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4 > Image 4 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 3, December 1896

Part of The State College cadet

dr BQX QALE L The great rainy weather shoe for men. Drill or calf lined. They look as well as patent leather, never crack, always remain soft and are prac- tically waterproof. If they d0nt suit you, we have hundreds of others. THE GREAT SAMPLE SHOE HOUSE 7 "'Students Headquarters for Footwear. 4 W. NIAI M $TREEI \`?_`_ . ~1& SC()TTS Is the place to buy your RAZORS. STRAPS, PEN KNIVES, All the boys must have one of the above: each and every one guaranteed Call and see our line and prices. Agent for Stearnes YELLOW FELLOWS. 22 mr. MAIN STREET. < GO TO E G KIDD w zi c Iniporter and Dealer in For Picture Frannes, .1usT Rncnivsn A nanon Asso1 y ial inducements oifered to College t d. #2 s Ensr MAIN STREI; r. ra pe he .-.. V B _ , S _ ._yp Vi.. M lCE0l 0g\l[, MANUFACTURING JEWELER, fry", I 57 E. Main Street, Lexington, Ky, Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry. . . Reliable Goods. gg; j` if = 5QY FULL ASSORTMENT OF CHRISTMAS PRESENTS ;;_ eil ze . . . i ~-e Fair Dealing and Bottom Prices. 5 Vx, , x t jj yj t . lL.E2HNt@`E1N1 L? L.L.L,I%M BJ IN t. High Grade Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating. _Ri PUMPS. WINDM/LL.S.