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Image 285 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 30 (1965-1966)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

COURSE NUMBEBJNG SYSTEM 01 to 99—Non—credit and/or non-degree courses 100 to 199—Open to freshmen; undergraduate credit only 200 to Z99—Soph0more classification required; undergraduate credit only 300 to 399——]unior classification required; undergraduate credit only 400 to 499—]unior classification required; undergraduate credit; graduate credit for non- majors only 500 to 599—]unior classification required; undergraduate and graduate credit 600 to 799—Craduate classification required Courses may be approved for variable credits, e.g. (1-3), (2-6), etc. In no case, however, may the total credits exceed the maximum number authorized for the course. Repeated registration in a course may be allowed if the course description carries the statement: “May be repeated to a maximum of ,...,.,. credits." Number in parenthesis indicates the number of credit hours allowed for the course. “l, ll, and S" indicate the fall semester, spring semester, and summer session, respectively. ABBREVIATIONS The University of Kentucky has established the following set of standardized abbreviations for its academic departments. These abbreviations should be used in making out class schedule cards and at other times when referring to specific course offerings. Standardized Departmental Abbreviations ‘ (alphabetical by abbreviation) AEC—Agricultural Economics EE—Electrical Engineering ODM——Oral Diagnosis and Oral AEN—Agricultural Engineering EM——Engineering Mechanics Medicine AEX——Agricultural Extension ENC»—English OP—Oral Pathology ACE—Agricultural Entomology F OR—F orestry ORT——Orthodontics AGR—Agronomy F PR—Fixed Prosthodontics OS—Oral Surgery ANA—Anatomy FPS—Fire Protection and Safety PAT—Pathology ANS—Anesthesiol0gy Engineering PCH—Pharmaceutical Chemistry ANT—Anthropology GEN—Ceneral Agriculture PDO—Pedodontics ARC—Architecture CEO—Ceography PE—Physical Education ART—Art CLY—Ceology PED—Pediatrics AS—Aerospace Science HE—Home Economies PEN—Periodontics and ASC—Animal Science I·IIS—I»Iistory Endodontics BA—Business Administration HON—Honors PGY—Physiology and Biophysics BlL—-Biology (Centers only) HOR—Horticulture PHA—Pliarmacology BOT-Botany l·IUM——Humanities PI·lI—Philosophy BCH—Biochemistry HYG—Hygiene PIrIR—Pl1armacy BSC——Behavioral Science ]OU—]ournalism PlrIY—Physics CBI—Cell Biology LAVV—Law PPA—Plant Pathology CD—Community Dentistry LS—Library Science PR—Prosthodontics CDS—Conioint Dental Science MA—Mathematics and Astronomy PS—Political Science CE—Civil Engineering MB—Microbiology PSC—Psycliiatry CHE—Chemistry ME—Mechanical Engineering PSY—Psycl1ology CL—Classics MED—Medicine PTY—Poultry Science CM—Com1nunity Medicine MET—Metallurgical Engineering RAD—Radiology CME—Chemical Engineering MFL—Modern Foreign Languages RTF—Radio, TV, & Films COM—Commerce MIN—Mining Engineering RS—Rur:% Sociology CON—Conjoint l\*lM—Materia Medica SOC——Sociology DIP—Diplomacy MS—Military Science SUR—Surgcry DS—Dairy Science MUS—Music S\V—Social \Vorl< ( ECO-Economics NUR—Nursing \’S—\’ctcrinary Science ) EDU—EduCatiO¤ OBG—Obstetrics and Gynecology ZOO—Zoology OD—Operative Dentistry l