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WBLG Audio Tape Collection, 1954

Part of WBLG Audio Tape Collection

74AV03WBLG Audio Tape CollectionWBLG Audio Tape Collection, 1954-1977 74AV03Harold RosenbaumUniversity of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center2015 July 7Special Collections Research CenterMargaret I. King Building, NorthLexington 40506-0039SCLREF@LSV.UKY.EDUURL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2016-02-22 14:46:49 -0500.Describing Archives: A Content Standard English University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center WBLG Audio Tape Collection WBLG (Radio Station : Lexington, Ky.) 74AV03 7 Cubic Feet 14 boxes: 97 items 1954-1977 The WBLG Audio Tape Collection (7 cubic feet, 97 items in 14 boxes; dated 1954-1977) is comprised of ninety-seven 1/4" reel to reel audio tapes. These tapes contain broadcasts of U.K. sporting events, political talks from around the Commonwealth, and a bi-weekly summary of the news events in Kentucky covering 1968-1977. Arrangement Collection is arranged chronologically. Conditions Governing Access Collection is open to researchers by appointment. Preferred Citation 74AV03: [Identification of item], WBLG Audio Tape Collection, 1954-1977, University of Kentucky Special Collections. Historical note In 1958, Roy White purchased WLEX (Lexington) radio on a seven-year agreement and operated the station as WBLG (Bluegrass). WLEX-TV continued to operate a WLEX-FM radio station. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began conferences on the television application for WBLG. WBLG received a construction permit for a television transmitter in September, 1967, and began transmissions on May 28, 1968. WBLG-TV and -Radio was sold to Star Broadcasting for 1.5 million in 1973. WBLG-Radio was then purchased by Village Communications/The Village Companies. In 1979, WBLG was sold to Wendell Triplett/Triplett Broadcasting Company, Bellefontaine, Ohio, who changed the call letters to WTKC (Triplett Kentucky Country). At the same time that Village bought WBLG radio, it also bought WLEX-FM from the company that operated WLEX-TV. Those call numbers were changed to WKQQ-FM, Lexington, Kentucky's first album-oriented rock station. Sources: 1. Crawley, Bruce. Personal communication to staff, December 20, 2013. 2. LKY Radio. 1300 WBLG. Accessed December 20, 2013. http://www.lkyradio.com/WBLG.htm. Scope and Contents The WBLG Audio Tape Collection (7 cubic feet, 97 items in 14 boxes; dated 1954-1977) is comprised of ninety-seven 1/4" reel to reel audio tapes. These tapes contain broadcasts of U.K. sporting events, political talks from around the Commonwealth, and a bi-weekly summary of the news events in Kentucky covering 1968-1977. Related Materials Nash, Francis M. Towers over Kentucky : a history of radio and TV in the Bluegrass State. Lexington, KY: Host Communications, 1995. Conditions Governing Use Property rights reside with the University of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky holds the copyright for materials created in the course of business by University of Kentucky employees. Copyright for all other materials has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky. For information about permission to reproduce or publish, please contact Special Collections. Immediate Source of Acquisition Gift, 1977 Radio broadcasting -- Kentucky WBLG (Radio Station : Lexington, Ky.) WBLG (Radio Station : Lexington, Ky.) President Dwight Eisenhower at Transylvania College (P.T.: 15 min.) A1954 April 23Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette11University of Kentucky Homecoming Game against Georgia, Reel 1 (beginning) and 6 (end) of game (P.T.: 29 min.)1963Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette12Rupp Pregame Programs: (P.T.: 80 min.)1964-1965Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette13Content Notes:Missing TitleIowa, 12/4/64;North Carolina, 11/7/64;Iowa State, 12/9/64;Syracuse, 12/12/64;West Virginia, 12/18/64;Dayton or Illinois, 12/19/64;Saint Louis, 12/22/64Rupp Postgame Programs: Iowa; North Carolina; Syracuse; Illinois; St. Louis; LSU; and Tennessee (P.T.: 45 min)1964-1965Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette14Rupp Pregame Program: Dartmouth; Notre Dame; Vanderbilt; LSU; Tulane; Tennessee; and Auburn (P.T.: 40 min)1964-1965Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette15Lexington Chamber of Commerce Meeting (P.T.: 35 min); Paul Harvey speaking at Transylvania University (P.T.: 65 min)1967 January 24Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette16Judge Marlow Cook, speech and Q & A period (P.T.: 35 min)1967 April 26Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette27Louie Nunn, Candidate for Governor, speaking in Lexington (P.T.: 40 min)1967 May 10Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette28Henry Ward, Candidate for Governor, speaking in Lexington (P.T.: 50 min)1967 October 30Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette29Lexington League of Women Voters, Q & A Session with Candidates for Mayor, Jim Duckworth and Charles Wylie (P.T.: 44 min)1967 November 4Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette210Comments from candidates for city offices of Commissioners and Mayor: Frank McKinley; Alfred Chrouser; Ray Boggs; Tom Underwood; Fred Fugazzi; and Charles Wylie (P.T.: 4 min)1967 NovemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette211Acceptance speech of Louie Nunn, elected Governor (10:40 min)1967 NovemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette212Listed on four pages are Political Dubs on Pre-Election comments from Local Officials and Visitors during the months of Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June and July . But, the open- reel tape goes only thru Cut and num;4, April 1967 Select News Dubs - cuts which may have follow-up value (P.T.: 42:43 min)1967 January 7Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette213Content Notes:Missing TitleJan: Breathitt at U-Kats meeting 1/17/67 i.e. fast time mail, Judge Johnson 1/12/67 release of juveniles' names, Mayor Fugazzi 1/12/67 juveniles' names, Judge Johnson 1/3/67 his year in office and sees no fiscal court battles and points out needs, Frank Dean and Dr. Potts on merger 1/16/67, Breathitt at 4H Auto Safety Banquet at UK 1/23/67, UK VP Robert Kerley Board of Trustees Meeting 1/20/67 on 46 million building project, Breathitt and UK proxy John Oswald on same building project, Paul Harvey at C of C Banquet 1/24/67 threshold of fascinating era, mop broom and hoe, great society, nothing for nothing in great society;Feb: Grady Wilson 2/3/67 on Central KY crusade plans for May, Ned (Breathitt?) 2/15/67 at Phoenix, state forestry conference, commenting on Warkinton consultant's report on tourist industry, Mayor Fugazzi 2/16/67 on new city tax rate, Howard Baker Jr. at 2/17/67 Lincoln Day Dinner, republican party is casting for image of president not name of candidate and political parties should not be rigid, Frank Dean Jr. 2/20/67 on new school for mentally retarded, Richmond Flowers at NCCU Banquet 2/22/67 South's greatest need, 3 R's of today, 4 needs in country today, John Bieden Kapp on ? Study Report 2/27/67 CALF;March: Dr. Potts 3/6/67 on merger plans, William Sloan 3/20/67 on schools merger, Katie Peden 3/22/67 at CAP meeting, horse farms US industry, George Goody Koontz 3/28/67 Fayette Fiscal Court, annual audits of magistrates and constables, Gayle Horn Jessamine County School Superintendent 3/30/67 on tax defeat, Dr. Herron receiving Optimist Cup award 3/31/67;April: Dr. Phillip Crossen vice chairman Lex-Fay Co. Human Rights Commission 4/5/67, R C Sutherland 4/19/67 Blue Sky Appeal, Ed Atkin of Lexington Jaycees 4/25/67 favoring DST for Lexington, Fred Wachs Jr. of Farm Bureau 4/25/67 opposed to DST.Governor Nunn's State of the Commonwealth Address; Comments by Lt. Gov. Wendell Ford (P.T.: 30 min)1968 January 2Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette314Senator Morton Interview (P.T.: 23 min)1968 February 3Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette315Tuesday Evening, 9/12/68, Paul Harvey spoke at an Economic Forum inner at the Phoenix Hotel in Lexington. This was the second talk made in Lexington by the noted ABC radio news analyst. Harvey spoke almost two years ago at the annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Now, as then, WBLG Radio is happy to present a delayed broadcast of the Harvey talk, His daily network programs are a favorite feature of many persons in Central Kentucky who hear Harvey over WBLG Radio (P.T.: 50 min)1968 September 12Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette316Pre-election cuts of comments by several different politicians.1968Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette317Content Notes:Missing TitleGeorge Wallace, five cuts from his speech on 1/19/68 in Lexington: & num;1 Liberals won't get both GOP and anti-Johnson vote; & num;2 Not ten cents worth of difference in leadership of both national parties; & num;3 Says he is not a racist; & num;4 Talks of his possible candidacy for the presidency; and & num;5 U.S. should tell Reds to stop subversion.Katherine Peden, five cuts from her interview with Lovell, 1/23/68 in Lexington: & num;1 Says she is for the advancement of women and against poverty; & num;2 Responds to question of poverty issue (question is on the tape); & num;3 Says she is running right now against Morton; & num;4 Says issues in race will be moistly domestic; and & num;5 We need new look at tax structure.Senator Thurston Morton, two cuts from his Phoenix Hotel News Conference, 2/3/68: & num;1 Comments about running against a woman; & num;2 gives what he thinks will be major issues in presidential race.Howard Dickey, three cuts from his News Conference at the Phoenix Hotel, 2/3/68: & num;1 Announces as candidate for GOP nomination for 6th Congressional seat; & num;2 States issues in his race; and & num;3 Answers questions about whether he will receive State GOP support in the primary.Ted Osborn, two cuts from a Louisville News Conference, 2/20/68: & num;1 Announces as Democratic candidate for Senate in primary; and & num;2 Issues in his race (very general).Senator Morton, another cut from his Louisville News Conference: & num;1 Announces he will not run again.Katherine Peden, another cut from her speech at the Lexington Optimist Club, 2/23/68: & num;1 Her reaction to Morton's announcement.Congressman William Cowper, three cuts from an interview in Lexington, 2/23/68: & num;1 Has he declined to run for Morton's seat (GOP nomination)??; & num;2 Will State GOP split as candidates rush for Senate race?; and & num;3 What are his feelings about a spirited primary?Senator Morton, two cuts from his appearance at the Campbell House in Lexington, 2/24/68: & num;1 More comments about his not running; and & num;2 U.S. needs a change of national administrations.Optimist Club - Award for the Person of the Year to Ms. Edith Trumbel (P.T.: 17 min)1968Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette318Football Coach John Ray, with the others on the coaching staff, speaking at the Rotary Club (P.T.: 35 min)1969 January 16Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette319The Optimist Club presentation of the Annual Optimist Cup. The award is made to that person chosen by public nomination and a committee selection as the person who is considered to have been the greatest benefit to the community during the past year. The Master of Ceremonies was Marvin Watson; he presented the award to Dr. Irvin Lunger, President of Transylvania College (P.T.: 23 min)1969 March 23Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette320WBLG News Special: At 12:25 this afternoon. Former President Eisenhower died at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington General Eisenhower endeared himself to Lexingtonians three times. He was seeking the Presidency when here for the first time in 1952. He returned as President to assist in the dedication of the Francis Carrick Thomas Library at Transylvania College. His third visit came in 1956 when he was a candidate for reelection.(P.T.: 9 min)1969 March 28Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette421Delayed broadcast of the Lexington Sertoma Club's Annual Award Ceremony. This year's recipient is Rev. Donald Herren and the Club's Past President, Derrell Hancock, made the award. (P.T.: 13 min)1969 April 1Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette422Senator Ted Kennedy is interviewed at Bluegrass Field (P.T.: 4 min)1969 May 10Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette423Lt. Gov. Wendell Ford spoke at the regular weekly meeting of the Lexington Optimist Club and urged Lexington to prepare for the future of becoming a first-class city (P.T.: 15 min)1969 July 18Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette424Dr. Otis Singletary's first news conference since becoming President of UK (P.T.: 30 min)1969Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette425Paul Harvey's special program which included a tape of Craig Gardner talking just before committing suicide (P.T.: 12 min)1970 May 16Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette426The Kentucky Broadcasters Association's Salute to the 50th Anniversary of Radio at its Fall Convention in Lexington (P.T.: 36 min)1970 FallOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette427President Nixon 's eulogy to Whitney Young, at the Lexington Cemetery (P.T.: 37 min)1971 March 17Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette528Broadcast of portion of UK - Washington & Lee Basketball game (P.T.: 35 min); added is Joe Garigiola's talk on Coach Rupp (2:36 min)1956 December 1Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette529Inauguration at Frankfort - Includes Gov. Nunn's Farewell Speech and the swearing-in of Gov. Wendell Ford and Lt. Gov. Julian Carroll (P.T.: 30 min)1971 December 7Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette530The swearing-in ceremony of Foster Pettit as Mayor of Lexington (20 min)1972 January 3Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette531Curt Gowdy's tribute to Coach Adolph Rupp (P.T.: 10 min)1972 March 27Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette532Call-in interviews with several candidates in May primary, including Howard Clay, Henry Ward, Dee Huddleston, Tom Rogers and Leban Jackson (P.T.: 231 min) (on 3 cassettes)1972 May 16Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette533 A-CInterviews during general election with Pettit, Ecton, Lyons, Stephens, Breckinridge, Huddleston and Nunn (P.T.: 81 min)1972 November 7Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette534(P.T.: 59 min)1972 January-MarchOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette635Content Notes:Missing TitleMayor Pettit, Inauguration Speech Excerpts;Mayor Pettit, Explains why 16 jobs were eliminated;Hershel McKinley, CALF gets grant;Glenn Carr, Jim Host hired to do Recreation Committee PR;Jim Host, Tells about what he will do;Judge Stephens, Re North-South Expressway for Lexington;Judge Stephens, On Circuit Judges and Courts Study;Chief Ransdell, Says Narco and auto thefts will not change;Dee Huddleston, On Problems facing 72 Legislature;Norman Farris, Says Democratic majority will control session & num;l. Norbert Blume, On need for annual sessions;John Swinword, On reorganization of State government;Harold DeMarcus, No reforms in Legislature this year;Mayor Pettit, Says more money needed for Merger Commission;James Luckett, On Nader's charges;Mayor Pettit, City to borrow $2,208,000;Gov., Ford, Endorses Muskie for President;Judge Stephens, On Grand Jury report on jail;Charles Bringardner, On outgoing Chamber of Commerce President;Congressman Curlin, On the Economy, Anti-poverty and Severance Tax;Bruce Glenn, On incoming Chamber of Commerce President;Gen. George Patton, Spoke on the Voluntary Army;Senator Cooper, Will not seek reelection;Larry Van Hoose, On Cooper's decision;Senator Muskie, Accepts Ford's and Carroll's endorsements;Mayor Pettit, On jobs and city economy;Judge Stephens, Reads Luby's letter of resignation;Judge Stephens, Appoints Harold Buchignani as Jailer;Harold Buchignana, Accepts Jailer's job;Fred Luigard, Jr., On Coal Industry study;Dean Charlesworth, On U.S. and KY Economic outlook;Lt. Gov. Carroll, Gives All-Kentucy cities speech;Cong. Curlin, On pollution of the KY River;Mayor Pettit, Says contract for the Main Treatment Plant is let;Mrs. Evans and Swift, Accepts Sertoma Club Award;Mayor Pettit, Says overtime parking fines going up;Mayor Pettiot, Says personnel records are back in Clerk's Office;John Breckinridge, Announces for Congress;Robert Gable, Announces for Senate;Ron Henry, Says workers are discriminated against;Mayor Pettit, Explains resolution on landfill;Cong. Curlin, Slams newspaper editor;Cong. Curlin, Talks about business;Commissioner Hoskins, Would like to give garbage men a raise;Danny Ralson, On flooding on the Ohio River;Charles Bassler, On lines waiting to buy license tags;Comm. Hoskins, Explains Sewer Bill change;Dr. Van Meter, On Sanitation workers demands;Cong. Curlin, At opening of his Lexington Office;Cong. Curlin, On school busing;Mayor Pettit, On meeting with Sanitation workers;Ron Henry, On workers' view of meeting with City;Dr. Alvin Morris, Named Chairman of United Way Campaign '72;Bruce Cotton, Is new President of United Way, '72;Gov. Ford, On Budget Bill;Mayor Pettit, On Versailles Road study;Leban Jackson, Announces for Congress;Leban Jackson, Gives reasons for running;Ed Luckett, Gives audit report;Judge Stephens, Says no decision on whether to run;Adolph Rupp, I have proved I can still coach;Adolph Rupp, I may run for Congress;Judge Stephens, I will not run for Congress;Judge Stephens, On Civic Center Corporation;Mayor Pettit, On Civic Center Corp.;Judge Stephens, On Civic Center Corp.(P.T.: 61 min)1972 March-AugustOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette636Content Notes:Missing TitleMayor Pettit, Announces Chief Hale's retirement;Chief Hale, Says 40 years with the Lexington Police Dept seem like yesterday;Chief McDaniel, Talks about training ambulance attendants;Dan Moore, Announces candidacy;Mayor Pettit, Says city will sell bus station for Central Christian Church;Herb Sledd, Announces Optimist Club winner;E.S. Darney, On ground-breaking for First Security Building;Ted Bassett, Appointed new Chief Commissioner;Mayor Pettit, On new Chief Commissioner;Mayor Pettit, On search for new police chief;Mayor Pettit, On expansion of Urban Renewal Area;Dr. Philip Weiler, Says Health Dept forced to cut back;Gov. Ford, Says KY Village will re-open;John Breckinridge, Says Attorney General is not the chief law enforcement officer;Larry Hopkins, Will accept Gov. Ford's debate challenge;Don Crisp, On General Telephone's new building and improved service;Mayor Pettrit, Payroll tax may go up;Mayor Pettit, Says Lexington Real Estate Board produces film;Robert Gable, On P.M. Opinion about campaign;Bob Watson, Report son the Derby;Gov. Ford, Says black lung must be controlled;Gov. Ford, Says KY Village will re-open;Gov. Ford, Says State is moving ahead on Thoroughbred Park;Dr. Philip Weiler, Problems faced by Health Dept.;John Breckinridge, Says Attorney General is not chief law enforcement officer;Don Crisp, On new General Telephone addition;Mayor Pettit, Announces film on Lexington;Robert Gable, On too much government control;A G.M. Spokesman, On anti-pollution devices;.Mayor Pettit, On finding new police chief;Lydia Hodson, On future plans;Lt. Gov. Carroll, Congratulates Lydia;Senator Cooper, Endorses Nunn;Louie Nunn, Thanks Sen. Cooper;John Breckinridge, Remarks;Leban Jackson, Remarks;Meredith, Challenge to candidates;Gov. Ford, Calls for Special Session;Gov. Ford, On the Conference of Governors in Houston;Julian Carroll, At Bluegrass Field with the Apollo 16 Crew;Astronaut John Young, At Bluegrass Field on public support of space program;Mayor Pettit, On preparation of Manual for West Hickman Treatment Plant;Richard Vimont, On opening of playgrounds for summer;Mayor Pettit, On Federal grant increase for executive management study;Mayor Pettit, On Modica resignation;Mayor Pettit, On hiring of Hiten;Gerald Smith, On dates of insurance hearings;Chief Hiten, On Lexington Commission alert;George Clark, On future legal action after denial of injunction;Mayor Pettit, On Eddy Street project and Reappointment to Adjustment Board;Chief Ransdell, On Willman murder case and detectives from Tenn;Richard Vimont, On new fire station being built in Roanoke-Alexandria Drive area;Ann Curry, On E.C.E.A. Friend of Court Brief filing on Desegregation Case;Harry Mauch, On Reservoir pollution;Judge Stephens, On tourism numbers;Lamar Clark, On food stamp sales;Judge Stephens, On Clark appointment;Robbie Dix, On desegregation plan;Lamar Clark, On desegregation plan;Robbie Dix, On desegregation plan;Mayor Pettit, On Byrd's promotion;Mayor Pettit, On Best qualified;Mayor Pettit, On separation of Maintenance and Sanitation Depts.;Mayor Pettit, On Byrd's appointment;Lamar Clark, Says Black churchmen oppose school plan and suggests a course of action;Charles Hobes, On the LaGrange riot;Larry Van Hoose, Says Nunn cancels Bluegrass appearance and Nunn is resting comfortably;Frank Dean, Responds to Black petition;Judge Stephens, On Letter on health tax decision;Doc Ferrell, Gives reasons for not recommending tax now;Dr. Weiler, On two cuts on health-tax refusal;Mayor Pettit, On Duncan appointment, On trees and On Wylie portrait;Rev. Dix, On boycott and On Freedom Schools;Mayor Pettit and Jerry Smith of the Water Co., On $8,500 donation to City from the Water Co.;Robert Sedler, On school desegregation (2 cuts);Bob Paddock, On Fayette Co. Detention Center (3 cuts);Judge Stephens, On appointment of Terry to Planning Commission;Judge Stephens, On his trip to D.C.;Patrolman John Roberts, On repeal of disability ordinance;Dr. Miller, On blood shortage (2 cuts)(P.T.: 43 min)1972 August-SeptemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette636AContent Notes:Missing TitleSupt. Guy Potts, On appointment of Edith Hayes;Dr. Weiler, On Health Dept money;Dr. Weiler, On Health Dept. money;Judge Stephens, On Health Dept. money;Mayor Pettit, Announces new Police chief;James Shaffer, Says Overjoyed to be Chief;Potts, Welcomes new teachers to system;Mayor Pettit, Announces new chief;James Shaffer, Says he isn't hardnosed;Robbie Dix, On protest march;Lamar Clark, On Black boycott;Russell Trane, Interior Dept. presentation of land to County Government;Louie Nunn, On Fayette County busing statement;Ransdell, On progress of Burrell case;Carroll, On campaigning;Breckinridge, On campaigning;Goss, Discusses GOP Campaign;Hiten, On finding of Burrell body;Dale Wright, On lock-in;Hughes, On capitulation;Gov. Ford, Speaks to Crime Council;Dr. William McEllwane, On reappointment s Commissioner;Mayor Pettit, Swears in Chief Shaffer;Robe, Explains age limitation on ordinance exemptions;Dee Huddleston, On P.M. Opinion response to question on support for McGovern;Lawrence Goodman, Describes hold-up at his Jewel Box on East Main--lost $33,000 and merchandise;Joe Heidenreich, City Traffic Engineer describes new traffic signs;Mrs. Rigan McKinley, Suit against P.H.S.A.