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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THK SOCIETY NOTES :mmmtttmt tnamttimsmmmmtttttttt party at the chapter house. Lamp and Cross formal dance In April again; the willow winds arc the Men's gymnasium. Monday, April 29 yellow, Opening of "Flight of the DuchRose-re- d the brambles that thd ess" nt the Guignol theater. passing wind knows; Comes a robin's note like the note Thursday, May 2 Arts and. Sciences banquet. of a cello And across the valley the calling of the crows, WEDDINGS "April again I " APRIL AGAIN April again; and the marsh birds swinging Over the rushes that belong to yesteryear; Silver shines the river and young lips arc singing Songs as old as Eden as old and as dear "April again I" April again; with a wet wind blowing, And along the western sky a pathway of gold, Sounds a call to follow the road we're not knowing, A new road a wild road o'er fairyland unrolled "April again I" Mycrs-IIcss- Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Annclla Thompson Myers daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mordecal Myers, of Fayette county, to Mr. Edward Hessel, son of Mrs. Kathcrlne Brown Hessel, on December 21, at Jefferson-vlll- e, Ind. Mrs. Hessel Is a student at the University and Mr. Hessel holds a position with the Fayette National bank. They are living at present with Mrs. Katherlne Hessel on Sherman avenue. Lord-Gea- The marriage of Miss Jean Lord, of Newark, N. J., and Mr. Ambrose April again; with its wonders of Geary, of Lexington, was solemngladness, ized April 15, in Newark. April with Its haunting Joy and Mr. Geary has many friends in swift-stlngltears this city, having graduated from Month of mist and music, and the the University. He is the son- of s. old Captain John A. Geary, of LexingMonth of magic fluting the spirit ton. only hears Miss Lord Is the daughter of Mr. "April again!" and Mrs. Howell Gurney Lord, and made her debut last winter in CALENDAR Friday, April 26 Alpha Gamma benefit bridge party at the chapter house. Banquet for the College of Law at the Lafayette hotel at 6:30. Saturday, April 27 Faculty Brides' Dance at Patterson hall. Alpha Gamma Delta benefit bridge Hastings-Sam- s The marriage of Miss Elizabeth Hastings, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Hastings, of Ann Arbor, Mich., and Mr. W. Mitchell Sams, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Sams, of Lexington, on April 6 has been announced. Mrs. Sams received her A. B. degree from the University of Mich- - igan In 1927, where she was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Mr. Sams was graduated in the class of 1924 from the University. He hns since been a student in the medical department of the University of Michigan from which he will receive his medical degree In June. Leper-Payn- e Mr, and Mrs. C. B. Leper, of Newport, Ky., announce the marriage of their daughter, Alma, to Mr. Gerald Payne, of Covington, which took place Saturday April 13, at the home of the officiating minister, the Rev. A. W. Fortune, in Elsmere Park. I Mrs. Payne attended the University where she was a member of the Delta Zcta social sorority. Mr. Payne was a student at the University of Cincinnati and a member of the Sigma Chi social fraternity. Mr. and Mrs. Payne will be at home in Covington after the first of May. Faculty Dinner Mr. L. K. Frankel and Mr. J. J. Curtis entertained Saturday evening with a delightful dinner for the faculty of the College of Engineering of. the University. Mr. Frankel was graduated from the College of Engineering in 1900 and Mr. Curtis in 1919 and both were connected with the faculty after graduation. The guests of the most happy occasion were: Messrs. F. Paul Anderson, C. H. Anderson, T. M. Arkle, Brinkley