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Interview with Thomas D. Clark, February 10, 1986

Part of University of Kentucky Medical Center Oral History Project

Interview with Thomas D. Clark, February 10, 1986
Richard C. Smoot; interviewer. Thomas D. Clark; interviewee.
oral histories
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Dr. Thomas D. Clark (Department of History Chairman 1941-1965). This interview gives a unique perspective on the formation of the Medical Center and the Medical School at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Clark’s prospective as a member of faculty outside of the medical school reveals a discord between the existing faculty and those brought in to help create the medical school and medical center. Topics discussed include the earliest efforts to start a medical school and center at the University of Kentucky, resistance to the creation of the medical school and center by members of the faculty, the objection by the University of Louisville of the creation of a medical school at the University of Kentucky, and how the University of Kentucky acquired land to serve as sites for the building of the medical center and the medical school.
Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
University of Kentucky
University of Kentucky. College of Medicine -- History, University of Kentucky. Medical Center -- History, Clark, Thomas Dionysius, 1903-2005 -- Interviews, Hospital buildings -- Design and construction, Rural health -- Kentucky, Kentucky. General Assembly, Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991, Kentucky. Governor (1959-1963 : Combs), Kentucky. Governor (1967-1971 : Nunn), University of Kentucky -- Presidents, Singletary, Otis A., Dickey, Frank Graves, Oswald, John W. (John Wieland), 1917-1995, Willard, William R., 1908-
University of Kentucky Medical Center Oral History Project
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