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Group portrait of South Elkhorn students standing in front of the school house, with Nannie Faulconer (1865?-1940) and their teacher, Ann Young. Handwritten on verso, "South Elkhorn-This is the school to which little Virginia Hardeman, aged ten, was attending when she was snatched away from the highway, taken into a cornfield, mangled, mistreated and murdered by a negro mullato-William Lachett. A mob endeavored to take him from the Lexington Court House, but was repulsed. Five people were killed during this riot. He was electrocuted afterwards. Mrs. Ann Young was the teacher, Mrs. Nannie G. Faulconer was the Supt. of schools for Fayette County.", 1919

Part of Barker and Faulconer Fayette County Public Education photographs,