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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy VAGE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SIX 'CATS PLAY VANDY AT NASHVILLE TODAY HEADER Diamond Ball to Start Next Week MAY BREAK In Men's Gym Frosh-Picadom- e EDUCATION' STUDENTS NOTICE nry, the location and whether or not his placement was due to the All students registered In the Pla- - efforts of this bureau. As this Bureau of the College of vicc is f rce the office Is due the Rain sent the Kentucky freshmen arc requested to notify tcsy of notification by the students and Plcadome High school baseball the office of their acceptance of a in order that the records may be teams to the sheltered showers Sat-- I position 41s teacher, stating the sal- - filed correctly, urday afternoon In the eighth with the score 4 to 4. The (By Vernon D. nooks) freshmen secured three hits, one a All these many years the Ken home run by Campbell. Boucher Kentucky and tucky Wildcat baseball team has was on the mound for played second fiddle to the Vander-bl- lt held the high school boys down. Commodores: all these many years the Commodores have sailed triumphantly to victory, but their good ship has lost Its main sail and the Wildcats have been brewing a storm to break over the Tennessee diamond this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Comh Pat Devcreaux has planned to run the Commodores to e Matches Being the rocks in the Elimination series, i Played at Picadome This ending Saturday. Sixteen men left Lexington yes Week to Select Varsity and terday afternoon at 4:50 o'clock Frosh Squads. with Coach Devcreaux and Manager Jack McGurk en route south j Cow pasture pool, ye grand old ward to Nashville. The men who Scottish game, now comes forward made the trip are Kellogg, Murphy, as a minor sport at the University. Kelly, Trott, Layman, McBrayer, It has been officially recognized by McMurray, Rhoads, Augustus, Cole, those hlch up In authority. At 2 Barnes, Toth, Ollb, Mauser, Kruger ' o'clock Tuesday, matches were start and Covington. ed on the Plcadome course in order A light workout yesterday afterto select a team. These matches noon at 1:30 o'clock on Stoll field concluded the 'Cat preparation for are scheduled to be over by SaturTO the Vandy games. Tuesday afterday. About 25 ambitious golfers put in noon the varsity engaged the Kitgame. tens for a spirited their appearance for the play-of- f. Vandy Has Strong Team The elimination consclsts of a, Last ydar the Commodores colmedal play In which the 12 or 15 making the lowest scores will be lected enough hits to win a 6 to 4 selected as the golf squad of the victory over the 'Cats on Stoll field. combination that University. From these, a team of The football Ave or six will be chosen to play in formed the backbone of the team has been broken by the loss of the matches. Both freshman and varsity teams Spears, veteran second baseman, and Creson, pitcher. Armlstea'd will $5.00 will b'e picked and matches are bebe In the line-u- p ing arranged for both. The varsity The Vanderbllt clubthis afternoon. has lost but will Journey to Plnehurst, N. C, one game this season and have a next month, to enter the Southern 12 to 1 victory over Michigan State Conference tournament held there. to their credit. Coach Devereaux Regardless of sales elsewhere, see our Merchandise A few of the outstanding contendsaid that the Vanderbllt club was ers for the varsity are McLemore, the best in the South. before buying. t We have the greatest surprise England, Larmee, Calloway and Kentucky has gathered victories Henry Lewis. Jack Barton and from the University of Louisville, for you. Lewis seem to be about the Minnesota, and Centre in their first Goldie best out for the freshman squad. three starts. The wins over these Letters and numerals will be teams are not considered startling at the end of the season. and the game this afternoon will awarded probably serve to test the mettle of the Wildcat nine. Coach Devereaux JUNIOR CLUB VISITS CAMPUS said that he expected to hold a light workout on Saturday morning. Seven members of the Lyons The same line-u- p that started the agricultural club, of Jessamine Centre and Minnesota games will county, accompanied by County start against Vanderbllt this afterAgent C. C. Shade and Miss Sarah noon with Rhoads on the mound. Scott, leader, were visitors at tne gave a brilliant account of experiment station farm and build Rhoads in his first two games. Mchimself ings last .Thursday. These visitors Brayer will start the game Saturwere the first of several parties day afternoon. The lanky right which Mr. Shade plans to bring to hander has been showing good the University, composed of mem form since his 10 to 3 victory over bers of Jessamine county junior Centre. , 333 W. clubs. It Is his plan to give each of The outfield includes Kellogg, these bovs and girls a chance to Layman, Trott, Kelly and Murphy; visit Lexington in the near future. Rhoads, McBrayer, MuMurray and Covington have all performed on the mound, Barnes and Aguustus receiving their slants. The infield is a choice between Cole, Covington, Mauser, Kruger, Toth and Glib. Rain Halts Contest' JINX Spring Suits Igolf tourney is held for team Topcoats $17 50 $29 75 The Intramural diamond ball league will probably get under way this week or next, according to announcement by M. E. Potter, director of intramural athletics, yester day. Many fraternities aiid clubs on the campus have signified their intention of entering and It looks as If there will be more teams this year than ever before. The league will be divided Into two classes, the same as in basketball, with each team playing seven or eight games. The winners of each class will play for the Univer sity championship, which will bring to a close the activities of the intramural department for the year. For the past two years the Alpha Slgs have held the upper hand in the diamond ball game, winning their class championship two years in succession. Their excellent record was due entirely to the superb pitching of Deacon underhand GOLDBERG'S Lexington's Leading Clothiers and Tailors J Illlllllllilillllillllllll THE FREEZER EAST MAIN at WALTON r r Lexington's Newest-M- ost Unique Place to EAT m". HOME MADE ICE CREAM And all kinds of familiar drinks It Will Be a Pleasure to Serve You at Any Time Between 10 A. M. and MIDNIGHT tennis The spring intra-mur- al tournament got under way Monday with 68 racquet wielders, answering the call of the courts. The first round matches will be played off this week and matches will continue until the championship is won. Two beautiful trophies will be presented to the winner and the runner-u- p. Better tennis is expected to be displayed in this tournament due to the excellent tennis weather that has prevailed during the last two weeks. The courts have been put In good condition and everything points to a successful tournament. direcM. E. Potter, intra-murtor, announced that all matches must be played on time or the players will have to forfeit. The first round matches muste played by Thursday, April 2. He I like your rorm. She Must we go all over It again. THE HOME OF DIAMONDS And Distinctive Jewelry Best of Repair on Watches and Jewelry VICTOR BOGAERT CO. Jewelers and Importers Standard ST. W. MAIN 5 it Since 1883 LEXINGTON, KY. 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