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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 11, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

r V PAGE TWO THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe for THE KERNEL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ALUMNI WEDDING of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY SOLEMNIZED HERE Miss Francesca Renick, '25, and Ben Gordon Marsh, '19, Are Married on Octo- Jaraes Park, '15 ber 25 Mrs. Rodes EsUU. '21 , Raymond SECRETARY-TREASURE- R L. Kirk. '24 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Walter Hillenmeyer, Waylaad Rhodes, '15 Wr. C. Wilson, Dr. George H. Wilson, '04 Dr. E. C Elliott, '02 11 Wm. H. Town send, 12 '13 Homecoming Game, Thursday, November 24, Stoll Field, Lexington, Ky. Club Secretaries: Please send in the dates and places for your HOMECOMING Thanksgiving day is the big day for alumni of the University of Kentucky. There will be hundreds of old grads and former students here to see the last game of the season. Make your plans now. There is not a single Kentuckian who will want to We are expecting you. miss this day. Come on home. "LETTERS" "Letters," the University of Kentucky's literary magazine, made its first appearance on the campus last week. The editors of this column deem it so worthy a publication that we cannot let this opportunity pass to recommend it to the alumni of the University of Kentucky. For the past several years there have been plans on foot to begin the publication of a literary magazine, but, as is the case in a great many of our fondest plans and hopes, funds were not available. Last year the students who publish The Kentucky Kernel volunteered to finance the publication of this magazine until it is put on a financial basis that will make it self g. Alumnus, Member of Class of 1896, Is Widely Known As Engineer in South winter meetings. Help ua keep everyone informed ias to the activities of the association. IS "Letters" is not a sophomoric publication. It is edited by the department of English of the university and the material is chosen with care. While students are contributors to its. columns it is not a student publication. Professors and instructors of the university are contributors and the work of other is given a place. Letters is being mailed out to a large number of alumni this The first copy is a sample copy. week. The subscription price is only $1.00 a year and it is published four timese during the school year. If any of you are interested in obtaining the magazine you can send invyour subscription through this office or address your letter to, "Letters," University of Kentucky, ington. Lex- This is an effort that deserves your support. They Tell Me since. Howard K. Bell, B. C. E. 1904, is Oscar Lee Day, B. M. E. 1911, is a civil engineer with offices at 727, the Cleveland representative of the McClelland building, Lexington, Ky. Harbison-WalkRefractories ComHe is a specialist on water supply and pany, of Pittsburgh. He has been purification. with this company ever since his graduation in 1911. He has his of Harry B. Dobrowsky, B. S. 1914, is fices at 1513 Rockefeller building, manager of the Ideal Shoe Store in Cleveland, Ohio. Newark, Ohio. Miss Frances Fern Anderson, B. A. O. T. Dunn, B. C. E. 1902, C. E. in Education 1924, is an instructor in 1904, is a construction engineer for the high school at Covington. She the Illinois Central Railway Company became a member of the alumni as and is stationed in Paducah, Ky. He sociation as soon as she graduated recently has moved his residence from and has been active each year since the Rankin apartments to the Rhodes Sht is a candidate for the roll of hon apartments on North Seventh street. or and it seems as if she is going to He has been with his present company make it. pany for more than ten years and for most of the time has been an active David P. Eastin, is cashier alumnus. of the Union Bank and Trust Com pany of Lexington, Ky. He became Thomas E. Sparks, LL. B. 1923, is an active member of the alumni as county judge of Muhlenberg county sociation a few years ago and has and lives in Greenville, Ky. He was been active since. His home address elected to this office in 1925 and is is 226 West High street making an excellent record in his office. He began the practice of law in Otto Colton Gartin. LL. B. 1920, is his home town immediately after his an attorney and is located in the graduation, and at the same time be Ashland National