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ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe For KERNEL THE And Help the Association NEW DIRECTORY of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY GOES TO PRINTER nn. G. DAVIS SARAH BLANDIXG, '23 RAYMOND PRESIDENT BUCKNER, '08 L. KIRK, '21 Latest List of Members J '. SECRETARY-TREASURE- R EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Wayland Rhoadcs, '15 Mrs. E. T. Troctor, '1G W. C. Wilson, '13 Dr. E. C. Elliott, '02 Dr. GeorRC II. Wilson, '04 Walter Hlllcnmcycr, '04 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT This issue of the Kentucky Kernel will be the last that will be sent to members of the Alumni Association Beginning in May the "Kenby the AlumniOfficc. tucky Alumnus," official publication of the Alumni Association of the University of Kentucky, will be sent to all members of the association who pay their dues. The Kentucky Kernel, the Alumni Association and the University of Kentucky have reached a point in their development where this move is necessary. The use of the student publication as a combined student and alumni organ has been outgrown by our association. Our Alumni Association is moving forward and if we are to take our place in the ranks of the alumni organizations of the larger institutions in the United States we must take every step forward that is possible. It at last has become possible for the beginning of a publication devoted entirely to matter of interest to the alumni. The first issue of the "Kentucky Alumnus" will mark a distinct step forward for our association and one that is sure to meet with enthusiastic approval from a vast majority of the members of the Alumni Association. The first issue will be mailed to you on May 15. The next and final issue for this year will be out June 15. It will be known as the Commencement Number and will give all details of the class reunions and homecoming. No issues will be published during July or August. While this departure may cause regret among some of the younger members of the Alumni Association it is as necessary for us to leave The Kernel as it was for them to leave the undergraduate body. 6"urs is an association of university graduates and we as an association must continue to move forward even as the individual graduate moves. Will He Association Before June 1; Kernel Print Booket. of Out to A new directory containing the names of alumni will be off the press by June 1, it has been announced by the Alumni office. The new directory will be the first published by the Alumni Association since 1924. The names of all those who have been graduated from the University of Kentucky up to and including the class of 1928 will be included in the new directory which will be complete In every way. The new directory is being printed and bound by the staff of the Kentucky Kernel and will be the first Job this size that the student print shop has attempted so far. The copv has been turned over to the foreman of the shop and work already has been started on the composition of the directory. The 1929 directory will be a departure from the one published in 1924. Three complete lists of the graduates will be given. First will be In nlnhnbetlcal order. Mm immoe next the list by classes which will contain all the information con-,ntiVin HlfTornnt ernritmtes. The last list will be by geographical 10 muse who location, in addition are graduates will be a list of former students who, while they were not graduated, have been loyal and active mmbrs of th Alumni Association. The new order will enable oitimni tn loratfi classmates, indi viduals and alumni in a given com munity with a minimum oi irouoie and confusion. There are to be 2,500 copies of the new directory published and no charge will be made to those who are members in good standing of the Alumni Association. Members who pay their dues for the year No 1929-19will get free copies. nnnc nrNl Vo spnt tr nnv nerson or firm for the purpose of advertising lists. It Is planned 10 nave mem uui before the annual homecoming and nlocc rpiinlnns .Tune 1. 2 ana i. An early check for alumni dues will assure you a copy of the new alumni directory. STORY FEATURES CLUB PRESIDENT W. F. Wright, Head of Louisville Alumni, Is Subject of Feature Sketch in in The Louisville Courier-Journa- l, a recent issue, carried the picture Tell Me Walter Franklin Wright, who of was graduated from the University of Kentucky with the class of 1914. 