-horses and showing infractions;Mayor Pettit, On appointment of Robert Brown to Lexington Housing Authority;Mayor Pettit, On ordinance to create city Personnel Officer;Ben Brewer, Administrator of Central Baptist Hospital tells of $5.5 million addition;Nunn, On campaign speech to Rotary Club;Laban Jackson, On Preserving free enterprise;Walter Hempel, On cleaning streets, 2 am -6 am and parking problem;Kelley Rogers, Speaks at dedication of Central Baptist Hospital new addition;Harry Sample, On Square D contribution to United Way;Mayor Pettit, Issues Proclamation on United Way;Dr. Al Morris, United Way Chairman's comments to Mayor Pettit;Jim Host, At United Way Kick-off Dinner preview;Ass't Chief Ransdell, FBI warrants on unlawful flight of Collins in Burrell case;Judge Stephens, On Nightwatch program and juvenile probation;Judge Stephens, On editorial criticizing his absence when property tax was increased;Gen. James Little, Comments at United Way Dinner;Humphrey Finney, Comments at United Way Dinner;Dr. Harry Sparks, Comments at United Way Diiner;Logan Gray, Airport Manager describes pilot's actions in small plane crash;Gov. Ford, Attacks Nunn at Democratic HQ. Opening;Charles Ransdell, Two officers to go to Phoenix on Burrell case;Guy Potts, On dangers to public education;Guy Potts, To critics of school board--you should run in election Dr. Otis Singletary, Welcomes local Chamber of Commerce membership UK breakfast;Rev. Don Herren, Announces for reelection to school board;Alvin Seals, announces for school board election in District 3;Marvin Devers, Announces for school board election in District 3;Mrs. Samuel Burdette, Says why she is running for school board;Mrs. Walkter Herbert, Says why she is running for school board;Helen Breden, Announces for U.S. Senate on American Party ticket and advocates a national sales tax;Maggard, A jail inmate comments on the laundry area and his treatment in jail;Judge Stephens, On Nightwatch resignations, Revenue sharing and County use of funds;Buchignani, and Doc Ferrell, On newly remodeled jail;Judge Stephens, On newly remodeled jail;Gov. Ford and Parks Comm. Johnson, On Walnut Hill Stud Farm;Chief McDaniel and Sam Campbell, On Monoxide fumes at Bluegrass manufacturing plant;John Alexander, On fumes story;Mayor Petit, At Walnut Hill Commendation of Federal Transit termination.(P.T.: 45 min)1972 September-OctoberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette636BContent Notes:Missing TitleGov. Ford, On removal of sales tax from Food effective October 1, 1972;Dee Huddleston, On removal of sales tax on food;Helen Breeden;Alec Hawkins, At Nixon-Jackson reception in Lexington;Damon Harrison;James Barlow, on renovation of Morton Junior High School;Board Member Broadus on CALF takeover of Headstart;Lt. Robert Duncan, On presenting $1,000 check for pavilion at Jacobson Park;Judge Stephens, On appointment of J.W. Lynch;Nunn, In London on Huddleston support;Huddleston, Says Nunn misrepresented him on busing;David Hooper, On training school for teaching basic horsemanship;Ted Broida, On projects for other states;Mayor Pettit. promotes merger at meeting;Pettit, On demolition of Woodland Auditorium;Edna Hendricks, On voter registration dispute;Huddleston, Speaks at coal association meeting and favors rigid strip mining contracts;Nunn, On severance tax;Harlan sheriff spokesman, Describes shootout at Harlan;Ted Broida, On Ford's statement to restructure Spindletop and state help;Mrs. Burdette, Announces as District 1 school board candidate;Professor Engle, On busing;Frank McKinley, On representing district children;Marvin Devers, On District 3 school board elections;Alvin Seals, On District 3 school board elections;Mrs. Herbert, On District 5 school board elections;Rev. Herren, On District 5 school board elections;Harry Sykes, Is named acting city manager;Baesler, On voter registration;Briley, On best form of government, on dealing with city core problems and On taxes in merger;Alvin Morris, On the 1st three weeks of United Way Fund Drive;Thomas Anderson, On Kissinger in Paris, On party's campaign and Topic of speech at spring fund raiser;Ford, Speaking at Lexington Rotary;Dr. Irvin Lunger, Speaking at Lexington Rotary;Burtis Franklin, On county attendance down;Judge Stephens, On voter turnout and best time to vote;Ted Broida, On stream classification and what citizens advisory community can do;Pettit, comments to above community;Shaffer, On new promotion standards;James Calhoun, On Homestead Exemptions;Pettit, On work of P & Z citizens;William Jacobs, Comments on rep. in merger government council;Pettit, Responds to above;Robbie Oliver, Secretary General of Georgia, On U.N. observance;Virginia Governor Lynwood Holton, Speaks at GOP luncheon in Lexington;Joe Heideureich, On railroad crossing repairs on South Broadway;Chief McDaniel, On arson in fire at apartment complex on Custer Parkway;Nunn, On demo. associations on war;Cooper, Endorses Nunn and criticizes McGovern;Hollis Dole, On energy crisis;Muskie, On people beginning to accept McGovern, Criticizing Nixon, On peace proposals, and On congress overriding Nixon veto saying Nixon broke promise on peace;Raynard Bossmeyer, On voter registration on November 7;Jennie Bryant, On plan for expanding downtown and plans way over budget;Pettit, On changes in police ordinance and On Blythe appointment;Dee Huddleston, On possible McGovern visit;Mayor of Jacksonville Hans Tanzleu, On merger;Nixon, In Ashland;Dr. Lyman Ginger, Speaks at personnel and guidance conference;Judge Amat, On application for federal funds for domestic court(P.T.: 36 min)1972Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette636CContent Notes:Missing TitleAdolph Rupp, Said he had proved he could serve the young;Rupp, May run for Congress;Dr. Otis Singletary, Spoke about Fran Curci the new football coach;Curci, I'm not a miracle man;Hale, Police Chief Hale retires;Ted Bassett, On selecting a new chief;Mayor Pettit, Announces name of new chief;James Shaffer, Accepts appointment as new police chief;Buchignani, Withdraws his resignation as Jailer;Senator Cooper, Announces he will not run again;Louie Nunn, Thanks his workers after his defeat;Dee Huddleston, Thanks his supporters;Gov Ford, Announces his support of Muskie;Senator Muskie, Criticizes Nixon for Viet Nam;Senator Muskie, Explains McGovern's problem;President Nixon, Says we can succeed in Viet Nam;A Legislator, Spoke on the budget;Gov. Ford, Calls for special session of the Legislature;Mayor Pettit, First speech as Mayor;A City maintenance worker, Makes a complaint;Union Leader, Announces raises;George Parks, Spoke on ambulance service;Larry Sykes, Wants City Manager job;Mayor Pettit, Announces budget short-falls;Judge Robert Stephens, Responds to critics;Judge Stephens, Re talks to architects;Judge Stephens, Responds to critics again;Mayor Pettit, Announces formation of Civic Center Corporation;Dr. Philip Weiler, Budget problems of Health Dept;Judge Stephens, Talks about Fiscal Court Refuser Tax;Dr. Weiler, Says a health tax is needed;James Lockett, On Federal revenue sharing;Jerry Frock, Fayette County will get less from Feds;John Heiden, Acting Police Chief on murder;Charles Ransdell, On the arrests of two men;Lawrence Goodman, Describes hold-up;James Shaffer, On difficulties with robberies;Gerald Melton, On Bluegrass Field high-jacking;Ed Van Hoose, On an air crash;Van Hoose, On Taxi company troubles;Lt. Gov. Carroll, On Junior Miss Lexington winning contest in Lexington;Bruce Glenn, Spoke on Lexington's future at Chamber of Commerce meeting;Charles Bumgardner, Sees progress for Lexington;Guy Potts, Welcomes new appointees to the school system;Frank Dean, Resigns from school board;Robert Sedler, Challenges school desegregation plan;Van Hoose, Talks about complaint of a Black leader;Arch Mainous, Speaks at dedication of new Citizens Union Bank;Fred Van Meter, Congratulates new Citizens Union Bank;E.S. Dabney, On building of First Security Bank;Kelly Rogers, On new UK Med School Buildings;Astronaut John Young, Speaks at Bluegrass Field;Gov. Ford, Discusses removal of tax on food;Beverly Brierly, The Mayor of Nashville speaks on urban problems;William Jacob, Spoke on forms of legislation;Mayor Pettit, Responds to criticism of Mayor's Office;Judge Stephens, Praises the passing of the law creating the merger of city and county;Mayor Pettit, Happy about the merger;Penrose Epton, Praises merger;Mayor Pettit, Introduces IBM executive appointed to develop merger;Tom Sullivan, Spoke about chance to serve Lexington;Mayor Pettit, On consolidation of the police departments of the county and city;Judge Stephens, On merger of the two police departments.(P.T.: 47 min)1972 October-NovemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette636DScope and Contents noteMissing TitleWill Hoskins, Asks for 90-day delay on classification of streams;Hoskins, additional comments about the streams;Louie Nunn, On McGovern's leadership;Nunn, On loan to Huddleston;Dee Huddleston, J.R. Miller never asked for anything;Walter Hillenmeyer, Jr., On the First Security Building;Frank Dean, Endorses school board candidates;. Will Quarles, On Transit Authority plans;Mary Brooks, The U.S. Mint Director talks on Viet Nam peace attempt;D.T. Doc Ferrell, Congratulates Jerry Gilbert, the new Ass't Police Chief;Judge Stephens, On too many voters in some precincts;Gene Cravens, On election turn-out (G.O.P.);J.R. Miller, On election turn-out (Dem);Cravens, On his candidates chances;Miller, On his candidates chances;Mayor Pettit, On resurfacing streets;Mayor Pettit, Says vote No on age-68 retirement ;Mayor Petit, Is moving Commission meeting to Tates Creek Elementary School;Robert Coon (UK Biologist), Should have stream classification that improves water quality;Joe Graves, Agricultural classification would hurt streams;Judge Stephens, Bratcher Rule on voting hours should be used as a precedent;Judge Stephens, Letter to Election Commission directs it to observe ruling;Earl McDaniel, I'm for merger {of police depts?] of some kind but concerned about costs;Alvin Morris, Gives report on 45" of United Sway fund drive;Spokesman for Judge Stephens, On voting=hours ruling;Gov Ford, On Welfare and increased Social Security payments;Mayor Pettit, Response to merger approval;Dee Huddleston, Victory statement;Nunn, Concession statement;Breckinridge, Victory statement;Jenny Bryant (Urban Renewal Director), On expanding downtown urban renewal;Mayor Pettit, On additional funds for Health Dept.;Mayor Pettit, On license fee procedures;Scotty Baesler, On re-registration;Barney McKeean, The Devers/Seals vote was the same on recount;Barney McKeean, Cannot recount absentee ballots;Logan Gray, On the high-jacked plane at Bluegrass Field;Darrell Melton, Refueler of high-jacked plane;Richard McColl, On service station hold-up and the taking of officer's gun;McColl, Describes hold-up;Shirley Chisolm, Speaks at NAACP Dinner on Negro advances;E.C. Aldrigde, Describes hold-up at Ranch Motel;Judge Stephens, Appointment of David Hooper to P &Z;Ransdell, On measures to combat increase in robberies;Jerry Bryant, On funding of urban renewal project north of Main Street;Lt. Tony Pinkston, On fire at Cape Codder on Regency Road;Les Renke (City Attorney), Explains retirement at 68;Les Renke, Explains Federal grant;John Coon, Spoke at KY Farm Bureau Convention about concern over Maryland tobacco;John Coon, Previews Convention;Gardner Turner, Tabled two applications for Project Boost;Will Balden, On use of promotion fund for tobacco;Gardner Turner, On Operation Nightwatch to Crime Council;Balden, On report of Job Research Board to General Assembly;Dave Kinsey, Report on Todd County plane crash of Richmond group;Judson Byrn, On WBKY reporting from scene of the crash;C.N. Gray, The owner of the plane describes what happened after take-off;Judson Byrn, Report of plane crash;Mrs. Worthington, On environmental workshop at UK;Ira Massie, On results of Opening Day;Alice McVeddy, Thanks school board for award as Teacher of the Year;Rev. Don Herren, School board member's comments on criticism of violence;William Kenton, Will not run for mayor but will seek reelection to the House;R.B. Isenhour, On tap-on ban for homebuilders;Judge Stephens, On study of Health Dept. budget;Winchester Fire Chief, On fire that killed two children and burned a third child;Winchester Chief, On cause of the fire;Harold Buchignani, Resigns as Jailor;Judge Stephens, Comments on Buchignani;Bob Ward, Purchase of tobacco quotas;Bob Ward, The quota is excessive, but hesitant to sell excess;William Cecil, On new building for the Post Office;Cecil, On use of downtown Post Office building;Mrs. Jasper, Describes armed robbery of Friday night.(P.T.: 45 min)1972 November-DecemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette636EContent Notes:Missing TitleMrs. Jasper, Describes armed robbery;Arch Mainous. Jr., President of Citizens Union Band moves money and securities;Steve Tracy (Versailles Fire Dept), On barn fire on November 26 that killed ten horses;Arch Mainous, On opening of new Citizens Union Bank building;Judge James Amato, On crime course at Transy;Chief Shaffer, On crime course at Transy;Judge Stephens, Speaks at Citizens Union Bank opening;Arch Mainous, Jr., Speaks at Citizens Union Bank opening. Mayor Pro Tem Farra Van Meter, Speaks at Citizens Union Bank opening;Trooper Eddle, On arrest of three Alabama men at Berea for kidnapping;Judge Stephens, On police merger talks;Lynn Claycomb, On the false alarm about a juvenile in window with a toy pistol;Dr. Charles Haywood, On the economic outlook for 1973;Haywood, On effect on labor;Haywood, On international effects on U.S. economy in 1973;Gov Ford, On reorganization of State government;Hiten;On preventive measure against armed robbery;Hiten, On an auxiliary force to combat robbers;Earl McDaniel, On the New Orleans Fire;Richard Clark (Clark County Fire Chief), On the Diachun fire;Steve Banahan, On J.R. Miller naming six legislators as clerks until precinct election;Banahan, On new lines being drawn;Banahan, Says no re-districting of the County;C.H. Owens, On studies of KY Court System;Shaffer, On public apathy in ID of robbery suspects;Frank Dean, Jr. (School board Chairman), On revising teachers' maternity leaves and on requiring doctor's statement;Mayor Pettit, On plans to effect merger;Flemingsburg Fire Chief, On inquiries about gas station fire and its cause;Coroner Chester Hager, On Wilson Avenue slaying;Guy Potts, Career education progress program;Franklin Sanders, Neighborhood Youth Corps and progress for schools;Ralph Herrell, Wants his job back as City Fire Director;J.W. Lynch, Says there have been enough studies of traffic and we need action;Lynch, More comments on traffic lights;Jeffrey Loane, On new Executive Director of Children's Bureau;Judge Stephens, On progress of new jail;Judge Stephens, On merger task force;Larry Hopkins, On government responsibility for older persons' problems;Ann Curry, On teacher maternity leave;Gov. Ford, On his first year in office;J.E. McConnell, Speaks as President -elect of KY Chamber of Commerce;McConnell, On quality of life in KY;Charles Robinson, On cause of Spindletop Hall fire;Dan Steward On judging all KY cities;Dr. Al Morris, Report on United Way raising $729,000;Cal Wallace, On Head Start with C.A.L.F.;Jerry Frockt, On revenue sharing funds for county being less than expected;Frockt, On the use of revenue sharing funds;Fire spokesman, On Shoprite fire;Campbell House Manager, Describes hold-up;James Luckett, On use of revenue sharing funds;Luckett, The amount of funds is the same as expected;Harold Buchignani, Gives reasons for withdrawing his resignation as Jailor;Ted Broida, Says he is happy that stream classification has been delayed;Broida, It needs time for study;Charles Owens, State Crime Commission Chairman on 15" supplement to local police;Judge Stephens, On merger task force;Judge Stephens, On his trip to Colorado to see jail plans;Mayor Pettit, On join housing authority;Mayor Pettit, On local efforts in housing needs;Curtis Wilson, On Operation Nightwatch;William Qualls, Speaks at public hearing on effects of Rosemont extension;Dee Huddleston, On appropriation for tobacco health research;Mayor Pettit, On appointment of Dupree to Urban Renewal Agency;Ira Muskie, On Lexington tobacco market;T.R. Farley, Describes mud slide at Harlan--no homes destroyed as yet;Mayor Pettit, Speaks at Shaker town meeting re merger, Judge Stephens and Mayor Pettit, Both speak at Shakertown meeting about the task force for the merger; Mayor Pettit and Judge Stephens, At Shakertown meeting speak on merger of the two police forces (City & County);Robbie Robinson, Two comments on the Hendren altercation at the jail;T.R. Farley, On the Cumberland mud slide;Dr. E.S. Smith, On leaving the school board;James Barlow, Resolution on the retirement of Dean and Smith; Frank Dean, jr., Retires from school board.(P.T.: 40 min)1972 DecemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette736FContent Notes:Missing TitleCommissioner Hoskins, On solid waste incinerator for steam energy;Hoskins, On Nashville's solid waste use for steam energy;Dr. Weiler, On Health Dept. budget;Dr. Singletary, Curci no miracle worker;Coach Fran Curci, Not a miracle man;Mayor Pettit, On signing police merger;John Clark, On problems connected with jail merger;Judge Stephens, On Buchignanis' withdrawal of resignation;Judge Stephens, On solid waste study;Dennis Sullivan, Comments of food store robbery;Tom Sullivan, Speaks as Director of Merger Task Force;Mayor Pettit, Announces members of Task Force;Guy Potts, Says school board must talk first with UK on use of Davis School;Potts, Says City wants use of Davis School as police headquarters;Mayor Pettit, On police merger at City commission hearing;Judge Stephens, Praises city efforts on police merger;Fitzhugh Craft, On Cumberland mud slide;Rabe, On sewer tap on case in Franklin Circuit Court;Judge Stephens, On motion to approve signing of police merger;Payless Station Manager, On disappearance of an attendant;Jailer Robinson, On an attempted break-out;Vellman and Bryant, On home fleet plan and On urban renewal;Ray Gillespie and Dan McClellan, On annual Chamber dinner and On Columbia gas cuts;Judge Amato, Is critical of merger;Dan McClellan, On Columbia gas cutback to industries;Judge Stephens and Mayor Pettit, On merger of police departments after the signing of contracts;Judge Stephens, On Amato's criticism of merger;Judge Amato, Two comments on merger.1. Interview with Mayor Pettit; 2. Mayor Pettit's Report on the Year 1972 (P.T.: 42 min)1973 January 23Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette737Mayor Pettit, Rep. John Breckinridge and Mr. Johnson at the dedication of the new VA Hospital (P.T.: 37 min)1973 January 23Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette738(P.T.: 12 min)1973 DecemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette739Content Notes:Missing TitleJ. Luckett, On insurance for the City;Mayor Pettit, Gives tribute to Tom Sullivan;Judge Stephens, Three comments on the Energy Advisory Board;Gov. Ford, Speaks at KY State Police graduation; R. Starkweather, Three comments on the end of the CWA strike;James Hurt, The Public Defender Office asks for more money for the urban area;James Atwell, On KY Utilities wind damage;Coroner Hagan, On the second fire death in Seventh Street;Mayor Pettit, Two comments of the last meeting of the City Commissioners;R. Starkweather, Announces end of CWA strike;Larry Hopkins, Asks for opening of Rules Commission meetings;Joe Graves, Asks for opening of Rules Commission meetings;Mayor Pettit, Comments on Appeals Court upholding(P.T.: 40 min)1974 April 3Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette740Content Notes:Missing TitleJames Amato, Discusses merger government;Mayor Pettit, Discusses merger government;Tom Porter, Says vote was certified as tallied;Margaret Stanton, On telephone strike for raises;Robert Starkweather, Announces bus company becomes Corporation as Lex-Tran;Ed Van Hoose, On the Barnes murder;An Anonymous witness, On the abduction of a woman;A police officer, On the Barnes murder;Judge Stephens, On the Barnes murder;J.D. Marshall, On jail escapes and the Barnes murder;Mrs. M. Snyder, On petition for death penalty;Mike Maloney, On pending penal code bill;A. Clay Stewart, On improvements at Bluegrass Field;Ed Van Hoose, On the death of Penrose Ecton;Mayor Pettit;On effect of the merger on the jail;Van Hoose, On Ecton being the recipient of the Outstanding Citizen's Award;Van Hoose, On death of William Stanton;Van Hoose, On death of Fred Lelligard;Fred Lelligard, Discusses surface mining problems;Van Hoose, On awards to outstanding people;Jake Graves, On Optimist Club's award to Mrs. Shots;Norman Colson. Spoke on new Detention Center ground-breaking;Guy Potts, On conserving gas for school buses;Senator Albert Gore, Says demands for fossil fuels will increase;Chief Shaeffer on fuel shortage;Gov. Ford, On voluntary reduction of use of gasoline;John Breckinbridge, Welcomed the Viet Nam peace agreement;Senator John Cooper, Comments on the ceasefire in Viet Nam;Van Hoose, On court trials;A West Virginia State Trooper, Says Collins is recaptured in West Virginia;Van Hoose, On the damage award to Gillespie in traffic accident;Bela Abzugg, Speaks at Bluegrass Field;George Bush, Addresses Civic Club;Ralph Edwards, Spoke at United Way kick-off dinner;Pat Boone, Talks at prayer breakfast;Hubert Humphrey, Spoke at UK on Gray as FBI Chief;Tom Clark, Talked to civic club on the judiciary;Lt. Gov. Carroll, Talked about his possible political future;Gov. Ford, Spoke in honor of Lanningham;Senator Marlow Cook, Talked about the current political race;Charles Coy, Gives tribute to Julian Karr;Gov Ford, Says state will help with funding of Civic Center;Davis Peterson, Talked about the signing of the contract for the Civic Center;Doc Ferrell, Spoke in favor of the Civic Center;J.W. Lynch, Gave farewell talk to Council members;J.D. Marshall, Says he will not seek reelection to the new City Council;William Lyons, On merger ;Foster Pettit, Says delighted with the Court of Appeal upholding the merger;James Amato, Talked about the new government as its first mayor--but recount showed that Foster Pettit won the election (if court agrees);Foster Pettit, Cited grounds for going to court;Van Hoose, Pettit is declared winner (but final decision was not made until 1974)(P.T.: 42 min)1974 JanuaryOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette741Content Notes:Missing TitleMayor Pettit, On Urban County Commission;Gov. Ford, On Cabinet Post;J. Latt, Political action during ice storm;Tom Preston, On time zone in KY;W. Hoskins, Congratulates Baesler on winning Vice Mayor position;Cecil Frost, Nominates Hoskins;Bork Deak, Nominates Baesler;Joe Catt, Gives details of armed robbery;Harry Sykes, On payroll tax and the Army Depot;H.N. Kirkpatrick, On energy crisis;Joe Graves, On Opening of General Assembly;Mike Maloney, On opening of Assembly;James Barlow, On Washington energy crisis meeting for schools;Guy Potts, On schools and gasoline supply;Palmore, On opening of Assembly;Blume, On opening of Assembly;Julian Carroll, On opening of Assembly;Julian Carroll, On Chairmanship of L.R.C.;Gov. Ford, Gives state of the State address;Hugh Adams, Why schools closed in Jessamine County;Exxon's H.A. Richards, The oil embargo is not gouging the public--urges conservation;Gov. Ford, On the purpose of the Bicentennial;George Rabe, On sewer project and suspension of rules;Scotty Baesler, Makes objections to payroll tax;Baesler &Carey, Discuss the extension of City laws to the County;Lawson King, Asks Commission for larger staff;Julian Carroll, Speaks at Henry Clay High School on open meetings of rules committee, Reaction to time switch and General Assembly off to a good start;Damon Harrison, On the first month's actions of the KY Mandatory Allocations Office;Don Webb, On purpose of precinct election &precinct election turn-out;Walter Hempel, On security at City Hall and Court House, Street repairs and tree trimming;Norbert Blume, Praises House for fast action of four bills;Lowry, On Red Mile Futurity purse;Burkstein, Futurity purse to be $100,000;W.R. Ormond, Report on solid waste energy plant which could save other energy sources;David Ferrell, On Economic future;Mayor Pettit, Reaction to Appeals Court naming him Mayor of merged government;Foster Ockerman, Confirms report of Court ruling and gives his personal reaction;Richard Vimont, Gives reasons for taking Ass't County Attorney position;Joe Catt, Describes accident on New Circle Road that killed Bokal and Linda Meyers;Rosalee Anderson, Says Breckinridge Office will release FAA funds of $1.9 million for Bluegrass Field improvements;Joseph Schleckman, Gives public reaction to Lex-Tran;Will Jones, Says Lex-Tran Authority questions private company on November expenditures;John Breckinridge, Comments on burley support program and effect of Watergate on KY;Chief Ransdell, Gives purpose of roll call station and why it is in B.G. Housing project;James Amato, Says he will not appeal Court decision making Pettit the mayor, public should support new government and he is not through running for office;Will Hoskins, Explains the East Interceptor Sewer Project;Gov. Ford, Says there is the possibility of an energy plant being built in Lexington(P.T.: 41 min)1974 JanuaryOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette842Content Notes:Missing TitlePolice Chief James Shaffer, Five comments on fatal auto accident;Chester Hager, Lab report on Bokal blood test--driver in fatal accident;Chief Shaffer, Not willing to say Bokal's drinking caused accident, but thinks it was contributing factor;Mayor Pettit, On remodeling of municipal building;Judge Scott Reed, Swears Pettit in as Mayor of new merged government;;Scotty Baesler, Gives introduction to Pettit swearing-in;Mayor Pettit, Remarks after taking oath;Jim Brune, Says what to do if one runs out of gas;Tom Bunch, Explains bankruptcy petition;Don Webb, Reaction to being voted Chairman of Fayette Dem. party and explains his job in relation to scandals;Judge Stephens, Reads about activities for salute to teen week;Robert Starkweather, On service after storm;James Ismael, Says schools have five days of gas but does not anticipate fuel problem;Mayor Pettit, Says city &merged government problems are the same and says that laws for second-class cities do not apply to merged government;Ron Hampton, Says how he got interested in trip to Thailand;Guy Potts, Comments on Supreme Court maternity leave ruling;Gov. Ford, Gives message on economic development, Lexington Civic Center, no new taxes, recruiting industry and warning to criminal element;Guy Potts, Opposes collective bargaining for public employees;Harold Buchignani, Discusses jail budget with Mayor Pettit;George Gallup, Says public is pessimistic but the polls are optimistic;Gerald Smith, Reports that Dabney named outstanding citizen;Bill Emery, Praises retired businessman P. W. Carver;George Gallup, On public split about Nixon resignation;Herbert Sledd, Says Lexington is a good place to live and we should try to make it better;George Gallup, Says most Americans see gloomy economic year;Gerald Smith, Introduces new officers of Chamber of Commerce;Jennie Bryant, On Main Street urban renewal and traffic changes;Ms. Miller, On Elizabeth Street sewers;Ward, Objects to Eastern Interceptor sewers;Mayor Pettit, Says City might lose Federal money without Eastern Interceptor sewer trunk;Ward, On sewer trunk;Jasper, On sewer trunk and Federal money;A.D. Albright, On changes in technology and information, says failure to help dropouts is national disgrace and cites demand for technicians;Jim Brune, Says how to stretch gasoline and gas outlook for Sunday, January 28;Shaffer, Says what is being done to reduce crime and explains why crime rate dropped 14.6".