Bank building in er t ft 0, I, SEND 'EM IN FOLKS! Enclosed find check for $3.00 for Alumni Dues for Name Degree Address for sending Kernel. Occupation. Remarks: KENTUCKY Vs. TENNESSEE 2 o'CIock 1, Smith-Hagga- 1927-2- 8. Class Andrew C. Collins, A. M. 1909, is Miss Anne Barkley Stagg, A. B. 1918, is teaching French in the high principal of the John. G. Carlisle school at Danville, Ky. She ha,s been Junior High school in Covington, Ky teaching since her graduation and has He has been an active member of the been in Danville for the past two association for seven years and also is years. Her home address is 364 Ma- active in the Cincinnati alumni club He has been principal of the John G. ple avenue. Carlisle High school for many years. Miss Elizabeth Wallis, B. S. 1907, Alenne Leach, B. A. in Journalism is teaching in the Morton Junior High school, a position she has held for 1925, is another young alumna who several years. She began being a is a candidate lor me roil oi'nonor. member of the alumni association be- Shb lias been an active member of fore 1914 and with a few lapses haB the association each year since hor been an active member since. Her graduation. She lives in Bardstown, home address is 326 Aylesford place, Ky. Ky. Lexington, Robert Boyd Cottrell. B. M. E. 1914, Howard Aubrey Hoeing, B. M. E. is a mechanical engineer for the 1902, is an engineer in the United American Steel Foundries of East St. States Engineer's Office in Chicago. Louis, 111. He lives at 1608 North street, East St. Louis. He has been in the government serv- Forty-secon- d ice since 1914 and has been an active Mr. Cottrell became a member of the member of the association all the association the year he graduated but time with the exception of the years "has been inactive for ten years. The that he was in the army during the first issue of The Kernel this year war. His address is Room 1201, 537 reached him and reawakened memories of Kentucky. He sent in his check South Dearborn street, Chicago. for dues for this year and will receive John Thomas Gooch, LL.B. 1915, is The Kernel from now on. county attorney for Hopkins county and lives in Madisonville, Ky. He began the practice of law in Frank' fort, Ky., after his graduation and continued until he entered the army. After the war he went to Madisonville and resumed the practice of law. He has been an active member of the association every year since his grad uation with the exception of the years during the war. John Frank Grimes, B. C. E. 1910, is in the automobile tire and accessory business at 601 West Main street, Lexington, Ky. He is another loyal member of the association who has been active for many years. William A. Shelton A. B. 1923, is superintendent of the city schools of West Point, Ky. He has been teaching in the schools of the state since his graduation. He was married to Mary C. Bryan, of Franklin, Ky., in 1923. She is a graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College. Basement Administration Bldg- Mr. Edward Campbell McDowell. who was graduated from the College Grauman Marks, 1923, Is Title of Engineering of the University of Kentucky with the class of 1896, and Examiner in Cincinnati who is one of the outstanding engi Grauman Marks, of Cincinnati, son neers of the South, was a visitor in of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Marks, of Lexington and Fayette county last Lexington, recently was appointed week. He came to be the guest of his title examiper for the treasurer of brother who is the Rev. Harvey McHamilton county, Ohio, and in that Dowell, pastor of the Pisgah church Mr. McDowell has had a notable position has charge of all legal matcareer as an engineer. He was for ters arising in that department. Mr. Marks was graduated from the seven years chief draftsman, Ameri University of Kentucky in 1923 at the can Car and Foundry Company, Berage of 19. He received the degree of wick, Pa., and New Yorfi; for four LL. B. at Harvard Law School in 1926 years assistant manager National and began the practice of law with Steel Car Company, Hamilton, OnLeonard Freiberg at Cincinnati in the tario; for eight years chief engineer 3ame year. He is a member of the Dominion Foundries and Steel Com . came an active member of the associ ation. He has been active every year UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA If You Wish to Become 4 "LIT UP" Just investigate our wonderful values in boudoir lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and study