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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 14, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. m.., Pewonally Picked THnngie, ls e THE ORPHEUM THE A TR E First Class In Every Appointment ill riLli RFIM VUl THEATRE WE GIVE Future and Comedy 1 A to 10:30 P. M, was ono Admission Ten Cents picturcs Change of Picture Each Day Superior Vaudeville ,99 ALL NEW BUT THE NAME Same Management, Same Classy Shows "If a Laugh was worth $1, You'd Leave Here Rich" Prices 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 3550 Boxes Justright Made to Order SUITS AND OVERCOATS $18.00 TO $25.00 Appeal to College Men because in no other Clothes can they express their individuality so well at such a reasonable price. JUSTRIGHT TAILORING CO. of tho most enthusiastic of tho year. William Shlnnlck presided and short talks were mado by Herbert Graham, VJrgll Chapman and Captain Fairfax, tho latter on matters not to tho contest. Harry Cottroll, a valued member of tho Kcrnol staff, was present, and after It was all over ho went down Into tho rooms of the journalism room and "rassoled" with a typewriter. Tho result follows: How Cottrell Felt About It. Tho sun shone, warm breezes and gentle zephyrs floated here and thoro about the campus, nature smiled and answering smiles lighted tho faces of the throngs of students on their way to chapel last Friday morning, for tho wore to bo ten most populalr selected by tho votes to grace tho pages of tho 1917 Kontucklan with their beauty. Never was there an atmosphere more truly Kentucklan than at chapel Friday when tho famed chivalry of this our native state extolled the million virtues and; the unmatchable beauty of Kentucky's womankind and students filled out their ballots with the names of the ten girls which were to their minds the most popular and beautiful in the University. Chapel was given over entirely to the staff of the 1917 Kentucklan for the election of the aforementioned ten most popular and before the battle of the ballots that peerless orator Virgil (middle name deleted by the censors) Chapman told the students things about the female of the species that they had known from infancy, as true Kentucklans, but could never have clothed in such flowery phrases as did Chapman. His speech warmed the cockles of the most hardened woman hater's heart and brought tears of pleasure to the eyes of those who had long been worshippers at shrine. tlie is how it affected the male That members of his audience and if the were affected as were the boys, Virgil should have had by now at least a dozen proposals, two dozen dates, not the stuffed kind either, for the 4da Meade, and just oodles of boxes of oandy. As Bill Shlnnlck expressed it, "Would that I were a celestial cow boy and could tend the cows along the Milky Way; yea, even throw the bull," or else round up the truant keys of this typewriter to form words which would give some semblance of justice to an account of the inspiring senti ments uttered in behalf of the Uni greatest treasures, the verslty's State's greatest assets and the world's most valuable possessions, our girls. o s s 145 West Main St. Lexington, Ky. WINTER TOURIST TICKETS At Reduced Fares, on sale Daily to FLORIDA-CUBA-NE- ORLEANS W And AH Resorts of the South Liberal Stop- - Over Privileges FINAL LIMIT FOR RETURN, MAY 31, 1917 For complete information and descriptive literature, call on nearest TICKET AGENT or write H. G. KING, Passenger and Ticket Agent 118 East Main Street, LEXINGTON, KY. MISS SPDRRS C R STMAS DANCE DECEMBER 20th INVITATIONS REQUIRED OF LADIES SMITH'S SAXOPHONE TRIO AM GULLO Eat Your Sandwiches and Hot Chocolate at the WOMAN'S EXCHANGE Progressive Shoe Repairing Shop S. Limestone Lexington, Ky Rubber Heels and Soles a Specialty 140 207 W. Short St. McGURK'S Where All is Well and Good fckHotIChocolate, Home-mad- e and Ices. Candy Knights of Columbus