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[7] > Image [7] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1915-08-sep23-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

;oede of fiertain Sliar.tG During treovth. '.i. 4":tskner. Qn the Variation In the "oua-ogi -1an of the an, eOaves and sten of the 'zild Grane Ijns (tVjiv. G0rdif~ta) and Sugar Manle 'ree (Acer Saocharum) 0. i h. hedd. Our work on clover bloatv han met with a cordial reception among dairymen and stockmen all over the country. bhortly after the oublication of our article on this subject in the "reeder's Ganette. it waz renrtillshed In the Country Gentlemen of the date of July 17. 1915,D pae 1174D in a series of s0hort articles entitled *Live Iterns About -7ivo Stocak.I By our method of handlintg clover bloat, five valuable cows in the Ei-periment ;tation herd, have b en saved duringr the past twe seasons. I addition to the regular work of the 'Txperiment Station a number of the Experiment Stat'on Staff haVe aetively partici- pated in the work of the sttse 'air asnd ther ngrica"tural fairt held throughout tile State during the past summter and. au- tun. serving in the can,~cty of judges of live 3tadk, frait, dairy exhibItt. etc., etc. Res-pectfully submitte6, (signed) T. 1h. gKastle Dictpted. Dean asnd Director P.S. Since the above was written three freaarlar et-adents in the fonr-year course in agrict-are are to be added to the above list of students making a tettl of 14 or an increase of 27. I am neodizg you a couple of appleg - the 0taymans wineam MPp from HoTpktns Co .nty, which indicate better than words what is being accmplished fbr apple orcherding In Ken- t-acky by the horticultural oexperts of the tpyrimont Ste- tion and xtention service. q.H. E. The Ixecutive Gcmmittee. Board of Trustees, 5tate University Genti eant In submitting tihe first *anthly report of the Grraduate School), It may be well to remind you that as a result of sev- eral years' effort on my part, the various deans of thq under- gtrduate colleges. of the State University unsaimoualy recoamend_ od to President Barke, that the time wes rip tft the instituo. tioe of a Graduate School, whose duty should be the bacouragemant and supervtiion of advaneed work on the part of iutudente who had already obtained the Bachelor'e Degree at a reputablo colloge or university. .4ecorriugly In 19ll. President 3arker rocommended to the board of Trustees that a Gradiate School should be established, and with their sanation I Van honored with the Deanship and authorited to organise and upballd this Important phase of our university work. With the loyal end efficilent aid of the Graduate School Committ., such has been done during the last three years. and