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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1929

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Available THE VANDERBILT MEN WIN TRACK MEET . The Wildcat trnck men suffered its first defeat of the season when they were overcome by the Vnndcr bilt thlnllcs on Stoll field last Saturday in a onc-sidmeet that to 35'4 score. in an 81 The Vandcrbilt team took first and second in n majority of the races and won more points than Ken tucky in the field events. They possessed a well rounded team that proved too much for the Wildcats who have to depend on a few men to make sufficient points to win. The best performance for the local team was made by the heavyweight r, Urevig. Urevig seem ed contented with a put of 38 feet until he was pressed on his last throw by James of Vandcrbilt. Stepping into the ring he heaved inches to win the ball 41 feet 1 FRI SAT. Corinne Griffith the event and set a new state record, surpassing that set by James iof Kentucky last year. McLanc won the broad Jump, making 21 feet 7'6 inches. West of Kentucky tied with Boylnnd of for second place. Gibson took second in the high Jump and tied for first in the pole vault. in a closeOwens won the half-mily contested race nnd Jones finished quartcr-mll- c. second in the The last half of the meet was conducted in a drizzling rain which rendered the track heavy and made competition in the field events difficult. There were only a few spectators present. Officials were: Tom Johnson, starter; Peak and Webb, Judges; Carnage and .Cohen, timers; Burca, shot put, discus and Javelin Judge; EdJudge. monds, broad and high-Jum- p dash Shalp, Vandcrbilt, first, Hunter, Vanderbllt, second; Time, :10.4. Gibson, Kentucky; Pole vault Williams, Vanderbllt; tie. Distance, 10 ft. 4 in. Shot put Urevig, Kentucky, first; James, Vanderbllt, second. Distance, 41 ft. 1 in. Pickett, Vanderbllt, Mile run first: Owens, Kentucky, second. Time 4:37.2. dash Shalp, Vanderbllt, first: Catoc, Vanderbllt, second. :23.C. Time West. hich hurd es Vanderbllt, first; Ewing, Vanderbllt, Time :17.8. second. High Jump Roberts, Vanderbllt, first; oiDson, K.eniucKy, secona. Distance, 5 ft. 6 in. Discus throw Gibson. Vanderbllt, first; Urevig, Kentucky, second. Dis tance, 118 ft. in. run Catoe. Vanderbllt. Kentucky, second. Time first; Jones, 52.0. KENTUCKY KERNEL rO High Scorers of Girls' Rifle Team o PAGE SEVEN 0 COLONELS PRAY' SHOWERS HALT o AGAIN IN VAIN! BEREA NET MATCH Wildcats Down Centre. 10-:- i, at Danville for Third Suc cessive Victory of Present Tennis matches arranged all of a Season. sudden between the University and Above, left to right, are Mae Bryant, Sue Head, Elizabeth Skinner, Anna Mae Stamper, and Elizabeth Stamper, the girls who competed in the Individual Rifle Tournament which was held after the intercollegiate matches. Mac Bryant and Elizabeth Skinner tied for first place with a total average of 95. The University Women's rifle team has held matches with Nebraska University, Tennessee, Louisiana, Cincinnati and Northwestern Tan-mll- n run Ireland. Vander bllt. first; Picket, Vanderbllt, sec ond. Time 10:2. Her First Talking Picture low hurdles Shalp. Vanderbllt, first; Weiman, Kentucky, second. Time :26.3. Dale, Vanderbllt, Javelin throw first: Rowell. Vanderbllt. second. Distance, 164 ft. 6 in. Postpones Freshman Broad lurnn McLane. Kentucky. Centre Track Meet; U. K. Frosh first; West, Kentucky, and Bayland, Show Heels to Georgetown Vanderbllt, tie lor secona. instance 21 ft. 74 In. NEXT SUNDAY Yearlings. run Owens. Kentucky. first; Pickering, Vanderbllt, second. And the first shall be first and Lee Time, 2:8. the last will be accused of eating Relay Vanderbllt, 3:3.1. pickles and peanuts when the KenIn tucky varsity track squad risks its dignity to the prowess of the FreshDr. Boy" man thinlies on Stoll field tomorrow afternoon. The Cubs expect Of Medical to take at least four firsts and a string of seconds. nr .T w. Prvnr. hpad of the de A meet between Kentucky and partment o anatomy) and physiology, is the 'author of a paper on Centre freshmen, scheduled for toal Courses," which is morrow, has been postponed until published in the May issue of the next Wednesday afternoon, when Journal of the Association of Am the two teams will meet on Stoll erican Medical Colleges," This paper field. the The Kentucky frosh showed their 15c deals with of history of the estabMatinee education heels to Georgetown last Friday, lishment paper was at the University. 