1922 Along with the picture of Mr. Anna Catherine Hendricks, B. A. B. S., now is Wright the following sketch apBarbara Nell Hanks, 1922, is a teacher and her permaMrs. William Kenneth Stokes and peared nent address is Franklin, Ky. her address is 4119 Thirteenth "Walter F. Wright, lawyer, living street, Oakley, Cinclnanti, Ohio. at Anchorage, celebrates his forCharles IsbeU Henry, B. A. is tieth birthday anniversary Thurs teaching in the high school at Strauter Harney, B. S., is a farm- day. Mr. wngnt was Dorn at ManKy. er and his address is R. F. D. No. 7, chester. Ky., and was educated in Paris, Ky. the public schools there and at Lafayette Brown Herring, B. A. Lexington, and at the University of John L. Hays, LL. B is an 1922, is a geologist with the MaryKentucky, where he received both and is practicing his his bachelor of arts and law de504 Central Naland Oil Company, tional Bank building, San Angelo, prefession in Whitesburg, Ky. grees in 1914. "Entering the United States army Texas. Earl Maxwell Heavrin, LL. B., is soon after leaving college, he served Angle Mae Hill, B. S. 1922, is now secretary to Gov. Flem D. Sampson, on the Mexican border in 1916 and was commissioned a second lieutenMrs. Harry W. Farmer and her ad- and his address is Frankfort, Ky. ant on the entry of the United dress is R. F. D. No. 2, Paducah, Ky. Laura Given Hubbard, B. A., now States into the World War. Mr. Holbrook, B. S. M. is Mrs. J. M. Berry and her address Wright served as battalion comYancy Carman mander of the Fifteenth Field ArE., is with the engineering depart- i is R. F. D. No. 2, Carlisle, Ky. tillery in France and took part in ment of the Cumberland Telephone Alma M. Hutchen, B. A., now is six major operations on the western Telegraph Company. His adand Mrs. T. E. Sparks and is living in front. dress is 1011 Republic building, Greenville, Ky. "Going to Florida at the end of Louisville, Ky. the war he remained in the south Mary Elizabeth James, B. A., now until 1927, when he came to LouisWilliam B. Howell, B. S., 1922, is ad- R. Leach county agricultural agent for Trim- is Mrs.isJames Aylseford and herLex- ville to practice law with his father, place, 400 dress J. W. Wright, with whom he now ble county, Kentucky. His address ington, Ky. has offices in the Citizens' building. is Bedford, Ky. "Mr Wrieht is actlne executive Sixty-thir- d j officer of the 1924 Field Ar 1923 tillery Brigaae, R.eniucny jxuuujiui Frances Aileen Halbert, B. A., Mrs. Hilda Williams Gaugh, B. A., now is Mrs. James D. Atkinson, and Guard, is Assistant State Tax Comis living in Murray, Ky. missioner, president of the Univershe lives in Greenup, Ky. sity of Kentucky Alumni Club, a Edyth Claire' George, B. A., is Charles Emery Gibson, B. S. M. director .of the University Club and teaching in Hendersonville, N. C, where her address is 1142 Patton Ie., is sales manager for the Arm- a member of Jefferson Post of the strong Cork Company of Pittsburgh, American Legion. street. extends .Pa. He is located in Chicago, 111., "The Courier-Journ- al Chloe Gifford, LL. B., is a teacher where his address is in care of the birthday greetings and best wishes and her address is 345 Woodland company, 120 West Illinois street. for his continued success." avenue, Lexington, Ky. Thomas Leigh Garwood. B. S. M. Oliver Cromwell Green, B. S. C. (E., is living in Louivllle, Ky., where sity of Kentucky. His address is E is an engineer with the Ken- his address is 1613 South Third Clifton avenue, Lexington. tucky State Highway Department. i street. George Walter Gardner, B. 6., is He lives in Bloomfield, Ky. John Franklin Graham, B. S., is county agricultural agent for Washliv- i county agricultural agent for Caldington county, Ky. He is located in Alice Miller Gregory, B. A., is ing near Louisville, Ky., and her well county, Ky., and is located in Springfield. address is R. F. D. No. 1, Louisville. Princeton. Henry Lloyd Harleson, B. S. C. E., Russell Morris Green, B. A., is an Emmett Adolph Graves, LL. B., is is with the Bureau of Public Roads, attorney-at-laaccountant with the W. P. Brown an with Wilson and Washington, D. C. and Sons Lumber Company, Louis- Harbison, 12 Security Trust building, Lexington, Ky. ville, Ky. Charles Edgar Harris, B. S., is with the extension division of the Martin Thomas Gregory, B. A., Is John Lewis Gray, B. S. M. E., is Experiment Station of the Univerteaching history in the Community distribution agent for the Louisville sity of Kentucky, Lexington. high school at Hinckley, 111. Gas and Electric Company. His address is 1000 South Twenty-eight- h Virginia Harrison, B. S., now is George Dan Ilagan, B. A., M. A. Street, Louisville, Ky. Mrs. W. F. Marrs and lives on the 1926, is teaching in South Junior Versailles pike, near Lexington, Ky. Margaret Louise Gudgel, B. A., is hlch school in Louisville, Ky where Stanley Ray Hill, B. S., is a merhis address is 613 Merwin avenue. l teaching in the grammar school in Frankfort, Ky. Her address is Steel chant and is located in German-towKy. Thomas Hart Ilagan, B. S. M. E., street. is with the American Rolling Mill Company and his address is 412U Hanson, LL. B., William Howard Katherine Coleman Hodge, B. A., 'Twentieth street, Ashland, Ky. is an Instructor in physical educanow is Mrs. Willis D. Threlkeld and tion at the University of Kentucky, her address is P. O. Box 231, La v Habra, Calif. Pearl Beatrice Marie Hainor, B. Lexington. A., is a teacher and lives at 536 Sixth avenue, Huntington, W. Va. Thomas Marshall Halm, B. S., M. Astor Hogg, LL. B., is an attorney-S. 1925, is an instructor in the at-law and is located in James Ellison Humphrey, B. S. is physics department at the Univer Whitesburg, Ky. They a field agent in the poultry department of the extension division of the Experiment Station of the University of Kentucky. His address is Hamilton Park, Lexington, Ky. ANNOUNCEMENTS University KIRK RAYMOND Alumni Assn. Secy.