lamps. We are sure to satisfy you as our prices are right pany, Hamilton, Ontario, and New York and for the last five years has been general manager and vice president of the Southern Car and Foun dry Company, Jackson, Tenn. Mr. McDowell i3 on an extended trip visiting industrial plants in Philadelphia, New York and New England manufacturing centers. He also is a descendant of the illustrious pioneer surgeon. Dr. Eph-ria- MEN-MASTER- ELECTRIC S CO. Electrical Engineers SOUTH LIME "Your Headquarters for Electrical Equipment 206 McDowell. Alumni Help Entertain Kiwanis Club Members Walter Hillenmeyer and Dr. E. SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM C. Elliott Are on Convention Committees DIRECT LINE FROM When the members of the Kiwanis Clubs of Kentucky and Tennessee met in Lexington a short time ago they were royally entertained. Notable among the men who were responsible for the entertainment of the visiting clubmen were two alumni of the University of Kentucky. They are Walter W. Hillenmeyer, 1911, and Dr. E. C. Elliott, 1902. Mr. Hillenmeyer was the general convention chairman and was in complete charge of the convention here. Dr. Elliott was chairman of the banquet committee which, according to those who attended, was one of the most enjoyable affairs of the meeting. Both Mr. Hillenmeyer and Doctor Elliott are members of the executive committe of the alumni association and actively interested in the association and the affairs of the university. LEXINGTON TO All Points in the I NORTH, EAST, SOUTH AND WEST Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville, The Carolinas and St. Louis Convenient WE FEED THE WILDCATS AT THE LAIR OOD, WHOLESOME, NOURISHING FOOD Served in a delightful, appetizing manner by the Cats themselves "IT'S CLOSE TO YOUR CLASSES" JftlOCffT-Ye- .'l into- - I f Wildcats LIST The Alumni office would appreciate it if you would send John White O'Nan, B. S. M. E. 1926, office addresses of any of the graduates listed below. is with the Duquesne Light Company John Henry Williams '1G of Pittsburgh. He is living at 1007 Herberton avenue, East Liberty, Pa. O'Nan became a member of the alum ni association last year and again this Caleb Sykes Perry, '79 year, making his record 100 per cent. to AH Points For Tickets, Reservations, Descriptive Literature and Information, Communicate With CHAS. P. BIGELOW W. R. CLINKIN BEARD Division Passenger Agent city Ticket Agent 118 East Main Street, Lexingtwi, Ky. Box 32, Lexington, Ky. Nov. 1, 1927. LOST Schedules jtJwiiinniHt WE LIKE THESE Secretary Alumni Association, University of Kentucky. Dear Sir: I note that in the last issue of The Kernel that I am listed among the "strayed, lost, or stolen." I am sorry that I have allowed myself to get lost. Since leaving here, however, I have wandered afield, having spent six years in the Philippine Islands during which time I failed to keep in touch with the association. After resigning from the bureau of education of the Philippine Islands, I went back to the good old state of Alabama where I had taught pre vious to my graduation here, and for the past several years I have been connected with the state normal school located at Livingston. I always expected to get back in touch with my alma mater and the alumni association, and I entered the university in September to study for my master s degree. I am enclosing my check for $3.00 Lydia C. Kahnt, B. S. in Industrial and I hope and expect to do better in Chemistry 1926, is research assistant the future. in the department of biological chemVery sincerely. istry, School of Medicine, St. Louis Ernest James Murphey. University. Her address is 3508 Vista avenue, St. Louis. Miss Kahnt is another alumna who is a candiALUMNUS ENTERS TULANE date for the roll of honor. She has Dave Mclntyre, who was graduated been away from the university for two years and a member of the asso- from the University of Kentucky with the class of 1925, has been admitted ciation for two years. to the School of Medicine of Tulane J. Basil Preston, B. A. in Geology University, New Orleans, La., accord recently sent in his check for ing to word received here from his 1924, dues and became a member of the as- home town, Evansville, Ind. He will sociation for the first time. He is a be remembered by his classmates as geologist for the J. F. Marion Oil a member of the football squad, glee Company and his address is Room 9, club and other student organizations. Ricker and Dodson building, Sanj He already has gone to