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6 > Image 6 of Annual Report, Volume 3 (1879-1880)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

` FACULTY Q JAMES K. PATTERSON,Ph.D., F.R.H.S. President, Professor of Metaphysics, Civil History and Political Economy. ROBERT PETER, A.M. Professor of Chemistry and Experimental Physics. JOHN SHACKLEFORD, A.M. Professor of the English Language and Literature. JAMES G. WHITE, Professor of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy. A. R. CRANDALL, Professor of Natural History and Director of Mechanical Department. MAURICE KIRBY, A.M. Professor of Theory and Practice of Teaching and Principal of the Normal. R. G. HOWELL, First Lieutenant, U.S.A. Professor of Civil, Mechanical, and Mining Engineering, Drawing and Military Science. I F. M. HELVETI, Professor of the French and German Language and Literature. JOHN H. NEVILLE, A.M. Professor of the_Latin and Greek Languages and Literature. _ LC.VMm& Principal of the Commercial Department and Adjunct Professor in the Normal School.