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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 23, 1915

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Mechanical Department News TO H. P. INGLES. of this fact that the first "Mechanical was held laBt year. This affair was such a complete success that It was Immediately adopted as a permanent part of each year's program. '05. LANDS WAR IJUVU) ORDER Mechanical Graduate Has a Good Position at Youngs-tow- SOCIETY NEWS. n, 0. The Senior society or the "Mechanicals of M6" met in the Heat Engineering Room on Tuesday, September 17. The following officers were elected: President, T. Taylor; Vice President, G. L. Cherry; Secretary and Treasur- er, C. K. Dunn, and Sergeant at Arms. W. Lall. A committee was appointed to make arrangements for the annual "Mechanical The Junior society or the "Watt Society," will meet this week to start the year's work. The Sophomore organization, known as the "Edison-JoulSociety," will hold its second meeting in the next few days. The Freshman met on Saturday, September 18, and appointed committees to draft a constitution and complete other details of organization for the new Freshman society. They will meet again on Saturday, September 25, and put their society on a permanent basis. Professor F. Paul Anderson has just received a letter from Howard Payne Ingles, member of the 1905 graduating class, who is now employed as assistant secretary with the Realty Guar antee & Trust Company, of Youngs- town, O., stating that he had Just succeeded in landing a $5,000,000 order from the J. P. Morgan Company, of New York. The letter did not state what the nature of the order was, but It Is supposed to be for war mate-- ' rials. Mr. Ingles also stated that he had just returned from a motor trip with Mr. Todd, president of the William Todd Co., of Youngstown, and Mr. Campbell, president of the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company. Mr. Ingles graduated from the of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in 1905, and has since been employed In Youngstown, where he at present holds a lucrative position with the Realty Guarantee & Trust Company. e Col-leg- e A. I. E. E. AND A. S. M. E. UNIQUE ORGANIZATION The society organization in the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is decidedly unique and quite different from that of any other college in the University. Each Incoming Freshman class organizes and names a society of Its own and frames a constitution and s for Its regulation. This society remains a ner-manent unit through the whole four of college work. The advantage of this plan over the ordinary departmental society Is that the Freshman does not have to listen to a technical discussion that is Greek to all but the Seniors, and the Seniors is not compelled to lose his valuable moments in elementary discussion that w'ould be of benefit and interest to a Freshman only. Four separate societies, each one devoted to the peculiar needs of its members, have proven an unqualified success in the development and growth of the department. On the other hand, there are decided social advantages which cannot be gained without an occasional mingling of all the classes, and It was in recognition Don't Fail Kresge S to Visit Soda Fountain and , The American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers hold equally high and unapproached positions In their respective realms of activity. The engineering world offers but few higher honors than a membership in either of these societies. Their objects and aims, and activities are much the same. The members of each organization, and they are the fore- most men of the profession, meet at stated intervals to fix all engineering standards in their respective fields. and to pass judgment, at the same time, upon any new phase of professional advance and make permanent records of all their proceedings and transactions. Evidently a membership in such an organization is far beyond the scope of the college student, but he has been provided for in the "student branches" of both these societies. Every Senior seeking the degree 'B. M. E.," must join both of these "branches" which our University has been fortunate enough to secure. Membership extends three years after graduation, and the student receives during this time all the written reports of the transactions of the A. I. E. E. and the A. S. M. E. In the University of Cincinnati, has and who has since been an instructor been appointed on the Jury of awards In the Machinery Building at the -Pacific Exposition. COLUMBIA FELLOWSHIP J. G. Panama- High Compliment Paid To LOVE'S YOUNG DREAM Kentucky University by EXCUSE FOR FAILURE Eastern Institution. TO SOUND AUTO HORN Columbia University has established a graduate course In engineering, and the State University of Kentucky has been pnid a high compliment by the Dean of the School of Mines, Engineering and Chemistry, In offering to a graduate of the Stato University a yearly fellowship to be known as the State University of Kentucky Fellowship. The fellowship for the year 1915-1has been awarded to J. G. Aud, of Owensboro, a graduate