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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 80, no. 4, Winter 2009

Part of Kentucky alumnus

2 Presidential Conversation A Tradition Of Excellence Fl-llI WGS G lot GlZ YOHI G.l.l'I]G H]GlZI (GS lZl"lI G.lWGyS is), WG.\'llZd to lZG.l{ T this moment to Ell you in on some ol- the exciting undertakings, E UK welcomed another outstanding First-year class to campus this August setting a number of T , . new records along the way The university received more than 12,000 applications For this Falls I y-"-I' I i-ISl"l.l'I]G.\'l Cl.GSS lZl"l 6ISlZ lZ`lH] WC Sl1IPGSSd l1l"LGlZ Hl]II]bI in l"llSlZOIy K in- ODI HlZIlHg i-ISl"l.l'I]G.\'l ClGSS is HIOIC d.lVIS lZl"lG.\'l CVCI bffi-OIC, We l"l.GV Ai-IlCGIlAH]IlCGJl L I i-ISl"lII]H l1l"l.lS YCGIS ClGSS, G PCICCIHZ THCICGSC OVCI lGSlZ YCGI, Fl-llGlZ gIOW1Zl"l l"l.GS led to ICOId undergraduate African-American enroll.ment and overall UK Ai-rican-American enroll.ment, FOI[yi-Ol]I lHlZIHGlI`lOHG.l students GIC members Oi- yGI,S i-ISl"lII]G.\'l ClGSS, G PCICCIHZ THCICGSC G over last year, And with 78 Hispanic Freshmen now calling UK home, UK undergraduate His- PGIITC HIOl.l.[I]HlZ WGS HP PICHlZ OVCI lGSlI YCGI, This years class also saw increases in student quality The average ACT score of- our incoming students is OH lZl"l rise, GS lZl"l GVIGg SCOIC i-OI GHI HISFYCGI students WGS COHIPGICLT to 24,4 last year, We set an all-time high with 404 Governors Scholars and Governors School For the AILS students in yGI,S ClGSS, GI] lHCIGS i-IOH] lGSlI yGI,S ICOId lZOlZG.l As exciting as it always is to watch new students begin their collegiate career, it is just as rewarding to watch our current students suc- ceed OH G SlZGg, TGKC lZl"l story Oi-l1l"l l].\'liVISl[y,S SOlGI l"lOl1S {SGH], COH]PlZd lZl"l DCPGIUHCHY Oi-EHIgy SOlGI DC- cathlon competition at the National Mall in Washington, DC, this {all, The University of- Kentucltys SKY BLUE House ms one of- 20 designed and constructed by schools from across North America and Europe, This prestigious competition demonstrates homes powered HlZlIly lZl"l SUI] do DOY l"l.GV to SGCITHCC HIOLTCIH COHIT-OILS Gnd i-GlZl]IS, 'HIC University Oi-KHtHCl{yS BLUE House performed well, placing ninth in the competition, It ms a great {all For individual student success, as well, Samuel Nicaise of- Covington, Ky, ms awarded a $10,000 scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, The Astronaut Scholarship is the largest monetary award given in the United States to science and engineering undergraduate students based solely on merit, Nicaise will graduate in May 2010 with a degree in electrical engineer- ing, He is dedicated to Ending a solution to the problems associated with electrical power generation, specihcally coal Fired power PlG.\'llZS, Gnd is WOIl{l\'lg lZOWGId G solution using Pl"lOlZOVOllZGlCS COH]blHd HG.\'lOlZCl"l.\'lOlOgy He to Pl]ISl1 G dOClZOIGlZ Gnd WOIl{ in that cutting-edge Held, The spawning of- new ideas is hardly limited to our undergraduate population, ln {act; the pursuit of- creativity and discovery is often led by our innovative Faculty And this year, we learned our Faculty and researchers are setting new standards in entrepreneurial activity UK l"l.Gd HIOIC SlZGIlZl1P COHIPGIITCS i-OHI]d i-GCl1l[y Gnd SlZG.H-lZl"l.G.\'l at G.\'ly Oi-OUI bHCl"lII]GIl{ lHSlZllZl1lI`lOHS, GCCOId.lHg to G IC- cently released report by the Association ol- University Technology Managers, We beat out Fellow institutions that include the universi- ties ol- Wisconsin, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, and Florida, The organization also reported that UK climbedf-rom 39th to 7th among all public and private universities For developing new technology-based businesses, In 2009, our alma mater continued its proud tradition of- excellence in education, research, and service, Andl cannot wait to see what O GS WC COHlZl\'ll1 to PGIUICI lGdIS GCIOSS lZl"l SlZGlZ to G stronger, l"lG.ll1l"l.lI, G.\'ldH]OI VlbIG.\'llZ (E/OH]H]OHWG.llZl"l, Sincerely, Lee T, Toddlr, President b I H S 9 G U G. in everything we da. www.ukaIumni.net 7 ((