(P.T.: 43 min)1974 January-FebruaryOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette843Content Notes:Missing TitleJohn Breckinridge, Announces he will seek re-election, Wonders how Watergate will affect campaign, What are the issues in the campaign and Should Nixon be impeached;Robert Boston, Toll-road gas stations to stay open on Sundays;Charlottre Zerof, Head of League of Women Voters, speaks at land use workshop;Joe Clarke, Talks about bills in the House dealing with land use;Guy Potts, On use for the old Henry Clay H.S. building and Insurance contracts;Larry Hopkins, Announces bill on State deposits;Leonard Press, Denies bias in broadcasts of governors' addresses;Dr. David Larimore, Tells how satellite grant was won and When KY can see satellite programs;Dee Huddleston, Has scheduled subcommittee hearing on wheat imports;Guy Potts, On Salary increases for teachers;James Barlow, On possible revision of school district lines;Gilmore Dutton, On Legislative budget hearings;Dee Huddleston, On wheat imports;James Barlow, On renovation of the old Henry Clay H.S. building;J.A. Broadus, On possible principle censorship;Cecil Frost, Gives impressions of County jail;Buchignani, Why Council was invited to tour the jail;Lyman Ginger, Says K.E.A. report is misleading;Robert Giles, Tells how investigation of burglary ring proceeded and whether there may be more arrests;Lyman Ginger, Comments on KY's rating in education;Guy Potts, Says state budget not enough for education;Barlow, Says we don't spend enough for education;David Williams, Tells why Jaycees are presenting a white paper on Commission needs;Jim Hunt, On KY jail conditions;Scotty Baesler, Jail and payroll tax;Jim Brune, On Sunday gas and the overall gas supply;Peak, On Chiles Street sewers;Mayor Pettit, On Chiles Street sewers;Joe Catt, Describes fatal accident at Elizabeth &University;Mayor Pettit, On jail budget;and Chiles sewer project;Griffin, On land ordinance;Fred Curse, Announces candidacy for 6th Congressional District;Helen Wiedemann, On S.S.I. alert;Gov. Ford, On water pollution contract and Criticizes Feds for truck strike;Rep. White, On why there should be a mobile home bill;Rep. King, Why he opposes a mobile home bill;Ishmael, On reduced price for school meals;Barlow, Discusses new school attendance lines;Potts, Effects of strike on food services and gasoline for buses;David Williams, Sends Jaycee White Paper to Metro Council;Steve Reeder, Says National Guard is on alert;Allen Waugh, On Harrison County plane crash;Baesler, On traffic study and outlines urban services;William Ward, On public pension plan;Stonie Barker, On gas outlook, gasification benefits and Arab embargo of oil;Glynn Burke, On use of old bus depot and how money was raised to buy the depot;Hugh Rhodes, Indicates when truckers strike will be felt;Robert Pfalzer, Says much citrus fruit is stranded on roads;Tom Chevron, Says trucks are still rolling;Dr. N.H. Tally, On Condition of Scott;Alvin Arnett, Says Office of Economic Opportunity never had tools to attack problems of the poor and cites his mandate as Director of O.E.O;Tony Curtsing, Jr., Says there is no problem with the maintenance of police vehicles;Baesler, Cites letter from Fayette County Medical Society on the 911 phone system;Van Meter, Says community wants 911;Bill Young, On drug raid in Georgetown;Tom Bunch, Speculates what court will do in Fayette Loan bankruptcy hearing;Lena Lay, Complains to Metro Council about traffic signal at Anglin and Broadway;James Shaffer, Asks if tickets will still be given at Anglin &Broadway before study is finished;Brune, On Sunday gas;Baesler, on license sales on Saturdays(P.T.: 45 min)1974 FebruaryOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette844Content Notes:Missing TitleTony Preston, Says KY to have more gas than expected;Harry Miller,Gives criteria for Optimist Club cup judging and tells how to nominate for the award;Robert Walsh, Tells of assignment with World Council of Churches;Dr. N.H. Tally, Cites events surrounding death of Scott, Whitey Mason, On truck strike violence and comments on settlement;W. Slaughter, Comments on settlement of truck strike;Famularo, Gives opinion on concealed weapons;Joe Catt, On crime prevention display and the purpose of the week;Shaffer, Tells why Kansas City officials are visiting and gives itinerary of visit;Mayor Richard Walsh of Kansas City, Visits Lexington police dept.;Shaffer, On Kansas City officials visit to police dept.;Woodrow Dawahare, On visit of Danny Thomas and information on St. Jude's Hospital;Burt Franklin, Describes bug in elementary schools;Joe Clark, Comments on legislative budget hearing;Robert McCowan, Discusses role of government in energy crisis;William Hocter, Says inflation is main problem in U.S.;Len Press, Says both sides were asked to speak after the Governor's speech;Curtsinger, Asks if new firemen are for the two new stations;Ward, Asks about new fire rates;Dean Hayward, On opposition to the budget in the General Assembly and asks why capital construction is in the budget;Leonard Kimball, Describes Fayette County truck shooting;Mayor Pettit, On budget ordinance;Earl Butz, Says farm income is down but still good;Sells and Dallas, On U.A.W. and Watergate and the energy crisis;Mal Tullar, Describes burglary of thirty rings from O.G. Wilson store;Huddleston, Says why he opposes busing and his stand on Red River status;Don Stephens Explains his vote on abortion bill;Mayor Petit &Hesse, Property evaluation response for all future assessments;Chester Hager, Compares 1972 auto fatalities to those of 1973;James Barlow, Asks why there was no public announcement on hearings for attendance changes;Dennis Becky, Responds to Gov. Ford's request for more gas in coal mines;Tommy Preston, Governor says gas situation is a paradox;Marlow Cook, Announces he will seek re-election;Lawrence Crossman, On innovations at new Federal prison;Chester Hager, On city workhouse inmate's death of apparent heart attack;Shaffer, Awards certificates to helping citizens;Lex-Tran Director Jones, On deficit, cost of 10 new buses and extending routes;Dr. H.H. Greene, Will ask for more Metro funds;Guy Potts, Says vocation education has expended;Burtis Franklin, Says hearings on proposed school re-alignment of attendance should be delayed;James Barlow;, On re-alignment of school attendance lines;Mayor Petit, Gives estimate of city police and fire depts. costs;Jasper and Blevins, Whether to kill bill on pensions;Blevins, Responds to the community on pensions;Baesler, Cost of pension bill;Mayor Pettit, Says police and fire depts. pulled end run;Huddleston;Says there is shortage of roof bolts;Hoskins, On Civic Center;Mayor Pettit, Responds to McDaniel on pension;Earl McDaniel, On pension plan;Jim Brune, of AAA, Tells why I-64 is so bad and compares gasoline situation between I-64 and I-75;Neilan Thurman, Is selected as United Way President;John McMullan, Says voters get what they deserve and cites Nixon's charitable contributions;Fire Major Jolly, Describes fire at Liberty Road shopping center where one fireman was injured(P.T.: 31 min)1974 February-MarchOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette845Content Notes:Missing TitleCharles Coy (State GOP Chrm),Talks on purpose of mass meeting and what effect Watergate will have in KY;Fire Major Jelley, On the cost of police and fire protection to Urban County Govt;O.M. Travis, Asks voters to write legislators on pension issue;Damon Harrison, On future energy conservation and on slow-down in KY economy;Harrison, On allocation objectives and says allocation ordered today;Burtis Franklin, Suggests what may happen to re-alignment and says individual change request are not serious;George Goodykontz, On rate increases and why;Brig Gen Dickinson, On volunteer army;. Ross Phar, Sys bill would force drillers out and on law of supply and demand;William Kenton, Explains tenant-landlord bill;Charles Baesler, Asks how many licenses there are still to be sold and says tags may be sold on Saturday;James May, Says new speed limit to be enforced;Joe Catt, Says new speed limit will be enforced;Jerry Miller, On progress of Fayette County tap and results of study to be shared;Mayor Pettit, State of the Merged Govt address, Sic comments on progress finances, library, traffic and housing needs of low income people;Tony Pinkston, Sys three-year-old girl burned seriously;Joe Graves, On chances of passing of no-fault insurance bill;Ms. Hite of KEA, Endorses Breckinridge;Breckinridge, Responds to KEA endorsement;Norman Carlson, Dedicates Lexington F.C.I.;Breckinridge, Speaks at dedication of Lexington F.C.I.;William Cecil, Talks about postal rates and where the money goes;David Reid, Says increase of second-class postal rate will hurt newspapers;James Barlow, On redistricting school attendance lines;Mrs. Billie Pope, On FCEA request of p.n. and says fight not over;Guy Potts, Gives directive on grading of elementary teachers;Anne Sullivan, Speaks against FCEA request to p.n. for teachers;Don Blevins, On police and fire pension fund;Mayor Pettit, Cost of the increase of police and fire pensions;Scotty Baesler, Pension fund cost;Will Bonhert, Explains pre-release program of Blackburn Detention Center;Tommy Bell, On Easter Seal campaign kick-off;Paul Harrison, On streaking incident at the UK Student Center;Don Stephens, Explains his vote on the Mountain Amendment to the budget bill.(P.T.: 35 min)1974 MarchOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette846Content Notes:Missing TitleJoe Graves, Asks how budget will do in the Senate;Jeffrey Lone, Is nominated as Metro Commissioner of Social Services;Ms. Iva Winkle, The County ASCS Director on County results of burley referendum;UK Police Captain Paul Harrison, On streak on UK campus;Urban Renewal Director Jenny Bryant, On trouble with Main Street bids and On Main Street urban renewal;Scotty Baesler, Opposes purchase of 12 new police cruisers;James Shaeffer, Evaluates home fleet plan after less than its first year;Joe Jasper, Will provide list of employees who don't work;Dean Rusk, On Nixon foreign policy and on world isolationism;Dean Rusk, Says Watergate is behind us and discusses legal problems of Watergate;William Hoskins, On waste energy plant;Wanda Cranfill, Presents resolution by Citizens' ad hoc Committee against police and fire pensions;Mrs. White, Represents policemen's and firemen's wives in favor of pensions;PIO's Gordon Nichols, Says driving I-64 saves gas;Dean Rusk, Retrospect of Viet Nam war;Charles Ransdell, On pension plan savings as amended and on chances of plan being passed;Georgetown Police Chief Alvin Sergeant, On abduction of a nine-year old and on the apprehension of the abductor;William Jolley, Says why he is seeking 6th District nomination;Dr. William Lyons, Says pension plan jeopardizes Home Rule, Says don't blame Rule versus pension;Senator Maloney, Says he is pushing for pension bill passage in State Legislature;Senator Tom Ward, He passes on voting for pension bill;Mayor Pettit, Says council voting in good faith on pension bill;Tim Walter, Says Army Depot at Avon as a self-sustaining establishment should be exempt from payroll tax;Pat Prosser, Refutes Army depot stand on payroll tax;Rep. J.N. Falconer, Says payroll tax could drive horse breeders from Fayette County;Farm Bureau Rep. Jack Cook, Says day-to-day pay of farm workers makes payroll tax hard to collect and could drive workers from Fayette County;Rep. Larry Hopkins, On KY penal code;Rep. Kenton, On minimum wage bill;Dean of Students Jack Hall, Cancels showing of erotic film on UK campus;Scotty Baesler, Suggests council interview Jeff Lone in closed session;Mayor Pettit. Cites need for civil service board;O.M. Travis, Makes motion to require commissioners to live in Fayette County;Bill Hoskins, Supports energy refuse plant;Mayor Pettit, Speaks against Travis motion, says merger does not cost less and wants to upgrade employees;Reps. David Van Horn and Billy Paxton, On accident reports to justice dept.;Joe Graves, Discusses pension amendment and its provisions with Pension Board ;Jim Brune (AAA), On why gas is scarce on I-64 and gives area gas prognosis;Gov. Ford, On converting coal to clean fuel;Gov. Ford, Signs bill for coal gasification and liquefaction research at UK;Dr. Otis Singletary, Spoke on outcome of search for a new source of energy, but concludes that probably coal is the answer(P.T.: 41 min)1974 MarchOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette847Content Notes:Missing TitleJames Ishmael, Confirms investigation of alleged thefts and eight resignations;David Hornbeck, Describes arrest of armed robbery suspect;Joe Graves, On Gov Ford's leadership in the General Assembly and on productivity of the Assembly;Forrest Nel, On the growth of the Hunter Foundation;Mike Maloney., On Gov Ford in the General Assembly and believes Penal Code is important legislation;Earl McDaniel, Says cabaret lounge fire under investigation;Jim Host, On the role of the search committee and the effect of Watergate on candidates;Ms. Billie Pope, On the purpose of FCEA and on bargaining in good faith;Guy Potts, On burglary and vandalism in schools;Guy Potts, Gives reasons that old narco hospital site is not suitable for high school;Sam Milner, Speaks to Kiwanis Club on capital punishment;Earl McDaniel, On 911 phone system;UK Student Hen Zeller, On demographic of Irishtown in light of Newtown Pike extension;William Jones, On route changes of Lex-Tran and on operating losses on buses;William Jones and Harry Miller, Say there was no increase in bus ridership in February vs. previous February;Mayor Pettit, On eight-county manpower consortium;Steve Cane, Says surrounding counties favor manpower consortium;Elaine Musselman, On Red Cross finances and disaster legislation;Columbus, Ohio, Police Chief Hilycord, Discusses home fleet plan;Chief Shaeffer, Says police need new shotguns;Steve Cane, On eight-county manpower training consortium;Mayor Pettit, On purpose of Council workshop on Main Street renewal financing;Jasper, Says City should re-hire parks employee who lost job at merger;Tom Parker, Says Governor to sign pension bill and become honorary fire chief;Harold Demarcus, On amendment to geographical discrimination in civil rights bill;Marlow Cook, Says Nixon should resign and asks if democrats should run on Watergate;Gov Ford, Says he is needed in Senate and will deal with Julian Carroll on gubernatorial endorsement;Jack Marsh, On Manchester Center project;Gardner Turner and Curtis Wilson, Say State Crime Commission could delay municipal buildings and court improvements;Dr. Earl Kaufman, Wins Optimist Club Cup;Herbert Sledd, Presents Optimist Club Cup to Dr. Kaufman;Kaufman, Responds to presentation of Cup;Gov. Ford, Announces for U.S. Senate;Gov. Ford, Says Watergate won't help him;Marlow Cook, Asks should he run with President and on timing of filing papers for re-election;Earl Butz, On the Great Society and inflation, says press expanded Watergate and on detente;Labor Secretary Peter Brennan, Says will get share of manpower training money and says U.S. can solve problems;Bob Brown, On housing for handicapped blind home ground-breaking;Larry Hopkins, On General Assembly as a political session and says GOP did well in the Assembly;Gov. Ford, Dedicates highway in Winchester;Mrs. Billie Pope, Says same arguments but different tactics on P.N. fight;George Binder, Asks what happened to House Bill 639 on public collective bargaining measure;Terry Brady, On restricting personnel to. those who live in Fayette County;Dr. Lyman Ginger, On relationship of Dept. of Education and General Assembly and On Vocation education;Harold Buchignani, On weapon found in shakedown and reason for the shakedown;James Ishmael, Why schools ran out of gas;Mayor Pettit, Says the status of civic center bonds will be known in two weeks;Gov. Ford, Says tax money should go back to local commissions, Cites budget accomplishments and Talks on crime;Steve Beshear, On independent legislature, police-fire pension and abortion;Larry Hopkins, Tells why he is not seeking elective office and whom he favors for 6th District congressional seat;Gary Rose, On Greenbrier neighborhood watch program;Kyle Moore, Is critical of cable copyright law pending in Congress(P.T.: 25 min)1974 March-AprilOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette848Content Notes:Missing TitleKnight Newspaper Executive Monte Curtis, On illiteracy and the free press and says KY journalists are good writers;Dr. Neil Plummer, Praises Don Mills at Journalism banquet;Mayor Pettit, On expanding manpower consortium from 8 to 12 counties;Dick DeCamp, Asks why a horse race in downtown Lexington;Capri Hair Salon Witness, On fire at 1565 Alexandria Drive;The Miami U. political scientist Dr. June Dreyer, Talks on the meaning of the Chinese power struggle;Mayor Pettit, Says Dept. of Labor to approve consortium;Norman Willard, Opposes 17-county Central Kentucky manpower training consortium;Mayor Pettit, Says Council needs to consider banning non-resident employees;Danny Thomas, Gives results of money spent on St. Jude Hospital and Shriner's hospitals;Danny Thomas, Says he gives his money to St. Jude's, mentions the diseases research and the result of vow to build the shrine to St. Jude;John Biedenkapp, Explains out-of-court settlement of Federal Government and C.A.L.F.;Mrs. Billie Pope, Says teachers are not planning to strike;New Republic Assoc. Editor Stanley Karnow, On China's fear of U.S.S.R.;John Busch, On adopt-a-house fraternity project;A National Weather Spokesman, Says storm produces rain and winds;James Barlow, Says School Board seeks teachers' involvement in decisions, but not professional negotiations (PN);James Barlow, Offers to talk informally with F.C.E.A. and challenges State representatives;Jay Coberly, On wage differences with street workers union and on expanding the union;Mrs. Billie Pope, Requests P.N. for F.C.E.A. at school board meeting;Guy Potts, Says F.C.E.A. is not for education and recommends study of school renovation;Curtis Wilson, Reacts to February local crime report showing increase;Bill Barton, On the fluctuation of obscenity laws;UK Student Board President Allen Stein, Says the University did not pressure board to cancel erotic film festival;E. Lawson King, Says he did not threaten UK with legal action for showing erotic film festival and that jury is the final determination of what is the law;Scotty Baesler, Is against change in liquor store hours;Arthur Goldberg, Says risks must be taken in obscenity cases, On constitutional test of obscenity and On impeachment;H.L. Parks, Jr., On housing conference agenda;Tommy Preston, On tornado scene at Campbellsville;George Rabe, Says Council acted properly and legally on Harry Sykes issue;Mayor Pettit, Says sale of civic center bonds has been delayed;Dick Phillips, Describes explosion At 385 South Upper Street;Watkins and Billy Lebuddy, Say Main Street renewal to start on Monday and traffic will not be blocked by construction;Mrs. Billie Pope, F.C.E.A. wants community support for collective bargaining for teachers;Madison County School Supt. Russell Roberts, Says Whitehall School damaged by tornado;Scott County School Supt. McFarland, Says Stamping Ground damaged by tornado;National Guard Captain Stoops, On why the Fayette National Guard was called up(P.T.: 31 min)1974 AprilOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette849Content Notes:Missing TitleKY Utilities Manager Owen Lewis, Tells of amount of damage to equipment and where power is coming from;General Telephone Manager Hugh Stroth, Asking for limits on long distance calls;Joe Catt, Talks about how Metro government may help increase number of police on duty;Dallas Murphy, Describes his being robbed;Larry Parks, Discusses purpose of housing conference and funding for housing;Gov Ford, Describes tornado that hit Franklin County;Water Company's Gerald Smith, Says water company pleased with water conservation efforts;KY Utilities' Owen Lewis, Says power curtailment almost over;John Breckinridge, Explains meaning of national disaster area status;Breckinridge, Tells purpose of tour of tornado disaster areas;Marlow Cook, On Stovall and need for information, says it is proper to run as a write-in and expects possible legal battle over delay;Owen Lewis, Asks Fayette County to conserve power and says new line and generator are up;Gov Ford, On energy;Jay Coberly, Says negotiations with steelworkers continue;Larry Arnett, Announces National Guard weekend clean-up;Fred Hymson, Tells what's in Ecton Park and when it will be completed;Ed Fister, Describes fire at his motel;Fire Chief James Smith, On cause of fire at Gables Motel;Marlow Cook, Says Ford running against Watergate, Discusses Watergate and reassures disaster victims;Lex-Tran Chrm William Jones, Tells of new bus routes;Jay Coberley, Describes progress of talks with steelworkers and the demands of steelworkers;Earl McDaniel, Tells of use of new fire vehicles;Katie McCarthy, Says Sloan prosecution to produce 40 witnesses and says defense claims Scott and Sloan were strangled;Katie McCarthy, Expects morning wrap-up of Sloan trial;McCarthy, Discusses possible afternoon wrap-up of Sloan trial;Donald T. Shanthan, Explains goals of Conference in Lexington;Katie McCarthy, Expects morning wrap-up of Sloan trial;Katie McCarthy, Afternoon wrap-up of Sloan trial;Frosty Mills, Describes fire in her garage;Guy Potts, On pros and cons of agenda for special meeting on school calendar;Dick Farmer, On Sloan trial wrap-up;A.B. Chandler, Says Watergate was stupid but blown up by press and Talks about Nixon, Kissinger and peace in Viet Nam;A.B. Chandler, Says there is no reason to vote impeachment and that media have been brutal to Nixon;James Barlow, Says there is a smoke screen by F.C.E.A., on professional negotiations and that public does not want