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[171] > Image [171] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1997-05-jun10.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

FCR 9 Office of the President June 10, 1997 Members, Board of Trustees: ESTATE OF GERTRUDE FLORA RIBBLE Recommendation: that the Board of Trustees accept a partial distribution of $500,000 from the Estate of Gertrude Flora Ribble to endow the Gertrude Flora Ribble Academic Fund in the College of Arts and Sciences' School of Biological Sciences. Background: Gertrude Ribble, who was from Nicholas County, Kentucky, graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1926 with a B.A. in Education. In addition to a career in teaching, she served four years as Deputy County Clerk of Fayette County. Mrs. Ribble was an advocate for competency in the teaching profession and had a strong belief in the ideals of higher education. The estate's final distribution, which is now estimated at $570,000, is expected before the end of this year. The bequest to UK represents a partial distribution from Mrs. Ribble's estate to establish an Endowment Fund in the School of Biological Sciences. The bequest also stipulates that the gift be divided into two equal portions. One portion is to be used for scholarships. The other is to support academic enrichment, including undergraduate research projects, presentations of student research at professional meetings, activities of biology student organizations, special biological instruction or training at field stations or comparable facilities, seminars and workshops and awards to recognize academic excellence by biology students. Action taken: Approved E Disapproved L Other _