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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 25, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

VJf THE KENTUCKY PAGE TWO B B i io SOCIETY! ELLEN MINIIIAN, Editor Phone Ashland 3648 H ij g KERNEL, Tuesday, November 25, 1930 SEMI-WEEKL- Y been visiting her parents at her home in Ashland. Miss Eleanor Swcarinccr spent last week-en- d at her home in Paris. Alpha Xi Delta sorority, announces the pledging of Misses Jo Ellen Maxln, Milwaukee, Wis.; and Dorothy Root, Cambridge Springs, Pa. Miss Virginia Wardrun has been visiting at her home in Middlcs- - and his accompanist Dr. Wesley La Dr. ProschowsKi Violette, Chicago. lectured on "Musical Education" Friday night at the university. In the receiving line were Mrs. Frank L. McVey, nnd the guests or honor: their hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jarman; Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lamport, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sul-zc- r, Miss Lenora Wilson and Mr. R. D. Mclntyre. Mrs. E. N. Fergus, Mrs. S. A. Boles, Miss Edith Love, Mrs. Edward Wcist and Miss Kate Phillips presided at the lovely tables. Assisting In entertaining were members of the two musical fraternities, Phi Beta and Phi Mu Alpha; also Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Zembrod, Mr. Blaine W. Schick, Miss Margaret Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Ramsey, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Holmes, Mr. and Dudley South, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. L. C. Robinson, Dean and Mrs. P. P. Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Randall, Mrs. Florence Stout, Dr. Abncr Kcl-le- y. Misses Anne Whitney Smith, Mlna Pate. Marv Grace Heaven- ridge. Mary King Montgomery, Jane Banding, Flossie Minlter. Beryl Har dy, Margaret Jefferson, Miss enns- tophcr. boro. NOTED VIOLINIST IS AT WOODLAND Famous Artist Appears for Recital at Auditorium Under Auspices of Lexington College of Music snent the Lewis described at her home in Louisville. byLea Luboshutz, recentlyone of the American critics as Alpha Delta Theta sorority enter violin, tained all of the nlcdgcs at the greatest geniuses of the auspices was of head here under the chapter house for the the Lexington College of Music at Monday Miss Sara McCampbcll spent the Woodland auditorium night. Miss Florence week-en- d week-en- week-en- d Wednesday, November 2G in Louisville. Miss Anna Chandler Goff in Tea at Maxwell Place for the stuMiss Florence Lewis spent the week-en- d charge of the ticket sale. Madame dents and faculty of the university at the Tri Delta House. Luboshutz, when not on tour, is a from 4 until 6 o'clock. week Miss Alice Bruner spent the member of the faculty of the CurThursday, November 27 end at Louisville. e Miss Leota Ford spent the week tis Institute of Music in Philadel Thanksgiving Day. Qridgraph of phia, being associated with Carl In Louisville. and University footthe Tennessee end CALENDAR Miss Ruth Glerlneer spent the Flesch in the direction of that deball game at 2:30 o'clock in the - partment. She is the first woman to week-en- d Men's gymnasium. with Miss Mary Lib BrothTuesday, November 25 become a member of the violin deFriday, November 28 Theta Sigma Phi Initiation In the The Delta Delta Delta Founders' partment of that institution. Holiday. University Woman's club followed by a dinner at 6 afternoon Day banquet will be Tuesday evefacMadame Luboshutz speaks of her o'clock In honor of the initiates, at dinner for the members of the ning In the Palm room of the work at the institute with enthusulty at 6:30 o'clock in Boyd hall. the Lafayette hotel. Phoenix hotel. Mary Frances Young, iasm "I love to teach" she said in r at The marriage of Miss Stella Splc-e-in Law school faculty luncheon chairman. an interview recently given at her to Mr. Elmer Ollb at 5 o'clock 12:20 o'clock In the University ComMiss Nelve Crumc spent the week New York home. "Already several of the Calvary Baptist church. mons. end at Frankfort. my pupils have given successful reSaturday, November 29 Cadet Hops The mothers club of Alpha Delta citals in Europe and America; I Alpha Gamma Delta tea dance at The first cadet hop of the year sorority meeting this afterTheta have only one theory of teaching hall from 3 until 6 o'clock. will be given from 3 to 6 o'clock De noon at the chapter house on south Patterson Chi house dance at the cember 13 In the mens gymnasium, It Is work, work, and again woric Delta Limestone at 2:30 o'clock for a busi- chapter house from 9 until 12 Scabbard and Blade, national honLet your students hear you play; let ness meeting. them see how you do it: let tnem De orary military fraternity, will spon o'clock The University Woman's club will