P.N.;Mrs. Billie Pope, Argues for professional negotiations;Mayor Pettit, On dog law;Chief Shaeffer, On surveillance kits for Metro police and Treatment of prostitutes;Dick Farmer, On wrap-up of Sloan trial;Walter Hempel, Praises college students for help in cleaning up after tornado;Scott County Jailor Gary Scott, Describes fatal accident involving a Lexington man(P.T.: 47 min)1974 AprilOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette950Content Notes:Missing TitleWilliam Fox, On crime conference at Carnihan House;Don Rooks, Voicer on 1973 traffic fatalities report from KY State Police;Joe Jasper, On ramps for downtown sidewalks and says ramps are tied to Main Street Urban Renewal;IBM Plant Mgr. Morris Bebee, Tells where IBM contribution came from;Red Cross Disaster Fund Chrm. Phil Morgan, Says what IBM money will be used for and the disaster drain on money;Katie McCarthy, Gives wrap on first day of Straface trial. Katie McCarthy, Morning wrap on Straface trial;Farmer, Final wrap on Straface trial;Transportation Comm. Chrm. Bob Brewer, Says railroad crossings to be replaced;Transportation Consultant William Pollard, Discusses Newtown extension vs. area residents and Says the extension is vital;Lex. Humane Society President Dr. Walter Anthony, Discusses the dog law and the Humane Society;Joe Graves, Says Ashland Oil pricing is irresponsible and Tells how high prices were discovered;Ashland Oil Spokesman Bob Huegy, Responds to Graves' charges;John Hiten, On security for Princess Margaret;Thelma Stovall, On the implications of the Marlow Cook case and Says she plans to appeal;Alice Lloyd College President William S. Hayes, Discusses the role of the small college;AAA Mgr Jim Brune, Cites supply of Sunday gasoline and suggests early travel plans for summer;William Ward, Favors residency requirement for government employees;Joe Jasper, On ramps for wheelchairs;Mayor Pettit, On postponing payroll tax recommendation and On Princess Margaret's visit;Federal Reserve Governor J. Sheehan, On inflation and national policy;Environmental Action Soc. Pres. Lois Florence, On agenda for Red River Day and its purpose, On other plans and on Recreation;Women in Health Ellen Greist, Explains need for conference;UAW Local Pres. Averall Prentice, On layoffs;ISSC Pres. Charlesey Yates, On purpose of Conserve Energy Week, and On long range effects of the week;Katie McCarthy, Morning wrap on Hendren trial;Action Auction Chrm. Dorothy Moloney, On purpose of kick-off meeting and On items sought for auction;Bill Hoskins, On trip to Montreal to see energy refuse burning plant;Katie McCarthy, Morning wrap on Hendren trial;Mayor Petit, On Federal grant manager for Urban County govt;Jack Hall, On contract policy;Thelma Stovall, Claims she runs a fair office, She did write some candidates, and Disclaims any dirty deal over Marlow Cook's registration problem ;Katie McCarthy, Says Hendren trial recessed when a colleague will not answer a question an gives morning wrap;Marlow Cook, Says Red River dam destroys the area, Asks Senate to cancel the dam and will wait decision after analysis;UK Engineering Dean James Funk, On coal and energy crisis and conference, and On highlights of Indiana conference;Katie McCarthy, Morning wrap on Hendren trial;Gov. Ford, Speaks to the Indiana Conference, saying coal has once in a century opportunity and Coal is best crisis solution;Farmer, Final wrap on Hendren trial;Judger Owner Seth Hancock, On Bluegrass Stakes won by Judger;Joe Jasper, Votes No on Civic Center bond sale;Pam Miller, Explains low cost housing authority;Spencer Jasper, On changes in Civic Center bonds;Gov. Ford, Speaks at Indiana Coal Conference on Coal research on hurting environment, Buy-back of facilities and Signoffs;British Consulate General Leslie Reid, On reason for royal derby visit, wants no medieval ritual and there will be no time for caves;Fred Dollenback, On success of bike-a-thon;Ex VP of Indiana Coal Miners Louis Hunter, On mining group problems and mine closings;Delta Market Mgr. Charles Poulton, On new flight from Lexington to Atlanta;Jennie Bryant, On work on Pralltown project and On future of the project;Thomas Dupree, Says Civic Center will pay for itself, interest rates are up and gives estimate of interest rate;John Meyers, On housing coalition meeting;Judge L.T.Grant, On purpose of day of prayer and its activities;Jay Coberly, On money available for raise, Service at hospitals curtailed, Hopeful as talks resume and Situation at hospitals on 30th day of the strike(P.T.: 46 min)1974 April-MayOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette951Content Notes:Missing TitleJake Graves, On sale of Civic Center bonds;Mayor Pettit, On additional manpower planner;Ashland Oil's Harry Wylie, On reduced price of Ashland gas;Judge Park, On improvements in court system;UK Law Dean George Hardy, On Watergate and reaffirming faith and On Judicial reform;Katie McCarthy, On bidding on construction of Civic Center and conflicts of interest;Joe Catt, On kidnapping of a Lexington woman;Beverly Brown, On alcohol agencies conference in Fayette County;Mayor Pettit, Budget message calls for no new policemen, more traffic staff and no pay increases;Scotty Baesler, On reaction to the budget ;Bill Hoskins, Reaction to the budget message;Mayor Pettit, Budget message includes no broad tax increase. How to collect Bluegrass Army Depot payroll tax and Property tax;Marshall Hartman, Makes public defenders conference address;Richard Frymire, Gives welcome to Kentucky for Princess;Bill Ward, Says right turn on red light now allowed by state statute;O.M. Travis, On Black firefighter program on Channel 62;Lord Snowdon, Responds to allegations of marriage rift;Mayor Pettit, Presents gifts to Princess Margaret;Mayor Pettit, Tells why pictures were gift to Princess;Willam Bonhert, Says Blackburn allegations are serious;Charles Holmes, On investigation of drug charges at Blackburn;Richard DeCamp, Purpose of downtown horse races;Blackburn Supt. William Bonhert, Does not believe drug charges, Says there is no conspiracy and will take severe action;Student Ray Angel, Announces junior achievement award;Lord Snowdon, Says there is no difference being married to a royal and will make no more photographing scoops;Mason's Ben Brewer, On purpose of new Masonic Temple and Features of the new Temple;Richard DeCamp, On success of downtown horse races;Mrs. Billye Pope, Says she is optimistic about professional negotiation request;Mayor Pettit, Says Newtown Extension and Irishtown preservation are both possible;Social Worker Sharon Greene, Says threat of Newtown Pike extension has caused Irishtown deterioration;Mrs. Billye Pope, On bargaining rights for teachers;Guy Potts, Says no plan to reduce positions until 1975-76 year and Raises will be negligible;James Barlow, On policy for teacher input in lieu of professional negotiations;Otis Singletary, On 1974-75 UK budget;Albert Clay, On Commonwealth life contract;William T. Jones, On Transit Authority asking for $85,000 more to make up deficit;Michael Moloney, Says why he opposes Newtown Pike Extension and says whole project should be scrapped;Paul Rose, On ordinance to ban Go-go girls from shopping centers;Chief Shaeffer, Says new communications are most advanced, there will be no more maintenance costs and safety will be greater;District Highway Eng. Russell Johnson, On public hearings on Newtown and Makes environmental impact statement;Eugene Siler, On indictments of Newport police;Eugene Siler, Says prominent Cincinnati resident to testify and did not reveal origin of protest;KY Assoc. of LP Nurses Pres. Agnes Stubbs, On shortage of LPN's and On wage scale for nurses;Tony Curtsinger, On Liberty Road sewer meeting;Phillip Morris VP Fred Steffan, On opening of Nicholasville paper plant;Marlow Cook, Says country is agonizing and celebrating, Says people should read transcripts of the Nixon hearings and talks about the impact of the press;KU Spokesman George Lamason, Says there will be no rate increase;Transylvania Pres. Irwin Lunger, Expresses thanks to alumni;George Greene, Reads citation to J. Douglas Gay for receiving Transylvania Medallion;Otis Singletary, On family practice building dedication(P.T.: 30 min)1974 MayOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette952Content Notes:Missing TitleOtis Singletary, At UK Commencement says low-cost higher education has problems and higher education is an American dream;Gov Ford, Reacts to Senator's call for his resignation;Gov Ford, At dedication of UK Family practice building;Edwin Elliott, On postal rates and service;Kerry Davis, Says National Law Enforcement Week displays are at Fayette Mall;Gov. Ford, Says Watergate always was an issue and Energy plant is in planning stage;Gov. Ford, Says response to his campaign is good and Says Cook's resignation statement was campaign hyperbole;Mayor Pettit, On city audit and the high balance of funds and says balance will not affect property tax;Mayor Pettit, Says Youth Program Director is appointed and other counties are involved;David Patterson, On cost of parking at Civic Center;Mayor Pettit, On Civic Center parking;Edwin Elliot, On postal revenues;Mayor Pettit, Explains advantages of raising rent ceiling in public housing;AAA Director Gene Weinman, Says mountain parkway counties have speed traps;H.J. Hagler, Reacts to urban renewal budget cut;William Patterson, Reacts to urban renewal budget cut;L.R. Cooke, Jr., Reacts to urban renewal budget cut;Jenny Bryant, Reacts to urban renewal budget cut;Bill Ward, On shotguns and home fleet plan;Chief Shaeffer, On need for more police shotguns;Jeff Loane, On need to classify grant employees;Clarence Galla, On method of postal financial operation and Says rate increase necessary;Housing Authority Chrm. Robert Brown, Cites letter criticizing Herald Leader editorial on heating and circulation policy;Housing Authority Exec. Dir. Leo Hunt, Does not favor hearing officers handling tenant grievances;Detective James Latimer, On shooting at Jennifer Court which left one man dead and two men charged;KY Registry of Election Financing Dir. K.P. Vensel, Asks if Breckinridge contacted his office on the form being delinquent;Pam Miller, Spoke to Lions Club on effort to learn of Rosemont decision, On why she was opposed to Rosemont Extension and Says Council is a group of honest politicians;Pam Miller, Speech to Lions Club also said there was a misunderstanding of services under merger;Water Company's Gerald Smith, On leaving his position, Says Lexington is a united community and Discusses water supply;Bank of Lex VP George Eiche, On prime lending rate and mortgage loans;Rotary Club's Bill Roberson, Explains the All-Scholastic team and Gives Milward Award to Hubert Martin;Jennie Bryant, On Main Street delay in materials and Says need funds for Pralltown;Breckinridge Aide Bob Amato, Says Breckinridge will sue for release of impounded funds;Julian Carroll, On impeachment(P.T.: 33 min)1974 MayOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette953Content Notes:Missing TitleMayor Pettit, On funding Manchester Center and on Money for transit authority;John Breckinridge, On his voting record, Endorsements and Confidence in judiciary committee;Guy Potts, Responds to threat alleged by Pope;Billye Pope, Says teachers fear intimidation if they complain and also fear punishment;Julian Carroll, On prisons, will support Ford for Senate and asks Will Ford support you?;William Bonhert, Asks what happens to waivers from Better Business Bureau;VA Hospital Adm. Howard Lindell, On alcohol and drugs conference;Billye Pope, Is not opposed to forum and will continue to seek professional negotiation;Urban Renewal Chrm. William Patterson, On problem with one Vine Square project;Developer David Warner, Says developers are strong and ready;Mayor Pettit, City guarantees money to urban renewal if Feds do not fund it;Judge Stephens, On new traffic school, Judge Gudgel, On new traffic school;Jerry Miller, On need for re-educating drivers;Jennie Bryant, On urban renewal property bids for Vine southeastern property;Billye Pope, Results of teacher survey on professional negotiations;James Barlow, On sale of Jefferson Davis School to UK;Robert Landrum, On his telegram to Breckinridge and Says Breckinridge knows the law;William Jones, On budget and council, On deficit estimates and Says bus ridership was up in April;William Jones, On new Union contract for one year and new contracts to cost $700.000;Bill Pollard, Says Lexington transportation commission will ask Council to take a stand on Newtown Pike Extension;Jim Parsons, Says manpower money less than thought;Transy Student John Mayou, Presents Transy's Outstanding Faculty Award to Charles Haggard;Gov Ford, Gives reasons for halting Newtown Pike Extension and explains why the Govt to People Program;Gov Ford, On Rosemont Garden Extension and Reorganization of State Govt;Pam Miller, On Gray meeting and Rosemont Extension;Jack Hall, Says Mormons get go-ahead to build center and estimates delay on Rosemont Extension;International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Charles Salyer, When going back to work, Benefits from Square D Company and Cost of living increase;James Barlow, Speaks at Rotary Club on Fayette County and the NEA and On collective bargaining;Mayor Petit;On need for ten more people on planning staff;Scotty Baesler, Says Dupree proposal represents community development and expresses hope for more;Mayor Pettit, On Palumbo Drive ;Carol Mayfield, On a workable program for HUD money;David Peterson, On bid evaluation (Phase 1) and why phase was bid twice;Gov Ford, Says State to build Horse Park, On selling revenue bonds and Reviewed the history of the development of the Horse Park project;John Breckinridge, Comments on charge by Landrum(P.T.: 34 min)1974 May-JuneOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette954Content Notes:Missing TitleWilliam Bonhert, Reaction to report by KY State Police;Dr. John Trevey, Predicts light voter turnout;Don Webb, Predicts light voter turnout;Charles Baesler, Says no change in voting machine process and No mix-up expected with voting machines;Tommy Preston, Governor cancels Cumberland chairlift;Katie McCarthy, On Metro Council work session on EPA and landfill;Bill Hoskins, On new Metro landfill contract proposal;Mayor Pettit, On new Metro landfill proposal;John Breckinridge, Reaction to Primary win, Issues and Watergate effect on race;Thomas Rogers, III, Reaction to GOP Primary win;Charles Holmes, Reaction to Blackburn report;Project Director, Vincent Sayre, Asks why is KY in favor of recreation vehicle accident study, Funding and Geographical scope;Frank Ciego, Reacts to Lions Club Most Valuable Member Award;Sam Hunt, Presents Lions Club Most Valuable Member Award;Archie Levell, On purpose of summer employment program;Rep. Steve Beshear, On support for professional Negro teachers;Sen. Joe Graves, On support for professional Negro teachers;Joe Jasper, On suit against Civic Center bonds;Council Don Blevins, Against adding additional Blacks to Fire Dept;Jack Hall, Says in favor of adding Blacks to Fire Dept;Consulting Engineer George Ely, Asks why bids on Eastern Interceptor sewer project, Phase 1-A are higher than estimate;Urban League Officer Ronald Brown, Comments at local Urban League dinner;Board Chrm .of Gannett Newspapers Paul Miller, Speaks on less government control at Transylvania Commencement;Gov Ford, Favors impeachment of Nixon;Gov Ford, Why he is running for U.S. Senate (on Meet the Press);James Barlow, Asks media to note staff accomplishments rather than F.C.E.A. fight;Jay Jordan, Reads statement of professional education group in support of school board in fight with F.C.E.A.;FCEA President Sharon Butler, Seeks bargaining rights and an election;Mayor Pettit, Comments on dismissal of Jasper suit after agreement on bonds;Consulting Eng. E.B. Ray, On potential costumers energy plant, Increased cost of project and Reasons for increased cost;William Hoskins, On new energy plant;Local GOP Chrm. Dr. John Trevey, Resigns and speaks on future of GOP locally, GOP in November elections and Results of Watergate;Director of Colored Neighborhood Organization, William Bingham, Jr., Says happy with new Black firemen and doesn't like two votes against them;Mayor Petit, On extending deadline for capital improvements budget;Pres. of local Rotary Club Len Paulson, Announces award of President's Cup to Bart Peak;Bart peak, Responds to award;Consulting Eng. Helm Roberts, On Kincaid parking proposal and On Spring Street parking proposal;Lex-Tran Dir. Roberts, On problems with shuttle bus system for Civic Center parking;Jay Coberley, On latest ARH strike proposal and Reasons for ARH change in position;Steelworker Edgel Hutchinson, Gives objections to ARH proposal, says no bargaining election and will negotiate;Joe Jasper, Reacts to latest dismissal;William Jolley, Explains lawsuit and what he seeks;Thomas Rogers, III, Reacts to news of lawsuit;Consulting Eng. Adrian Gammill, On when energy plant will be ready and Garbage should be plentiful to run energy plant;O.M. Travis, Says energy plant consideration should not be rushed;William Ward, Says haste in energy plant development vote(P.T.: 33 min)1974 JuneOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette955Content Notes:Missing TitleBill Ward, On traffic and zone change on Richmond Road at New Circle;Mayor Pettit and Joe Jasper, On delay of ordinance on electronic surveillance;Chief Shaeffer, Says he made an error when he said Council had considered purchase of surveillance equipment;Don Webb, On Democratic telethon, Fayette County money goal and KY to get some telethon money;Julian Carroll, On Red River dam study, Energy and quality of life and need for sound environmental policy;Julian Carroll, Says should guard against false security about energy and Action of Council to look at Red River dam project;Joe Scheckman, On ridership on crosstown bus;Asst Chief Lawrence Scott, On fire at Fourth Street and Newton Pike;Kenny Harrison, On how fire started and On equipment destroyed;Hoot Combs, On additions to electronic surveillance ordinance asked by police;Scotty Baesler, On partial services districts;Mayor Pettit, On partial services districts;Joseph Switzer, On why he is resigning from Old Home;Mayor Pettit, Suggests committee to study magistrate requests;Magistrate Prather Walker, Says upgrade magistrate's offices or close them down;Mayor Pettit, Firemen's Ordinance will not cut benefits;Pres. Local Fraternal Order of Firemen Bill Lilly, F.O.F. sex ordinance circumvents state statute;Marlow Cook, Says the more judicial committee horses are around the longer they'll be in disrepute, People are concerned about Congress not balancing the budget and Tax cut will be debated all summer;Judge Stephens, Gives purpose of fiscal court meeting;Bill Lilly, Considering legal action on firemen pay ordinance and No work stoppage planned;Robert Vice, Describes hold-up at Griffin's Market;Rev. H.H. Green, Gives CALF request to Metro Council;Mayor Pettit, Comments on property tax cut;Don Blevins, Says property tax cut is tokenism;Pete Manchikes, Supports Housing Aid Corp. request;Firefighter Attorney John F. Stewart, Says happy with hearing even though temporary injunction not granted in fire pay case;School Board member Ann Ross, Studying FCEA controversy and Says common goal needed for quality education;Judge Stephens, On Civic Center groundbreaking;Mayor Pettit, On Civic Center groundbreaking;Gov Ford, On Civic Center groundbreaking;Sgt. E.S. Thomason, On Burglary Prevention Week and How to schedule a home security check;Joe Catt, Describes first reports of fatal accident on Tates Creek Road;Jane Chasteen. Employee describes armed robbery at Welch's One Hour Cleaners on Short Street;Mayor Pettit, On resolution at Mayor's Conference in San Diego that would require agencies to withhold from employees for local taxes and On visit to San Diego Planning Office;Larry Parks, Says not competing with any agency, Says tenant services a spin-off of housing aid and Council Committee is studying duplication of services;Chief Shaeffer, Presents Citizen Award to Motorola employee Rick Botos;Jim Host, On restoration plans for Mary Todd Lincoln House and Horse Farm;Damon Harris, Says there will be spot shortages of gas this summer and Gas prices should stabilize;Pam Miller, Says tax cut not significant;Scotty Baesler, Says tax cut is less than 1";Bill Hoskins, Says Council not pressuring Center Board;Scotty Baesler, Says no rift in Council;Bill Ward, Says no rift in Council;Scotty Baesler, Says extending the term of the Chief Administrative Officer is not a violation of the Merger Charter(P.T.: 36 min)1974 June-JulyOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette956Content Notes:Missing TitleJoe Jasper, Says usury tax needed for Eastern Interceptor and Hire Sykes as permanent CAO for one year;Spencer Harper, On new land evaluation needed before construction of Elizabeth Street sewer project;Mayor Pettit, Commend s Council for budget work;Metro Narc Detective Mike Delaney, Says $30,000 (street value) worth of drugs recovered;Helm Roberts, Says first choice for Civic Center parking location is Spring Street site;Architect Terry Coleman, Plan for renovation of old L & N depot;Helm Roberts, Says need to look at cost factor before recommending Civic Center parking site;Don Webb, Asks where democratic telethon money is going and Gives reaction to Democratic telethon;William McCarthy, Tells of man's murder and Asks how many time he was shot;Chamber of Commerce Pres-Elect Bruce Cotton, Announces Lexline and Announces stay in another day program;Chamber of Commerce Pres. Herbert Sledd, Gives international travel plan for Fayette County;Henri Mancheot, On purpose of public hearing and Emphasis on juvenile delinquency;Henri Mancheot, Says juvenile workers misunderstanding each other and On national criminal justice emphasis;Don Blevins, Asks if CAO Search Committee feels rushed after six months on the job and The kind of man sought as CAO;Marlow Cook, Speaks to Kiwanians and answers charges that he is out of touch, Says GOP not responsible for Watergate and If impeachment is voted he will stay in Washington instead of campaigning;Cook, Spoke to Kiwanians that he opposed raising national debt ceiling. was against veto-proof Congress and Is not a member of the Administration;Chuck Schruggs, On purpose of Bluegrass consortium Advisory Board;Lewis Shew, On results of industry survey in Lexington;Jim Parsons, On purpose of summer youth employment program;Mayor Petit, On manpower training consortium's new approach to manpower training;Don Stephens, Gives statement after interviewing eight CAO candidates, Describes new steps in CAO selection and Says is happy with CAO applicants' qualifications;Joe Catt, Says KY fireworks statute to be enforced;John Dennis, Describes attempted robbery at his bookstore;Mrs. Mary Stewart, On first Gainesway bike parade and How unusual it was;John Hines, Describes manslaughter investigation of death of Burke;FCEA Pres. Sharon Butler, Says teachers are unhappy with grading policy change, Says there was not teacher input to plan;Tom Dunn, Explains grading policy change and Explains reason behind six-week interim reports;Don Blevins, Says Council is leaning toward lump sum raise for Metro employees;Herbert Sledd, On why Chamber of Commerce instituted carpooling;Anthony Orlando, Says individual privacy protected on carpool questionnaire;Carpool Program Director John Gallaher, Explains how carpool system will work;Garvis Kincaid, Suggests urban renewal take block of Main Street across from Courthouse as downtown park;Fireman C.V. Miller, Says there is no work slowdown by firemen and Reads statement to the Council;George Aly, Says Eastern Interceptor sewer project on tight schedule following Council postponement of action;Marlk Klethker, On pamphlet on tenant rights;J.T. Begley, Says there are no criminal penalties under landlord tenant act;Barrfy Donaldson, Explains Phase Two of tenant rights education program;Mayor Pettit, Proclaims Action Auction Week;Joe Jasper, Favors renewal of Broadway between Vine and Church Streets for Civic Center parking;Don Blevins, Says CAO candidates are concerned about erosion of downtown Lexington;Mayor Pettit, Tells Rotary Club that CAO should be chosen in three weeks, Explains