30c read by Dr. Pryor This the thirty- - taking every first place but one Nights and Sunday at that in the pole vault In a dual ninth annual vmeetlng or the as- meet on Stoll field. The final score Indianapolis. sociation in was 85 to 32. The department 'of anatomy and Babe Wright, football star, set a physiology was a pioneer in the new state record for the shot-pu- t, SAT. FRI. work of establishing heaving the shot 40 feet, 2 inches. education; there were only two This record, however, was shattered schools, Harvard and John Hopkins, the next day by Urevig, Kentucky to precede the University In the de- varsity field man, in a meet with velopment of this field. To Dr. Vanderbllt. In Pryor goes most of the credit for the development of the courses In Complete results follow: dash Kelly (K), Lindthis department. Dr. Pryor has been an active say (K). Time :10:5. dash Kelly K) Lindsay teacher at the University for 39 years, and previous to that he was (K). Time, :24. dash Thorn (K), Pid-coemployed as medical examiner lor Wpcpritlv hp was NEXT SUN.-MO(K). Time :54. Vo tncHfiitton run O'Bryant (W.Rob'retired by the University with the title of Professor Emeritus of An- erts (G). Time 2:18. Sills O'Bryant (K), MorriMile run atomy and Physiology, In order that he may do more research work in son (K). Time 5:04. in Two-mirun Kurtis (K), Philhis particular field. lips (G). Time 11:56:5. low hurdles Butner (K), Sign In Cash Store Devil' Wilson (G). Time :28:5. "Your Face May Be Good, but We Butner high hurdles Can't Put It On the Cash Register." (K), Wilson (G). Time :16:9. Shot put Wright (K), VanHoose (G). Distance, 40 ft. 2V in. (rec ord). Discuss throw Wright (K), Klst- ner (K)x Distance. 101 ft. 5li in. In Our Javelin throw Cavanna (K),Van Hoose (G). Distance, 145 ft. 6 in. Yates (K), Van Broad jump Shop Hoose (G). Distance, 20 ft. High jump Roberts (K), Van Hoose (G). Height, 5 ft. 9 In. Wilson (G), Porter Pole vault (K). Height, 10 ft. 3 in. Kentucky ( Thorn, Relay race Evans, Hayes, Pidcock). Time 3:46. 157 E. HIGH ST. H. M. DAVIS, Prop. and last week closed the season. The tv ten girls who represented the and who will recelvn nnlnts in W. A. A., are: Mae Bryant, Sue Head, Elizabeth Cramer, Anna Mae Stamper, Edith Greis, Laura K. McLaughlin, Johnston, Florence Vera Dodson, Myra Lake, Blllie York and Elizabeth Skinner. Although only ten girls represented the University in the Telegraphic meets, approximately 75 came out at the first of the season. In THINLIES Sororities Battle For Tennis Honors TO FACE VARSITY! Play Starts With 28 in SinKITTEN "Saturday's Children" Davey Pryor Is Author Paper "Sonny STATE Monte Blue "No Defense" Milton 'Love and the We strive to satisfy every customer Sanitary Barber Viaduct Barber Shop Uniyersity Shoe Shop Our Work and Prices Always Keep Us Busy Cor. HIGH and LIME M. A. MANGIONE gles; Eight Doubles Ulember of Wisconsin Faculty Uses Elaborate Maps to Compare Standings THE PHOENIX HOTEL folk at dances, dinners, luncheons. THE BEST DANCE MUSIC IN THE BLUEGRASS' By "Peg" Longon and His Orchestra ROY CARRUTHERS, President v T. P. CAGWIN, Manager In the fifth match Scnff, of Kentucky, had won the first set from Bowman, and Bach, of Kentucky, was behind Owens, when the rain halted the proceedings. Although the Kentucky racket wleldcrs experienced little difficulty In showing their superiority over their weaker opponents, there cropped out many minor faults which must be ironed out before the coming matches with the larger and stronger colleges of the South. Bcrca College teams, ended all of n sudden Saturday afternoon. Rain put the players to rout soon after the fourth and fifth matches had gotten under way. Coach H, II. Downing, of the Wildcats, believes his crew is entitled to the victory because the three matches that had Have you heard about the Scotchbeen completed were won by the man who died and left n million dolBig Blue. Ragland, of Kentucky, lars to the mother of the unknown defeated Harlow, of Berea, soldier? Nunn-Bus- h Ghe cAnkle3ashionedOxford It's a safe bet that any man will feel better dressed and look better dress' Oxfords. They're cdm Nunn-BusAnk'Fashioned no gapping at the .pnklc, no slipping at the heel. h Graves, Cox & Co. (Incorporated) DENTISTS Drs. Slaton & Slaton 204-- 7 Guaranty Bank Building Phone 3616 The most talked ofjline in America Professor Designs Scholarship Chart Freshman engineers at the Uni versity of Wisconsin are represented with red, white or blue pine on an elaborate scholarship map designed and used by E. V. Millar, assistant dean of the college of engineering. A large map of Wisconsin is his chart and colored pins, one for each man, are placed at the high schools is "trousfrom which the students were gradMrs. Hodge-Tommsingular or plural? uated. Civil engineers are shown ers" Tommy Mitchell (after much deep by red