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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 75, no. 4, Winter 2004

Part of Kentucky alumnus

. ' ' y2? 5 `. ~ ..,_2" ` ` ,.,,'i rs; `s;$-`.lj' -*?Fr-A .*3. ;~ _. ; -.:1.; :7; _ . .,3 _ P _.Ai . ` { Q ~ 5 t i _ { i . AI}- z-Fl `A` i' V . .A4i .~ il Q - S ri` L v 3 Fi an ` . <, Q. . r . . S? i' ;;[. ~ _ . r s i` . : v { . t , r 2. .~ e A AA A .:\'q _`__ K : A * A __ M j ;2 t _AjA.A A AA AAA g%; - A - AA ATA; jAA V,` .. . . 1, `=` . . V. ` r - r I y .L4A , A ~ L, r ,`v >y;.;i f =;+ . . . 2* -.i.it;$w r T%;%.t_ .- r ``V . UK Conducting Landmark . Cardiology Trial l Dr. David Moliterno, professor of internal medi- i cine and chief of cardiovascular medicine, UK A r? ' = "=\ { College of Medicine, is serving as national princi j_ pal investigator for a major U.S. multicenter 3 l ' trial for high risk coronary patients. Moliterno, _ Q an interventional cardiologist, is also co-director ,. . . ,,;, $.._ * . ` of UKs Gill Heart Institute. _ J l The landmark trial is one of two announced j L L by Guilford Pharmaceuticals that advances the " * .,_A j. field of interventional cardiology by attempting A i i w ` to determine the optimal therapeutic regimen - ~ K Q, f01 high-flSl< patients undergoing percutaneous A A A ` . Coronary intervention.The study is looking at yvgg i K .t AA. A A drugs that prevent the formation of blood clots. te, iA;, _A_, A A i The one-year study began this fall and is ex- i. i ``ri li ( j~ .3 l pected to involve about 8,000 patients and 200 ri 'Yi .' isjolipggfyygtn 40 to 80 patients taking part at the A6 David ivioiiterno, M.D. New COPD Clinic Opens Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) part of smoking, but do not realize that these can also be warning is the fourth leading cause of death in the United signs of imminent lung damage? States, according to the Centers for Disease Con- The clinic. located adjacent to UK Hospital at 740 S. Limestone trol and Prevention.Those seeking treatment for in Lexington, will work closely with the Asthma. Allergy. Sinus COPD in Kentucky now benefit from a new and Pulmonary clinics. stateoftheart clinic at the University of The clinic is focusing on a comprehensive approach to COPD. Kentuckys Kentucky Clinic. Dr. David M. Mannino. associate professor. Division of Pulmo- "COPD, better known as chronic bronchitis nary and Critical Care Medicine. UK College of Medicine. began and emphysema, is a preventable and treatable seeing patients at the new clinic on Aug. 20. disease," said Dr. Dennis E. Doherty, chief of the "The goal of our new clinic is to make sure that the patients Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medi- who come to see us get the best care possible." Mannino said. cine, UK College of Medicine. "The early signs "Our clinic not only has the resources to treat patients with of the disease include cough. mucus production. COPD. but also the option to be involved with cutting-edge treat- shortness of breath on mild exertion. and ments and research to evaluate potential new options or thera- wheeze. People generally associate these signs as pies." The UK Division of Pulmonary Medicine offers complete diag- A A A A nostic evaluation and clinical management of all respiratory disor- A -_ A ders for inpatient and outpatient services. Diagnostic aspects z ii-. . _'._` . t.ii_`.., Q 3 ` include routine pulmonary function testing. and related and intra- sig? .,A related pulmonary evaluation of interstitial lung disease. chronic A A obstructive pulmonary disease, ;_.`. asthma, infectious lung disease. =- A A j drug-related pulmonary disor- For more `i'* il r dee and Cmlfmolm 91 thc lung information about wir A` l i FOP lTlOl llllfornlallon about r = r ff`. the UK COPD clinic or to sched- pim; at UK_ Visit f A ..2..;;; Af ule an appointment. call 859-323- vvvvw.rgs.uky.edu L ` ` i, "` 5365. and :3 ` Amy Gil/iam VVWWmC-Ul