appropriations in Urban County budget and Says commissioners to be chosen;Bob Gibson, Takes regional approach to disaster planning;Col. John Ahern, Criticizes State actions on April 3rd;Rosetta Lucas, Says to quit putting off action on Pralltown improvements;Don Blevins, Should give Council members time to study ordinances if asked for;Joe Jasper, Tells Council why Sunshine Law is needed;Bill Bingham, Tells Council to renovate Pralltown for those who want to stay;Dr. David Heydineer, Asks workers to go back to work during talks with steelworkers and Asks if there is no settlement will others be hired to replace strikers(P.T.: 41 min)1974 JulyOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1057Content Notes:Missing TitleJames Barlow, Why he changed his vote to No on board open-meetings policy;Mary Ann Burdette, Says noise not excessive at Cassidy School because of cooling tower;James Ishmael, Says lunch prices in schools are on the way up;Director of Tourism Norman Tice, Explains questionnaire compiled by Commission;Jim Host, On Survey by University of Tennessee on Fayette County tourism;Director of Chamber of Commerce Tourists Bureau Bruce Hinton, Says French TV is doing a feature on Central Kentucky;Joe Schleckman, Says bus ridership was up 26" in June;William Jones, Says new buses will allow more charters and Says comments about Lex-Tran are favorable;Richard R. Hornbeak, Announces closing of International Paper's Versailles plant;William Pollard, On what Newtown Pike Extension neighbors say they want;Joe Hydenright, Says Main Street renewal project should last until Thanksgiving;Chester Hager, Says bone found at Civic Center site thought to be animal's and Tells about being called;Dr. Phillip Weiler, Announces new test for foodhandlers and Tells where concept for the test came from;Ray Overstreet, Says open-meetings law is example of hypocrisy in State Legislature;Jim Host, Says the press is not out to get agencies;Overstreet, Says open meetings are a Christmas package with nothing in it;Mayor Pettit, Announces Council meeting to study Urban Renewal coordination;Tony Curtsinger, On status of CAO search;Mayor Pettit, Objects to open meetings ordinance;Tony Curtsinger, Gives reason for re-bidding police for Pralltown;Bill Crey, On Pralltown complaints;Bill Hoskins, Explains Council Sunshine Law;Doc Ferrell and William Jackson, On retaining sound specialist for Arena sound system;State Parks Comm. Ewart Johnson, Cites progress on new State Horse Park and Describes what will be in the Park;Mayor Pettit, An open-meetings ordinance would insult agencies and commissions;Joe Jasper, Says most agencies and commissions sit until 1877;Robert Finn, Makes motion to table open-meetings ordinance;Don Bevins, Tells what has happened since last Operations Committee hearing on pay raises for Metro employees and Says several proposals for pay raise being considered;Bill Boren, Tells where Bluegrass Fair proceeds go and Of the planning of the Fair;Guy Potts, Tells, why CPA would run Forum of representatives election, Expects objections to Board vote not to discuss provision and Feels that the fact that he wrote Forum guidelines could cause criticism;FCEA Pres. Sharon Butler, Says Forum not acceptable alternative to professional negotiations and Calls Potts guidelines administrative verbage;Mayor Pettit, Announce boat regatta Sunday at Jacobson Park;Marlow Cook, Says there are gross errors in Red River Dam environmental impact statement, Says what people at Bluegrass Fair are telling him and Attacks 10-million dollar surplus vs. Ford's tax stand;E.B. Ray, Says Solid Waste Comm. needs to work on contracts with industries for energy plant steam;Hunt Perkins, Two residents on Leestown Road suggested sanitary landfills not feasible;Foster Ackerman, Describes time lag between ordering new buses and delivery and Cites the need of new buses to increase service;Joseph Schleckman, Says ten new buses would help to provide services to groups;Scotty Baesler, Suggests some areas for Downtown Comm. study and Says will not ask Urban Renewal to stop but hopes it will;Austin Simms, Says new security force is not nightwatchmen, Describes composition of the force and Says first housing project to try to have own police force;John Drake, Asks for firemen collective bargaining meeting;Scotty Baesler;Says Council should wait to meet until Mayor returns from vacation;Jas Sekon, Says sub-committee on tourism should have major impact;Scotty Baesler and Jack Hall, Suggest a committee to negotiate landfill contract;Dick Kaufman, On schedule for Civic Center construction;Charles Curtis, Describes on-site Civic Center work;Pam Miller, Cites Elizabeth Street progress and Says sewer priority list is beneficial;Scotty Baesler, Mentions possible tax rates for partial services district street lights and garbage, Says next partial services district committee meeting on August 6th and Says private garbage collection possible;Bart Peak, Says the re-surfacing of roads should not be political;Tony Curtsinger, Says shotguns for police delay a mix-up;William McCarthy, Describes Joseph Haskins shooting;Neilan Thurman, Talks about this year's goals of United Way;John McDonald, Announces United Way goal and Tells how the goal was derived(P.T.: 39 min)1974 July-SeptemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1058Content Notes:Missing TitleMarlow Cook, Says Bluegrass Army Depot not being closed;FCI Warden Lawrence Grosman, Says Kerner will be asset to Fayette County and Tells of receiving process Kerner is going through;Don Blevins, Moves to have Operations Comm. recommend 360-a-year pay raise for civil servants;Scotty Baesler, Says update study on Bluegrass disposal plant needed;Earl S. Wilson, Describes lease-purchase proposal for disposal plant;Scotty Baesler, Says may need more time to study open-meeting ordinance;Joe Jasper, Thinks open meetings problem has had enough study;Jack Hall, Comments on the new landfill contract;Don Blevins and Jim Host, Tell why a resolution is needed from Council on Manager for the Civic Center;Harry Marsh, Says there is improper treatment at Monticello sewer plant;Paul Holleran, Wants legal action against Monticello sewer plant;Dr. Irene Reckel, Describes blood-drawing vehicle, Says first of its type in KY and Says Blood Center is trying to finance it through private funds;Dee Huddleston, On disaster relief fund regulation;Scotty Baesler, On first Downtown Commission meeting;Connie Lackedy, Describes local water supply problem in Southeast Lexington;Acting CAO Harry Sykes, Waiting to see if Council will offer him another post after new CAO is selected;Mayor Pettit, Opposes collective bargaining for any public employees;Don Blevins, Announces new CAO is Dean D. Hunter;Fireman John Drake, Asks that committee be appointed to negotiate contract with firemen;Mayor Pettit, Replies to this request;William Drake, Asks question about request rejection;Mayor Pettit, Gives remarks about new 5-year capital expenditure budget;Pat McClure, Speaks on behalf of keeping Harry Sykes as CAO;Jas Sekon, Cites purpose of Subcommittee on Industry and The purpose of the Subcommittee on tourism;Robert Whitaker, Tells what matching grant state tourism money can be used for;William Bonhert, Announces he is being replaced at Blackburn, Gives Sowders' background and Speaks on future for Bonhert;Larry Hopkins, Says Governor's surplus allocations are an abuse of power, Inquires into allocations underway and Says there are constitutional implications of allocations;Larry Hopkins, Calls on Lt. Gov. Carroll to take a position on surplus revenue allocations;Scotty Baesler, On why he made the trip to Frankfort to talk with State Health Dept officials and Says he hopes Health Dept. will be more demonstrative than advisory;Richard Mason, Says NEA and APTA have abandoned professional educators;Mason, On the purpose of the National Association of Professional Educators' Convention in Lexington;Scotty Baesler, On garbage tax rate for partial services districts and On the Possibility of rural refuse collection service;Dee Huddleston, On breakfast at economic summit and Says Nixon should resign;William Jones, Answers the question: Will new buses decrease or increase government subsidies?;Ted Osborne, Says willing to make repairs on his Monticello Sewer plant ordered by the Health Dept;Shirley Ayers, Accuses Health Dept of letting tap-ons slip through during the ban on Monticello plant;Harry Marsh, Responds to Ayers' accusation;Gov. Ford, Says Red River Gorge scenic beauty not harmed by the dam and Says Cook's stand against the dam is political;Gov. Ford, Says Red River dam needed and Elvin Starr used to support but now opposes the dam;Dean Hunter, Wants public employees to advance, Says Commission is being selected on a high priority and Speak on collective bargaining for public employees ;Ron Meredith, Speaks on resignation of Nixon and effect on Marlow Cook and Says Cook saw Nixon prior to his resignation;Edgel Hutchinson, Says talks broken off with highway contractors;Larry Hopkins, Reaction to Nixon's resignation address;Joe Graves, Reactions to Nixon's address;Jim Host, Reaction to Nixon's address;Dee Huddleston, Reaction to Nixon's address;Dr, John Trevey, Says Nixon's resignation should have positive effect on the Republican Party;Dr. Bradley Canon, Thinks impeachment proceeding should and will cease;Louie Nunn, Says he will not turn back on Nixon, Recalls Nixon's accomplishments and Says Nixon refuses to throw himself at mercy of Congress;Charles Coy, On obligation of Congress and the Court;Marlow Cook, Says Congress should grant Nixon immunity;Gov. Ford, Calls for prayers for the new President;Mayor Pettit and Joe Jasper, On motion to recognize firemen as collective bargaining agents;Don Blevins, Explains why he seconded motion on firefighters;John Drake, Statement after Council voted down recognition;Red Smith, Says when it was decided to set up picket line;Fireman Sullivan, When decided to set pickets;Mayor Pettit, Reacts to pickets and Says firemen want a union, not a discussion of problems(P.T.: 50 min)1974 AugustOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1059Content Notes:Missing TitleLen Shraderm, Cites KU experiments with Electruk;Richard Mason, On NAPE membership plans, Reaction to Nixon's resignation and Opposes national bill on agency shop;Charles Haywood, Says new president means new start on economic problems;John Drake, Tells Mayor he wants any promises about firefighters in writing;Picketing Fireman, Says he has heard talk of work stoppage at the Civic Center;John Drake, Tells what he has heard about work stoppage at the Civic Center;Guy Potts, On why the budget calls for 7" salary increase, Says FCEA want larger increase and Why there is a public hearing on the budget;Firefighter Jim Craig, Says picketing being suspended as show of good faith;Mayor Pettit, Says meeting with firemen not a bargaining session and Will meet with Fireman President Richard Wilson this afternoon;Mayor Pettit, Cites questions involved in meeting with firemen;Joe Jasper, Gives reaction to meeting with firemen;Richard Wilson, Gives reaction to meeting with Mayor;Richard Wilson, Says pickets have returned;Mayor Pettit, Hopes for compromise on police force for housing project;Charles Ransdell, Gives Metro police plans for increasing patrols in housing project;Austin Simms, Says residents in housing project are scared after dark;Dr. Franklin Moosnick, Talks about main concern of medical profession in cardiac equipment for first aid;Pat Molley, Explains use of $72,000 of Federal grant money and Says two part-time prosecutors will be eliminated;Richard Wilson, Will discuss issues other than collective bargaining;Mayor Pettit, Says firemen should try discussions before asking for union recognition as bargaining agent;Marry Morhanroth, Says firemen want a say in their future;Mayor Pettit, Announces public meeting for Elizabeth Street sewer project calling it a historic moment;Mayor Pettit, Names new position for Harry Sykes and Why the position is such a secret;Joe Jasper, Will support amended open-meetings ordinance;Mayor Pettit, On jail construction supervision and Explains open meetings change;Spencer Harper, Describes procedure on Elizabeth Street project;Karim Akles, Describes armed robbery at his store;George Mills, Recommends action on One Vine Street;William Patterson, On recommendation on what to do about Hotel Lexington;Earl McDaniel, On situation at firehouse as 77 fireman call in sick;Bob Young, On purpose of Jaycee Cycle for Mankind and Says this cycle is a first;Mayor Pettit, Says he will make all fourteen miles of Cycle for Mankind, Reacts to firemen sick-out and Is asked if any action is being taken;Sharon Butler, Says FCEA to have Forum Guideline position meeting and Cites objections to Forum Guidelines;John Drake, Asks question: Will not amnesty affect scheduled talks?;Ronald Walker, Why asking for amnesty?;Mayor Pettit, Says there is no guarantee of amnesty at this time;E,B. Ray, On progress on energy plant;Robert Finn, Says site selection for energy plant should come in September;Logan Gray, On types of work to be done at Bluegrass Field with money from Federal grant;M.C. Miller, Says firemen to strike at Noon Tuesday if not recognized to bargain collectively;Dr. Broadus, On resolution for co-op planning in Russell School area with Urban County government;Guy Potts, On bus driver shortage with school opening one week away and On salary increases and property assessments;Earl McDaniel, Plans to continue fire protection in event of a strike and Says firemen to ignore court order and strike;Joe Catt, On police mobilization to protect fire station;Earl McDaniel, Says men are back on the job;Mayor Pettit, Announces firemen vote to stop strike;Joseph Schleckman, Says bus ridership and Gives reasons for rider increase;Jerry Walsh, On Arthritis Foundation Forum;Don Rooks, Says Lexington man appointed trustee of Sports Inc. in KY;Scotty Baesler, Reviews meeting of Urban Development Commission, Says much gained from discussions, Announces next meeting and Says decision will be announced to full Council soon;Judy Carter, On statement from John Breckinridge on Maryland Tobacco Bill passage;Mayor Pettit, Says proposal is in works in lieu of negotiating with firemen;William Hoskins, Cites Helm Roberts' reports on Civic Center parking and On use of Eminent Domain;Mayor Pettit, On use of Eminent Domain;Mayor Pettit, On vote of Council on Grievance Committee consideration;Jack Hall Suggests grievance committee;Theodore Howard, Wants comparison of 77" fireman pay increase with increases of other City employees;Mayor Pettit and Howard, On firemen's raise;Scotty Baesler, Wants study of all employee pay increases;Joe Jasper, Makes proposed amendment to his open-meeting ordinance (It failed);Don Blevins, Calls Jasper amendment overkill;Jerry Risquillah, Describes armed robbery at J &R Market and Describes the robber;DeWitt Hisle, Says Civic Center Manager should be announced by the first of the year(P.T.: 32 min)1974 August-SeptemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1060Content Notes:Missing TitleJerry Herndon, Describes work on Opera House, Charles Curtis, Says work at Civic Center on schedule for steel;Anne Brewer, Asks kindergarten candidate to stay home until notified;Logray Gray, Describes process on Bluegrass Airport terminal after bids are opened and Describes the new terminal building;Burtis Franklin, Gives plans to work on junior high and high school truancy as school year begins and Says attendance drops in conflict with outsiders opinions;Elijah Hooge, List duties of Lexington's William Mathews, Jr., as a trustee of Emprise;Chester Hager, Describes fatal accident on Russell Cave Road;Chief Shaeffer, Sys he is withdrawing his name form consideration for Seattle job, Tells why he is staying in Lexington and Says he was never really serious about the Seattle job;Dr. Phillip Weiler, On advantages of multi-county health dept.;Weiler and Curtsinger, On health district;Dick DeCamp, Says Council support needed for State grant for branch library on Tates Creek;Leonard Hunt, Cites need for independent police at housing areas;Austin Simms, Says police are insufficient and an independent force is necessary at housing areas;Chief Shaeffer, Says why he opposes housing authority police--thinks residents will open up to them;Pam Miller and O.M. Travis, Miller opposes housing police force and Travis favors it;Joe Catt, Tells how often guns are to be destroyed and Where they came from;Teamster Union Local Pres. Ken Silver, On contract for bottler and service employees at Pepsi and Pepsi truck drivers contract;Col. John Dennington, Plans no changes at Army Depot after a month on the job as commander and Says depot work is not as high in volume since end of Vietnam war;Hekm Roberts, On committee recommendation on downtown parking for Civic Center;Mayor Pettit, Describes parking committee recommendation and What further action is necessary;William Lucas, Criticizes Urban Renewal and local government (big brother);Mayor Pettit, On downtown Lexington committee report;Mayor Pettit, Says government money should prime pump of urban development, but not be the majority;Fred Luigart, Sr., Proposes a downtown development foundation;Kirk Seaburger, Says possible suspect in bank robbery entered Larosa's Restaurant in Woodhill for about ten minutes;A Richmond Policeman, Says men questioned about bank robbery have been released;Mrs. Charles Rutherford, Says she saw bandit just before robbery;Harold Lamb, Also saw bandit;Mayor Pettit, On suggested police/fire grievance committee;Firefighter Internat'l Rep Michael Lass, Says negotiating committee does not support Mayor Pettit's suggestion;Joseph Schleckman, Describes facilities at new bus station dedicated today;Mayor Pettit, Speaking at dedication calls bus system an essential service;Councilman O.M. Travis, Urges study of further consolidation of Metro Dept.;Councilman Paul Rose,, Explains proposed consolidation;Vice Mayor Scotty Baesler, Appoints a Council grievance committee;Mayor Pettit, On vote on renaming Tiverton Way as Man O' War Boulevard;William Cecil, On interview with E.V.H. on retiring as Postmaster;John Miller, On being named new Postmaster and Comments on Nandino Drive facility;Comprehensive Care Center Director Dr. Nat Sandler, Reads proclamation naming Mrs. Weldon Shouse the Annual Citizen Award winner;Dorothy Miller, Cites Mrs. Shouse's civic accomplishments;Mrs. Weldon Shouse, Reacts to award with praise for work of the Comp. Care Center;Urban Renewal Director Jennie Bryant, Says Urban Renewal Board accepts development project of Webb's for Broadway and Vine Streets;Bill Holcom, On pension plan through State for Metro employees;Michael Lass, Reads proposal to Council for collective bargaining for firemen;Mayor Pettit and Michael Lass, On the Mayor's proposal for a grievance committee(P.T.: 32 min)1974 SeptemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1061Content Notes:Missing TitleMichael Lass, and Mayor Pettit, On firemen's counter-proposal to Mayor proposal for grievance committee;Robert Goss, Describes armed robbery at Johnson's Gulf Station at Newtown Pike and I-75/I-64;Roman Boruta, On new Clark Equipment Company plant at Georgetown;Ed Hahn, Will collect ad valorem taxes in Fayette County;Gov. Ford, On administration's inflation fight, On critical issues of the country and on Marlow Cook using young people on Red River Gorge issue;Tony Curtsinger, Defends home fleet plan;Chief Shaeffer, On suggested changes in home fleet plan in a twelve-month study;Scotty Baesler, Questions crime statistics used in home fleet study and opposes expansion of program;Mayor Pettit, Says Sykes to stay on to assist Dean Hunter in transition and Sykes has applied for Citizen's Advocate position;Mayor Pettit, Says Council should not make judgment on merits of case in KU rate increase but should only determine if Urban County Legal Dept should join with State in appeal of increase;Scotty Baesler. On magnitude of the KU rate increase;Mayor Pettit, Says what Council can do in KU rate appeal;Bill Hoskins, Says no need for separate appeal in KU rate case;George Rabe, Answers Hoskins' charge that as the attorney he overstepped his bounds in appeal of KU rate increase matter;Garvice Kincaid, Makes offer on jail bonds and Makes proposal on Pralltown;Metro Police Detective John Clark, Describes arrest of three suspects wanted on armed robbery charges in Eastern KY;Dr. Irene Roackel, Says bus system to draw blood is inefficient and Blood donors rejection rate shows economy declining (via malnutrition);Gov Ford, Reacts to suit on surplus funds;George Lamason, On KU suit on Rate increase;Gov. Ford, Accuses Marlow Cook of being behind lawsuit on surplus funds allocation;Norman Willaard, On KET's GED Series;M.M. Daneshvar, Hope to see what he and the other visitors from Iran learn in Lexington;Chester Hager, Describes fatal accident on Versailles Road near New Circle Road;Sen. Huddleston, Reaction to pardon of Nixon;Thomas Kitchen, Describes bomb found at U.N. in referring to Brown arrest and Describes penalties facing Brown;Eugene Siler, Answers question about Brown being a member of any subversive group;Thomas Dupree, Says Kincaid wants 1" commitment fee on jail bond issue;Mayor Pettit, Wants city residents to be allowed to pay transition year property tax in two installments;Jim Host, Describes accident at site of Opera House renovation;James C. Latimer, On armed robbery of $16,000 from Canteen Company;Joe Catt, On how to describe an assailant in wake of eight rapes in six days and Makes Suggestions for women out at night;Dick Kauffman, Tells what's in Phase Three of Civic Center construction and Why a pre-bid conference is being held;Mayor Pettit, Says local government is studying seeking option on Southern Railway property on Mercer Road for energy plant and On talks in Washington with Southern officials;Mayor Pettit, Says why Council is meeting at Southern Hills Methodist Church and Says there will be more meetings away from chambers;Pam Miller, Says she has heard of no controversy surrounding capital improvements;Jack Hall, Thinks there will be some changes in capital improvements budget before it is approved;O.M. Travis, On delay of action for study of more consolidation of Urban County Council departments(P.T.: 48 min)1974 SeptemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1062Content Notes:Missing TitleO. M. Travis, On why he wants delay on vote for consolidating Metro Depts;Jack Hall, On consolidation of Metro Depts in other ways;Mayor Pettit, Says consolidation ordinance should be passed;Administrative Ass't to the Mayor Cathy White, On itinerary for Adopt-A-House Day and Explains Adopt-A-House program;Sen. Tom Ward, On his Fayette County campaign, Says he did not announce campaign too early and Says unannounced opponents also campaigning;Ed West, Describes Idle Hour liquor shop hold-up;Firefighters Pres. Richard Wilson, On composition of proposed citizens committee, On action of Firefighters Association to support collective bargaining and On proposed citizens committee;L.R. Cooke, Says urban renewal should wait to hear larger proposal for East Vine and Main streets;James Archimbeault, On East Vine consortium proposal for office building;Lagrew, On 18-story condominium and the money crunch;Selective Service Head Col. Taylor Davidson, Reacts to Gov Ford's amnesty plan ;James Barlow, Suggests larger committee on discipline in schools and On Forum established;FCEA Pres. Sharon Butler, Requests collective bargaining for teachers;James Barlow, Replies to Butler's request for collective bargaining saying is disruptive in other locales;Butler, Replies to Barlow that FCEA has passed, a no-strike resolution;Rev. H.H. Green, Says discipline cannot be done completely by schools;Mayor Pettit, Tells how 14-million dollar community grant figure was derived;Housing South Dir. Leonard Hunt and Mayor Pettit, On security evaluation after increased police patrols;Lex-Tran Mgr. Joseph Schlectman, On study of routes and Says operation smooth;Draft Resister Don Pratt, Dislikes Gov Ford's offer for amnesty;Richard C. Wilson, Gives reactions to hearing on strike injunction and Wonders if strikers will ignore adverse court ruling;Gov. Ford, Says country is in recession and