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5 > Image 5 of Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Kentucky University, Volume 2 (1875-1876)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

i l KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY l ' . { _ ` Y E FOUNDATION. 7 i ` I T1112 existence of Kentucky University is due chieiiy t0 the i efforts ofjohn B. Bowman, its Founder and present Regent. l In the year 1855, while a young man thirty years oi` age, he l conceived the plan of building up in his native State a Uni- , Q ' versity, in its {ull and true sense, on a Modern, American, and 4 / Q Christian basis. \\Iith the understanding that he was to be 4 Free to pursue his own plans in his own way, he voluntarily _A dedicated his lite to this work, and has prosecuted it with l great success for more than twenty years, without accepting W a salary, and without abatement of his purposes and pledges. Y His object nas, as expressed in his reports to the Donors { and Curators, "to build up eventually, a great, liberal Institu- _ tion, which, while under the auspices of the Christian Church, , _ \ was to be unsectarian and unscctional; also to cheapen and widen ; , l the system of higher education, so that the humblest youth in _ _ 1 f all the land could enter it, and receive such education, general i or technical, as would qualify him lor any business of lite, and + that under the broad, expansive influences of our advancing . ' civilization, the blessings ot the Institution should flow as {ree as our great rivers, accomplishing the greatest good to the i greatest number of the coming generation." _ . gl \Yith these liberal views, and for the ])Llli)OSCS of lindow- il I ments, Grounds and Buildings, Apparatus, Libraries, Museums, ' Laboratories, Prize Funds, &c., the necessary appliances for I the most advanced education, he has secured by donations of - money and property, and by Legislative Acts of consolidation and confederation, assets to the amount of not less than Seven