New Orleans Angelo, Texas. to begin his work. ALUMNI - TRIP ON EXTENDED Alumnus Advances 7, The magazine, even as a first issue, is a piece of work that is worthy of the highest praise. It is filled with material that is equal to, if not better, than similar publications from other universities and colleges. There is contained within ts covers articles and material that is sure to appeal to everyone who reads it. Open between meals in the morning for Sandwiches, Milk, Hot Drinks, Candy and Ice Cream CAMPUS. VISITOR regular 7:9 to 8:15 11:45 to 12:45 5:30 to 6:00 Lunch Dinner E. C. M'DOWELL IS ANNOUNCEMENTS phia, Pa. Both are graduates of the University of Kentucky. Mrs. Marsh is a member of the class of 1924 while Mr. Marsh was graduated with the class of 1919. The wedding was solemnized at the Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, Tuesday evening, October 25. The Rey.J.E. Saywell was the officiating minister. The wedding was an elaborate church affair and the matron of honor was Mrs. Charles Rollin Zane, of Detroit, Mich., .who was Miss Francis Hamilton County Bar Association and Maitland Marsh, graduate of the uni- the Lawyer's Club of Cincinnati. In his new position Mr. Marks versity and sister of the bridegroom. The best man was Henry Neal Marsh, works under the direction of Charles of Maysville, Ky., and Wilmington, P. Taft. son of former President Wil Del., brother of the bridegroom, and liam Howard Taft. member of the class of 1910. The bride-i- s the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Renick, of Lex- He is another candidate for the- roll ington. While in the University of of honor. m Kentucky she was a member of the Chi Omega fraternity and one cf the Edford Milton Walter, B. M. E. most Donulnr women .students After 1915, is a sales engineer with the J her graduation she taught in Lexing Ethyl Gasoline Corporation and is lo ton schools and then took graduate cated in New York City. His busiwork at the university. ness address is 25 Broadway. He is Mr. Marsh was a well known stu- living at 1119 Foster avenue, Brookdent while in the univtiaity and was lyn, N. Y. He was married to Miss one of the most outstanding men of Alice M. Farley, August 8, 1923. his class and also of the Agricultural College from which he was graduated. Sienna Fried, is teaching He is at present located in Wilming- in the Ashland school, in Lexington, ton, Del., and is field representative Ky. She has held this position since for the Philadelphia Dairy Council. 1920, when she became an active Ho was located in Kentucky for some member of the alumni association. time in the capacity of county agri- 'She has been active ever since. cultural agent, for different counties. Her home address is 220 Irvine road. The couple left immediately after the wedding for a motor trip through Lee Land Hanks, is anoththe East. .They will be at home at 2101 Gillis street, Wilmington, Del, er former student who is an active alumnus. He is secretary and treas after the middle of November. Lumber Mr. Henry Neal Marsh was married urer of the recently and his sister, Mrs. Zane. Company of Lexington. He lives at 105 Irvine road. He was married to married only a few days ago. Miss Irene Robertson, class of 1920, in 1921. Mr. Hanks has been an act Ashland, Ky. He was nominated Re- ive member of the association since publican candidate for state senator 1921. from his district in August and from Mr. W. F. Warren is another for all indications will be elected at the election this week. He has been prac- mer student who is an active ticing law in Ashland since his grad- alumnus. He is vice president of the uation and has been an active mem- Fayette National Bank and Uvea at ber of the association most of that 620 North Limestone street, Lexing' ton. time. . Breakfast Alumni Assn. Secy.-Tre&- s. WILL LIVE IN WILMINGTON One of the recent weddings that will be of widespread interest to alumni of the University of Kentucky was that of Miss Francesca Renick, to Mr. Ben Gordon Marsh of Maysville, Ky., and Philadel- Cafeteria Meal Hours RAYMOND KIRK Published By And For University Alumni And Help the Association PRESIDENT Edited by J this TACKLE--Ou- r Candies Is Thanksgiving, November 24 Men's And see what you have been missing Good homemade sweets increase your vitality and ability: Gymnasium MEET YOUR CLASSMATES AND FRIENDS ON THE CAMPUS THE DANDEE CANDY SHOPPE 9tiUl HOMECOMING DAY ALUMNI DANCE miimnm "WE MAKE EVERYTHING WE SELL" ttiimiinniiiiiiiiiiiii mtmtmmmmmmmm