Talks about problems with Federal tax structure;Coordinator for People for Amnesty David Edwards, Says Gov Ford's amnesty plan is not amnesty and Calls for people to press for universal unconditional amnesty;Jack Backford, Calls for people to demand unconditional amnesty from Congress;United Way Chrm John McDonald, On United Way funds and On Inflation's pinch;Scotty Baesler, Asks what action Council will take on possible violation of Sunshine Law;Scotty Baesler, On study for sewers and Speaks on appointment of Steve Driesler as ABC Director without consulting Council;Scotty Baesler, On survey on collective bargaining for firemen and On recent reported Sunshine Law violation;Don Blevins, Says there are no action ground rules for employees who submit grievances to Council committee;Paul Rose, On purpose of community block grants and Asks what will happen to Urban Renewal Agency;Mrs. Beulah Nunn, On UK Bicentennial International Workshop;Chief Schaeffer, Tried to talk Featherstone out of his apartment and Says routine investigation into Featherstone's death will be conducted;Ass't Police Chief Morris Carter, On 21 drug arrests after a year-long investigation;Councilman Bill Ward, Calls for investigation into airport board closed meeting and contract award to second-lowest bidder;Terrance Brady, On three possible decisions on alleged civil service irregularities and Says employees are kept in the dark and fed crap;Chester Hager, Describes proceedings in making report verdict in Featherstone's death;Logan Gray, Says terminal building at Bluegrass Field is needed;Charles Curtis, Says water and sewer lines have been problems for excavation work at Civic Center and On closing Saunier Avenue behind Opera House;Lt. Gov. Julian Carroll, Speaks on national crime increase to graduates of EKU police training course;Mayor Pettit, Calls on Terrance Brady to resign as Personnel Director;Terrance Brady, Reacts to Mayor's statement;Clerk Charles Baesler, Says voter registration closes on Oct. 7 and Says branch registration offices are planned;Larry Hopkins, Says law suit does not affect Civic Center funds from State, Says Gov Ford should save money instead of spending it and On Lyman Ginger's surplus funds statement in relation to text books;Larry Hopkins, Calls for tax cut and Wants special session of Legislature for surplus allocations;Richard Wilson, Reacts to temporary injunction against firemen's strike and Hopes court would have named a commission;Michael Lass, Says firemen could strike despite court order prohibiting it;Michael Lass, Says judge's grant of ruling on injunction is not surprising and Says there is no need to delay discussions;Iris Massey, Expects good tobacco crop despite early frost and On speech to tobacco export convention;Charles Burton, Explains one-year notes for detention center and Why one-year notes were issued;Terrance Brady, Feels Civil Service Commission would give him a fair hearing despite the fact it is appointed by the Mayor and On meetings about statement with Mayor Pettit;Mayor Pettit, Gives reaction to Brady decision not to resign and On meetings about his statement which fell through;Mayor Pettit, Asks what happens if firemen go on strike and other questions;Michael Lass, Reacts to Council resolution and Says strike decision is fault of local government;Michael Lass, Tells what happened after Council refused to recognize firemen;Chief McDaniel, Asks who is manning the fire stations;Airport Board Counsel Weldon Shouse, On reason for action of Airport Board on bid and Says there is no conflict of interest concerning Board banker;Chief McDaniel, Discusses situation at fire stations(P.T.: 32 min)1974 September-OctoberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1063Content Notes:Missing TitleSchool Board Candidate Robert Jefferson, Gives brief platform statement including collective bargaining stand and Says system needs an aggressive board;Firemen Information Officer Calvin Powell, Gives statement on fire station situation and On the need for bargaining one day after strike began;Chief McDaniel, Says situation is in hand;Fire Marshall Tom Parkler, Says everything under control in fire protection involving schools;Scotty Baesler, Says firemen talks are confidential, Says fire protection adequate and Says government is in constant communication with firefighters;Scotty Baesler, Says school protection is okay;Chief McDaniel, Says help pledged from other communities in fighting fires and gives status of emergency aid;Chief McDaniel, On general public reaction to strike and Says there were six false alarms Tuesday night;Jesse Steele, Says other workers vote not to honor firemen's picket lines at Detention Center and Civic Center construction sites;Gov. Ford, On letter from Judge Stephens, On surplus fund suit and Says he is prepared for hearing on Friday;Chief Shaeffer, Reacts to F.O.P. vote to seek collective bargaining;Tom Van Housen, Says H.H.N. not bidding on the third phase of Civic Center construction and Gives timetable for Phase Three Civic Center re-bidding;Scotty Baesler and Dean Hunter, On F.O.P. vote to seek collective bargaining rights;Guy Potts, Says fees not above board in professional negotiation drive;Mrs. Billye Pope, Calls professional negotiation combined brainpower to solve school problems;James Barlow, Says professional negotiations is a question of who will control the school system;Michael Maloney, Calls for meeting of minds on professional negotiation question;Dean Hunter, Says reconciliation committee is a vehicle to reach solution with firemen;Michael Lass, Gives reaction to reconciliation committee;David Sugg, Talks about main task facing him as Chrm. of Fayette GOP party and His reaction to having been chosen Chairman;Pam Miller, Reacts to latest fireman strike- ending proposal and Asks why did reconciliation committee meet without firemen;Joe Jasper, Reacts to reconciliation committee proposal and Says he is still seeking a compromise;Mayor Pettit, Says strike may not have occurred if there had been more private meetings;Scotty Baesler, Agrees with Mayor about more meetings were needed;Joe Jasper, Says he was against closed meeting on reconciliation;Mayor Pettit, On Council's closed session on proposal to end firemen's strike and Can't say what was discussed;Mayor Pettit, On proposal to end strike;Mayor Pettit, Makes general comment on discussions with employee organizations;Gene Glass, Says on duty firemen did excellent job at Vaughan Warehouse fire and Says strikers arrived too late to help;Chief McDaniel Says arson suspected in warehouse fire;Michael Lass Says encouraged by talks with government and Says firemen cannot return to the type of system which existed;Jane Atkinson, Says Horse Park groundbreaking brings historic horse gathering;Michael Lass, Says one major difference remains in strike, Says main provisions of proposal have been agreed to and Calls refusal to present amnesty issue to Council arbitrary and callous;Richard Wilson, Reacts to contempt of court hearing;Breckinridge tells how he is holding up during campaign and Senate schedule and Speaks on Anderson accusation of favors for Ashland Oil Company;Mayor Pettit, On meeting in afternoon of October 3, On new amnesty issue raised by firemen and Says he just received F.O.P. letter on collective bargaining recognition;Mayor Pettit, Reacts to end of firemen's strike;Scotty Baesler, Reacts to end of firemen's strike;Mayor Pettit, Explains Council's executive session and Speaks on authority of government to discipline firemen(P.T.: 49 min)1974 OctoberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1164Content Notes:Missing TitleRichard Wilson, Reacts to strike ending;Gov. Ford, Says glad Horse Park construction is beginning and Hopes a plaque will be erected at the Park to commemorate horse industry workers;Judge Stephenson new Horse Park groundbreaking;Mayor Pettit, On new Horse Park groundbreaking;Chief McDaniel, Says everything is fine on day after firemen strike ended;John Breckinridge, Asks if Congress will recess on time, Asks what is the hang-up in recessing and Where he would like to see the ten billion dollar budget cut;Clay Stewart, Explains where $800,000 difference between Kincaid proposal and estimates for airport terminal will be made up;Garvice Kincaid, Offers to pick up half of four million dollar financing for airport terminal;James Barlow, Asks where do you draw the line on collective bargaining for teachers and Says collective bargaining detracts from excellence of the school system;James Barlow, On NEA activities and image and Sys collective bargaining threatens decision-making;Sharon Butler, Says FCEA has a no-strike position;James Barlow, Says I speak for the citizens;Joe Finney, Comment on FCEA issue in campaign of school board;Barlow, Responds to Finney;Dr, Dennis Blummer, Says strikes are no benefit to teachers in contract negotiations and Opposes current national legislation on collective bargaining for university professors;Ann Ross, Supports collective bargaining for Fayette County teachers;L.R. Cooke On conflict of interest charge by Legrew at East Vine Consortium;Tom Dupree, Asks East Vine Consortium for commitment letter to long term financing for their proposed office building;Michael Ades, Asks council for one-year delay on West Hickman plant and sewer resolution;Scotty Baesler, Says need sewer tap-on control action now;Pam Miller, Says to wait on Civic Center parking;Joe Jasper, Says relocation was begun before land was acquired;Bill Hoskins, Says no action on relocation taken by Civic Center Board;Marlow Cook, Opposes proposed income tax surcharge, Talks about economy and Reacts to President's economic address to Congress;David Peterson, Says no Center Corporation action on relocation or demolition of houses in parking site areas;John McDonald, Says United Way has exceeded 20" goal at this point and Sys challenge ahead;Mrs. Louie Nunn, Introduces Gov. Ford at International Bicentennial Festival at UK Memorial Coliseum;Gov. Ford, At International Bicentennial Opening;Gov. Ford, On polls on Senate race and Says he will carry all districts but one;Gov. Ford, Makes no prediction on outcome of vote tally and Speaks about McBrayer health;Marlow Cook Press Secretary John Yarmouth, Gives Marlow Cook's reason for Red River Gorge National Park Bill and Cites four major provisions of the bill;Dean Huinter, Says he would be receptive to F.O.P. recognition but questions supervisor's issue;Building Inspector Pat Halloran, Says he has issued some demolition permits in Civic Center parking areas;Mayor Pettit, On Brady controversy status and On airport terminal controversy;Mayor Pettit, Is against F.O.P . representing supervisory personnel;Clay Stewart, Reads portion of James Gray construction letter accusing someone of spreading false rumors, Reads portion of White and Congleton letter withdrawing terminal bid and Recommends re-bidding of terminal project;Scotty Baesler, Says Downtwon Commission is not duplicating Urban Renewal Agency,Gives membership of Downtown Commission and Gives Downtown Commission proposal;F.O.P. Information Officer Dan King, Says Dean Hunter wants supervisory personnel;on his in negotiations with F.O and Gives Union's stand on representing supervisory personnel;Bill Ward, Says Monticello subdivision sewer problem has not been corrected;George Rabe and Bill Ward, On report of actions of airport board;Scotty Baesler, (error repeats previous statements of Baesler);Judy Tipton, Says why she wants investigation of Featherstone's death;Chief Schaeffer, Says police report on Featherstone will be issue Tuesday and Says why he favors Metro patrolmen over F.O.P. as bargaining agent for police;Detective William Allen, Describes armed robber's arrest;Mark Brown, Says attendance is important item on mid-term grade reports;Tom Dunn, Says why mid-term grades are being sent to parents;Terrance Brady, Says fireman's strike is no excuse for Mayor not filing charges against him and Says three weeks give long enough time to file misconduct charges;Logan Gray, On plane forced landing near Jacobson Park;Joe Nichols, On first report of a plane down east of Lexington;Dr. Joe Finney, Asks if schools can keep up with inflation with no tax increase and On what he feels about collective bargaining;Chester Hager, Says when inquest into Featherstone's death will be held, Says jury of six will make decision and Says family asked for the inquest;Jack Salameh, Describes hold-up at his market;Robert Duncan, On letter asking Mayor/F.O.P. seminar on collective bargaining and On arbitrator election;Herman Regan, Says current usage of West Hickman Creek is less than half capacity;Bill Ward, On purpose of West Hickman ordinance;Dr. Jerry Miller, On Tap program;John McClure, On how tap is set to work;Joe Catt, On deal in police report on Featherstone shooting;Dan King, Reads letter to Mayor on seminar on collective bargaining;William Ward, On Health Dept report on Monticello sewer plant;An attorney, Reasons for executive session on Monticello sewer plant;Farra Van Meter, Says he is against private emergency care service;Don Blevins, Says specs for bids should be obtained before further talks on private emergency care service is contracted;Don Blevins, Makes analogy between sheep and dogs with sewer controversy;Mayor Pettit, Says sewer resolution on tap-on ban at West Hickman will have committee work on wording;Michael Bauman, Reported that van had been seen at parking lot with dead man in it since Sunday morning;Major Pettit, On building inspection on High Street Civic Center parking site and Gives reason tax bills are late;Marlow Cook, On veto-proof Congress and On needs of elderly and Social Security;Mayor Pettit, Gives timetable for sewer bonds for Chiles-Elizabeth area;Robert Finn, On need to study alternative financing for Chiles-Elizabeth sewer project;Dean Hunter, Says Brady charged;Terrance Brady, Has one month to file charges;Tony Curtsinger, Says improper for Council to talk about Brady controversy(P.T.: 26 min)1974 OctoberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1165Content Notes:Missing TitleTerrance Brady, Gives statement of Mayor Pettit's charges;American Party Senate candidate Ed Parker, Says economy is main issue in campaign and Has trouble getting information to wire services;Dr. Joe Finney, On how to save costs in Fayette County school system;A Clay Stewart, On change in wording on airport bid acceptance and Gives timetable on terminal project;Sharon Butler, Asks for professional negotiations;FCEA Pres. Glenna Bevins, Makes statement against FCEA request;Guy Potts, Tells Kendall and other politicians they are out of line in trying to tie school board to political issues;Rev. Herren, Says Legislature has the authority to grant professional negotiations for teachers;Dr. J. M. Broadus, Asks why there is an adversarial climate in discussions on professional negotiations;Pat Malloy, On action to be taken after inquest verdict on Featherstone death and Says grand jury presentation is possible;Ann Ross, On bad climate at school board meetings, Says Barlow is obstacle on professional negotiations and Schools should return to priorities;Terrance Brady, On employee association board vote not to provide his legal assistance in civil service commission hearing;Mayor Pettit, Says Luckett is top official in area of finance;O.M. Travis, Says he is against hiring any commissioners who do not reside in Fayette County (after Luckett nomination as finance commissioner);Mayor Pettit, On reserve capacity of West Hickman Creek;William Ward, Need to act now on control of West Hickman tap-on;Chief Shaeffer, On free appointments pay for moonlight jobs and Says other forces do it too;John McDonald, Says United Way has made 40" of its goal and Comments on making goal;Mayor Pettit;On building inspection survey at Civic Center parking area and On his proposal for West Hickman control resolution;Tony Curtsinger, On police getting free appointments;Mayor Pettit, Reads part of UN Day proclamation;Larry Hopkins On losing surplus allocation suit in Franklin Circuit Court;Missouri Congressman William Hungate, On President campaigning for Republicans;Joe Jasper, On Dupree bid being withdrawn on Georgetown-Chiles sewer project;Paul Rose, On setting precedent on sewer projects;O.M. Travis, Responds to Rose's statement;Bill Ward Opposed to government picking up interest tab on Georgetown sewer bonds;Charles Curtis, Believes Huber, Hunt and Nichols (HHN) will bid on re-bid of Phase III of the Civic Center project and Gives re-bid timetable;Tom Dupree, Reads letter withdrawing bond bid on Georgetown sewers and Thinks Council action to postpone bond award will make bonds unsaleable;Thomas Dupree, Says Council does not understand ethics of bond business and Says Lexington image being hurt on bond market by Council turbulence re delay on bond award for Georgetown Street sewers;Mayor Pettit, Proclaims American Education Week;Ass't Chief Espy Heger, On surveillance of traffic at school bus loading zones and Asks about number of illegal bus-passing arrests;Mark Kleckner, Says Red River Gorge clean-up set for Saturday, Nov. 2;J. H. Litkee, On non-national master policy, Says danger of war extremely high and Says Energy shortages only the tip of the iceberg;Dr. Joe Finney, Wants to keep taxes down and Speaks on reports of student-record purge(P.T.: 40 min)1974 October-NovemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1166Content Notes:Missing TitleA Clay Stewart, Reacts to opinion by government law dept. that Airport Board violated Sunshine Law with closed meeting;Mayor Pettit, On Dupree statement that Georgetown Street sewer bond bid has hurt Lexington's reputation in bond market;Don Blevins, Says Council had done its job in Airport Board closed meeting controversy;Dean Hunter, On Sykes and the Federal requirements program;Dean Hunter, On firemen recognition (no contact since strike);Phillip Wells, Justifies November 25 open date for burley sales;Morrison Nelson, Tells why he asked for December 2 open date for burley sales;Dean Hunter, Asks what happens next in firemen bargaining recognition request and Reads F.O.P. letter on this subject;William Ward, Asks how soon committee will investigate firemen at Continental pool charge;Joe Jasper, Calls for vote on committee motion;Mayor Pettit, Wants Hunter on investigative committee;Arthur Curtis, Makes general comment on requested police review and Cites three matters of concern;Joe Heidenright, Says state law allowing cities to install traffic signals in school zones ruled unconstitutional, but this will not affect local government;Sharon Butler, Says FAC-PAC endorses candidates in school-board races and Gives two reasons for endorsement;Dr. J.M. Broadus, Reacts to FAC-PAC endorsement;Mrs. Ann Ross, Reacts to FAC-PAC endorsement;Gov. Ford, Asks why liquefaction plant is at Catlettsburg and On liquefaction plant;Glenna Bevins, Says Professional Educators of Fayette County (PEFC) supports candidates who oppose professional negotiation for teachers;Robert Jefferson, Cites main issue in campaign for school board;Dr. J.M. Broadus, Cites main issue in school board campaign;Violia Johnson Greene, Cites main issue in school board campaign;Sally Terrell, Cites main issue in school board campaign;;John Dorsey, Asks about any exemptions planned to new Federal open-student records law and On type record to open;Joseph Lagrew, Says Legrew Motors will probably take East Vine consortium to court on conflict of interest charge at East Vine and Main;William Patterson, Says Urban Renewal Board does not want to be involved in litigation on conflict of interest charge;Robert Landrum, Will decide if he will appeal Breckinridge suit decision after getting cost estimate from attorney and Reacts to court decision dismissing Breckinridge suit;John Breckinridge, Says lawsuit has hurt his campaign because allegations are floating;Charles Baesler, Describes changes at polling places this election day;Don Webb, Thinks Ford/Breckinridge will carry Fayette County;David Suggs, Says turnout in Fayette County will be heavier than in state as a whole and Predicts Cook will run well in Fayette County;Joseph Schleckman, Says ten new buses coming via $500,000 U.S. Urban Mass Transit Administration grant;Mrs. Irene Grubbs, On voter turnout;Mrs. Katherine Forston, On voter turnout;Don Webb, Reacts to Ford victory and Asks how Ford did in Fayette County;James Barlow, Asks if victory in 4th District was a mandate against collective bargaining;Dr. J.M. Broadus, Asks same question about 2nd District race;Shirley Movay, Makes low interest housing proposal for entire community and Explains financing proposal using revenue-sharing funds;Mayor Pettit, Proclaims week of Nov. 11-16 Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Week and Explains Youth Week;John McDonald, III, Says United Way has reached 60" plateau on schedule;J.M. Broadus, School board needs to know how taxpayers feel;Mary Ann Burdette, On collective bargaining for teachers;J.M. Broadus, Says he will speak out after election and Speak on Citizen's Advisory Group;Guy Potts. Says property tax assessment has been received;Don Blevins, Cites guidelines of committee investigating Fire Dept. allegations and Ask what the scope of the investigation will be;Mayor Pettit, On naming Downtown Commission;George Rabe, Reacts to ruling on overtime pay for firemen in Louisville suit and Gives status of local overtime-pay suits;William Moore, Makes Rotary Club Paul Harris Award to William E. Nichols;Bart Peak, Gives background on Judge Nichols;William Nichols, Responds to Rotary Club Award;Bill Carey, Says why he is voting No on sewer resolution;Paul Rose, Explains night spot in shopping center ordinance;Robert Finn, Explains No vote on sewer resolution;Tom Ward, Says is running for Lt. Gov. on honesty-in-government platform and Says his campaign will not accept contributions of over $100;A Clay Steward, On how decision of five Airport Board members to resign was reached;Mayor Pettit, Asks if Airport Board resignations will have repercussions on other local boards;Julian Carroll, Says $200 million state revenue surplus is a myth and Says he will make transition to Governor smoothly;Julian Carroll, Says James King is only major cabinet member to be leaving and McBrayer will head transition team;Charles Curtis, On HHN Phase III Civic Center bid;Bobbi True, Announces will run for Circuit Court Clerk;Katherine M. Laden, Cites major changes in fifty years with Clerk's Office and Answers why she is retiring;Guy Potts, On School budget and tax rate;Guy Potts, Says this is the latest a general budget has ever been approved;Rev. Don Herren, Responds to FCEA collective bargaining request and the criticism that the school board is not open and responsive;William McCarney, On traffic fatality on night of Nov 11;Robert Brown, Says housing authority statement is critical of tenant services and Wants solution to friction with tenant services;Mayor Pettit, Says why he wants Social Services Commissioner to look at friction between housing authority and tenant services;Chester Heger, Says autopsy on Burns shows suffocation as cause of death of woman found on side of McCall Road;Thomas Dupree, On combining sewer projects into one large bond issue through KY Pollution Abatement Authority;Robert Duncan, Cites possibility of strike by F.O.P. and Says strike would be hard to avert;Dean Nunter, Does not want supervisory personnel in bargaining agent because of possible conflict of interest in grievance cases(P.T.: 60 min)1974 NovemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1167Content Notes:Missing TitleFOP Pres. Robert Duncan, Asks for investigation of government arrears in pension payments;Mayor Pettit, Confirms arrears of pension payments and explains why;Robert Duncan, Asks why Council is against re-instatement of Ernest Hardaway to police force;Mayor Pettit, Is against Hardaway re-instatement;Mayor Pettit, Announces appointees to Mayor' committee for elimination of architectural barriers;Ernest Haraway, Says he is not interested in politics;Police Chief William Sellers, Says involvement in politics by police is against State law;O.M. Travis, On Hardaway re-instatement;Pam Miller, On Hardaway reinstatement;Scotty Baesler, Reads Mayor's letter praising five resigning airport board members;Dean