pins, mechanical engineers thought) Singular at the top and by black ones, chemical engineers by pink, electrical engineers by orplural at the bottom. ange and mining engineers by blue ones. A white dot on a pin Indicates R. W. SMOCK that the student has been warned Watch Your Watch about his scholarship or has been placed on probation; a red dot shows that the student has been advised to withdraw or already has Clock been dropped, and a blue ribbon pin Work called for and delivered tells that the student's marks are good. By this method Dean Millar 157 S. LIME PHONE 7638 checks on the trends from the various high schools. Dean Millar observes that the students who come from mining districts invariably enter mining engineering and those coming from manufacturing centers go Into mechanical and electrical engineering. The record is not continued after the freshman year but four years of records are kept for comparisons. Perfect service at moderate prices for sororities, fraternities and other discriminating University Kentucky, defeated and Hnmmcrslcy, defeated Allen, Teams The Women's Athletic Association tennis tourney has drawn a large group of contestants for the singles and the sorority doubles trophies. Twenty-eiggirls have entered the singles matches and eight sororities are represented in the doubles. In the singles Katherine Best looks like the probable winner. She ' is experienced on the courts and has won tournaments in the Blue Grass and in Louisville. Among others who are favored are Mary Brown, Mary Alex O'Hara, Christine Blakeman and Katherine Smith. Each player must have her umpire and must turn in the re sults of their games to Christine Blakeman at Boyd hall. The first round must be played by May 3; second, by May 9; third, by May 15, and the fourth and finals by May 18. The eight sororities that are entered in the doubles are Alpha Delta Theta, Kappa Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chi Omega, Delta Zeta, Alpha Xi Delta and Alpha Gamma Delta. In the first bracket the Alpha Delta Theta team of Robinson and Smith will battle the Kappa Deltas who are represented by Spradlin and Patton, while the Kappas with Best and Wilson will play Spradlin and Bird of the Zetas. In the lower bracket the Chi Omegas with Brown and Van Buskirk play the Delta Zeta who are represented by Bull and Finnell. Weldt and Poole. Alpha XI Deltas, play Callison and Richardson of the Alpha Gams. Each team must have its own umpire and report its results to Christine Blakeman at Boyd hall. The first round must be played off by May 1, and the finals by May 7. Careful Watch and Repairing & CO. Ily Lawrence Crump Coach Pat Dcvcrcaux's Wildcat nine extended its winning streak to three consecutive games at the ex-- 1 pense of the Centre College Colonels last Saturday, outscoring them 10 to 3 on Cheek field in Danville. McBrayer, making his first ap-- , pcarance on the mound for Kentucky, pitched a masterful game, striking out 13 men and allowing only seven hits. Kellogg, playing in left field for Kentucky, smashed out a home run in the sixth inning scoring McBrayer ahead of him. Cole and Mauser, each collecting two hits, shared batting honors with Kellogg. The Colonels threatened early scoring in the first inning on errors by McBrayer and Toth and two hits. Their one run looked big until the third inning when Kentucky counted three, only to have the Colonels tie it up in the fourth as the result of a three-baggby Lewis which scored Harris. The 'Cats scored one more in the fifth and broke loose in the sixth to score six runs. Kelly opened with a double and scored as the result of Pinson's error, on Layman's grounder. Lavman wns snfp nt. first , and went to second when Toth was (jut oy a pucnea oau. Barnes sin- (jitu iu uuny myman across ana McBrayer's bingle scored Toth. Kellogg cleared the bases with a long hit that eluded Shearer in center-fielLater in the same stanza Gilb was safe on a fielder's choice and scored on Cole's second hit of the day. Kce, of Evans. of Kentucky, The Preference of young men Featuring models of vigor and youthfulness, in colors and patterns that bespeak fine taste, and in sizes that insure fitted perfection to everyone. If you like to be a setter of style, you'll find delight in the latest models, colors and patterns as featured in CLUB CLOTHES of tomorrow. WITH 2 PAIRS OF TROUSERS $35 and $3950 ROOF REPAIRING We repair slate, tile, tin and We also composition roofs. erect and repair gutter and spouting. All work guaranteed. WISE FURNACE REPAIRING All Kinds of Furnaces i wm ivi inn m mm MILLER BROS. l'hone.2758 Cor. Near High and Lime wa i (Incorporated) 105 W. High NEW LOCATION 106 W. MAIN NEAR LIME