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7 > Image 7 of Lexington City Directory 1909

Part of Lexington City Directories

I Q q' F5 . P ez" Q E ` INTRODUCTORY ai `~; \Ve take much pleasure in presenting this, the fifth edition " of the Lexington Directory, and feel assured it will meet with _ if your usual hearty reception and be found to answer every pur- pose for which it is intended. .\ complete canvass has been _; made of every nook and corner of the city, in all the highways and byways and in the most remote sections of the outlying Q suburbs by experienced and competent enumerators. and every effort has been made to produce a work that will be in keeping L with the progress of the city. and which will be appreciated by g every subscriber and everyone who is in need of the information. The Directory is probably the most necessary and frequently _ consulted publication of modern times in the general uses to which it is put by business and professional men, by the general public and strangers. The Alphabetical List of Names, pages 133 to 655, gives you an immediate location of a person . both business and residence. 'lispeeial pains have been taken in every instance to secure not the__mere` initial only, but the I Christian name and also the individual names of partners or officers of firms. ln addition to this list the volume will be .,. found to contain a large amount of other valuable information, arranged in a manner calculated to present a prompt answer to , any question that may he asked concerning the city or any of its institutions. lts "Nliscellaneous lnformation", pages 9 to 53, gives full information regarding City, County and State Govern- ment, .\cademies, Colleges, Churches, Asylums, Homes. Hospi- tals, Banks. Secret Societies, Miscellaneous Societies, Labor Or- ganizations, Libraries, Railways, Newspapers and Periodicals, ' Public Halls and Buildings, Theaters, Telegraph and Telephone Companies. etc., and in addition much General Information, embracing Rates of Postage, the population of the chief coun- tries of the world, with their capitals, population of the largest cities of the world, of cities and towns of the United States, etc. 1 The Street Guide and Directory of Householders occupies pages . 55 to 131. The streets are given in alphabetical order and ;, i described by giving the point of commencement and ending of each street and its line of general direction. The number on <3> { 1**., .