-Trcn- s. Published By and For University Alumni ALUMNI ASSOCIATION fa''- ALL MAKES Edited by of Kentucky Club Dinner of Greater Cincinnati: on the first Tuesday evening of each month at the Industrial Club In Covington, located at Pike and Madison streets. The time Is G:30 In the cvenlnp. University of Kentucky Club of Chicago: Luncheon third Monday In each month at 12:30 p. m., In the grill room of Marshall Field's Men's store. Louisville Alumni Club of the LunUniversity of Kentucky: cheon first Saturday in each month In the dining room of the University Club, third floor of Brown building, 325 West Broadway. Time 12:30 p. m. The Buffalo Alumni Club: Luncheon on the second Saturday in each month at the Chamber of Commerce building In Buffalo. The time is 1:30 p. m. Note Will the officers of other Alumni Clubs please send us the' dates and places of their regular meetings? CHICAGO ALUMNI DINE, DANCE Announcement has been made by the officers of the University of Kentucky Club of Chicago that the annual dinner dance of that club will be held this year on the evening of May 4. It will be held at the Cambridge Club, 1725 East Fifty-thir- d street. A special invitation has been issued to any University of Kentucky men and women who are in Chicago to attend this annual event of the club. Reservations may be made by writing to D. S. Sample, 53 West Jackson boulevard, Room 922. Sure Enough I've looked all over this Room dump, but Where's my shirt? Mate Have you been upstairs? Oh, that's another First One story. Ex. U. OF K. BANQUET IS HUGE SUCCESS Attendance at Annual Event During K. E. A. Meeting in Louisville Attracts Over 100 Alumni and Friends. Four hundred and twenty-fiv- e Alumni, friends and faculty members of the University of Kentucky attended the University of Kentucky dinner held in conjuction with the annual meeting of the K. E. A. in Louisville. Thursday, April 18. It was the largest number that ever has attended one of the dinners since their beginning 18 years ago. The dinner is held each year in conjunction with the nnnual meeting of the Kentucky Educational Association and while intended at first for those Alumni and friends of the University who are interested in educational work in Kentucky, they have grown in popularity until Alumni from every wnlk in life come each year. The program this year was well balanced and enjoyable throughout. ! Represented on the program was an alumnus, an outsider and a faculty member. John Y. Brown, graduate of the College of Law and nrnmlnpnt voiint? Lpxlnoton nttor- ney, acted as toastmaster. President j Frank L. Mcvey represented the faculty and outlined the past and future growth of the University. So large was the attendance at the dinner this year that a last minute rush made necessary the use of an auxiliary dining room the main ball room of the Brown hotel where the dinner was held. More than 100 were seated In this space and aft6r the dinner moved into the ball room for the program. The Men's glee club of the University sang several selections during the course of the dinner, leaving immediately to sing before the general assembly of the Kentucky Educational Association. MISSING MEN The Alumni office will appreciate It if you will send in to this office the addresses of any of the Alumni who are listed below: Nell Alford, 1920: TYPEWRITERS STANDARD SSS" Special Rental Rates to Students Phone 1792 WEST SHORT ST. Opp. Courthouse COMMONS UNIVERSITY THREE MEALS Served on the campus every school day SERVING HOURS: Breakfast 7:15 . Lunch Dinner Open between 5:00 6:30 meals for sandwiches, milk, hot drinks ice cream and candy Third Floor McVey Hall When You Need a Car for Business or Social Affairs, Rent a Chrysler or New Ford We cater to the University trad': No deposits required from students. Commercial Co. Rent-A-C- ar 133 E. SHORT PHONE 3145 LOOK!, LOOK! LOOK! you for Dinner Sunday We are expecting Where have you been? We serve a plate lunch every noon and night 40c. Chicken Dinner Sunday ' 50c Herbert Proctor Haley, 1920: 9:15 11:3012:45 . i Short Orders at All Times Fountain Service Night Delivery Home Cooking .' William Bryan Martin, 1920: 81 Rose Street Confectionery and RESTAURANT Richard Clarence Miller, 1920: 'Where Friends Meet" ROSE and COLLEGE VIEW PHONE 4039 Joseph Stuart Misrach, 1920: George Thomas Robinson, 1920: Morris Vilcofsky, Louise Will, WE ARE READY TO SUPPLY YOU With 1920: Kodaks - Films Tennis Racquets and Balls 1920: -- William Yourish, 1920: Arthur Arden Cameron, 1921: Alta Mae Chandler, 1921: '. Roy Creech, 1921: Campus Book Store Reginald Ernest DeAltry, 1921: Bishop Irving Hines, 1921: f (1 McVEY HALL James Sharon Hundall, 1921: John Marsch Land, 1921: Lucile Isabanda Moore, We Serve to Satisfy 1921: Martha Agnes Randell, 1921: For Raswell Manning Bennett, 1922: Lawrence Francis Bischof, 1922: .7. ' Good, Wholesome Sweets Carrie Louise Dwyer, 1922: Come to Us Clyde Rogers Gibbons, 1922: Chester Bryant Hamilton, 1922: Martha McElroy McDowell, Mrs. Otis Healey), 1922: Frederick Walter Nessler, 1922: Miln WE MAKE EVERYTHING WE SELL Kirtley Revill, 1922: Thomas Milton.Riley, 1922: Dandee Candy Shoppe !f. !... Just around the corner from Lime on Main