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Belles of Canterbury : a Chaucer tale out of school : a play in one act for eleven girls / by Anna Bird Stewart.

THE BELLES OF CANTERBURY A CHAUCER TALE OUT OF SCHOOL 2l Plan in One Ect for Eleven 1trio BY ANNA BIRD STEWART, A.M. DLI)ICATll) l () M 1IS8 1) 0 I()I'l-IY' ('ON R F V CoPyRIrIII 1912 BY SAMUEL FRENCH NOTICE. -The Professional acting rights of this play are reserved by the publisher, and permission for such performances must be ob- tained before performances are given. This notice does not apply to amateurs, who may perform the play without permission. All professional unauthorized productions will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PRICE 25 CENTS NEW YORK SAMUEL FRENCH PU'BLISH1ER 28-3( ,NVSTX;:)I STiREE T LONDON SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD. 26 SOUTHAMPTON STREET ST'RAND