Barnett, F. M. Beckley, M. W. Beebe, W. H. Brend, E. A. Bureau, W. J. Carrel, C. S. Crouse, E. B. Crowder, J. B. Dicker, J. B. Fisher, Clarence Flynn, W. E. Freeman, R. D. Hawkins, J. S. Horlne, C. C. Jett, J. R. Johnson, J. R. Kettenacker, J. G. McBee, C. O. Mock, L. E. Nollau, W. A. Newman, L. S. O'Bannon,. R. C. Porter, J. H. Rice, S. T. Saunler, V. Splcer, D. N. Singer, Robert Newton Sturgeon, D. V. Terrell, Gordon Thurman, Thomas C. Tucker, Isaac Watklns, M. J. Crutcher, H. H. Harper, James F. Terney, Dan A. Flnlayson, Thomas Walston, Mills, J. L. Hlbbs, George Sullivan, Howard Evans, Minott Brooks. Sigma Alpha Epsllon Dance Epsilon of Sigma Alpha Epsllon entertained last Saturday night in the ballroom of the Phoenix hotel with a delightful formal dance. Purple and gold, the fraternity colors, decorated the room and con fetti and serpentines gave a festive air to the scene. The aainty programs were also of purple and gold. Music was furnished by Ray Bahr s orchestra, of Louisville. The chaperones were Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Sellards, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Mohney, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Baker, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin and Mrs. E. F. Ferguson. The Lafayette Hotel Cool, comfortable rooms. tempts the appetite. that Quiet, efficient service. A cuisine Make our hotel your headquarters when in Lexington. LEN SHOUSE, JR., Manager. Phi Beta Tea Mrs. Frank L. McVey was hostess for Phi Beta, professional music and dramatic art fraternity of the University, Wednesday afternoon from 5 to 6 o'clock, in honor of the delegates of the Kentucky Federation of Music Clubs, which met in convention in Lexington April 23, 24, and 25, with headquarters at the Phoenix hotel. In the receiving line with Mrs. McVey were Mrs. Curtis Marshall McGee, state president of the fed- eration; Miss Virginia Tyler, presl- -. dent of the McDowell Club; Mr. and Mrs. Mieczslaw Munz, and Mrs. Lolo Robinson, president of Kappa chap- ter of Phi Beta. A delightful music score was presented by several mem- hers" of Phi Beta. The members of Phi Beta assisted In entertaining; KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE THREE L. L. Dantzlcr, an associate Leonard Weakley, Henry Scott, Joe member of the fraternity, presided Allen, Don Moore, Harry Blanton. The guests were Misses Lyle WalThe house was beautifully deco- ters, Julia Marvin, Jane Clay Ken-ne- y, Virginia Baker, Elizabeth Tins-lerated with spring flowers and Martha Reed, Katherlne Oravcs, rpfrnshments were served. About a hundred delegates called carina ivuninan. during the afternoon. , Delia Sigma Pi Dance Dclta S18ma pl- - honorary com- Luncheon for Officers merclal fraternity of the University, beautiful dinner- vJ mv miunrv f Mrs. at the tea table. K?S lt?l'"l Z'JS SSefoM In lUI Col E SSFcZ? SctaSetSeSu STSrS? i glven , honor of the Imtlatcs. ton I nLR T1 faeultv members who were noe FRATERNITY ROW i Mr. W. H. Mason, of Elklns, W. Va., was a guest at the Beta Sigma Omlcron house last week-enMisses Josephine Cotton, Louise Smith and Kitty Flnnell were visitors in Louisville last week-enMrs. B. T. Davis, of Covington, was a visitor at the Delta Zcta house last week-enMiss Josephine Frazar, of spent last week-en- d at the Alpha Delta Theta house. Hopklns- Mr. Paul Auschler. of vllle, was a guest at the Alpha Tau Omega house last week-enMessrs. Thomas Orcgory, of Anchorage, and Ted Williams, of were visitors at the Alpha Tau Omega house last week-enMr. F. O, Terrlll has returned from South Carolina where he attended the induction services of the new chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa. Mr. Raymond Ellis, of Madison-vlll- e, was a visitor at the Sigma Nu house last week-enMr Harry Myers, of Covington, was a visitor at the Sigma Nu house last week-en- d. i Tne guests ior ine anair were tne