shown by their teacher how to do University freshman team versus sor the dance and will conduct its meet this afternoon at Patterson University of Tennessee freshmen at first pledging exercises of the year everything. Discipline is the secret hall at 3 o'clock. of power. The will to conquer diffi 2 o'clock on Stoll field. at that time. The Delta Delta Delta sorority culties, the will to learn ana underhops arc Decern Dates for other Sunday, November 38 will entertain at dinner tonight at By GERTRUDE EVANS stand other things in life besides Vesper services at 4 o'clock in ber 13. January 18. February 7, music are essential to the great arthe Phoenix hotel. Miss Frances Memorial hall. Tea in the faculty March 7, April 11, May 9. Young, chairman of the arrangetist. There must be feeling, there 5 club rooms of McVey hall from ments. must be intelligence, but above all Snndav Afternoon Tea until 7 o'clock. A convenient way to get a vaca- there must be power." university held Alpha Sigma Phi dinner meeting The faculty of the at the Lafayette hotel tonight, This eminent violinist is a native the recuiar Sunday arternoon tea tion would be to follow the example Luncheon For Visitors meeting in the Colonial room at ves of the Chi Beta fraternity of the o'ciocfc 5 until The university gave a luncheon from services 7 in the alter tne club University of Illinois when the third of Odessa, Russia, and obtained her 6:30 o'clock. faculty ner early musical education at the faSaturday at 1 o'clock at Univerin two years it was placed Mosk.. noimes wno Mrs. sity Commons, in honor of Dr. rooms. charoe saranassisted in enter time quarantine for scarlet fever mous Conservatory of Music at under was wns in cow, where she won a gold medal Franz Proschowskl, nationally taming by the officers oi Fni ueia when one of the members contract acSPECIAL TO and a special gift of a wonderful old known voice teacher, and his Emily to the fraternity, who are recognition of her UNIVERSITY STUDENTS companist. Dr. Wesley La Violette, Harrtln. Marv Virtrlnla Misses Mar ed the disease and was sent reposes Amatl violin inLater she became a Hallev. the martyr the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy garet O'Connell, Buena Mathls, and hospital. While the brethern lounge great talent. In the hospital, brilliant pupil of Ysaye her extraMen's Half-Sole- s and Heels Jarman. present comfortably at home. were Mrs. Frank Mary Lou McDowell ordinary playing being a sensation Others $1.50 The members of Phi Beta, who L. McVey, Dean and Mrs. P. P. in Europe. She came to this counhad charge of the vesper service, Ohio State has gone into the dat- try three years ago for successive U. ef K. Football Equipment Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Zembrod, ing business on a commercial basis. seasons of concert work and appearCarl A. Lampert, Mr. were the guests of honor. Mr. and Mrs. m w m Specialist The dean of women has sanctioned ances with the leading symphony R. D. Mclntyre and Miss Lenora Y. W. and Y. M. Cabinet Party a date bureau which will equip the CITY HALL SHOE Wilson. weekly cabinet meeting national Sigma Delta Chi conven- orchestras. After the REBUILDERS of the Y. W. C. A. tonight at Pat tion on that campus with pretty 1S6 N. limestone Afternoon Tea terson hall, 7 o'clock until 7:30 s. The girls have registered Mrs. Frank L. McVey entertained o'clock, the Young Women's and Next to City Hall Gar ate numbers, Saturday afternoon in honor Young Men's cabinets will be enter their names, telephone hair. How at tea weight, height, and color of Franz Proschowskl, voice teacher, tained at the Young Men's ciud fortunate for the s. rooms in the Armory building. Miss Alpha Delta Theta, Alpha XI Delta Margaret Lewis and Mr. Bart Peak The Purple and White of Assump- sororities were the winners in the COMING 'will chaperone the party. attendance contest at the art ex tion College; Sandwich, Ontario, w m m Now Is the time to have your furnace cleaned and repaired. says that one thing particularly hibit, held at the Art Center from Debaters Entertained at Breakfast arouses their ire the advertise November 3 to 15. These sororities for Wise and all other makes of furnaces. Slate and tin work. Mrs. Frank L. McVey entertained ments of motion picture theatres showed a 100 per cent attendance BROS. at breakfast Saturday morning at disfigure a college journal. They record. Sigma Alpha Epsiion naa 10 o'clock at Maxwell Place. Mr. say that, "If their blustering busi- the highest percentage in the frater PHONE ASHLAND 2758 165 W. HIGH ST. N. C. Oatridge and Mr. A. E. Holds-wort- h, ness manager should accept the lu- nlty group but fell a few points the English debaters, and cre of Mannon in th form of cinema short of the 100 per cent mark. Mr. William Ardery