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The Cats' Pause, December 24, 1988

Part of The Cats' Pause

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Jerry Claiborne will be calling plays for the Wildcats through the 1993 season. It marked the second extension for the coach in his UK tenure. Jerry Claiborne granted contract extension through '93 campaign By associate editor Nick Nicholas University of Kentucky president Dr. David Roselle didn't have to look far to find his football coach for the next five seasons. Last Tuesday Jerry Claiborne, who ranks fifth among active Division I-A coaches, was awarded a four-year extension to his contract. Claiborne's previous contract didn't run out until the end of next season. "I am delighted to receive the contract extension and look forward in continuing to lead the University of Kentucky football program," said Claiborne in a release. "Our coaching staff is appreciative of the support and confidence given to us by the Board of Directors and the administration." For Claiborne it marked the second contract extension in his career at UK. His first renewal came eight days before his '84 squad upset Wisconsin in the Hall of Fame Bowl. It, too, was a five-year extension. In a two-minute meeting with the UK board of Directors, Roselle read Claiborne's past accomplishments, which included the coach's overall winning percentage (59.4) and the program's most recent victory, a Top 5 ranking in graduating its student-athletes among Division 1-A schools. Thus, Claiborne was literally given a vote of confidence with a unanimous decision from the Board of Directors. Roselle said that while under Claiborne the Wildcat football program has "operated as to be compatible and supportive of the academic mission of the university." Claiborne's extension, which runs through the 1993 season, comes despite his teams' inability to compile winning slates in the last four seasons. The results on the field have been less than average20-23-1since his first extension. Off the field Claiborne's program has been a winner. During the 60-year-old coach's tenure, a highly successful turnabout in the classroom along with the addition of the 5.7 million E.J. Nutter Training Center have developed. That's not to say, meanwhile, that Roselle will be satisfied with future 5-6 records. Asked if he would stick by his past beliefs that if Claiborne's achievements off-the-field continue he would be content with 5-6 recordsthe university's CEO said, "I didn't say that, did I?" "I think what I said was that I was looking for several things out of an athletic program. "One, is to comply with NCAA regulations. "Another is that it's very fair to the student-athlete, meaning that we recruit young people who are capable of succeeding academically. And to see to it that they do-help them succeed academically. "And the third thing is that the program be competitive. "I believe those are the ingredients that I look for in an athletic program." Roselle said his three check points were not necessarily in order but made sure to point out that Claiborne has "met my expectations." Not only has a long term goal been set (Claiborne's contract now runs through the 1993 campaign) but Roselle is pleased for short-term reasons as well. During the meeting of the Board of Directors he openly said that this season's recruiting will be benefited because of the extension. Extension for Jerry Claiborne at UK 1982..........................0-10-1 ^1983 ........................6-5-1 ? 1984......................... 9-3 1985 ...........................5-6 1986...........................5-5-1 1987............................5-6 1988 ...........................5-6 Seven Years...............35-41-3 f Post season action: Hall of Fame Bowl in 1983 and 1984. Claiborne overall Virginia Tech (1961-70)..61-39-2 Maryland (1972-81).......77-37-3 UK (1982-present........35-41-3 Totals (27 years)........173-117-8 Overall Claiborne has taken his teams to 11 bowlstwice at Virginia Tech, seven times at Maryland and two times at the University of Kentucky._