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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 14, 1916

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Page MISS PIGGOTT IS DISCOVERY OF ERROR Y. W. C. A. SPEAKER RAISES TEAM'S SCORE Miss Eliza PJggott spoke Sunday CO-E- D night at tho regular meeting of tho Y. W. C. A. at Patterson Hall, her subject being "Tho Unruly Member." Miss Piggott showed In her talk that the tongue was tho unruly member and that blessings and curses might PATT HALL PERSONALS proceed from this same tongue. Tho talk was, according to tho many who Miss Anita Crabbo spent the week- heard it, one of tho best of the year. end at her homo in Louisville. On Next Sunday night tho Y. W. C. A. Tuesday she went to Eminence to at- meets with tho Y. M. C. A. in chapel tend tho wedding of her sister, MIbs to hear Dr. W. A. Ganfleld, president Virginia Crabbe. of Ccntro College, and good Christmas Miss Mary Hamilton will spend the music is expected. It is hoped that weok-enIn Georgetown as tho guest every girl will be present for tho talk of friends. will doubly repay all present. CORNER d Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wilcox, of Louisville, visited Misses Hannah and WOMAN'S CLUB MEETS. Katherino Weakley at the Hall Sunday, The Woman's Club of tho Univer Miss Maud Asbury will be the sity held Its regular monthly meeting guest of her brother, Mr. C. F. Aslast Friday afternoon at the home of bury, on the Winchester Pike, for the Mrs. Thompson Bryant, on Clay Aveweek-end- . nue, with Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Henry Misses Willio Lee Clark and Eunice Curtis and Mrs. C. S. Porter as hos Katherino Shouse were the guests of tesses. The house "vas attractively Miss Marie Collins Saturday. decorated with plants and flowers. Miss Juliet Lee Risque, of Midway, The guests were Mrs. M. L. Pence, went home for the week-end- . Mrs. W. T. Lafferty, Mrs. C. J. Nor Miss Susanne Beltz spent the weekwood, Mrs. L. K. Frankel, Mrs. T. T. end at her home in Paris. Jones, Mrs. L. A. Brown, Mrs. W. S. Miss Louise Janes, who broke her Webb, Mrs. J. J. Curtis, Mrs. F. P. arm by a fall on the slippery paveAnderson, Mrs. W. S. Anderson, Mrs. ments Saturday, is able to be out C. W. Mathews, Mrs. S. B. Averitt, again. Mrs. Edward Tuthill, Mrs. A. C. Zem- Dr. B. Cornelison, of Louisville, visbrod, Mrs. E. F. Farquhar, Mrs. E. S. ited his granddaughter, Miss Helen Goode, Mrs. Carolyn Wallis, Mrs. W. Burkholder, Tuesday. D. Watts, Mrs. J. R. Bush, Mrs. J. Mor ton Davis, Mrs. Hywell Davies, Mrs. IN HONOR OF MISS GILLIS. F. E. Tuttle, Mrs. MoFarland, Mrs. Olney, Mrs. D. J. Healey, Mrs. George Miss Inez Gillis, a charming bride-elec- Roberts. was guest of honor when Mrs. Alfred Zcmbrod entertained Saturday TO WOMEN'S with an afternoon tea for the memGIVE BANQUET TONIGHT. bers and patronesses of Alpha Gamma Delta fraternity, of which Miss Gillis of the The Woman's is a member., Christmas colors preUniversity will hold their annual ban vailed everywhere in the decorations. quet this evening at the Phoenix HoThe hostess was assisted by her niece, tel. The loving cup offered to the Miss Clara Belle Walton, and by sorority standing highest in scholarMisses Marie Barkley, Clara will be pre ship for the year 1915-1and Pearl Bastin. The piano sented on this occasion and toasts will selections played by Miss Katherine be given. Miss Lillian Gaines, presi Wiley, an accomplished musician, will preside. dent of were an enjoyable feature of the i U. K. Stock Judges Were Not Fifteenth in Beef Cattle RANKIN FINISHES 8TH Tho team representing Kentucky in Contest tho Students' at the recent International Livestock Show at Chicago stood ahead of some of the leading Institutions of tho country, according to Professor E. S. Good, who had charge of tho team. Kentucky stood soventh In tho contest with fifteen colleges, an error found In tho addition of tho score of one of tho Kentucky men on tho rings of beef cattlo giving tho team a much higher rating In cattlo than was at first announced. Of tho men on the Kentucky team R. B. Rankin made the largest total score, and stood eighth out of eighty competitors from all tho institutions. Curtis Park, Jr., was the highest man of the Kentucky team on beef cattle, with a score of 221 out of a possible 250. W. D. Sutton was second in the beef cattle with a score of 220. T. C. McCown led the Kentucky men in the judging of hogs, while J. T. Camp bell received the highest score in the judging of sheep. In judging sheep, Kentucky led the lowest team by 183 points and ranked The total third of all the teams. score received by the Kentucky men Stock-Judgin- on horses was 893 points, on beef cattlo 1,045 points, on sheep 241 points and on hogs, 719 points. All the Kentucky men did well on tho breeding classes of cattlo, but did not do so well on the fat classes on account of not having nny