Jr., Mr. Hugh advertising we should promptly reThe three winning organizations R. Jackson and Prof. W. S. Suther- sign our post, and begin life anew will be presented with etchings LEXINGTON'S MOST BEAUTIFUL DRUG STORE land, of the university, guests of working on the. tabloids." which are the work of Miss Mildred honor. Shute, senior assistant in the art The fame of the University of department. Zeta Tau Alpha sorority an- Rochester spreads hourly along with The exhibit Included contemporary nounces the pledging of Misses the queer going of vthe faculty and American paintings and prints. It Rosamond Bristor, Greenwood, Mis- students as evidenced by the poetic was presented by the College Art sissippi; Alice Moore, Maysvllle, outburst in the New Yorker. Association. Kentucky; Mary Trlsh. Decatur, IlSODAS linois; and Elizabeth Whipp, LiberLOGIC ty, Kentucky. Glee Club CURB The faculty of the The Alpha Chi chapter of Zeta University of Rochester Tau Alpha sorority entertained Voted to do away Monday afternoon at the chapter The Girl's Glee club will broad With all 8 a. m. classes, i cast a varied program of musical house with' a formal tea in honor of the natrons of the sorority and They decided it was better selections over WHAS Sunday, November 30 from 6 to 6:30 o'clock; A the mothers of the active members. For the students to steep The sixty guests who called between musical playlet "The Last Tea of In their own rooms the hours of 4 and 6 o'clock were Tsuki" the principal number. Instead of the classrooms. LIMESTONE AND MAXWELL ' received by Mrs. George Bedford, This is a scene from an ancient leg house mother, Mrs. W. E. Davis, The slang term "racket" meant endary Japanese story and depicts and Miss Mae Bryant, president of shady business more than' a century with unusual cleverness and interest - 459 Clay 200 the chapter. Delicious refreshments ago, and was not invented by the the aueer superstitions of these were served during the afternoon. Chicago underworld. College of Mis- oriental people., It possesses a fine sissippi Valley. ness of character which is not ai Reception For Law Stadents ways found in musk of this type: Intelligence test for college gradThe Wives and Mothers club of Miss Mary Ann O'Brien will give the Law College gave an afternoon uates and other bond salesmen. a group of harp solos 'and a double reception Monday from 3 to 5 o'clock 1. In not more than fifty words, quartet will present, two numbers in the club rooms of the law build' write a thousand word composition also. The double quartet is composed ing for all the students of the Law on the necessity of being careful of Eunice Jane Den ten. Buena C Incerfior College. when crossing streets and when try- Mathis, Molly Mack Qffut, Margaret The wives and mothers of all law ing to sell bonds. xwis, Emily Harain, Beryl, Haroy, 2. Who killed Robin Red Breast? Lolo Robinson, and Loretta Bitter-students who reside in Lexington Why? Which? When? were invited. Where? man. What kind of bonds was he trying to sell? Do you think it ethical Monday Night Meetings The chiefs of staffs of the new The university bridge club met at for a bond salesman to get killed Gotham Hospital 'planned by the 6:30 o'clock in the Iris room of the in the midst of a business discusWoman's Medical Association of sion? Phoenix hotel. New York City will be women phy 3. Who flung that tomato? The class in International relaslcians and surgeons. 4. Not that it matters, but who tions met at 7:30 o'clock in McVey 6. By the way, would you be insaid, "Friends, Romans, countryhall. terested in some very pretty bonds men, anybody-len- d me two-bits- ." 5. Give a detailed account of how Just off the press? Fraternity Row 7. Do you intend to be a bond Miss Ruth McDonald, Versailles, you would approach Mussolini for spent last week-en- d at the Alpha XI the purpose of trying to interest ifaltsmsn all your life or do you him in some French government intend to go to work, at some future Delta house. Miss Henrietta Sherwood went to bonds. Also tell what provisions date? you would make for your (Note: Each question ds worth her home in Ewing last week. 40 3 discount for cash). Misses Betty Matz, Cincinnati; Anne Irvine, Danville; and Virginia Whitehead, Houstonville, were at their homes for the week-en- d. Kappa Delta sorority announces the initiation of Misses Dorothy Buckley, and Anne Shropshire, Lex ington; and Miss Opal McGuffey, Louisa. Misses Arva and Carolyn Ray had 2 OR 3 PIECE $ Miss Katherine Kennedy as their J0O guest for the week-en- d at their home in Louisville. ONE DAY SERVICE Miss Ann Gordon Parker went to Miss Elizabeth Bond's home at Buttons Replaced Snail rips repaired without charge as Miss Bond's guest over Thanks that the fruits of Sun and wind and rain Arc ours today but