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5 > Page 5 of Belles of Canterbury : a Chaucer tale out of school : a play in one act for eleven girls / by Anna Bird Stewart.

THE BELLES OF CANTERBURY SCENE:-A school room or in the room of one of the girls if preferred. If possible, a piano is in- eluded in the furnishings, which may be as elab- orate or as simple as desired. Two entrances must be provided, one covered by a square frame- work supposed to represent a bookcase. Books are across the top. In front of it hangs a full curtain. It will be very effective to have the frame-work representing the bookcase directly in the center of the stage at back, so that it is in full view of the audience. A table with books, etc., can be placed at one side of the stage. A few chairs can be set around the room but not in a way to hide the bookcase. As the Curtain Rises SOPHOMORE and FRESH- MAN are seated at the table. SOPHOMORE. Now, the Seniors weren't that way last year. You're only a Freshman, so of course you can't judge, but I never saw so slow a class as this year's, why they haven't said a word about the enter- tainment, and yet everyone knows they ought to give us a Thanksgiving party. (any other festival can be substituted here) FRESH3MAN. A party What do they have to eat SOPHOMIORE. They're not likely to have anything 5