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JUST PUBLISHED What Happened to Jones An Original Farce in Three Acts By GEORGE H. BROADHURST CAST OF CHARACTERS JONES, who travels for a hymn-book house EBENEZER GOODLY, a professor of anatomy AN-TOXY GOODLY, D.D., Bishop of Ballarat RICHARD HIEATHERLY, engaged to Marjorie THOMIAS HOLDER, a policeman WILLIAM BIGBEE, an inmate of the Sanitarium HENRY FULLER, superintendent of the Sanitarium MRS. GOODLY, Ebenezer's wife CISSY, Ebenezer's ward MARJORI 'P,`Ebenezer's daughters MINERVA,) ALVINA STARLIGHT, Mr. Goodly's sister HELMA, a servant SYNOPSIS OF SCENES ACT 1.-Handsomely furnished room in home of Ebenezer Goodly ACT 2.-The same. ACT 3.-The same. This is the jolliest sort of a farce, clean and sparkling all the way through. A professor of anatomy is lured to a prize fight and the police make a raid on the "mill." The professor escapes to his home, followed by Jones, a traveling salesman, who sells livmn books when he can and playing cards when he cannot. Ine police are on the trail, so Jones disguises himself by putting on a Bishop's garb, and a lot of funny complications ensue. The other funmakers are aided not a little by an escaped lunatic. This celebrated farce has been a tremendous success for years on the professional stage and is now published for the first time. PRICE. 50 CENTS