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The Kentucky Kernel, April 21, 1960

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

1 Student Describes Florida Sun And Night Life By PAUL ZIMMERMAN Assistant Managing Editor On Arril 6 tome strange sight. were seen on the UK campus. These some antics were repeated on campus in many parts of the United States at about the same time. All (he furor mas caused by a disease sometimes known as Florida lever. Reaching its rrak in the middle of the afternoon, carlotids cf fevered students could be seen heading: south, some fast, frmc more slowly, but all grimly determined to reach ft. Lauderdale and really live it up. As the Florida exodus at Easter is new to UK. perhaps an account of the goings-o- n will be enlightening for those not fortunate cnouuh to have made the trip, and Lriiijj back a few memories to those who did. Leaving Lexington about four In the afternoon, the roads were generally good through Kentucky and Tennessee to Knoxville. Out of Knoxville there was a very good road to the Georgia line. As the night wore on and traffic thinned out, the cars with UK Rtickers became more evident, passing each other with much honking and shouting. One group was dragging a boat with them, complete with UK stickers on its windshield. Along about witching hour we crossed into Georgia. Just what a significant step this was became apparent as fillings began to come out of our teeth and fenders threatened to shake off the car. Another significant fact arrived at in Georgia was that our economy ear was getting an astonishing 12 miles to a gallon of gas. New spark plugs fixed us up, and the rat race was on again. WW Now driving to Florida non-sto- p may not sound too difficult. Actually doing it is quite a different thing. Along about 3 a.m. you notice that you're driving in three lanes of a two lane highway, which Is definitely not good. Then you try to wake someone up to take over the wheel. If you can manage to get them up, you probably find that your derriere is numb from sitting so long. This situation is solved when you finally develop callouses and become adjusted to life In an automobile. About eight o'clock or so In the morning, Florida is sighted and spirits soar. A short stop for free orange Juice and Information is in order, and you try desperately to think of some intelligent questions as you guzzle. Continued On rage 3 1 Y i r I tid 'Pi 'y: kieiemt-- il -- ffHr- E i University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, Vol. LI KV.. THURSDAY, APRIL 21, No. 9f ! and two iiutcmotiles which will be made n;tihible to UK faculty members li.r business purposes. It is evpettrd they will be pur chased and available for e by September, according to George K. Kavanaugh, associate business manager for the I'nlvrrsity. The vehicles will form the nucleus cf a motor pool which possibly could grow into a much larger unit. Kavanaugh said. Other universities have tried the central vehicle pian and found it to be u-- UK vehicles than take their own on trips may reserve them through the Maintenance and Operations Department," Kavanaugh explained. The purchasing will be managed the State Purchasing Depart- ment at Frankfort, Mr. Kavanaugh said. These vehicles will merely sup- plement the current University wav- - Women's Administrative CounMen's Heading Lounge, p.m. Union Recreation Committee, Koom 206, 5 p.m. Little Kentucky Derby (coed sponsors). Room 128, 5 p.m. History Department, Room 205, Student 4-- 4-- 5 p.m. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Room, 8 p.m. College Chamber of Commerce, Room 128, 6:30-- 8 p.m. Mortar Board, Men's Reading Lounge, 6:30-- 8 p.m. Woman's Handbook Committee, Room 206, pan. Army ROTC (Company B), Room 204, 9 p.m. Preclassifica Hon To Begin May 9 6-- 7-- The University recently leased the ground floor of the large Preclassification of students for 1960 fall semester will begin May 9 and continue for two weeks. according to word from the office of Dr. Charles P. Elton, dean of admissions and registrar. Dean Elton, out of the city until the build- - ing for storing UK vehicles, many of which are now being kept there. State School Budget Is Ranked Low U. Parade Best? cil, 5 A study by the UK Bureau of Business Research shows ol the seven states bordering Kentucky only Missouri spent less per capita for state institutions of higher learning in 1957 than did Kentucky. e study, written by Dr. James V. Martin, diThe rector of the bureau, and Mrs. Dolores S. Cheek, a research associate, shows Kentucky ranking near the lowest state in 50-pag- 1957 and 1938. "Fortunately, the situation Is not crease appropriations for UK and now the same," Dr. Martin said in other state colleges, referring to the 19t0 Kentucky Dr. Martin said a comparison of Assembly's move to in- Continued On Page 3 General - Cadets at the State University of Kentucky in 1905 relax prior to a parade. The building in the background is Neville Hall. The