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8 > Image 8 of Annual Report, Volume 3 (1879-1880)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

-ies? o REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE TO THE BOARD, JUNE 8, 1580. 1 I To the Honorable Board of Trustees of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky. . GENTLEMEN: The collegiate year 1879- 'BO, of the Agricultural and Mechanical College,has been even more encouraging in its resultsi than thepprecedingvone. One hundred and thirtysix students have been matriculated, of whom 113 are from K entucky and 23 from other states. This number exceeds that of the preceeding year by 15 per cent., and that of the collegiate year;l8775,the last of the connection of this College with the Kentucky University, by 76 per cent. As in the collegiate year lB78'9, the inability to supply compensated labor to 811 who applied,prevented many from entering the College. The compensated labor system has always been a popular feature. It has enabled a large number to begin their studies who ultimately found other means of support, and who, but for the aid thus furnished them at the outset, would in all probability never have been able to make a beginning at all. Though student labor is unprofitable, and our experience in this respect is only that of all other colleges where compensated labor is furnished to students, still I believe the books of the Treasurer will show that the institution has incurred little or no loss from this fea- ture in its organization. I am glad to be able to state that the crops made last year were disposed of at fairly remunerative prices, the proceeds of which made even a larger balance than was estimated in the report which I had the honor to make to the Board of Visitors last year. I estimate that the unexpended balance on hand at the close