of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineer ing. Quoting from the letter of Dean Frederick A. Goetze to President Barker: "In view of the very satisfactory showing which has been made by the students who have come to us in the past from the University of Kentucky, we have decided to designate one of these fellowships to your institution and we shall be glad to have you recommend one of your students or graduates who has given indication of marked ability and personality and who, in your opinion, will worthily represent your Institution." It is evident that the men who have gone from the State University of Ken tucky have made a very enviable rec ord In their graduate work at Columbia and the awarding of this fellowship to a University of Kentucky graduate is additional evidence of the splendid organization of our State University. 6 A. I. E. E. b .TOB ' branch of A. I. E. E. was held on day, September 17. The following of ficers were chosen: President, H. Melton; Vice President, E. H. Clark; Secretary, Margaret Ingels, and Treasurer, Julius Wolf. The policy of this society will be to hold a definite pr gram for each meeting. The subject matter will usually be chosen from transactions of the A. I. E. E. Frl-vor- The present Senior class numbers and is larger than the last year's Junior class, due to the entry of W. Lall and M. G. Horton. Hor-tocame here from the University of Florida to be a Sophomoro with us, and then returned South for a year, coming back again to finish his education in K. S. U. "Scobe" Lall has Join a Literary Society spent part of the past year in the Signal Department of the Alabama Great A. S. M. E. Southern Railroad, and the remaining The student branch of the A. S M. 'time as an electrician for the Louis E. will hold Its initial meeting on Fri ville & Nashville Railroad. In this day, September 24, when officers will capacity he wired the new shops of be elected and plans perfected for the the Louisville & Nashville Railroad recently constructed in the western part work of this year. of the city. Kenneth Doris,, a popular member of THE NEW the class, has failed to make his appearance and his classmates regret that they must finish the "hometor asc stretch" without him. IT NTS THE CRAVAT twenty-three- , A Four Item Lunch (or 10c i -' It wns ; DR. PRYOR LECTURES TO THE BATTALION OF CADETS. Dr. J. W. Pryor, head of the Department of Anatomy and Physiology, delivered his annual lecture to the iBatallion of cadets in the Chapel last 'Friday afternoon, September 17, at 3:30 o'clock. The subject of the lec ture was "A Word of Advice to the Young Man," and the question of sex hygiene was discussed. The evils of an intemperate life were pointed out in the talk, which was illustrated by stereoptlcon pictures. j j SPECIAL EXCURSION CINCINNATI AND RETURN Sunday, September 26 $.50 $1.50 Round Round Trip Trip SPECIAL TRAINS Leave LEXINGTON 7:20 am. and 7:25 am. ASK TICKET AGENTS FOR PARTICULARS. College Men! We are showing a swell line of Shoes for you college fellows Shoes for Full Dress wear, Semi- Dress or hard service. "Joe Tilt's" Men's Shoes can't be beat for long service, and "Marshall's" are there with the style and snap. Prices are $4.00, S4.50 and $5.00. We shall be very pleased to show you. "Best on Earth" for the prices we are asking for them. The Special Shoe Company Shoe Lexington's Great Popular Price 206 West Main St. Cy Hanks, Manager. Store. Lexington, Ky. Reasonable Reliable Dependable n ARROW a (Lexington Herald.) pormlssnblo In exceptional cases for a young man to become so Interested In a conversation with a young lady whom ho had taken for a ride In his automobile and consequently forget to sound his horn when crossing a street, was the decision of Judge John J. Riley, In the case against H. L. Fearing, who was arrested Monday afternoon by Patrolman Wllcoxson and charged with having failed to sound his horn when making the crossing at Third and Jefferson Streets. Both the arresting officer and Mr. Fearing testified that the car was not going more than five miles an hour and could have stopped in a very short distance. Mr. Fearing said that he ordinarily sounded his horn before making a crossing, but after glancing to see if the street was clear That Mr. Fearing is a Junior in tho Mechanical Engineering Department, and tho fact that ho has a reputation for carefulness In driving his Cadillac 8, (makes the adventure all tho more Interestlng. SENIOR NOTES. GOTHIC Lunch Counter Monday afternoon, continued In his conversation and kept his yes to tha front. With a warning not to believe too much In the fairy tales liable to be told by young women and to pay more attention to tho hard facts in the book of traffic ordinances, Mr. Fearing was dismissed. COLLAR J. T. FAIG ON JURY OF AWARDS AT EXPOSITION t Professor J. T. Falg, who graduated from the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering In 1894 The Caskey Jewelry Co. Successors to A. K. LYON 127 WEST MAIN LEXINGTON, KY. The University Store. Corner Limestone and Winslow lunch Counter Open Seven Days and Nights Especially on Sunday Full Line of STATIONERY and SUPPLIES W. F. OLDHAM