Hall OPEN FOIt- - Dancei and Other College Affairs Price $7.50 6. J. TREACY CALAGIS & CO. 107 WEST MAIN STREET BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY. FINE HOME-MADCANDIES E For EATS You've tried the rest Now try the "BEST" MRS. BARNETT University Lunch Stand Pianos Furnished Phone 335 Admi,8ion 5c and 10c OPEN 10:00 A. M. TO 11:00 P. M. FREE TICKET WITH EACH ONE PURCHASED." cADA MEADE 6 Go Where the Goi Go MEET ME AT s ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANQUET FRIDAY The annual banquet for the football team and "K" men will be given at the Leonard Hotel at 6:30 o'clock tomorrow evening. Professor Enoch Grehan, head of the Department of Journalism, will be toastmaster and thq other speakers are: President Barker, Dr. J. J. Tlgert, Maury Crutch- or and the captain of tho 1917 foot ball squad who will be chosen at tho banquet. Altho tho banquet Is primarily for football men and "K" men, others are welcome. A price of $1.50 per plate will bo charged the latter. Between Itose Street and Patterson Hall, a ball of tatting and a LOST Patronize Our Advertisers. shuttle. Finder please call 3490. ADA MEADE OFFERS FEATURE ATTRACTION DAV AND NIGHT SESSIONS v- BOOKKEEPING - iHslneM.PhoMfiruiihy TYPEWRITING wi Mrs. Eva Fay, tho wonderful high tifll 1111 ft tti.4 H TELEGRAPHY lUSINEtt CQLLEIE ad Rofrwor, I priestess of mysticism, Is coming to o.rf ll Ollrf It. lairr rU7 lit F'rrk!nli h.n years of experience in Mercantile and tho Ada Meado Monday, December 18, tanking bminess, also 40 yearn educating 20,000 young men and women for iucccsj. l37Entef now. fkori.Jtrltf engagement. College 159 E. Main SI., neorPoi Office, opposite Depot. for a special three-daAddrea WILBUR R. SMITH, Laxlnrfton. By. Mrs. Fay's wonderful psychic ability has amazed thousands of perplexed peoplo all over tho world and if any of the U. of K. students are worried about what's going on at Patt Hall a question asked Mrs. Fay will soon set-tlit. A special matlnco for ladles only will be hold on Wednesday, December 20 at 2:30 and Mrs. Fay will attempt to answer all the questions asked her period. Call 612 within a for seats. Adv. SPECIAL RATES TO University Students o forty-minut- o Y. M. C. A. NOTES The Christmas of the Y. services M. C. A. will bo held next Sunday in the Y. rooms at 6:15 o'clock. Presi- dent Ganfield, of Centre College, will be the speaker of the- occasion and special Christmas music by the girls The faculty and will be a feature. student body are cordially invited to attend these services. The annual intercollegiate Y. M. C. A. summer conference Avill be held at Blue Ridge, North Carolina, next sum mer, and five hundred students are expected to attend as well as a large number of alumni. Such prominent men and speakers as Robert E. Speer, of New York; Bishop W. F. McDowell, of Washington; E. T. Colton, of the International Y. M. C. A. Committee; R. H. Edwards, of the Social Service Department, Dr. H. H. Horine, of the University of New York, and Dr. O. E. Brown, of Vanderbilt University, will be present at the conference. The ex penses at Blue Ridge will be $18.50 for the program fee and board. Students are requested to confer with their parents during the Christmas holidays and endeavor to attend this conference. Any further information regarding this conference may be obtained from J. E. Johnson, secretary of the University Y. M. C. A. DRESS UP The Outer as well as the inner man CHRISTMAS ON DAY Your every need in "Smart" Suits, Overcoats, Shoes Hats, and Haberdashery MUTCHLER BACK FROM CHICAGO. Dr. Fred Mutchler, head of the Department of Farm Demonstration Work, has returned from Chicago, where ho addressed the National Marketing Conference last Aveek. Graves, Cox & Co. INCORPORATED. COLLEGE FELLOWS SHOP' See Those New English Last SHOES at The Special Shoe Co s Best in Town Priced Right too Black and Tan The Special Shoe Co. 206 W. Main St. Lexington, Ky.