present were Dean E. W. Wiest, officers of the University of Dr. W. W. Jelnlngs, Prof. Colvin of the University R. O. T. C: P. Rouse, Prof. R. D. Haun, Prof, R. Major Owen R. Meredith, Major D. Mclntyre. Capt. Basil Spalding, Herbert Schmld, Capt. Richard Gessford Woman's Athletic Banquet easier and ?,nd LJcut- - James Tho Woman.g Athletic Association officers as follows: entertalned with their fourth an- J. W. Chapman, cadet colonel; O. nual banquet last Saturday at the A. Stone, lieutenant-colonof the Lafayette hotel, regiment; J. C. Flndley, cadet major The banquet was the culmination battalion; K. B. Baker, ; of the playday program sponsored of the nrst cadet major of the second battalion; by the association and hosts to rep-S. Johnstone, captain of Com-- 1 resentatlves Transylvania, from pany A; W. L. Helzer, captain of Georgetown, University of B; D. T. Hammersley, cap- - vllle, Kentucky Wesleyan, Kentucky tain of Company C; J. R. Hester, College for Women, Eastern Teach-captaof Company E; H. T. Davis, ers College, Western Kentucky State captain of Company F; J. W. Brat- - Teachers' College, and Louisville Normal School. cher, captain of Company G. The military sponsors who acted National Inspector Honored as hostesses, were: ' Epsllon Omega chapter of Kappa ml. nnth nnnnln .nonnr nf the Delta sorority of the University enregiment; Martha Reed, sponsor of tertained with a motor trip and the first battalion; Mary Armstrong, Satursponsor of the second battalion; luncheon at Shakertown Inn Christ-hol- d, day In honor of Miss Thelma Frances Baskett, sponsor of Com of Seattle, Wash., a national pany A; Sara E. Reynolds, spon THE CLOTHES SHOP Cleaning and Pressing Ladies Spring Coats and Suits Cleaned NOW Get Them Ready for Summer We Do All Minor Repairs Free 175 DEPARTMENT READY-TO-WEA- R is Second Floor SrlTJTrlT .. The members of the party were !the 8uest f honor, the active , . sponsor Pof km' ?. ier ana tne PleaSes-- . pany F; Mary Elizabeth Fisher, ' Pet- sponsor of Company G; Laura Luncheon for K ' Kappa Gamma tlnger, sponsor of the band. Miss Katherlne Graves enter- 'tained with a dellghtfful party for Alpha Sigma Phi Formal ,iuncheon Saturday at the Lexing-Th- e members of the Alpha Sigma ton Country Club in honor of the Phi entertained with their formal : Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority of dance, Saturday evening at the La- - the University of which she Is a fayette hotel from 9 until 12 o'clock. pledge. The Original Masqueraders and Toy The decorations were artistically Sandefur's Rhythm Kings furnished arranged with tulips in the lovely colors, and the hostess was assisted the music. The hosts were the members of in entertaining by her mother, Mrs. the active chapter, the faculty mem- - George K. Graves. ine guests were the members of bersand the plodges of the fra ternity. The active chapter: Messrs. the sorority. D. C. Carpenter, president; Wilbur Wilson, William Helzer, Ferdinand Wiemann, Jack McGurk, Francis Day, Kenneth Harrison, John Owen Kenneth Jones, Don Williams, Birkhead, Harry Day, Robert Rey nolds, Howard Williams, Paul Osborne, Marshall Sterrett, Ray Mayes, Richard Lowrey, Kern Patterson, John Epps, Joseph McGurk, Glenn Welnmann, Henry Wiemann, Wallace Salmon, William Saunders. The" faculty members: Dr. G. C. Bassett, Prof. L. C. Robinson, Prof. L. S. O'Bannon. The pledges are: Joseph Martin, Marlon Custard, William Barton,' Norman Hainsey, Thomas Beard, Gert Helsberg, Ed Henry, Glenn Prince. The chaperones were: Prof, and Mrs. E. F. Farquhar, Dean Sarah Blandlng, Dr. and Mrs. G. C. Bassett, Prof, and Mrs. L. C. Robinson, Mrs. and Mrs. H. C. Moody, Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Helzer. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Day, Mr. and Mrs. O. O. J Carpenter. 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