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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Harlan County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

E . l- t ~ AERICAN LECION, HARLAN'POST #64 (National American Legion), q/o Walter N. ; Hays, South Main'Street, Harlan. Founded 1920. Contender, Gus B. Bruner, ; 210 tbund Street, Harlan. Telephone 572J. Adjutant, Walter F. Hays. } Telephone 779. Terms expire l92.. _ ~; , ? Membership: 90. Qualifications, a veteran of World Ear I with honorable V.*. Vdischarge. it Committees: Executive, Sherman Burkhart, Martin Street, Harlan. 2, Purpose: Promotion of one hundred per cent Americanism. -} Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with all civic, religious and benevolent r`. organizations. General public services carried on. ` ` ` Defense Activities: Interested in Air Raid`Uarden Service. Local Publications: None. { AMERICAN RED CROSS, HARLAN COUNTY CQAPTHR (American National Red Cross),'c/oi w- . . . - e . . i C. O. noskins;206 Cumberland Avenue, darlan. _bcunded l9l8. Cnairman, C. O. A Hoskins. Telephone 54. Term indefinite. , " l lmrmcrsbipz 650. Qualifications, contribution of one dollar or more annually. Committees; lknmcrship, N. H. Nool,'First Street; Disaster, James Sryson,` . Q First Street; Relief, C. A. Wardrup, Central Street; lkdical Aid, Dr.N. R. ' Parks, South Main Street; Publicity, Douglas Terry, 5rd Street, Harlan, { \ r . { Purposo: Emergency relief in time of disaster; service and relief for umn of U. S. Armed Forces and their families. I . 1 , Normal Civic Activities: First Aid instruction and advice on home hygiene and nursing. Cooperating with N. Y. A. Nutrition Program. Home Service for the families of the men in thc U. S. Armed Forces. _ Qefcnse Activities: Engaged in Red Cross Assistance, First Aid, Preparation and Serving of Food, Family Social Service in Industrial Areas. Training for Child Care. W ; gocal Publications: None. - _ l B'NAI SHOLOM SISTERHOOD (National Federation of Temple Sistcrhoods) c/o Nancy Q Etlin,lO8 Bailey Street, Harlan. Iresident, lbs. Sophia Geller, 201 Crunb Q AVGHUG, Harlan. Telephone CBQJW. Secretary, Nancy Btlin. Telephone SSI. A Terms expire l942. E . QfbcrshipE 29, Open to wives, daughters, sisters and mothnrs.of members of the Temple. I n ' , . 9 . ' A