Hunter, Makes statement on FOP negotiations;Scotty Baesler, Urges move on procedure to recognize employee groups;Ass't Fire Chief J.L. Smith, Says police serve disciplinary hearing summons on firemen;Fire Chief Earl McDaniel, On disciplinary hearing;Calvin Powell, Says firefighters disappointed in Chief McDaniel for disciplining charges and recommendations;Joe Jasper, Says charges will stir things up again and Says those charged are the ones involved in alleged misuse of equipment;Don Blevins. Gives response to Jasper that no witness list has been submitted by Jasper or anyone else;Robert Duncan, Served summons but decided not to serve at 1:00 a.m. and believes summons of that volume are planned in advance;Otis Singletary, Thanks Mrs. Watts for contribution of Congressman Watt's paper;Bernard T. Moynihan, Gives tribute to his former law partner, John Watts;Otis Singletary, Says Watts papers to help in study of 20th-Century politics;Moynihan, Says Watts never lost his common touch;Ms Brownie Ledbetter, On record number of women office holders winning election and On National Women's Political Caucus;Ehud Oleam, Says PLO is holding gun to Israel's head and asking to negotiate and Says Kissinger is only hope to avert another war;McCarney, Gives cause of death of Elvin Wilkerson found in a Texaco service station bay;Bill Hatcher, Says no lay-offs but will cut back to five-day work week at GE's KY Glass Plant;Brian Spees, Says why no lay-offs and back-log of orders at Trane Company Plant;Robert Duncan, Says FOP tabling talk of job action;PEFC Spokesman Latha Phillips, Opposes collective bargaining;J.M. Broadus, Says a vote by teachers couldn't hurt;FCEA Pres. Sharon Butler, Says rumors of Friday teachers strike are not true;Guy Potts, Says needs time to consider revision of school board curriculum policy;J.M. Broadus, Impressed by proposal on curriculum policy;Sharon Butler, Reacts to report of Friday strike;Judge Stephens and Lawson King, Say Fiscal Court levy of school tax is meaningless;Judge Stephens, Says he tried to eliminate Fiscal Court from any role in school tax levy;Darrell Callihan, On cost of proposed downtown shopper bus and on proposed routes for downtown shopper bus;Bruce Glenn and Bill Ward, On parking for Civic Center;Jack Hall and Bill Ward, On whether or not to tell Center Corp where to look for parking;Jim Host, Says Civic Center is within guaranteed maximum;Jim Mellon, Says there has been no official announcement of civilian employees cutback at Avon Army Depot and Says cutback would be bad for community;Sen. Dee Huddleston, Plans to fight Depot employee cutback and Says a meeting with Callaway is planned;Chamber of Commerce Pres. Herbert Sledd, Disappointed with Depot cutback plans and Says he has a meeting in Washington;Herbert Sledd, Cites impact of Depot cutback on Lexington economy and Says he hopes to change Army's mind;William E. Jones, Says Lex-Tran ridership up and Says inflation causing bigger deficit than expected;John McDonald, III, Says United Way deadline was not to be extended but Says goal not reached and deadline is extended three weeks;First Security Vice Pres. Ronald Collins, On firemen washing down bank's parking decks;Don Blevins and Ronald Collins, Pose questions on Firemen's part in bank move;Earl McDaniel, Reacts to Jasper's allegations;Mayor Pettit, On meeting scheduled on Army Depot and On State suit to disband Henry Clay Monument Ass'n;Jim Byrd, Says there is outside pressure on Sanitation workers to organize for collective bargaining;Pam Miller, Says collective bargaining recognition procedure to be discussed at work session and Says Downtown Commission not to conflict with proposed local Development Authority;Mayor Pettit, On why capital improvements budget hearing has been postponed;National Mines Corp Pres. George K. Evans, Says energy crisis started 20 years ago in Congress;George Evans, On effect of nationwide coal strike;Mayor Pettit, Says Avon Depot story on reduction of number of employees mainly via attrition and retirement not being replaced;Farm Bureau Pres. Robert Wade, On holiday meat gift certificate promotions;Jack Hall, Opposed to two-cent property tax cut;Tony Curtsinger, Favors tax cut of two-cents;Bill Ward and Joe Jasper, Against proposed property tax cut;Don Blevins, Says proposed tax cut will be popular;Scotty Baesler, Says tax cut is ill-advised;Karen Collins, Says League of Women Voters is against acquiring more parking land in South Hills neighborhood;Don Blevins, Is against prohibiting mobile signs;Pam Miller, Favors prohibiting mobile signs;Mayor Pettit, Favors prohibiting mobile signs;Bluegrass Army Depot Commander Col. John Dennington, Says meeting on cutback next week, On changes in Depot and Discuses cutback in light of top efficiency rating;Mayor Pettit, On when new airport board chairman might be elected and On when final board member might be selected;Earl Burrus, Describes jailbreak from Courthouse holdover;Sheriff Ed Hahn, On escape at Courthouse;Larry Hopkins, On basis of surplus funds appeal and Asks will appeal continue if a special session of Legislature is called;Dan King, Says FOP seeking court order to make local government negotiate with police(P.T.: 50 min)1974 November-DecemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1168Content Notes:Missing TitleDean Hunter, Says local government has lived up to memorandum of understanding on collective bargaining;Ira Massey, Discusses profit on tobacco at current prices, Says prices will go up from first day level and Reacts to opening-day sales;Jack Lynch, Tells why his 4th Street Warehouse is buying so much tobacco;Erma Clancy, Says volume at Farmers' & num;4 Warehouse is heavy but down from previous day's opening sales;Bill Martin, Gives first day sales report from Federal/State Reporting Service;Tourist Commission Consultant Jim Host, Urges caution in spending $10,000 surplus and Praises resigning board member Louis Sechella;A.E. Rose, Discusses prices on second day of tobacco sales;Charles Marshall, On quality of tobacco at sales at loose leaf tobacco warehouse;John Breckinridge, On GAO visit to Army Depot for preliminary visit and Says he will protest to the White House if necessary;John Breckinridge, On chances of Army reversing its decision to make cutbacks at Depot;Harold Downing, Describes fatal accident on Viley Road;Chester Hager, Describes fatal accident on Viley Road;Logan Gray, On when airport terminal construction could begin and On schedule for terminal bids;Logan Gray, Says Airport Board could act on bids on Monday, December 2 and Asks why bids were lower than on first bidding;Consulting Engineer George Ely, Describes Phase 1-B of Eastern Interceptor Sewer Project and Describes Phase 2-A;Dean Hunter, Begins community meetings on Federal Block Grant information;Dean Hunter, Says local government will allocate use of Federal community block grants;Paul Rose, Says cities want block grants because they feel they can solve their problems better than can the Federal government;Fayette County Dir. of Special Education Ms. Katherine Patterson, On proposed curriculum revision for Special Education;Guy Potts, On purchase of ten new school buses and On appointment of Robert Elam as School System Treasurer;Judge Stephens, On moral commitment to FMC Corp. to maintain Todd's Road;Urban County Engineer L.A. Whitmer, On why he favors using rural/secondary road program money for Todd's Road widening and repair;George Herman Kendall, Announces he is running for State Auditor and Predicts he will need 60,000 votes to win;Superior Charter Service Pres. J. Norwood Hodge, On what Superior Charter Airplane Service could offer and Why it wants a hanger at Bluegrass Field;William Carey, Asks that charges against firemen be dismissed;Joe Jasper, Asks why not charge vacation time for strike time;Earl Osteen, Says vandalism at Housing Authority is expensive problem and Favors an independent police force;Chief Shaeffer, Discusses his return to work after surgery and Discusses status of treatment for Hodgkin's disease;Sheriff Ed Hahn, Says it is too late to make any changes in local tax bills;William McCarny, On finding body in house on Maple Avenue;Glenna Blevins, Announces she is seeking the 77th KY House District seat;Commonwealth Attorney Pat Molley, On the annual Commonwealth Attorneys' Ass'n Convention in Lexington;Robert Duncan, On ballot-counting on police job action and Says FOB has asked Dept off Labor to investigate labor conditions at Metro Police Dept.;Joe Beets, On Camp Nelson plans for re-opening and On mushrooming support;Mayor Pettit, Says two meetings were both without quorum so do not violate open meetings law;Don Blevins, On Council action not to invite lawsuit on Sunshine Law;Scotty Baesler, On why Council meeting was moved to Epworth Methodist Church;Don Blevins, On why Council meeting was moved to Epworth Methodist Church;Mayor Pettit, Says there is a police strike contingency plan and Discusses overtime pay investigation at Police Dept. by State Dept. of Labor;Mayor Pettit, On why he is asking that two resigning firemen not be replaced;Detective Allen Ernest, Describes arrest of three suspects in murder of Tucker on Maple Avenue;Harry Miller of Downtown Lexington Ass'n, On use of proceeds from sale of limited edition prints;Mayor Pettit, Accepts first signed and numbered print from Downtown Ass'n;Architect for Opera House Renovation James Ross, Cites major change since renovation began;Judge Stephens, Plans to ask the gymnasium of the Civic Center be named for Adolph Rupp;Dick Kauffman, Says work at Civic Center is two weeks ahead of schedule and will continue through the winter;Consulting Engineer E.B. Ray, On size of energy plant building, On the economy and energy plant cost and On the style of the energy plant building;Personnel Dir. Versailles Sylvania Plant Bill Filter, On results of steelworkers union representation vote;John W. Hunter, On how long before community gets cable TV and On what cable TV means to a community;Dan King, On ballots on job action by FOP and On memorandum of understanding proposed by FOP;W.R. Cobb, Says top EPA water-quality rating given KY-Amer Water Co. in 1972, Speaks on Red River Dam and Says KY-Amer water is safe;Charles Haywood, On talk at economic forecast seminar, Predicts KY economy in 1975 and Discusses energy and economy;Jennie Bryant, On process in Hotel Lexington Disposition;Patterson, On McAdams-Morford building extension;Pam Miller, On re-assessment of Ellis Street area sewer project, finding some inequities;Larry Brown On proposed employee recognition ordinance;Carol Griffin, On housing problems that need priority;FOP Pres. Robert Duncan, On asking for Federal Seminar on collective bargaining and Says he will talk about job action at tonight's meeting;Chester Hager, Says tuna not confirmed in Meeks' death, Says food poisoning suspected and When we will have results of State lab tests;John McDonald, Says Lexington United Way drive is among National leadersCoach Rupp Day at Kiwanis Club (P.T.: 35 min)undatedOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1169Speech by Coach Rupp (P.T.: 40 min) [blank]undatedOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1170Art Linkletter speaking at Lexington Chamber of Commerce Dinner (P.T.: 50 min)1959Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1271Coach Rupp pre-game discussions (P.T.: 60 min)undatedOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1272Coach Rupp post-game discussions (P.T.: 41 min)undatedOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1273News conference of Lt. Gov. Harry Lee Waterfield (P.T.: 31 min)undatedOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1274Coach Rupp 700th Victory Celebration (P.T.: 35 min)undatedOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1275GOP Governors' Conference (P.T.: 40 min)undatedOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1276Julian Bond Press Conference at Bluegrass Field, 2/14/75; Coach Joe Hall speech at Lexington Civic Club, 11/17/75 and Mayor Pettit's State of the Urban County Government Address (no Date) (P.T.: 49 min)1975 February 14-November 17Original 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1277Election night interviews with several candidates (P.T.: 48 min)undatedOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1278(P.T.: 28 min)1976 SeptemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1379Content Notes:Missing TitleSenator Robert Dole at Chamber of Commerce Dinner, Spoke on organized labor, On need for KY vote to win, and On closing of Bluegrass Army Depot;Pam Miller, On Jeff Carter's appearance;Sen. Walter Huddleston On revenue-sharing bill;Pam Bennett, On revenue sharing;Sgt. Johnson, Says Metro police clarify finger-printing ruling by Attorney General;Jeff Carter, On closing of Bluegrass Army Depot, On Tax breaks of domestic industries and On tax breaks of builders;Laleah Logan, On League of Women's Voters Registration;Ellen Griest, On Health Dept. Forum on health regulations;Sandy Mays, On rape crisis plea for money from Metro Govt (3 cuts);Dee Huddleston, On road reconstruction for energy needs;Guy Potts, On testing for special education and On salary scale request problems;Gale Greer, On FCEA hope for collective bargaining;Dr. Thompson, Announces candidacy for Board of Education;John Norris, Makes plea for blood for hemophiliac;Wayne Simon, On Bar Ass'n referral telephone (2 cuts);Dee Huddleston, On mine safety school (2 cuts);Fran Curci, On injury of defense;Fran Curci, On fan support of Wildcats;Bob Works of Lexington Fire Dept, On explosion report (2 cuts);Sgt. Neal, On arrest for explosion;Gov. Carroll, On proposed regional energy plan;Sen. Joe Graves, Responds to criticism from Governor (2 cuts);Amy, On hemophiliac talks on recovery (2 cuts);Lester Maddox, On current state of the Nation, Says there is no money for campaigns and Kissinger should be fired;Ray Bowen, On voter registration;Goodykontz, On gas prices;Goodykontz, On supplies of natural gas;James Luckett, On taxation;Nicholas Martin, On McCarthy's visit to KY (2 cuts);Gordon Salyer, On United Way goal (2 cuts);Gov. Carroll, At conference on industry (2 cuts);Norman Godby, On swine flu vaccine (2 cuts)(P.T.: 49 min)1976 OctoberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1380Content Notes:Missing TitleTom Minter, On parking for Civic Center (4 cuts);Dee Huddleston, On Wendell Ford foot-dragging and On Butz resignation;Edward Brook, On Butz resignation;Robert Dole, On U.S. as tops in the free world;Van Hoose, On Republican projections of election;Guy Potts, On Board of Education receiving U.S. grant;Mark Thomas, On Board of Education election issue of class sizes;Phil Thompson, On Governor's Tour of KY;Philip Wylie, On Life-support unit;Francis Ruhlin, On career-based education (USOE Grant) (2 cuts);James Irwin, On God's help in putting him on the moon;Huda James, Says Elizabeth Dole coming to Louisville;Dee Huddleston, On KY's performance during session of Congress;Dee Huddleston, Makes debate statement;Jake Graves, Makes debate statement;Dr. Patterson, Makes debate statement (2 cuts);Gov. Carroll, On Judicial Amendment affecting KY Municipal League;Tom Underwood, On his campaign for Appeals Court judge (says he has rural strength);Judy Tipton, Tells Urban County Council about Lex-Tran school service (2 cuts);Carey Davis, On police support and warning about Halloween;Carey Davis, On bicycle registration )3 cuts);H.N. Kirkpatrick, On mine death report;Gov, Carroll, On Columbus Day (resources to use in KY0;Gov. Carroll, On Korean visitor;Jimmy Carter, Disagrees with President Ford;Judy Tipton, On Lex-Tran service for busing to school (2 cuts);Frank Reynolds, On Lex-Trans service for busing to schools;Tom Dunn, On mid-term grade reports;McGuffey, Says will return in reports on time;Social Services Official, Discusses new service for adult protection;Gov. Carroll, On Hearing Report on coal-haul road;Dee Huddleston, On Hearing Report on coal-haul-road;Gordon Salyer, On United Way goal (2 cuts);Mike Hurst, On Ireland's relations with U.S. (2 cuts);Drake, On industrial development tour;Mike Morris, On swine flu epidemic problems;Jim Host, On issues of Republican Task Force;Bronson Rozier, Discusses equal time for FCC and League of Women Voters;Mayor Pettit, On sewer treatment in Greenbrier;Gov. Carroll, Says Task Force to get out vote;Mrs. J. Collins, On Task Force to get out vote;Wendell Ford, Gives speech on agriculture;Hal Rogers, Says KY is target state for Ford campaign;Donaldson, On labor market in KY (2 cuts);Neil Harvey, On Winchester firemen's strike;Ishmael McCoy, On closing of Lycoming Shoe Company (2 cuts);Gov. Carroll, On problems of hauling coal;Heddix, On gun control policy (2 cuts);Dee Huddleston, On veto of agriculture study bill;Jeff Hammer, On solar energy potential in KY;Jewell Graham, Says farmers are not for Carter;Tom Harris, On corn transportation problem;Sam Brewer, On misleading Carter ads;Mayor Belluci, On genetic research;John S. Cooper, On Ford-Carter debate;Wendell Ford, On voter apathy;Barry Warren, On extension of Mt. Tabor Road;Wendell Ford, On hopes for debate(P.T.: 47 min)1976 October-NovemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1381Content Notes:Missing TitleM.L. Faust, On People-for-Ford Committee;Ellen Griest, On swine flu myths corrections (2 cuts);Gov. Carroll, Announcement about mine plant opening;Tom Harris, On update of railcar problem;Bud Shelton, On K.U. service with close of Stone Road bridge;John S. Cooper, On campaign for Ford (3 cuts);Anthony McCord, On chance for winning (2 cuts);John Breckinridge, On closing of LBAD (3 cuts);Ellen Griest, On Health Dept. swine flu program;Mayor Pettit, On closing of Depot by President Ford (2 cuts);Mayor Pettit, On old jail site and On voters need to get out and vote;Dale Sights, On closing of Depot (2 cuts);President Ford, Visits Cincinnati and McClean Plant in Portsmouth;England Dan, On playing in Rupp Arena;Capt. Spivey, On Winchester police strike;Tom Little On train wreck;Sen. Huddleston, On tobacco prices for 1976-77;Greg Clendemon, Says President Ford's policies are wrong;Dr, Philip Weiler, On Swine flu clinic (2 cuts);Thurston Morton, Says Wendell Ford can win;Gov. Carroll, On Army Depot and Carter election;Gov. Carroll, On commerce potential with Carter;Donald Miller, On swine flu problems for state;Gov. Carroll, On report of financial disclosure review committee;Dr. Philip Weiler, On swine flu program in Fayette County (3 cuts);Ellen Griesty, On swine flu program in Fayette County;Chief Ecton, Says what he will do as Fire Chief (2 cuts);Curtis Harvey, On oil price increase;Dee Huddleston, On economic stability;Gov Carroll, On sewer district and On judges in new judicial system;John Borough, On new airport increase in traffic (3 cuts);J.M. Broadus, On reason for Board of Education loan (2 cuts);Sharon Strong, On Affirmative Action Program problems;Bob Reeves, On Paris Pike Committee study;Harold Buchignani, Says more people needed at jail (2 cuts);Jack Blanton, On Fine Arts Building at UK (2 cuts);Dr. Dorrah, On new Health Dept;Dr. M.L. Dean, On new Health Dept;Dr. Philip Weiler, On new Health Dept (2 cuts);Ed Van Hook, On K.U. false claims by individual company;H.N. Kirkpatrick, On body removal from Scotia Mine;Damon Harris, On natural gas supply, Steve Beshear, On infant care ay UK (2 cuts);Gordon Garner, On Urban service Add-ons;John Breckinridge, On prosecutorial task force;Jerry Winnings, On weather for Thanksgiving;Gordon Salyers, Says United Way reaches goal (2 cuts);Ray Gillespie, On downtown Christmas sales (2 cuts);E.L. Langley, On prime rate increase (2 cuts);Walter Huddleston;On LBND cutback;Gov Carroll, Makes Special Session call;Sgt. Earl Downey, On holiday traffic;Edsel Moore, On consumer awareness during Christmas (2 cuts);H.R. Fredrick, On record snow fall;John Norris, On blood shortage;Fredrick Rodriguez, On FAA investigation of plane crash on Nov. 28 (2 cuts)(P.T.: 12 min)1976 NovemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1381AContent Notes:Missing TitleMan, On balanced economic growth;Lady, On sites for flu vaccinations;Lady, Says flu goes in cycles(P.T.: 45 min)1976 November-DecemberOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1382Content Notes:Missing TitleSgt. George Downey, Discusses the C.B. E-A-R-S Program with Metro Police;John Nichols, Items that Governor's Address will cover;Terry Grissom, Gives Better Business Bureau warning;Gov. Carroll, Excerpt from opening address at Special Session of Legislature;Ellen Griest, Gives more information of swine flu shots (2 cuts);Gov. Carroll, Recommendations on Judicial Amendment;Sgt. Bill Doyle, On traffic problems at Rupp Arena (2 cuts);Albert Robinson, On Judicial implementation problems;Ray Bowman, On Bluegrass unemployment;Ken Gibson, On mine safety legislation;Justice Scott Reed, On budget needs of Judicial amendment;Dr. Charles Renfro, On what's happening with local economy;James Bruce, Says there will not be No Fault insurance at this session of Legislature;Bob Starkweather, On Gen-Tel rate increase;Julius Berry, On no cooperation with government;Drexell Nea, On armed robbery;Gov. Carroll, On off-track betting legislation;Fire Marshall Southworth, Discusses Fire Month;Ellen Griest, On swine flu clinic;Dr. Ray Betz, On UK World War I information;J.R. Gray, On amended bill for Workmen's Compensation;Harry Marsh, On dosimeter that detects gas fumes;Mayor Pettit, On public meeting for block grant (2 cuts);James Allen, On legislation for deep mine safety;Dee Huddleston, Says there is more effort to serve Lexington Bluegrass Army Depot;;Joe Graves, On emerging legislation about distilling;John Nicholes, On emerging legislation about distilling;Norma Godby, On swine flu clinic response;(2 cuts);Col. William Denison, On L.A.B.D. closing dates (2 cuts);John Nichols, On Governor amending Special Session call;Don Stephens, On Workmen's Comp law;Otis Singletary, On additional UK housing proposal;Don Defaucette, On Rockwell International addition (2 cuts);Clyde Mauldin, On merger of Bank of Lexington and Second National Bank (2 cuts);Gov. Carroll, On ground-breaking at Coal Liquefaction Plant at Cattlesburg;Mayor Pettit, On block grant for public housing (2 cuts);Carl Burkhardt, On busing UK students to basketball games (2 cuts);Norma Godby, On the swine flu program Paralysis (2 cuts);Sen. Huddleston, Says the South is growing in prestige in Washington's Burt Hawkins, On ten radar guns for Metro police (2 cuts);Otis Singletary, On UK's probation for NCAA violations (5 cuts);Cliff Hagan, On UK's probation for NCAA violations (2 cuts);Walter Strong, Says he is against death penalty;William Kenton, On close of session of Legislature;Phillip Conn, Says General Assembly cost $350,000.00;Guy Potts, On cut back of thermostats because of gas shortage (2 cuts) Gov Carroll, On legal battle over control of Special Sessions;H.N. Kirkpatrick On cause of death of eleven miners at Scotia mine;Steve Balven, On Gen-Tel Christmas rush;Dr. C. Hernandez, On the flu short-stop Lianne-Barre syndrome;Dick DeCamp;On Lexington time-capsule burial (2 cuts);Bill Moore, On price of coffee in Lexington;Sen. Walter Baker, On passage of death bill;Sen. Walter Baker, On passage of Workmen's Comp bill;Steve Balven, On tax break for Gen-Tel (2 cuts);Tommy Howard;On the shop-lift detail of the Metro Police;George Goodykoontz, On Gas rate increase (2 cuts);H.R. Tidrisk, On Atlanta Peach Bowl weather;James Gray, On appointment to Secretary of the Cabinet;Dave McClear, Says no increase in 1977;Harry Marsh, On downtown bird problem;James Brough, Says airport traffic grows and so does business;Lt. Ernest Bevens, On drunk-driving watchout;Sgt. Larry Walsh, On no extra patrol for Metro police(P.T.: 40 min)1977 JanuaryOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1383Content Notes:Missing TitleBill Martin, On effects of weather on burley market;Joyce Brothe, On Fayette Dental Prevention Care Program;Bill Martin, More information on weather;Pat Malloy, Says U.S. Attorney appointment is possible (2 cuts);George Asbury, Recommends using less salt on roads;John Norris, Says blood needed in Fayette County;Tom Harris, On tobacco market problems;James Barlow, Is against FCEA as bargaining agent for teachers;J.M. Broadus, Favors FCEA as bargaining agent for teachers;Guy Potts, On