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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 21, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

fr f- " "r"" III Willie iw THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. DR. A. I guages in tho Southern colleges and schools. MACKENZIE LEAVES UNIVERSITY Head of Graduate School Accepts Presidency of Lenox College WAS HERE 17 YEARS .Dr. Mackenzie is a Scot by birth and received most of his higher education at the Normal College and the Uni-versities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Oxford, from which latter he received his master's degree. x j Lecturer and Writer of Note. Dr. Mackenzie has won considerable renown as a writer and lecturer, and is a member of a number of American and foreign learned societies. He is one of eight Americans who have been named as Fellows of the Royal So ciety of Literature, the others being Joseph H. Choate, Henry Van Dyke, Charles W. Eliot, William Dean How-ellAmbassador J. J. Jusserand, Pro feasor G. L. Klttredge and Professor G. E. Woodberry. He is also a member of the Royal Asiatic Society, the Institute of Sociology of Brussels, the American Philological Society, the National Educational Association and other learned societies. He holds the only degree of Doctor of Laws granted by the Kentucky Wesleyan College, which twas conferred on him in 1911 and in 1913 received the degree of Doctor of Letters from Cumberland University. Dr. Mackenzie was one of the collaborators in the preparation of the Library of Southern Literature, which is a pioneer work of its kind and is in use in many of the large universities. He published in 1914 a history of En glish literature which has been adopt ed by the Kentucky high schools and many junior colleges in and out of the State. s, Dr. Alexander St. Glair Mackenzie, dean of, the graduate school, and for merly head of the English department, tendered his resignation to the trustees of the University during the sum mer and has accepted the presidency of Lenox College, at Hopklnton, Iowa. Dr. Mackenzie's resignation Is deeply regretted by his many friends In the faculty and among the students, but all are glad to learn of his success. w His professors were among the most renowned in European universities. He studied English under David Mas- son, of Edinburgh; philology under Max Muller, of Leipzig and Berlin; Greek under Sir R. C. Jebb, of Cam-- . bridge, and Gilbert Murray. Moral philosophy he studier under Edward Popular With Students. Caird, who became master of Baliol He has enjoyed a wide popularity College, Oxford, and logic under John with the student body, and has exer Veitch. cised a kindly, helpful and inspiring Came Here in 1899. influence both in and out of the class Dr. Mackenzie came to Lexington in room. He was chosen by student votes 1899. His first work at the University to be president of the Grand Chapter s of Kentucky was as professor of of the Alpha Delta Sigma fraternity. hand Logic. Until 1910 he superDr. Mackenzie has for many years vised all the English and Philosophy been one of the leading spirits in the when the English Department re- Caledonian Society, has taken an acquired all his attention. tive interest in the work of the Sec He was chosen Dean of the Gradu- ond Presbyterian Church and Sunday- ate School in 1912, and reorganized school, and was the originator of the that school and materially increased plan successfully put into effect this the number of graduate students. The year for a series of lectures by colthoroughness of his method of teach- lege men before the Blue Grass Feding is shown by the fact that every eration of Labor. Rhodes scholar sent to Oxford from His enthusiasm, sincerity and con the University of Kentucky has been sideration will cause him to be missed a major English student under Dr. at the University and among the peo Mackenzie, and numerous scholarships ple of Lexington, but all his friends and fellowships in the great American here feel confident that he will make universities have been won by Dr. the most of his opportunities in the Mackenzie's students. wider field of. service. He originated the teaching of journalism at the University of Kentucky and in many ways has shown in his DOC IS WITH US AGAIN department an executive ability that quarter promises success in his new work. "Doc" Rodes, Dr. Mackenzie has given the most back last year, matriculated in the intense study to the problems of edu- University Wednesday afternoon and cation and represented Kentucky in will report for football practice Mon the Southern Conference held at New day. His return means that Kinne Orleans. He read a paper suggesting will be shifted back to end, giving Dr. important modifications of high school, Tigert his two veteran ends of last college and university curricula. He year and bringing three of last year's was plaoed on the Committee of Lan- backfleld combination into camp for guage, the purpose of which is to the fall campaign, Haydon and Grab- standardize the teaching of the lan folder completing the veteran trio. En-gli- LEONARD HOTEL La gs We make a Specialty of Live Lobsters, Crab Meat and Reel Foot Lake Fish and Frogs flUluCS flf SchOOl ftaiirinr UanCing KiC WEST UAIN STB PET Page Especial University student classes, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. 8 to 10:30. BEIINNINfi T II E G h A V 1 JiJ"AI OCTOBERS CAMPUS NOTES "Lexingtons Bigger and Better Men's Store'' OFFERS TO THE COLLEGE YOUNG MEN The repairs on Stoll Field are al most completed, and with the new street running to it, and the clean, fences around it, It makes a battle ground for the Wild cats to be proud of. white-washe- The Delta Chi fraternity has moved into its new house at 233 High Street. The Kappa Sigma ternity has secured the house on Maxwell, formerly occupied by Delta Chis. Clothing-H- art, Schaffner & Marx just East fra East the You pay no more for these good clothes than you would just ordinary clothes. SENATOR D. H. PEAK Won't You Come in and Look? NEW BUSINESS AGENT Kaufman Clothing Co, Board of Trustees Selects Him From Number of Applicants IS COMPTROLLER, TOO Senator David H. Peak, of Bedford, bank president and newspaper editor, was elected business agent of the at a recent meeting of the Ex ecutive Committee of the Board of Trustees; Senator Peak was chosen from a large number of applicants and his selection settled a question that has taken up much time at recent meetings. The office of comptroller of the Uni versity, which has heretofore been filled by Judgo W. T. Lafferty, Dean of the Law College, has been abolished, and the duties of this place will hereafter be filled by the business agent, who, under the new arrangement, will attend to all the fiscal duties of the University and Experi ment Station. Enoch Grehan, head of the Depart ment of Journalism of the University, was selected as secretary of the Exec utive Committee to succeed Judge Laf ferty, who has been secretary. Senator Peak will have new quar ters for the business office, which has been changed from the old location at the front of the main building to the office formerly occupied by James B. Lyons, cashier of the institution. All the members of the Executive Committee were present. They were: Charles B. Nichols, of Lexington, chairman; Richard C. Stoll, of Lex ington; J. E. Brown, of Shelbyville; Frank McKee, of Versailles; George Green Brock, of London; P. P. Johnston, Jr., of Lexington, and Claude B. Terrell, of Bedford. Three ballots were cast. The first resulted in McKee, Terrell and Brown voting for Senator Peak, Brock for Richard Johnson, of Richmond, and Johnston and Stoll for W. H. Settle, City Auditor. Mr. Nichols declined to vote. The second ballot was the same as the first except that Mr. Brock cast his vote for Henry Curtis. 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