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8 > Image 8 of Lexington City Directory 1909

Part of Lexington City Directories

r 4 INTRODUCTORY. each building on the street is given in numerical order and oppo- site such number is placed the name of the occupant. t The work embraces also a complete Classified Business i Directory (pages 657 to 72I), of each individual, firm or cor- l poration engaged in the professions or any line of trade ar- ranged with their contemporaries, making a full and complete list of each particular line of business. , There is a matter of public enterprise which the citizens of ' Lexington ought to know. \xVe print a large number of extra copies of this Directory, which are placed in the Directory Libraries of all the principal cities of the country, where they ` serve as standing advertisements for Lexington, its commercial V and 1nanufacturing interests and its public and private institutions. u With sincere thanks to all who have patronized the work, I and the public in general, we are L Respectfully, V R. L. PoLK & Co., { V Pub/1`s/ters. l l I l . ll,