not To hoard, to share. H. C. Baker. Best Copy 'iff'' XchangeS Three Sororities Win Attendance Contest "An Agency" By PROF. PAUL LIMBERT Franklin and Marshall In my reverie the first thing that occurs to me is that the Student Christian Association is an agency through which the highest values of college life may be sought and con served. A student enters college with high hopes his own and those of his parents and friends. Too often he leaves the institution much less a man than he might have become during those four years or Not only that a percentage less. fail entirely, but that a larger number are satisfied with superficial achievement and mediocre development. The Christian Association exists that students may have Life, and have to the full the richest, most satisfying, most useful life possible during these four years. The Association at its best is not another student "activity"; it is a leavening influence which "tones up" all phases of student life, making college experience meaningful and creative. To use mathematical terms, it is not a fraction of college raising all life, but a of life to the nth power. In an environment where it is so easy for cliqulshness and to thrive, the Student Christian Association seeks to make brotherhood prevail. In a situation where provincialism and aristocracy so often are intrenched, the Christian Asso ciation strives to cultivate social vision and In an atmosphere where distraction and sophistication may readily be come dominant, the Christian Asso ciation offers the poise and depth of purpose which come only through worship. Well may one give of his time and energy to an organization like this, which has no axe to grind, no special interest to promote, but seeks to make the total college experience wholesome. That the Student Christian Movement at least occasionally achieves the goal of enrichment Is indicated by the remark of a senior who, after holding more offices in student organizations than any other person in the college, declared that his responsibility as president of the Christian Association had been of more value to him than any other activity in which he had engaged. The more clearly that I, as a faculty member, see the purpose of the Chrlsttan Association, the more am I Impressed with the dUBculty Making religof the undertaking. ion dynamic in college life is no task for faint hearts or dull heads. No enterprise on the campus requires so much thought and determination. Developing a winning football team, raising money for a new dormitory, helping one's fraternity maintain a high scholastic standing Important as these tasks arc, will any one say they compare in difficulty with the endeavor to make God a living reality to college students and to develop a Chrtetaln spirit in all the relationships of the campus? Here is a movement that taxes all available resources to the limit. And the students who sorely lead In this undertaking need the counsel of members of the faculty, not that we can give them all the answers to their problems, but that we may share with them our more mature experience. We can save them from too much process: we of the can help them think throagh pro posals to underlying issues; we can lend friendly support In time of discouragement. To a shifting student leadership we can supply a measure of continuity and stability. In short, faculty counsellors can make a genuine contribution to the most difficult of student enterprises. The Intercollegian. Reservations Made For Special Train Mrs. Sarah Holmes, acting dean of women, said Monday reservations for the Knoxville game on the spes. The cial car reserved for train will leave Lexington at 11 p..m. Wednesday and arrive at Knoxville early Thursday morning. It will leave Knoxville Thursday night at 11 o'clock and will arrive in Lexington Friday morning at 7 o'clock. No permission for over night stops in Knoxville have been given unless the parents of the girls or close relatives will be present at the game. Kennedy, presiMiss Katherine dent ef W. S. G. A. has received a letter from a similar association at the University of Tennessee inviting Kentucky girls to the Thanksgiving game and welcoming them to the Tennessee campus. LOST Ring, black onyx with Delt crest. Finder please call Ashland 4651. J. W. Cleary. Adv. WINTER'S MILLER Visit Our Fountain Try Our Specials COFFEE SANDWICHES SERVICE DRINKS 1 LUNCH a BENTON'S We serve hot chicken, croquettes, soups, chilli, delicious salads and dainty sandwiches. . Unusually fine home-mad- e Benton's Sweet Shoppe FAMOUS FOR CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKES to Girls' Radiocast Sunday Hotel Lafayette DUNN DRUG CO. We Deliver Phones: iTheftir FROCKS for Evening Wear the week-en- d. 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