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Image 6 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 3, December 1896

Part of The State College cadet

O I 52 THE CADET. _.;_ T The thunder strikes a deafening note, ‘ The clouds their lightnings lend, » The witches howl with husky throat, L; _ And the 1·ocks loud echoes send. ’ The music shakes the mountains through, ‘ The pines wave to and fro, _ The jack-o-lantern dances, too, In the valley far below. . Gaily they’ll dance till through the gloom Soft comes the peep-0-day; p IVhen each old witch will mount her broom —. Away to inoisten the hills of Spain, To lend the traveler shade, i Or murmuring, kiss the ankles brown Of the barefoot highland maid. . C. Aanon. _ 0 GEOLOGICAL TIME. T [Concluded.] .0 If we compare this with the estimates of other investigators meant to cover about the same period of the earth’s history-—that since the conditions were such fossiliferous sediments could forzn, we will not End perfect agreement. More- ‘ over, if, in addition, we take into consideration other geological estimates, based jf upon different principles (often only roughguesses), and covering a diH'erent "E, period ofthe eartlfs history--that since the globe was in a molten state; the discrepancy will be still more marked, presenting us with a range in calculation varying from ::,000,000 years as a minimum to 2,400,000,000 years as a maxi- mum. Excluding these extremes, however, and confining our attention to the later and more careful estimates: we find substantial agreement, which is exhib· i which is exhibited in a disposition to keep well within the 100,000,000 year limit · assigned geologists by the physicists. In so tar as this gene1·al agreement be- 5 tween geologists and physicists is determined simply by an impartial interpreta- {gig;] ofthe facts in the two fields of investigation, it should commend itself to us ?; i indicatingan approach to the truth. Agreement here is so far forth c0rrobora— tion. But a protest must be entered against anything looking like dictation by . the investigators in the one field to those in the other. And here it is the phy-