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[8] > Image [8] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-17-nov1-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Dea- 24oberts submitted the following report and asked for action to cover the deficit: Lexcington, Ky., Oct. 9, 1916 President Heur S. Barker, University of entucky My dear resident Barker: I desire to call your attention to the financial condition of the College of Agriculture, with the pur- nose of asking you for relief through the executive cOMn- mittee, which has a meeting,, I understand, on the 13th The budget as turned over to me was as follows: Salaries (including $200.00 formerly 'paid lDr. Kastle) $13,505.00 Dep~artmaental Budget~s Agronomy $400.00 An. Husbandry (Good) 4o.oo An Rusbandry (Hooper) 400.Q0 Horticultrtre 400.00 Botany 700.00 Bacteri ology 45-0.00 Agric. Aconomics 3_950.0$,200.00 Student Travel 300.00 iural Kentuckian 319. 60 State Fair Catalog 35.00 Lex. Herald Adv.. 50,-00-- 704. 60 17,409.60 Tootal AiproDriati on 17,600.00 Balance Unbudgeted 190.40 No statement was turned over to me that anything had been scent out of this $190.40. Action upon the aessimp- tion that it had not been drawn unon, I dre;w requisitions for some Durchakses which were made annroximating $100.00. After this was done, I was in the business office one day and found that this s-.m of ;190.40 had been spont in the purchase of a movin, rcicture machine jointly with the Colleg- of "'ngineering, the part of the G ollege of Agri- culture amountinr to $212.00. he balance had been d-irect- ed oaid Dro tata out of the deoartmental budgets. An error of $50.00 In one of the salarieR to the cre- dit of the College vvag folld, which artly covered the overdraft. Irt my renort to you of 5entember 19th, I asked for a general exnense allotment to cover such iteras of ex- pense as i' is impossible Ao foresee and accurately estimate. You told me that, in the rush of business at the mseeting of the committee, thig item was overlooked. In oraer to carry on the work of the office, I have been comnelled tO make purchase of stamns, stntionery and incidental items amounting to amnroximately $50.00.