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285 > Image 285 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 30 (1965-1966)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

COURSE NUMBEBJNG SYSTEM 01 to 99Noncredit and/or non-degree courses 100 to 199Open to freshmen; undergraduate credit only 200 to Z99Soph0more classification required; undergraduate credit only 300 to 399]unior classification required; undergraduate credit only 400 to 499]unior classification required; undergraduate credit; graduate credit for non- majors only 500 to 599]unior classification required; undergraduate and graduate credit 600 to 799Craduate classification required Courses may be approved for variable credits, e.g. (1-3), (2-6), etc. In no case, however, may the total credits exceed the maximum number authorized for the course. Repeated registration in a course may be allowed if the course description carries the statement: May be repeated to a maximum of ,...,.,. credits." Number in parenthesis indicates the number of credit hours allowed for the course. l, ll, and S" indicate the fall semester, spring semester, and summer session, respectively. ABBREVIATIONS The University of Kentucky has established the following set of standardized abbreviations for its academic departments. These abbreviations should be used in making out class schedule cards and at other times when referring to specific course offerings. Standardized Departmental Abbreviations (alphabetical by abbreviation) AECAgricultural Economics EEElectrical Engineering ODMOral Diagnosis and Oral AENAgricultural Engineering EMEngineering Mechanics Medicine AEXAgricultural Extension ENCEnglish OPOral Pathology ACEAgricultural Entomology F ORF orestry ORTOrthodontics AGRAgronomy F PRFixed Prosthodontics OSOral Surgery ANAAnatomy FPSFire Protection and Safety PATPathology ANSAnesthesiol0gy Engineering PCHPharmaceutical Chemistry ANTAnthropology GENCeneral Agriculture PDOPedodontics ARCArchitecture CEOCeography PEPhysical Education ARTArt CLYCeology PEDPediatrics ASAerospace Science HEHome Economies PENPeriodontics and ASCAnimal Science IIISIIistory Endodontics BABusiness Administration HONHonors PGYPhysiology and Biophysics BlL-Biology (Centers only) HORHorticulture PHAPliarmacology BOT-Botany lIUMHumanities PIlIPhilosophy BCHBiochemistry HYGHygiene PIrIRPl1armacy BSCBehavioral Science ]OU]ournalism PlrIYPhysics CBICell Biology LAVVLaw PPAPlant Pathology CDCommunity Dentistry LSLibrary Science PRProsthodontics CDSConioint Dental Science MAMathematics and Astronomy PSPolitical Science CECivil Engineering MBMicrobiology PSCPsycliiatry CHEChemistry MEMechanical Engineering PSYPsycl1ology CLClassics MEDMedicine PTYPoultry Science CMCom1nunity Medicine METMetallurgical Engineering RADRadiology CMEChemical Engineering MFLModern Foreign Languages RTFRadio, TV, & Films COMCommerce MINMining Engineering RSRur:% Sociology CONConjoint l\*lMMateria Medica SOCSociology DIPDiplomacy MSMilitary Science SURSurgcry DSDairy Science MUSMusic S\VSocial \Vorl< ( ECO-Economics NURNursing \S\ctcrinary Science ) EDUEduCatiO OBGObstetrics and Gynecology ZOOZoology ODOperative Dentistry l