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10 > Image 10 of Annual Report, Volume 3 (1879-1880)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

A and Mechanical College of Kentucky 9 V e ree of Bachelor of Science. .They are gagos Crawford, Winchester, Tenn; Alfred Meredith Peter, Fayette County, Ky.; Nich- olas John Weller, Cave Spring, Ky.; George Croghan Whately, Jacksonville, Ada. I beg to express,in conclusion, my thanks for the hearty and intelligent co- operation of the Board of Visitors, to whom the management and control of the Institu- tion was committed during the provisional period now brought to a close. To those, upon whom the weight of responsibility has chiefly fallen, the Commonwealth, I am sure, owes a debt of gratitude for the measures so wisely devised and so ably executed. They took the Institution under their care, after its separation from Kentucky Uni- versity, when in evil plight. There was not A a cent in the treasury. There were neither seeds with which to plant the ground, on which its provisional existence was to be maintain - ed, nor implements wherewith to cultivate it. It closed the last year of its connection with Kentucky University with seventy-eight matriculates; it closes the present year with one hundred and thirty-seven. All its obli- gations are paid up to date. It has paid oftentimes as much as $125 per month for stud- ent labor; has made_effective provision for preparatory instruction; bought some farming stock, and some machinery for practical me- chanics, and will close the biennial period with a surplus, crop included, of over $e,ooo. The measure f Success achieved, under circumstances so discouraging at the outset, encourages us to hope that, with the aid so generously given by the city of Lexington add the county of Fayette whereby grounds and buildings adequate to its present necessities will be provided, and with the additional