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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1915-08-sep23-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

At a meeting of the Executive I; ommittee of State University, held at "resident 2arker's office, September 23rd, 1915, there were present: Messrs. Stol, lNicholls, Johnson, Brook and Edelen; The minutes of the previous meeting were ordered corrected and then approveQ. Doctor Mutchler come before th meeting and was hoard. President ]'arker, Ur. Davies and w .. Lafferty were directed to present a report at the next meeting of this ommittee, on the running of the University ining-Rall for the past year. 'he Dean of the t"ollege of Arts and Science auked for an additional appropriation of $90.00 in his department, and ommandant Underwood asked for an appropriation of $175.00 for band instruments, and the 'ean of ('ivil ngineering asked for a transfer of $100.00 frog his budget account to the salary of Mr. DV. Terrell. hese three matters were, by unanimous vote, continued until the next meeting of this Commit tee. The following reports of the resident and the various Deans of the Colleges were then presented, read and ordered to be recorded, which are a9s follows: TO THE EXEOC; rTTVI COMYITTETE State e niversity, Lexington, Kenticky Geatllbemen: In makin. my re-lort to You, this mornjng, it gIves me Dleas_ ure to say that we opened the 1915-16 term of the Univeritty with an enrollment of twelve hundred (1200) students, which constitutes a very decided increase over the enrollment, at the same time. last year, and I feel sure that the end of the term will sho- our usual twent-T Tpercent annual increase over the nreceding year. You will take pleasure, I know. in learninp' that the new student body is uD to the full standard of excellence; in fact, 1 do not believe that there ever has been. on this campus. a su.perior body of younp men and women. Everything is movinr forward smoothly and auspiciously. and i see no reason to doubt that we will excerience a most splendid educational yernr. Yesterday, I received a letter from vrofersor Webb of the Physics Deoartment; asking that a hundred dollars ($100) of the fund heretofore allowed in the budget for a student assistant, be used to surnlement the salary of Professor billibrew, and gives his reasons therefor. he letter will be before you, and I mos' heartly endorse the recommendation comtained in it. I have also received from Lielitenant Arthur Underwood, aur Commandant, a renuest that one hundred and seventy-five dollars ($1751.00) be anrroortated for musical instruments and musiC