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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 02, no. 49, 1979

Part of Kentucky alumnus

do without lZh QOVI'l`llTlTlt pt`Og1'am, t The reivenuehfrom HUD is being used Significant Activities orlpiurc ase ree existing apartment Of Faculty and Staff , but ings totaling 34 units and to con- _ _. _ , o o struct a new 200-unit apartment com- C. Dwight Auvenshine, educational oo plex. The new units are scheduled for psychology and counseling, was hon- i ' occupancy this fall. Energy conserva- ored by the Kentucky Psychological As- i tion maintenancethe installation of Sociation for distinguished service to thermal windows and of thermostat the science and profession of psycholo- control valvesis planned for this sum- gy." He was president of the associa- i ger at Patterson, Boyd, and Jewell tion, 1974-75, and has served eight , all dormitories. years on the grou sb a d f l b Vilhv iigllhesillsimttl great teachers in professional psgchollogyo exammers eor . uensinvieyou o HI . . _ join them in Memorial Hall at 7:30 was Oe'i;;Fe;[amlIt%n :1lst?ryhn:mtuS p.m. April 17 to find out at this annual b pres! en O t $2 @00- celebration of scholarship. M M mem_ ef Southern Hlslollcal OIC OIIEY Available Association, which met recently in St. For Student Aid ll5 Merril] W_ Pqckgn dentistry, has been Hospital Accredited Students planning to attend the Uni- selected as a candidate for 1979-80 For- Two_Year Period versity of Kentucky next fall might be president-elect of the American Associ- eligible for loans, grants or scholarships ation of Dental Schools i The delhi Celhlhlscleh Oh AccYedlla as well as more financial aid under the 3_ A Nasary electrical engineering, heh Olr ll0$Pllal$ Yecehlly accledlled Middle Income Student Assistance Act was ei eo-i-ecipieni of the Aurel Vlaiou Uhl'Ve$ll9 llQ$Dlll for full lWc>VeY passed by Congress last October. award, the highest award presented pI`lOd. Tl`llS IS Lll'lLlSU21l, Sll'lC the CUT" The new law affects two fnajoy Stu- annually the National I`l`l1 trend of aCCI`dl1B1lOIl of dent prograrnsill Said Jaynes lnglei Academy Of Romania, for Con- leaching lllslllullolls Such as the director of the UK Olllce of Sh-ldehl tributions to the study of linear electric Chahdlel l`/ledlcal Cehlel Qehelally l$ Financial Aid. These are the Basic machines lOl Ohly Ohe Vealalalllhe- Opportunity Grant Program and the Guaranteed Student Loan Program. i The I`VlSd for families ` ' _. HUD Loan To Ease under the Basic Opportunity Grant Pro- ll , Mi .` W " l I Housin & Din". gram makes it possible for a student in a i ___, . B d dg!) bt 9 family of four with up to $25,000 in F " , { _ . - ." 1 ~ OD B 8 . . . t is t - yearly income to receive a grant which ger. i =._ y i .,,. a ll _ ii; Just in the knick of time, the U.S. De- does hel have to be lePald al O J A . A .. l Th I. .b.l. . l h- h *5 4% A ir._ h ini 's partment of Housing and Urban Devel- Q elgl llllt lllcome llhll la lg el erm j` L f i opment (HUD) inooio available loans for ima larseriamilv eratmllv with mere i i< student housing and accepted UKs oid than _9lld wllese lnsle S_<=l . r _ for $4,300,000 to be used to increase ln addlhehi lhahy 5ell$UPP0YhhQ $t i _i ii _.i i the supply or campus housing here and dents now qualify for larger allowances to f you yr is i_' T o _ _ i anoiher $284Y0()O lor energy main- and 40 per centr more students in I. l { or i tenancei Additionally, another $19 Kl'itUCl