picture is one of the slides to be shown at the 13th annual dinner of the Collgee of Arts and Sciences Tuesday. - Detailed supervision or allocation plans for the vehicles have not been made but it is anticipated they will be kept with other UK vehicles in a Reynolds Tobacco Co. warehouse on South Broad- - by U SUB Activities 4-- policy of reimbursing faculty members for miles traveled in their own automobiles," he continued. " who would rather use the , is Cars May Be Bonight For Use By Faculty I'aculty rntnilx rs may Ih riding on "official rubber" instead of in th ir own cars slule on business jaunts beginniii4 next fall. The UnKersitv has asked for bids on two station wagons V- - . WI Briggs To Role In Guignol's 'Ah Wilderness' Re-Ena- ct next Monday, Is expected to re lease details upon his return. The pian was tried here for the first time last fall and resulted in much confusion when some 2,000 students failed to observe pre- classification rules. Other prob- lems were also encountered, some of them in the administration plan, Dr. Elton later said. Many of the problems have since gone through study. Dean Elton said In an interview following the initial effort that he thought the plan would ran smoother in the future. Preclassification was a direct outgrowth of demands by students that the confusion and tiresome waitin countered during the registration at former week-lon- g Rehearsal for "Ah Wilderness." a UK alumnus. Guignol Theatre's final presenta- Other members of the cast are tion this season, began Monday Phillips Brooks as Nat Miller; night. Renee Arena, his wife Essie? Dnn Wallace Briggs. director of Guig- - Galloway, their son Richard; La- ncum, mcir sun Auuiur hoi iiicairc. Dart or Sid MUler "n thePE;ge ONeul Mary Warner Ford, their daughter comedy. Mr. Briggs played that Mildred; Dan Howell, their son eununawa. role in the original Guignol pro- - Tommy; Ruth Barrett. Essie's sis- uuy- duction of "Ah Wilderness" in ter 1942. John Pritchard. Dave McCom- Mr. Briggs will be assisted in ber: L"cy House, Muriel McCom- - PrepliariliaCV Students directing the play by Fred Sliter, ber; Carole Martin, Belle; Thel- Pr.Dharmacv students h e. ma Burton, Norah; Russ Mobley, pect to qualify for admission to the bartender; and Phil Cox. the the College of Pharmacy In September must apply for adLKD Coed Sponsors salesman. The play takes place in 1906, just mission in the Registrar's Office The chairman of coed sponafter the turn of the century in soring groups for the Little KenProspective students are ask in Connecticut. ed to apply from April 25 tucky Derby will meet at 4 p.m. a large small-tow- n The show will have four pertoday in the Student Union through April 30 in Room 101 of 1 formances May at Guignol the Administration Building. Building. Theatre in the Pine Arts Building. 18-2- 'f- .., ; :. . mi -- m r w.i LKD Weekend Is May ... m . Billed as America's most spectacular college week end, UK's spring extravaganza, the Little Kentucky Derby, is coming up May The derby, in which bicycles replace thoroughbreds, is modeled after Indiana University's Little 500. Initiated in 1957. the derby weekend provides a big spring event in which the entire campus can all-camp- us - ' --- ? t . 13-1- 4. , viJ t . ; - v V ' v v t participate. The feature of the weekend is the derby, a bicycle relay race around the track at Stoll Field Satur- .. f i . i :. .. ; ,y- - , ; . Athletic Field Construction new athletic f.rlj has resumed after a long delay t by severe snows winter. Members of the track team pr-ing daily on the iu w track. are tit Work on UK laiistri l.i-.- u day afternoon. Approximately 32 four-ma- n teams representing campus organizations and dormitories will participate this year. Cofeatured with the derby will be the Debutante Stakrs held Friday night. For this event, teams of cmds mount tricycles and pedal around the Io encourage participation in the LKD wtiktnd. each men's team is paired with a us team of coed sponsors. The sensors assist in con- - 13-1- 4 structing and decorating stalls for the racing teams on Stoll Field. The running of the derby is only one part of an activity-fille- d weekend. Two jail groups, Dave Brubeck's quartet and Earl Bostic's combo, will play alternately at a concert which will climax the weekend Saturday night at the Coliseum. A different kind of music will be heard at a street dance Friday night. The House Rockers will play on Euclid Avenue in front of the Coliseum after the Debutante Stakes have been run. And on Saturday morning, Paul Hahn, a trick-bh- ot golfer, will perform on Stoll Field. Proceeds from the sale of tickets to all events goes Into a scholarship fund. The scholarships are given to freshmen and upperclassmen, according to Mrs. Sharon Hall, assistant dean of women. Representatives from each University housing uni will take advance orders for tickets. The t;rou; selling the most tickets will get .seats in the center sectk.ii ot the itadlum for the derby.