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12 > Image 12 of Lexington City Directory 1909

Part of Lexington City Directories

; II I Established 1810 Q}? . .; ei? J PUBLISHERS il}? OI f MEDICAL REGISTER AND DIRECTORY OF NORTH AMERICA, DENTAL REGIS TER OF THE U. S. AND CANADA, I FLOUR MILL AND GRAIN DIRECTORY OF THE U. S. I REAL ESTATE AND FINANCIAL REGISTER OF THE U. S. AND CANADA, , ARCHITECTS AND BUlLDERS' DIRECTORY OF OHIO ~3 I V in Towns over 5,000 Populatlcg, {T I ARCHITECTS AND BUlLDERS' DIRECTORY OF PENNSYLVANIA 3 I in Towns over 5,000 Population, g I ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS' DIRECTORY OF WESTERN NEW YORK, 3 1 in Towns over 5,000 Population, V ARCHITECTS AND BUlLDERS' DIRECTORY of Pittsburg and Allegheny County, . - MARINE DIRECTORY OF THE GREAT LAKES, { T. MARINE REGISTER OF THE OHIO RIVER AND TRIBUTARIES. I _ LUMBER DIRECTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. , [ Gazcttecrs and Business Directories I FOR THE STATES OF 5 MICHIGAN, WEST VIRGINIA, TENNESSEE, I ILLINOIS, KENTUCKY, CALIFORNIA. I: . PENNSYLVANIA, INDIANA, WASHINGTON AND ALASKA I 5 NEW JERSEY, IOWA, COLORADO. .. Q MINNESOTA, WISCONSIN, WYOMING, ,_ NORTH DAKOTA. TEXAS, UTAH, SOUTH DAKOTA, MARYLAND, ARIZONA, KANSAS, MONTANA, ARKANSAS, ; MISSOURI. OREGON, IDAHO. _ OKLAHOMA AND INDIAN TERRITORIES . ron Baltimore, Md.; Pittsburg and Allegheny, Pa.; Detroit, Mich.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Minn! apolis, St, Paul and Duluth, Minn.; Memphis, Tenn.; Columbus and Toledo, Ohio; Des Moines and Sioux City, la.; Superior, Wis.; La Fayette and Fort Wayne City and Ai.en County, Ind.; Grand Rapids, Jackson City and County, Bay City, { Baum: Creek, Marquette City and County, Muskegon and Houghton City Q. ` and County, Mich.; Altoona, Braddock, Lancaster and York, P2.; ` Springfield, lll.; Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah; Pueblo, Colo.; Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma, Wash.; Butte and Helena, Mont.; Portland Ore., and iifty-tour other cities. VQ ` USHSFHI Offices, 68. 70 and 72 Griswold Street, Detroit, NUC}!. DISTRICT OFFICES: ,_ Cii'GAGi`r FITTSBURG. INDIANAPOLIS. ST, PAUL. ST. LOUIS. BALTIMORE. ` "` ICLIEDO MINNEAPOLIS. PORTLAND. COLUMBUS. DES MOINES. SALT LAKECITY. __ SEATTL;. 'IACCJ-;.\. SPOKANE. HELENA. IUTTE. FT WAYNE X _ , oiaasio mrzos WIIMJNG. DIILUTII. MEMPHIS. SIOUX CITY. lL0$ ANGBUES. ; ___ e; I `