gas curtailment problems;Terry McBrayer, On his first priorities as Commerce Commissioner;H.E. Fedrick, On snow problems and the U.S. Weather Bureau (2 cuts);Carl Burkhart, Says buses will roll;An Airport Spokesman, Says planes taking off are slow getting away;Airport Spokesman, Says Planes landing are slow coming in;Jim Sallee, On fire problems in Fayette County (2 cuts);Ernie Bivins, Gives toll-free telephone number for KY State Police;Damon Harrison, Makes plea for saving energy;George Goodykoontz, On Columbia Gas response to K.U. outage;Pete Manchikes, On UK's rescheduling of registration;Ed Van Hook, On K.U. power cutback;Glen Defrost, Says IBM closes at request of K.U.;Ed Van Hook, Says K.U. cut continued on Monday;Gov Carroll, Makes energy plea;Ed Van Hook, Says K.U. power cut is now over;Gov Carroll, Says gas prices too high and rising;Jason McClure, Says coffee prices too high and rising;Don McClellan, On gas crisis in the area (2 cuts);Bruce Hinton, Says there are bad-check passers in the area;Tom Harris, On bird kill in Western KY;Gov. Carroll, Says Phillip Conn has been appointed to Human Resources Head (2 cuts);Robert McCarran, On disaster relief services;George Goodykoontz, Says gas supplies are critically low;Pete Manchekes, Says UK offers Coliseum for help to Metro;John Nichols, Says State employees are on 24-hour call;John Clark, Says Board of Education reschedules meeting;Tom Harris, On state of emergency in Hazard, KY--needs state help;Connie Lackey, On Water Company problems;Sgt. Sewells, On helping citizens during cold snap;Coroner Chester Hager, On death of a UK student;Connie Lackey, On more problems at Water Company;Ed Walters, On the V.F.W. response to President Carter amnesty plea;Barkley Sturgill, On Public Service Commissioner's priority for curtailment of water;George Goodykoontz, On Columbia Gas 100" cutback for industry;Fayette County School Spokesman, Says what schools will do during cutbacks;Gov. Carroll, On the future of education in KY;Tom Harris, On hay hotline;Dave Jones, On Nicholasville water problems;Guy Potts, Sys schools are cold because of shortages;John Clark, Says schools are cold because of shortages;Gov. Carroll, Says save or conserve energy NOW;Sen. Huddleston, Wants more judges for KY;John Clark, Says fuel has been cut off for schools;Gordon Garner, Wants city to fill-in pot-holes;Mayor Pettit, Declares energy emergency for Urban Government (2 cuts);Connie Lackey, On Water Company energy problems;Doug Showalter, On what to do if one falls through the ice;Bruce Hinton, On Chamber of Commerce assistance information;Clyde Mauldin, On Chamber of Commerce assistance information;Lucille Phelps, On AAA problems in keeping up with demand;Gov. Carroll, Says schools are priority item for State;Bill Bowden, Says Civic Center performances will go on;George Goodykoontz, Says Columbia Gas requests more curtailments;Nick Rich, On UK curtailments;An Airport Spokesman, Says no flights should be taken for granted(P.T.: 26 min)1977 January-FebruaryOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1384Content Notes:Missing TitleGale Hecker, On food stamp program and weather problems;Jim Durbin, On problems with maintaining schools in this weather (2 cuts);Sen. Huddleston, Encourages gas legislation;Pete Manchekes, On working on energy problems at UK;Mayor Pettit;On the State of the Urban County Government (2 cuts);John Roberts, Says Paris Pike will be made four lanes;Sen. Huddleston, Says we should use more coal to solve energy problems;Gale Hecker, On teacher layoffs and the benefits available;Bruce Montgomery, On money for State parks;Sen. Wendell Ford, On energy legislation;Connie Lackley, On Water Company problems;Dr. Carlos Hernandez, On measles outbreak in KY;Dr. William Kelly, Says Transylvania students are happy about change in calendar (2 cuts);Sen. Huddleston, On bill changing committees in Senate;Ann Ross, Announces candidacy for school board;Sen. Huddleston, On grain-inspection bill;John Clark On teacher in-service;Connie Lackey, Says water calls are fewer and further between;Gov. Carroll, On disaster in State;Theodore Berry, Announces candidacy;Tom Harris, On helping farmers out of disaster;Gov. Carroll, On survey of State;Gov Carroll, On reactions to survey;Sen. Huddleston, On coal developments in Washington;Gov. Carroll, Says tourism is up in the State;Kathy Ellington, Says Citizens Action Committee was falsely represented;John Norris, Says blood needed in State;Connie Lackey, Says Water Company's patience pleases customers;Sen. Huddleston, Says Jimmy Carter gets letter about district;Jim Sallee, Says fire boxes outage was due to new change (2 cuts);John Nichols, Says disaster losses could be worse than anticipated;Jerry Lundergan, Announces candidacy for Legislature;Elly Leanorah, Announces candidacy;Guy Potts, Says teacher unemployment is now okay;Damon Harrison, Says must save gas to save people and jobs;Sen. Huddleston, Says help coming in energy emergency;Ida Wikle, Cites farm losses due to weather (2 cuts);Dr. Weiler, Says flu epidemic is moving through South and Lexington (2 cuts);Connie Lackey, Says Water Company is catching up;Sen. Huddleston, Is impressed with Turner for CIA;George Goodykoontz, Says Columbia Gas is not having problems with gas bills;Sgt. Mike Delaney, Explains Methodrine;Joe Graves, On Attorney-General's investigation of coal money (2 cuts);Scotty Baesler, On Attorney-General's investigation of coal money;Connie Lackey, Says Water Company open on week-ends for service;Hank List, Announces candidacy;Steven Beshear, Announces candidacy;Dr. C. Hernandez, Says measles are parents' responsibility;Dr. David Bland, Says prisoners are on new phase-out program;Sen. Huddleston, Says there is a need for more Federal judges in KY;Terry McBrayer, Says get in governor's office and plan other offices;Sgt. Robert Sewell, Says bicycle safety is important;Herb Sledd, Cites priorities for A.B.A. in 1977;O.B. Arnold, Says State license applications are extended;Jamie Mallard, Transylvania U. changes to semester schedule;Wendell Ford, Says there is need for new members for certain committees;Connie Lackey, Says Water Company will investigate all water breaks;Scotty Baesler, Makes financial disclosure of his personal and campaign funds;Tom Harris, On Burcelosis guarantee;Capt. Gary Miller, Says Salvation Army needs food at Center (2 cuts);James G. Wilhite, Announces candidacy for Legislature;Bruce Hinton, On economic recovery from bad weather;John Breckinridge, Says Lexington Bluegrass Army Depot may have hope for re-opening;Damon Harrison, Discusses plan for handling energy problems next winter(Note Only four of twenty people commenting are identified) (P.T.: 10 min)1977 FebruaryOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1384AContent Notes:Missing TitleOn school problems A State Representative, Says Democrats will have clear choice;Says parents are responsible for children's vaccinations;On prisoner release program;Sen. Huddleston;On omnibus bill in U.S. Senate;Sen. Huddleston, On bank branch offices;Sen. Huddleston, On bicycles at UK;Sen. Huddleston, On American Bar Ass'n suit about advertising;Sen. Huddleston, On polling;Sen. Huddleston, Says school students will be graduated on time;Wendell Ford, On interstate pipe-line;A Lady, On Water Company service;Gov. Carroll, On keeping private personal finances;Wendell Ford, On slaughtering of animals;On cold-weather being hard on the poor and On Salvation Army giving out clothing and food;On boy asking for food at Salvation Army;On surface-water run-off;Gov. Carroll, On energy-saving plan;Gov. Carroll, Says Secretary Brown is instructed to review decision;Gov Carroll, Says must look at putting together more formal energy plan(P.T.: 32 min)1977 February-MarchOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1485Content Notes:Missing TitleLarry Hopkins, Says Pepper Warehouse and Gov Carroll are mixed (2 cuts);Peter Achley, On trouble on the river again with carbon-test spill;Damon Harrison, Says energy policy needed for the State;William Ezzel, Says K.M.C. Investors are losing money;Judge Stephens, Says Attorney-General is investigating fuel shortage;Larry Pichard, Says there is need for health care for senior citizens;Mayor Pettit, Says C.A.L.F. changes policy because of C.S.A.;Wendell Ford, Meets with farmers and tells them what he learned;John Norris, On blood needs;Gov. Carroll, Says disaster assistance is not coming to KY;William Kenton, Says Legislature Research Committee is investigating natural gas situation;Mark McDaniels, Gives reasons why Tom Harris is going to Washington;Paul Warneke, On tornado warning system;Harold McGuffy, Says farm insurance has been extended;Otis Singletary, Announces UK has raised housing fees for students;John Norris, Says Fayette County needs blood as soon as possible (2 cuts);Damon Harrison, Says energy supply is okay for summer;Edgar Owen, Says KY small farmers not like those overseas;Gov Carroll, Swears in Secretary of Public Safety and Transportation;William Dickson, On fire problems in KY (4 cuts);Rep. Carl Hubbard, Is appointed Whip according to Office spokesman;Art Curtis, On septic tank laws (2 cuts);Peter Ackley, Says F.M.C. to cut carbon-tetrachloride problem;Sen. Huddleston, On Black Lung reform;Larry O'Neill, On Environmental Protection Administration farmer's school;Tom Little, On wind damage across the State;Joe Bennette, On forest-fire problems across the State (2 cuts);Harold McGuffey, On whether medical malpractice insurance problem is over;Ray Stoess, Says gas price hike not contrived;Ray Stoess, Says gas price hike not coming until May;Scotty Baesler, On campaign finance practices of Jim Amato;Jim Amato, On his campaign finance practices;Capt. Jim Sallee, On how the jaws-of-life machine works;Chief Trent Fryman, Says parking patrol is beefed-up in downtown Lexington;Coburn Gayle, Says blackbirds are headed north;Edsel Moore, Declares Poison Prevention Week;Martin Scherer, On the effect of milk-support price for dairy products;Terry McBrayer, On business seminars on Labor / Management;Joe Graves, On what to do about traffic problems;Gov Carroll, Let's hear it for E.K.U.;Gov Carroll, On Louisville Convention Center opening;John Clarke, On Fayette County Board of Education meeting;Mayor Pettit, Says Florida trip was well worth it;Mayor Pettit, Says sewers not easy to get into;Dr. C.Hernandez, Says legalization of marijuana is not the answer;Dick Henmen, On phone rate increase for South Central Bell;Dan Flynn, On money for Woodland Park;Dr. Pat Nicol, On infant mortality rate;Mike Greenwell, On handicapped access ramps;John Breckinridge, On unemployment problems(P.T.: 29 min)1977 March-AprilOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1486Content Notes:Missing TitleScotty Baesler, On Education Forum;Scotty Baesler, On collective bargaining;Gov. Carroll, On Task Force on Education;David Chittenden, On Preserve Our Schools suits with Fayette County Board of Education;Tom Harris, On Federal Disaster ;Assistance for winter;Sen. Huddleston, On Black Lung and Safety Bill proposal;Gov. Carroll, On occupational safety in State;Gov. Carroll, On revamping Dept of Human Resources (2 cuts);Sen. Huddleston, Says President Carter blew decision on Agriculture;Nick Martin, On tax proposal for senior citizens;Jim Amato, On planned growth;Scotty Baesler, On traffic problems;Carl Berkhart, On F.L.A.S.H. for Lex-Tran;Bob Flener, Says speed-limit signs are being defaced;Tom Little, On flooding in Southeast KY;Carolyn Hillian, Says Red Cross needs money for flood victims;John Willard, Advocates decriminalizing marijuana;Paul Hall, On what's going on at Harlan;Tom Harris, On food supply problem;Sen. Huddleston, On Washington aid for flood victims;Otis Singletary, Says he is going to Washington to help Carter (2 cuts);Gary Miller On Harlan's need right now;Paul Hall, Gives update on Harlan flood;George Asbury, On Williamsburg flood scene;Sen. Huddleston, Says Washington aid is on the way;Bert Hawkins, On handicapped parking privileges;Mayor Pettit, On help for flood victims;Shelby Johnson, On food problems in flooded areas;Gov Carroll, Encourages youth to participate in politics;Paul Hall, On flood aids needed in Harlan;Ben Moffitt, Says autos are having difficulties in flooded areas;Larry Arnett, On disaster efforts;Larry Arnett, On needs in disaster areas;Hagan Thompson, On sewer closing in Louisville;Tom Little, On flood problems and solution;Hagan Thompson, Gives more information on Louisville sewer closing and problems;Scotty Baesler, Says senior citizens need help;Walter Hemple, On which streets in Lexington should be re-done;Tom Little, On Governor's tour re flood relief;Dr. James Graham, Says schools need aid for repairs in flooded areas;Hagan Thompson, Says more sewer efforts are underway;Maurice Carpenter, Says tax receipts are coming in;Gerald Ford, Asks for cooperation with new President Carter;Bob Carr, Says Williamsburg, KY, gets help from U.S.;John Oren, On why UK employees should strike;Margaret Roach, On why UK employees should strike(P.T.: 24 min)1977 AprilOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1487Content Notes:Missing TitleUnidentified Person, Says Federal inmates help flood victims;Berb Thompson, On Louisville sewer study;Bruce Montgomery, On State Park aid to flood workers;Shirley Boyd, On UK Med Center faculty problems;Stella Edwards, On educating retarded kids;Bill Seaboat, Says inmates help flood victims;Scotty Baesler, Gives Park plan if elected;Dr. Peter Bosomworth, On staff problems at UK Med Center (2 cuts);Dr. Calvin Grayson, Says Paris Pike project will continue (2 cuts);Damon Harrison, On Energy Conference;Nicholas Martin, On Fire Chief Fryman if elected mayor;Nicholas Martin, On doing away with home-fleet plan;Robert McDonald, On current unemployment situation in State;Wendell Ford, Says President Carter's energy plan is okay;Hagen Thompson, Says sewer situation in Louisville is about the same;Edmund Muskie, On Carter's energy plan (5 cuts);Mayor Pettit. Onwhy home fleet plan should stay;Mayor Pettit, Gives budget for 1978 fiscal year;Ray Gillespie, On a State building for downtown Lexington;Dr. David Blend, On State Psychiatric Hospital for prison at LaGrange;H.N. Kirkpatrick, Says Carter's energy plan is good for coal;Gov Carroll, Swears in Byrd;Gov Carroll, On free textbooks for all students by 1980;Mary Self, On disturbance at Crawford Junior High School;Dr. William Kelley, On Carter's inaugural speech from student prospective;Douglas N. Coshell, Says to use organizing methods first;Jim Amato, Says home-fleet plan for police is okay;Earl Wilson, Says Kinkead Towers will go under construction;Connie Lackey, Says water tastes funny but is okay;Joe Graves, On housing improvements for local residents;Jim Amato, Says should add more police to fight crime;Gov Carroll, Says KY industry is doing okay;Mayor Pettit, On Lexington Work Education Council for Jobs;Ed Ryan, On coal-burning cleaners for electricity;LeMar Garrett, Says candidates are late reporting finances;Terry McBrayer, On new Convention Center for Covington;Connie Lackey, Announces water-flushing for spring cleaning;John Bush, Says fifteen counties get inter-church relief effort(P.T.: 47 min)1977 MayOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1488Content Notes:Missing TitleJohn Fleischmann, Says open-records law needs clarification;Tom Harris, Says there are not enough grain cars right now;Sen. Huddleston, Says Farm Bill looks good;Bill Endicott, Says Lexington is a different community;John Willard, Says marijuana supporters need him;Joe Graves, Says we need more tourist dollars;Gov Carroll, On Dr. John Roth's appointment to Environmental Protection Administration;Dr. John Roth, On Louisville chemical spill;Robert Scherer, Says KY refuses compromise offer (2 cuts);William Nash, Says Lexington program should be cleaned up;Warren Southworth, Says mobile home rip-off is a con game (2 cuts);Mayor Pettit, On Lexington Job Bank;Gov Carroll, On KY Breeder Ass'n contribution to State funds;Hagan Thompson, On Louisville sewer problems;Agent Bob Saffell, On catching two bank robbers in Florida;Richard Doyle, Says Agriculture-Urban zone change ruling is not good;Joe Graves, On computerized traffic signals;Nolan Freeman, On vandalism in Lexington;Jack Givens, Why we should get involved in anti-vandalism campaign;Bill Minix, On new heating for Dept. of Human Resources building;Judge Stephens, Endorse Harold Buchignan for jailor(2 cuts);Judge Stephens, Says he may run for Senate seat in the 75th District;Terry McBrayer, Says Kinkead House is a monument to KY;Gordon Garner, On UK sewer project;Hank Lindsay, On New York trip for Gov Carroll;Wayne Howard, On discipline problems in Fayette schools (3 cuts);Terry Newman, Says growth should be stopped in Lexington (2 cuts);Joe Graves, Says growth management is a must for Lexington;Chester Hager, On Coroner's inquest into Hixon death (3 cuts);Mayor Pettit, Says trash build-up causes problems for government;Mayor Pettit, On handicapped parking privileges;Nicholas Martin, Says crime and justice are local problems;Don Blevins, Says sewers are finally going to be contracted;George Kendall, Says mayoral candidacy and bank contribution conflict;Sen. Huddleston, H.U.D. flood relief not good enough;Elsie Water, On government spending of tax dollars;Dr. Horst Schact, On Civic Center parking hearing;William Kenton, Says Julius Berry is not a housing expert;Hishan Sihud, On issuing of air pollution advisory;Jerry Lundergen, Says 75th District Legislative seat not being served;Steve Beshear, Says Lundergen is lying about me and I'm gonna tell (2 cuts);William B. Sloane Says corporal punishment is permissible;William Kenton, Says I am bread and butter candidate;Theodore Berry, Says I think Bill Kenton's record is laughable;Scotty Baesler, Says public confidence is biggest concern 2 cuts);William Kenton, On appointment of Dr. William Butts to Board of Ethics;Dr. William Butts, On his appointment to the Board of Ethics;Joe Graves, On his cost-cutting plan for his administration;Theodore Berry, Says William Kenton is after financial gain;O.M. Travis, Says sewers are on the way for Highland subdivision;Mayor Pettit, Says City will not stagger departure times for employees;Mayor Pettit, On garbage collection alternative offer;Mayor Pettit, On pollution control procedures for Lexington;Nick Martin, Says we need public housing now;Russell Mill, Says Martin is his man;Sen. Huddleston, Says flood victims offered help;Jerry Lundregen, On proposal for Northern hospital in Lexington;Bill Goetz, Says Lundergen is a liar;Joe Graves, Says voters can vote for any candidate--non partisan;Terry Newman, Says good campaign and glad we got some votes;Harold Buchignani, Says will keep running some campaign in fall;Joe Graves, Says is happy to survive primary;Jim Amato, Says elated to be winner;Steve Beshear, Says hard campaign and glad it's over;Ted Berry, Gives concession--fair campaign;George Atkins, Says review committee people held accountable for actions;Don Blevins, On some causes in fall election;Scotty Beasler, Says I don't know if I'll endorse either candidate;Robert Rives, Says low vote turnout--no interest;Wendy Frank, Says President should help farmers;John Clark, Says re-districting in Fayette County--need new school;Foster Pettit, Says garbage service--we need to try it;Tom Harris, Says we should re-organize and streamline system;Gov. Carroll, Says maintain same kind of growth;Foster Pettit, On Celebration Lexington 1977;Bob Hill, On trailer driving on Memorial Day;Lt. Ernest Blevins, On Memorial Day traffic(P.T.: 44 min)1977 May-JulyOriginal 1/4" Reel to Reel, Preservation Cassette, User Cassette1489Content Notes:Missing TitleUnidentified Person, Witness to fire;Wayne Dement, On how fire was discovered;Mayor Ken Paul, Calls for investigation;Charles Niles, Sewer Treatment Plant to re-open;Ken Brandenburg, Says first investigation now underway into fire;Dave Woodruff, Says State helps Air Kentucky;John Draper, On home canning help tips;Clyde Mauldin, On what the Bank of Lexington will do;Gov Carroll, On why we are in Pikeville;George Binder, Says he is pleased with collective bargaining;Gale Grier, Says she is pleased with collective bargaining;William Kingsbury, On Downtown Commission priorities;George Atkins, On State's report on Outwood Mental Facility;Peter Conn, On State's report on Outwood Mental Facility;Hagan Thompson, Says two are caught in connection with Louisville sewers;Cal Carpenter, On description of bank robber;Tom Parker, On reason for sprinkler demonstration;Edgar Wallace, Responds to Supreme Court ruling on Union seniority;Norma Goodby, Says three measles cases reported thus far this year;Sen. Huddleston, On President Carter's energy proposal;Wendell Ford, On firing of John Binginton;Wendell Ford, On endorsing Democratic candidates (3 cuts);Joe Graves, Says power politicians should stay out of the race;Gilbert Ellis, On State Fire School;Buella Nunn, On why Lincoln home was restored;Gov Carroll, Says State employment looks good;Carlos Hernandez, On Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever;Gov Carroll, Says farm goods should be sold within the State;Terry McBrayer, On office building for Lexington;Eleanor Leonard, Says should cut funds for office building in the city;Jack Blanton, Says AFSCME has decided to picket;Charles Amber, Asks why picket UK;David Van Alford,Says Kentucky Kernel got okay for alcohol ads;Buella Nunn, On what Mary Todd Home means for the State;Gov Carroll, On what else we will do for historic homes;Gov Carroll, On what Mary Todd Home means for the State;Gov Carroll, On Education Task Force;Ken Brandenburg, On what has been found in the fire at Southgate;Ken Brandenburg, On how long investigation will last;Donna Oliver, On Coroner's report on Southgate fire;Sen. Huddleston, On Senate Tobacco-Agriculture Bill;John Willard, On marijuana study plans for Rupp Arena (2 cuts);Larry Logan, Says Central KY needs blood;Robin Wood, Says garbage steam process is EPA experiment;Terry Provence, Says B-1 bomber is not good for America;Dennis Corrigan, On consolidated government building plans; Warren Leet, On downtown parking and loading problems;Larry O'Neil, Says EPA to study agricultural chemicals;Robert McDonald, Says un-employment rate is down;John Bush, Says Supreme Court rules against employee religious committee (2 cuts);Jim Barlow, Says School Board negotiations are not good;Jim Barlow, Says School Board negotiations should be open;Mary Anne Pierce, Says School Board negotiations should be closed;Sidney Gall, Says not to build downtown consolidated office building (2 cuts);Bill Williams, On Kentucky Utilities outage;Ed Van Hook, On KU Power failure;Barth Pemberton, Says Preserve Our Schools challenges FCEA 's role in negotiations;Jim Barlow, Says collective bargaining with FCEA is illegal;Dick Heeman, Says rate increase for RECC is needed;Erick Karnes, Says housing industry is good and vacancy rates show it (2 cuts);Don Blevins, Says Kinkead Home is bad and alternatives not good;Ed Van Hook, Says brownouts are not likely;Joe Smile, Says tobacco is getting better because of rain (2 cuts);Mary Anne Pierce, Says FCEA will go to court;Steve Siegel, Says gas situation is not as good as hoped for;Mayor Pettit, Says detention of juveniles is a tough problem;Mary Anne Pierce, Asks for compromise on open meetings;Jim Barlow, Says FCEA did not compromise;George Atkins, Says he will audit the Dept. for Human Resources;Peter Ackley, Says EPA checks water standards;Connie Lackey, KY-American Water Company meets EPA standards;Lynn Tackett, Says training in mines needed for electricians;Coburn Gale, On Rocky Mountain Spotted fever;Sen. Huddleston, On Caliafono's remark about tobacco support cut -off (2 cuts);Joe Graves, Says is against cooperative government building;Theodore Berry, Says Micro-City is being harassed;Gene McCord, On missing baby in Northern KY;Gov Carroll, Says flood reports should be complete;Sen. Huddleston, Says tobacco bills passed and gives reasons;Gov Carroll, On new insurance board;Larry Hopkins, On NBC interview about None of the above ballot;Tom Little, On weather problems due to high winds;Jo Anne Parker, On appointment of new health board;Scotty Baesler, Says budget is all wrong;Don Blevins, Says budget is all wrong;