladeU of. the four has made tentative ar-- Yl&!fc.the work undertaken by the Hayes, '15, is president; at jtalled upon to address the students, the Wildcat team last year, and it. is phia, of which Frank Dougherty, '01,' Is rangements to corner the market oxi John Peter Ricketts presiding. The expected he will set even a faster , president, and George , Blessing, Dean fantastic costumes. Rev. E. J. Caswell, of the First Bap; pace this season. , Program at Campus. Engineering at of, the Colleee of 1S: "PROMOTED tist Church, welcomed the students in Kinne ,the Somerset lad. who won On the return of the students to ALLENfiwarthmore, Is Secretary, and at Chi behalf of the churches of Lexington his Irst real laurels last year when cago, of which C. A. Johns, '09, Is Patterson Hall they will be joined by L. B. Allen, of the class of 1899, has and admonished them not to forget to he seized the "pigskin" after a fum faculty, alumni and trustees, who president, have written that they will the been appointed general superintend- look after their religious life. e game and ble in the attend in a body. Paul fl. Ward, Pres will parade to the Administration of crossed the goal line for a touchdown, f William Shinnlck, large ent of the central division of the Chesident of the Cincinnati chapter, and Building, in front of Which, in a jitamer P. .Bayers, former president tent, the morning exercise's will be apeake & Ohio Railroad, with which The Kentucky Kernel, delivered an making possible the first defeat ever he has been connected since his grad- address on the publications. Emery administered a Western Conference of the same chapter, have announced held. The tent) will be pitched in may uation from the University. His first Frazier, representing The Strollers, team in, the South, is in the race for that they will bring out the largest such manner that the speakers position was that of an engineer, mak- told of the work plinned for this year, quarterback to succeed Rodes, the company of Kentucky graduates that stand on the front steps and be heard ing the original, surveys for the Big after which "Senator" Crura spoke in 1915 star. Although, light in weight, ever came from "over the Rhine," and by all present. President-Emeritu- s Sandy coal mines. His elevation to the interest of the literary societies. Kinne is fleet of foot and keeps a clear that they will bring their own band James K. Patterson will deliver an ad means Lawrence A. Cover, the new mu- head in the closest of places. occasion, and one other the general' superlntendency dress on this with. them. he will', maintain his office in sical director, spoke In the interest In the back field Grabreiaer and speaker, as yet unannounced, will that Deans Invite Graduates. Huntington, where he will reside with of the musical organizations, and at Haydon, both veterans, have returned That nothing may be left undone make a talk. Several honorary de his family. the conclusion of his talk Presiding and are trying out for the respective for the celebration, Professor Ander- - grees will be conferred on prominent Officer Ricketts called upon Messrs. halves. Regardless of tho influx of son and the otner memoers oi me men. now Mine Commander of the Coast Harney, Gardner, Ervlne and Ritchey good recruits, it is expected that this committee have been at work thia Following the speeches In the tent Kentucky burgoo and Defense at Seattle, will make the ded to demonstrate to Mr. Cover how bad pair will have little trouble in retain summer making the necessary ar beautiful barbecued meats, without which no icatory speech, and Governor A. O. ly the University needed musical ing their old positions. rangements. Five hundred respond in behalf of the training by their '.alleged" singing. For fullback, Gumbert and Mcllvain, bronze badges have been ordered for real celebration Is complete, will be Stanley will campus. An amount University. A concrete stand in the - Bart Beak, representing the Y. M. the latter of the last year's Fresn. the alumni and engraved invitations served on the position to see C. A., and Curt Park, representing ath- team, are rival candidates. Both are,.have been prepared to send to college which staggers the imagination when most advantageous ap- the game Is now under construction letic activities, also made short talks. showing up well and the outcome of men put into terms of soup has been prominent presidents and "eats," and the and will be used when completed by tho dual rivalry Is doubtful. throughout the country. The Deans propriated to buy the the nowly the Uni faculty intends' to warn all students the President of the University and EMPLOYMENT of the various colleges of BUREAU Kinne and Crutcher, are both try elected Wildcat captain, versity have1 written to all their own not to Indulge too freely, as they may his visitors. The tablet containing each is assured a and not be able Mr. Stoll's name will be placed on this . personal letters urging become graduates C. A. is conducting an ing for end, and The Y. to spout loud enough at the game in stand, In full view of the field on employment bureuu, and all studentB berth on the team. Positions In the1 them to Attest. which ho himself made athletic his desiring work are requested to lino other than end are rather uncer the afternoon. Celebration 0wr Friday. tory In bygone days. Field, tain, and are being sought after by a To. Dedicate Stell will begin Friday k . The celebration with tho officers. Simpson will ? evening, October 13, with a'smoker at preceding the game in the afterThe committee In charge of tho host of candidates. probably, bo selected as one of tho en, ana a noon Stoll Field will be dedicated to Jubilee is composed of Dean Anderi the Phoenix Hotel for c son, Chairman: President Barker, H. KERNEL STAFF tackles. The other lies between Heick party at; Patterson Hall for women. tlx University.' Although the at and Hlckorson. Heick starred on last field has been In use for many M. Froman. R. C. Stoll. G. G. Brock, Th asMkeri who will be heard The Kentucky Kernel staff will hold year's Freshman team and Is pulling meetings have not been an jv.'afs, there has been no formal dedi Dr. J, H. Kastle, Dean A. M. Miller, these meeting in the journal strong for the regular position. Hicknounce as yet. The.Lexington Alum cation, and this occasion furnishes a Fran,k Battaile, H. D. Graham, 'J. Ir an important (Friday) at erson was unable to play football lBt J Thursday ., Suitable time to do honor to Richard vino Lyle, W. L. Bronaugh, J. M. Ism room this afternoon ni Club, at a meeting last All mombors are urged year on: account of illness, but waj,' night,- Maie amigwMts to entor - ln. stoll, the donor. .Major John T. Graves, J, D. Turner, R, M. Allen and 3:30 o'clock. ', 'to 'bo present.1 (Continued on Page 2) tain the visiting alumni. Philip Blum.! Geary, formerly of Lexington, but L. B. Allen. DEDICATE STOLL FIELD '..J old-tim- e ft " xwf . text-boo- k "Su-ky- " AS: j - State-Purdu- editor-in-chie- 1 - water-logge- d M-- ath-ijft- mm to mm fffi 3 X'JV-