representatives of thoso classes to do preliminary work with before going to tho show. Tho Kentucky mon are well pleased with tho showing they made In competition with teams from institutions with largo appropriations which afford them many specimens of tho different kinds of livestock to work with in preparing for tho contests. HUGHES SCHOOL OF DANCING UNIVERSITY CLASSES- - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings. OUR FRATERNITY CHRISTMAS The Caskey Jewelry Co. We make a Specialty "Good Book Week" was observed by the Library Club last week in a reg ular meeting, held on Wednesday in tho club rooms at the Library. The program was devoted to a discussion of good books. Miss Vivian De Lalne, the president, was in charge of the meeting. Miss Grace Snodgrass spoke on "Best Fic tion," and Miss Marie Beckor on "The Immorality of Books." Tho "Good Book Week" movement was started by the Library Commis slon of the Boy Scouts, and was ob served in all the libraries of the coun try December 4 to 9. - wmmmmmRW9ll0& of Reel Foot Lake Fish and Frogs CHRISTMAS SHOPPING LIST Pennants 30c to $1.50 Banner? $2.50 up. Pillow Tops $1.50 up. Seal Pins 50c. Dr. J. H. Healey, of the Experiment Station, will address the Home Economics Club at its regular meeting Thursday afternoon in the Education Building. MISS CARD PLEDGED. Alpha Gamma Delta fraternity announces the pledging of Miss Eliza beth Card, of Pinevllle. T. C. Noe. CLUB MEETS FIRST CLASS CAFE For Ladies and Gentsl Live Lobsters, CrabMeat and LEONARD HOTEL HEALEY WILL SPEAK BEFORE HOME ECS. , LIBRARY 106 W. Main Street Mrs Hughes, Member of American National Association Masters of Dancing1 DELIVERY TO SUIT YOU 6 J. to tho students as the entertalalng sporting writer on the staf of the Korncl, and ho has dono other writing or various klnda, mostly in a humorous vein. Novelties are Varied and Complete Crest Mountings, Monogram Mountings, Etching. h Mrs. Zembrod's guests were Misses Inez Gillis, Marie Barkley, Katherine Wiley, Mary Hamilton, Mary Gray Ashbrook, Lillian Haydon, Clara Whit worth, Anna Laura Rodes, Laura Lee Jamison, Pauline Irvin, Aileen Kavanaugh, Mae Stevens, Martha Varnon, Bobbie Lair, Ada Hardesty, Myrtle Rose Smith, Ruth Cardwell, Mary Beall, Kate Pence, Henrietta Jackson, Pearl Bastin, Mrs. William H. Town-sendMrs. L. L. Dantzler, Mrs. O. F, Floyd, Mrs. Ezra Gillis, Mrs. George Roberts, Mrs. (M. L. Pence and Mrs Kernel, during tho last few weeks; Mr. Maye has written both short storlea and. poems. Mr. Underwood Is best knowa The Canterbury Club bases its Membership on original literary work, ani Is designed to encourage and develop' any talent of thla sort among the students. Tho patron saint of tho organisation is that prince of story tellers, Dan Chaucer, and the motto or ayery nothynge CANTERBURIANS TAKE tho club is "To being the poet's a definithis IN 3 NEW MEMBERS tion of Imagination, necessary in all The Canterbury Club added to Its literary work. number threo now pilgrims Thursday Only two men were taken Into this night, Initiation ceremonies being held organization last year and only one at the club rooms in the Education the year before. The present memBuilding. Tho new men who started bership is Professor J. T. C. Noe, Proon their way from the Tabard Inn to fessor Professor E. F. Farquhar, the shrine of Thomas A. Becket are Charles P. Weaver, Franklin Corn, R. F. Richey, F. O. Mayes and Thom- Herbert Graham, William Shinnlck, as Underwood. Mr. Richey is the John R. Marsh, and the three men author of a number of poems, some who were taken in last week. t, Whlt-wort- of which have appeared In the MATH. DEPT. OFFERS TWO NEW COURSES The Department of Mathematics of fers for the second semester a three hour course in the history and peda gogy of mathematics, open to students who have had Freshman mathemat ics. Those who would like to take Buch a course are requested to hand their names to Professor Boyd. Un less at least eight elect it, the course will not be scheduled. A course in practical astronomy will also be given next semester provided a sufficient number of students de sire such a course. All those inter ested are requested to see Professor Downing. popular;pri:ed G I FTS In Sterling Ensmeled FRAT " PIN and Hat Pins $U0 Fobs 50c. University of Kentucky Paper 50c box Memory Books $2.00 Kodak Books 50c up. Book Ends $J50. Fratern ty Placks $1.50. One Box of Crane's paper, containing one quire of cards, paper and envelopes with monogram die $5.00. Christmas Cards, Books and Novelties now on display. University Book Store J. F. BATTAILE, '08, Mgr. BUTTON SETS Any Fraternity $2.25 per,et STAR self Flume FOUNTAIN PEN $1.22 WILLIAM HEINTZ, 123 East Jeweler Main Street Opp the Phoenix Lexington, Ky. Beat It E GUARANTEED STAGG, Your Druggist to Bill Oldham's For yo r Eats and Lunches Open ' ay and night. me and Winslow Sts. Students' Supplies. Give us a trial, W. F. OLDHAM .